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  1. How to Delete Table MySQL PHP MyAdmin?
  2. creating a tabel in 5.5
  3. mysql dump text encoding
  4. Find exact matches first
  5. phpMyAdmin cannot export anything
  6. get results in alphanumric order, but letters first then numbers and other char-
  7. Email ---> Php/MySQL script
  8. Trying to display a certain post from phpbb
  9. Select Queries - listing each required variable VS *
  10. row search on two columns
  11. Complicated query - maybe SELECT DISTINCT?
  12. MySQL.Manager of pid-file quit without updating / innodb_force_recovery
  13. parse error
  14. recruiting website with login and resume database
  15. Too many joins causing unknown column error
  16. regex, invalid character range '\'
  17. Sql query to return date that are not in the format of 1900-00-00
  18. UPDATE depending on value already stored
  19. Resolved Condense a table
  20. Forecoming Events Script
  21. parse error
  22. A few questions about databases
  23. passing variables
  24. Creating folders within folders within folders etc
  25. merging table 2 into table 1 where matching files found
  26. Resolved MYSQL - LEFT JOIN Generates Duplicate Records
  27. subselect speed
  28. count syntax
  29. Is there anything wrong with my create table statement?
  30. Add new record
  31. Signup check?
  32. How do I find a single record and the next record after it only
  33. Session data not passing
  34. help with a join query
  35. On duplicate key delete
  36. Normalized data querying
  37. Fatal Error
  38. IF Statement (select statement)
  39. Checkbox inside table not working correctly
  40. Query needs Optimization
  41. Time resetting a table.
  42. Selecting (all) from a field
  43. Table Design Questions
  44. Session vars not echoing
  45. converting a select statement to a update statement
  46. merging info into specific column based on ID.
  47. not able to save data into table
  48. Stored Procedure send back value
  49. Creating a database and more than one table (problem)
  50. MySQL Query Troubleshoot
  51. UPDATE SQL statement not working properly
  52. MySQL - IF Condition in Where clause?
  53. Join Question
  54. Export table from one db to another DB
  55. insert id problem ! Help
  56. explain - Using index; Using temporary; Using filesort
  57. Row results not echoing
  58. need help to implement preg_replace in my import script
  59. mysql session not working
  60. Where are my databases!?
  61. Normalized data querying
  62. Getting distinct values
  63. string contains regex , like ?
  64. MySQL server has gone away: 2006 Error (need help)
  65. Show charset
  66. Database Connection w/ PHP & Paypal IPN using Dreamweaver
  67. updating..?
  68. using mysql row as session
  69. Query not returning any data
  70. base64 encoding content before insert
  71. Problem with delete before import
  72. Help with mysql
  73. Link not echoing properly...php
  74. Multi User Calender/Availability + search
  75. help with php sql join forum with dropdown
  76. INDEX with duplicates
  77. Use variable as ID and request table from MySQL?
  78. Mysql not giving everthing
  79. MySQL: Grouping date by quarterly and half yearly
  80. Listing database rows and checking to see if those row values exist in another table
  81. show triggers does not work
  82. slow query
  83. Help with html form & mysql
  84. Session variable not echoing
  85. join two tables
  86. Need help with this simple query
  87. mysql query not selecting correctly
  88. WHERE adn OR query problem
  89. Resolved equation auto "rounds" results?
  90. Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]
  91. regexp in mysql queries
  92. Simple MYSQL Syntax error
  93. Eclipse + Xampp
  94. insert query help
  95. what's the error here in sql syntax
  96. Trim 9 digit zip codes to 5 digit and move remaining 4 digits to new column
  97. Noob question need help!!
  98. Trying to download table -edit- and upload
  99. Deleting an entire enry of data?
  100. Updating field data
  101. sql syntax error
  102. SQL INNER JOIN Issue
  103. (PHP) Mysql select where `field` = 4,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13 or 14
  104. Checking if a field exists in a MySQL table with PHP
  105. Integrating Cash Register Express with mySQL Database
  106. Selecting Lowest Entries From Multiple After Join
  107. Wrong approach for running a database?
  108. Password Protected Files and Usage Tracking
  109. Insert query syntax help
  110. Resolved mysql upper lowercase name
  111. Trouble connecting to database
  112. i want to transefer one server table to another server same name table
  113. count rows?
  114. SQL Full Text search
  115. updating field in a table
  116. Adding field to existing table
  117. Resolved PHP MySQL multiple resuls array.
  118. PHP Help? Displaying Results
  119. Moving database
  120. Adding in a while loop
  121. Software DB
  122. SQL Syntax Error
  123. displaying results
  124. Formatting number to one decimal place
  125. two datatypes in one field
  126. Select where isnt numeric (PHP)
  127. Illegal mix of collations (I am Noob Please help)
  128. another join problem :(
  129. Resolved Shoutbox: Get 20 latest inputs SQL
  130. Perfect code wired error
  131. sort by dropdown?
