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  1. Database Design
  2. Can't drop database because database does not exist HELP
  3. Group mysql rows by column value and split with headings
  4. Server Crashed
  5. UNION Query
  6. Search and Replace?
  7. How do I display data from a certain date?
  8. Resolved escape?
  9. [HELP PLEASE] How do I give MySQL data its own url?
  10. ORDER BY not working
  11. [HELP] Facebook Like Button for MySQL Entries
  12. What the..! WHERE clause
  13. Sql_calc_found_rows
  14. Not agregated column/ order before group by
  15. count, limit
  16. Mysql Syntax error PLEASE HELP - SHORT QUESTION
  17. How to test table locking?
  18. slow_log
  19. Should we use multiple tables, or one big one??
  20. Delete previous entries after a date?
  21. counting children in an adjacency list
  22. Resolved Problem trying to create table
  23. Program to import MySql data for me?
  24. SQL query to insert muliple records with different email address
  25. Can I redirect different users to different webpages using Mysql/php ?
  26. Add, Update and Delete on one form will not work
  27. Getting nowhere with procedures, please help!
  28. Question About Views, Indexes and Query Logic
  29. In desperate need for help on this insert query
  30. What is the best way to connect to database?
  31. delete datas from 2 tables in single query
  32. create join table problem
  33. IN() Issues
  34. Short SQL Query Question
  35. MyPHPAdmin
  36. InnoDB or MyISAM table types?
  37. Is it bad for any reason to DELETE a SQL entry and leave an auto-incrementing ID gap?
  38. Resolved Put two results of query in one table?
  39. Sql Injection test
  40. Sql table problem
  41. SQL and ABizC
  42. How to run a left join query on a single table?
  43. News Script problems
  44. Query in two tables
  45. Add session data to database... How to?
  46. Problem with inserting data into database
  47. dynamic MySQL select statement
  48. Error 1045 (28000)
  49. Constraints
  50. Adding Row Numbers to PHP Table
  51. mysql php help!
  52. Date format problem in sql saving
  53. Implementing db access levels
  54. Count users by gender
  55. Selecting latest rows on a join
  56. how to reduce mysql queries
  57. SQL to retrieve relevant matches like Google's "Searches related to"
  58. url search - replacing _ and - for a space
  59. Mysql timing out issue
  60. Magneto Install Failure
  61. very hard mysql query
  62. how to get unconnected matches
  63. SQL Inject Protection
  64. Problem Updating Database Table
  65. Datetime calculation gives weird result! Help!
  66. Return total price for date range
  67. Combining or Associating Three Tables
  68. Getting last record for a field
  69. Exporting CSV or Excel files without direct access?
  70. performance
  71. Self referencing table or not?
  72. Trouble Getting File Name Values
  73. joining multiple tables
  74. Emulating a database structure
  75. multiple conditions within left join statement
  76. Count Views by IP
  77. Help with SQL select query
  78. Best way to store & retrieve a directory structure in database
  79. Comparing Schemas
  80. Selecting and joining troubles...
  81. Insert
  82. storing auto increment value as it is inserted?
  83. Adding sorting and pagination to data from different DB
  84. Union of 2 match queries and ordering by relevance of both
  85. How to create dynamic database
  86. php/mysql insert..not inserting
  87. mysql_secure_installation issues
  88. problem updating my database via PHP
  89. Problem getting info from database
  90. Sorting Resuts
  91. Combine multiple database
  92. how to select three random entries from mysql ?
  93. [SOLVED] mysql_close not working
  94. DB Query - result not getting
  95. Many-to-many relationships in one row
  96. Database Query using SELECT * FROM WHERE and OR giving Syntax error
  97. Question on temp table or Procedure
  98. Fulltext - MATCH...AGAINST will match some words but not others...
  99. Is this bad methodology?
  100. Select from table where count == N for each distinct row
  101. Replication: same machine, different MySQL versions
  102. mysql between help please
  103. How to use ' sign in mysql queries.
  104. Does Google scan MySql
  105. What do i need to learn to make this?
  106. MySQL Union query is EXTREMELY SLOW
  107. Parametrizing SQL queries
  108. Virtual "building" in PHP and MySQL. How to plan?
  109. Lottery System
  110. PHP Pagination problem... please help
  111. Would this be slow in the future? Heavy DB querying question
  112. Resolved Blank Cell in table with MySQL DB table
  113. Protecting Your Database
  114. Searching a database via keyword(s)
  115. numeric table names
  116. problem with order and limit
  117. Update/insert at the same time?
  118. form post to php to sql database fields empty.
