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    Website + Domain for sale whoishavingsex.com


    I have had this site for awhile now, it used to be a simple wordpress site with a sex poll and visitor map only. When it came time to renew this year i decided to do something special with it. The domain is Whoishavingsex.

    It is a virtural sex chat site. The site is NOT designed around people ever meeting (requesting contact info or seeking that is actually prohibited). It is designed around getting pleasure and thats it. Its not a dating site, and not even a normal chat site, its a getin-getout pleasure place and then go on about your day. No fancy profiles, file sharing, blogs, or videos, or any of the fluf that people dont use anyway. It is designed and focused around immediate satisfaction and move on. lol


    • 4 rooms (called sessions) - easy to add more if you need them
    • rooms are fully integrated with username and intro message.
    • Limited to 4 people per room - once their are 4 in a room the room button changes from available to full and then back as people leave.
    • Modified creative commons template with attribute page which meets cc liciense requirements - this template has quite a few mods to it.
    • Rules of engagement and legal
    • News page
    • Members page - i call it gallery.
    • member profile
    • view profile
    • log in
    • email verify
    • resent email verify
    • forgot password
    • register
    • contact us
    • attributes page

    All php and code other than the very original html and css was done by me. I took the very simple html CC template with just a few pages and nothing process wise in the background and converted it to php. Then wrote all the process start to finish from scratch. There is some of the original html and css left but this has been quite modded. The chat script again was one i was very lucky to find online (as there is alot of junk out there) and it was quite fitting for the site, i wrote the code to fully integrate into the site as well as some maintenance code. It is a solid chat...

    I also built the database from scratch, No admin is required as it is pretty much self contained, you might have to occasionally do something via phpMyAdmin but thats normal. There are only a few tables so anything you need to do such as deleting a member is very very easy to do. There is no approval of members, once they verify their email they are able to login in and ready to roll.

    There are still a few things on the list to achieve but i thought i would offer this 'as is' at a discount right now for anyone with experience that wanted it as is.

    To do list:

    • Convert the chat messages from flat file to database stored.
    • Set a per person or even a room time limit to keep idle chit chat down to a minimum. Push them im and push them out lol
    • Force closing the users side chat window remotely if that person is kicked or deleted while chatting.
    • If have time set up a quick admin page just to delete members.
    • Create a simple survey/poll page.

    Price after to do list will be much higher.

    It works great as is and ready to roll.

    Price as is $200.00 USD (includes domain name and all site code and db structure) I also run my own hosting company, if you would like to host it as is where it is, i can set that up and even get you a sweet deal on the cPanel hosting.

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