  132. Backing up and transfering a database
  133. addition update set?
  134. Does concatenation return NULL when one of the involved fields is NULL ?
  135. using LIKE in 2 rows?
  136. Need help with a specific query
  137. Subquery returning syntax error but it looks fine...
  138. Select last 15 distinct records
  139. One trigger Two Tables?
  140. Resolved Select..From...Where
  141. Select the next greatest value
  142. Exporting BLOB thumbnail image problem
  143. encoding contents of table
  144. select all from a database and find position of a certain entry
  145. How do I auto populate html table from database? Please help.
  146. Can't connect to database on localhost :S
  147. Date Format in MySQL
  148. Apostrophe issue
  149. storing images in mysql
  150. simple question (order by)
  151. confused about this code + ip adress
  152. mysql include?
  153. sort by date
  154. limit reults
  155. Comparison of Database Performance
  156. I Need help!
  157. Enum or TinyInt
  158. Selecting all Data from one table row.
  159. Multi table query (PHP)
  160. How to make backups of large My SQL database
  161. Query: Select * From table Where element In $stringarray
  162. query takes too long to execute can anyone help?
  163. problem with join
  164. Bit math
  165. how to get just the duplicates based on a field
  166. real headscratcher on table access
  167. need help to modify my query, to set field names as 'something'
  168. Forum permissions: indiv columns or binary string?
  169. Create & Update don't seem to work on some columns
  170. IS it My shoutbox refreshes and requeries every 25 seconds, is this a bad idea?
  171. Query to return only matching names
  172. Having a blonde day, can't see the solution though it may be obvious
  173. trouble updating my database
  174. lock table at one row maximum
  175. Database Normalization Opinion
  176. using now() in query string, not returning expected results?
  177. Resolved How would I structure a multiple table search?
  178. Multiple table join problem
  179. Resolved ORDER BY specific values
  180. Sub query help needed
  181. Need Help::Latest uploaded images from different folders
  182. I need a php mysql buddy
  183. Ban\Unban and show remaining time on ban
  184. random distinct
  185. MySQL: Video Tagging
  186. JOINing 3 tables within a UNION
  187. query not working . cant work out why
  188. Which model to base database structure on for a directory
  189. Resolved Proper UPDATE syntax - I keep getting errors!
  190. Resolved Effeciency - best way to filter through database and delete some entries
  191. SQL statement to modify all columns depending on their value
  192. problems creating multi dimensional array from db
  193. troubles saving data to database
  194. mysql_connect Access Denied
  195. Database Not Populating Correctly
  196. copy data between different tables with lots of fields
  197. Help.Set table raw based on dropbox value
  198. Partial Dependencies?
  199. Selecting Records Grater Than 7 Days
  200. Storing properties of a clothing item
  201. Database Normalization
  202. Table Structuring question
  203. left join or inner join?
  204. Search query for posts with multiple tags
  205. sql interpreter
  206. Mysql Timestamp showing old date
  207. Update and Replace
  208. Help: Multiple conditions in the WHERE clause
  209. Normalization Issue
  210. Database entry + UNIQUE URL
  211. Unable to delete row with PHP
  212. streaming video
  213. get sum value from two tables
  214. Redirection of Survey Participants based on Subject Number
  215. Speed of mysql query
  216. How do I include aggregate info into a detail query ??
  217. need to add DISTINCT to SQL?!
  218. Date select between against a varchar column in non-mysql date format
  219. mysqli - Unknown column 'admin' in 'where clause'
  220. question about SQL table permissions and security
  221. PHP MySQL Cookie Unique Indentifier
  222. Help to display data from DB as hyperlink
  223. Error on line of mysqli_connect()
  224. Case sensative mysql query.
  225. Trying to update multiple rows mysqli
  226. MySQL Stored procedure to delete sub-categories and products
  227. Need help for extracting the integer values from a string
  228. #1045 Error
  229. Error while trying to display contents of database with PHP
  230. Delete Help Needed
  231. Blog help.
  232. Assistance with SQL & PHP within Dreamweaver
  233. Resolved Remove column data without removing column
  234. update
  235. Error: No database selected
  236. Resolved mysql_fetch_assoc() && $i<10 (for loop)
  237. mysql optimization
  238. Tables and capitalization
  239. Does order matter on table joins?
  240. SQ Injections
  241. Problem with mysql update and select SUM
  242. how do i safely store an array in mysql ?
  243. Help in designing a Mysql table
  244. Mysql single query join 3 table and get all the results
  245. Resolved Fetching a single value- do I still need to use mysql_fetch_array?
  246. Relational Database Mapping Software
  247. How to get data using single select query
  248. How to run /config/sql.sql
  249. Advice on storing files as blobs
  250. Creating a Database-based Application

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