  119. How to query for this?
  120. Resolved Stored proc, cursor, No data - zero rows fetched, selected, or processed
  121. 3 queries in 1
  122. Unknown column 'id' in 'where clause'?
  123. delete, in, stored proc
  124. Search engine with random
  125. SQL procedure
  126. Unable to load dynamic library 'C:\php\ext\php_mysql.dll'
  127. My query isn't working right - help please
  128. mysql Attributes
  129. Change Collation on all Tables and Columns
  130. problem inserting $_SESSION data that contains a '
  131. my query seems its wrong
  132. Help with joining multiple tables wanted
  133. My query isn't working right - help please
  134. Quick question on an optional WHERE clause
  135. Issue with mysql_query
  136. Changing Password with MySQL and PHP
  137. Compound MySQL Satements
  138. can i get table name from FORM?
  139. Resolved Group by and display
  140. changing info accounts in MySQL
  141. Mysql
  142. When to watch table sizes
  143. sum 2 columns?
  144. What's the best way to make "like" table?
  145. c# and mysql form tutorial
  146. Column count doesn't match value count at row 1
  147. joins not helping
  148. Help With Hotel Queries
  149. MySQL help
  150. Resolved Select then Insert into another table using PHP
  151. add slashes when retrieving from database
  152. Suffering From A Syntax Error on an INSERT INTO statement
  153. CSV spreadsheet import to MySQL
  154. query normalized data
  155. Date problems after being saved as [yyyy]-00-00
  156. fulltext search question
  157. Comparing Times
  158. Copy data from one table to another
  159. Resolved GROUP BY and text field??
  160. Trouble with MySQL query multiple tables
  161. what is the { } for in this query?
  162. One database for multiple clients
  163. Date conditions in MySQL
  164. SQL: Search a discussion board (both thread & replies)
  165. Not able to add users to my MySQL database!
  166. Help with SELECT statement
  167. query problem
  168. Adding a check constraint into a MySQL table
  169. problem with triggers
  170. A MySQL Web calendar I can import data into via PHP?
  171. Insert data & update database regularly and display to end user.
  172. how do I MD5 contents of one field and store in a new field
  173. usng dbadmin to remove unwanted spaces in field names
  174. track server load
  175. Deleting multiple records using checkboxes
  176. About making connection between server and localhost
  177. Filter data between two days in SQL
  178. Noob select question
  179. inner join question
  180. mysql_query
  181. Decreasing the values of column
  182. Filtering a search box by both a url variable and session variable
  183. Display an image from a mysql table
  184. How to display month in 3 difference language using MySQL
  185. Hyperlink?
  186. How to query a word problem from table that the user hasn't seen before?
  187. Can be UUID set in MYSQL as automatic function when I add new row?
  188. Setting file to import into database
  189. Resolved If statements and grouping monthly totals
  190. Self Join Query
  191. the ' character causing SQL syntax error :S
  192. code wont insert into mysql
  193. Problem using WHERE and AND conditionals (php??)
  194. I have a question about Wordpress Admin Account
  195. Limit the length of a returned field
  196. Joining many tables from diferrents databases
  197. New column in MySQL table breaking page!
  198. Simple addition not working
  199. Select Query problem
  200. count across 3 tables using where
  201. stored procedure triggered after insert/update
  202. Resolved Fetch from 1 specific row relative to ID
  203. How to get rid of the Slash with apostrophe?
  204. trigger get creation code
  205. data type
  206. WHERE id = %s dont work.. and WHERE id LIKE %s does work?
  207. Insert into two tables with one query
  208. Trying to insert data via php script
  209. SELECT problems
  210. INNER JOIN duplicates problem
  211. Getting Routes From Table
  212. installing mysql on redhat fails
  213. How to check the MySQL version on the server hosting my account?
  214. Max Count problem
  215. logging changes to db
  216. Extracting multiple highest score from a table
  217. use online database free
  218. Resolved update
  219. Replace Data with Update
  220. Resolved Display Current Month data only
  221. On update don't update timestamp
  222. setting primary key as many foreign keys?
  223. Question on Tags for Form
  224. store data when using hidden div's for my quiz
  225. Multiple table inserts
  226. create table using php & mysql....need help
  227. query error?
  228. MySQL and Danish Special Characters
  229. error in mySQL - please help
  230. Resolved Query sometimes fails
  231. Mysql date to php variable
  232. Please help: I cant conect to MYSQL on XAMPP
  233. get friend friends
  234. How to allow a duplicate entry if key is unique
  235. postgre versus mysql
  236. MySQL - Query not working via PHP
  237. limit to showing only second row
  238. Resolved Query returns 'false' where it should return error
  239. Seeking MySQL support to turn web-based database input into Flash output
  240. DateTime and csv file
  241. How to select friends of friends?
  242. php not recognizing some of my sql columns
  243. Simple query works through phpMyAdmin but not php
  244. Comparing the month and year ?
  245. Avoiding field names
  246. PHP can only loop through 280 mysql UPDATES - HELP
  247. How to write two selects in one query
  248. How to write this sql query correctly
  249. statement to get a value from field on a specific row
  250. default DATETIME

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