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  1. help with query joining 3 tables
  2. Setting a priority for a given row
  3. Looking for "http" as part of "variable" content
  4. DATE_SUB Select
  5. Count records based on Epoch dates
  6. Calling meta tags from mysql
  7. Resolved LEFT JOIN, no results when a WHERE in the joined table does not return true
  8. Stuck with a slow query
  9. Fundamental Question about how SQL DB's works
  10. Storing e-mail addresses
  11. Select where in varchar array
  12. adding a clause in my query where something equals an array of data?
  13. Unknown column 't.ID_FIRST_MSG' in 'on clause'
  14. Can any one advice how can this be fixed?
  15. MySQL inside a Real Time Web Server
  16. Automatic tracking + a (google) map in a networking website
  17. Problem with encoding russian text to mysql
  18. "Merging"(?) Submissions & Reviews (Results) from Specific User and Sorting
  19. pricelist return
  20. Prevent duplicate usernames in mySQL with PHP form.
  21. Help with Select query
  22. Users Table: User ID Number of Username?
  23. Resolved mySQL LIKE condition
  24. trying to save table column into array
  25. Resolved Get all of the today's items from mysql
  26. How to select unique values in MySQL query?
  27. trying to display UNIQUE entries from table
  28. Resolved MySQL Results into Multiple Columns using CSS
  29. Resolved to take monthly report need good design
  30. mysql_query() [function.mysql-query]: Can't connect to local MySQL server through soc
  31. 'add' to field syntax?
  32. Resolved Inactive user account without deleting
  33. Need help with SUM
  34. Wrong parameter count for mysql_query()?
  35. top 5 league
  36. MAX date?
  37. How to import Drupal Blog Posts into a Wordpress website
  38. cron
  39. Negation , comparison
  40. phpMyEdit Login Failed?
  41. db structure advice for large site needed
  42. Sum Of All Rows-Cols
  43. Drop down menu
  44. Left Join causing multiple rows
  45. What does a successful delete query return?
  46. MySql db design question
  47. Insert into select statement returning multiples
  48. The host %?
  49. Populating a mysql database using a .csv file
  50. CASE in ORDER BY
  51. Learning Basic SQL, can SQL data be fetched by AJAX?
  52. Error creating table for binary data
  53. if statement help
  54. SQL Syntanx
  55. Inventory equipping
  56. PHP parse page to update mysql
  57. Select category then combine alike..?
  58. Left Join issue
  59. duplicate key for entry on select?
  60. Resolved Update query where a = x,y or z
  61. SQL file to XML?
  62. WHERE IN subquery
  63. Can a SELECT query call 1 column of a 2 column table?
  64. Nested Select with calculation
  65. NOT IN help??
  66. Resolved Can't get query to return just one max row for each group when max values are equal.
  67. MySQL Sorting help please
  68. Database Design Local Football Team
  69. replace double space
  70. I need to collect points on a global sphere without collecting too many or too few.
  71. prepopulating checkboxes
  72. Finding count(*) of matched "threads" for an input
  73. using putty, host, fatcow.com ?'s
  74. Names top
  75. Need help in displaying confirm button on the last loop data
  76. get null records from table
  77. mysqli->query inside php if{}
  78. how to prefix all columns in a set of returned rows?
  79. Need Help in getting only data which can suffix the total Qty
  80. Remove white space from all data all rows
  81. Sorting from two tables?
  82. Drop down box from mysql database
  83. Which Join should I be using ?
  84. Resolved mysql_fetch_assoc(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in
  85. Attaching MySQL Database to the webhost
  86. List a query by, Newest 30, displaying the newest one last
  87. Need help with a query please
  88. MySQL error
  89. php form to update table column for specific user
  90. insert issue
  91. MySQL not updating?
  92. How to update database rows individually
  93. Problem INSERTing Records
  94. Undefined variable: dbc
  95. Help with a MySQL Query
  96. How to submit data in to two different database tables
  97. Deleting same posts
  98. TAble data won't show up in Firefox
  99. Most efficient way of searching this
  100. Any way to avoid a filesort here?
  101. Resolved MySQL Left Join & AVG
  102. PDO code for injection prevention
  103. How to write Join Query
  104. result set outside bounds of calculation
  105. Need help
  106. MYSQL Query Issue with returning data
  107. Please help with database set-up!
  108. How to get ALL results in while loop?
  109. How to enter form data into 2 SQL tables related via foreign key?
  110. List the customers who have a balance due.
  111. Finding common values
  112. Insert into two tables, single or two insert statements
  113. Filtering based on multiple criteria
  114. pulling from DB with mysqli
  115. Unknown column 'FirstName' in 'field list'
  116. problem with MySQLi and PHP
  117. Query slowing down DB
  118. Graphs from Mysql database
  119. JOIN problem....
  120. Best method for calculating and updating many records?
  121. Selecting Single Record from DB
  122. Attach thumbnails to Database in MySQL
  123. Resolved delete entry, but with exception php mysql
  124. Problem in updating table data
  125. how would I go about grabing from a link
  126. MYSQL/PHP problem
  127. Insert only date where month is not previous month
  128. MYSQL error (confused)
  129. What would you do?
  130. If length of result
  131. Problem in SUM total hours without compute the seconds
  132. Using mysql with C++
  133. Issue in saving 0000-00-00 00:00:00 or IsNull values
  134. Resolved Date formatting
  135. problem in where clause to check if the date is exist in another table
  136. How to display database table info in browser
  137. Resolved Join error
  138. link
  139. Help with an Inner Join please
  140. multiple queries?
  141. blobs?
  142. Help Needed with Subqueries, Joins and SUM
  143. intersection
  144. Creating Profiles for Existing Users
  145. translating data
  146. Search for a keyword within all tables of database
  147. test before implement?
  148. how do you check the data type of a mysql table
  149. Having problems with UNION and GROUP, help greatly appreciated
  150. Combining multiple LIKE conditions?
  151. Need some help with a Mysql query
  152. Syntax error in less than SELECT
  153. Problem in computation of late hours(disregard the seconds)
  154. MySQL: Resultset Randomly listed
  155. Mysql Pagination Help Needed
  156. Summing the results of a query
  157. Resolved Selecting Random Row
  158. Help with grabing data
  159. help with putting contents into a Selection Form
  160. SQL with C++
  161. date to date join
  162. Delete data after 1 month
  163. Need help on SQL query
  164. Problem in Insert with On Duplicate Key Update
  165. Help with MySQL syntax error "Resource id #7"
  166. Best way to organize my database / tables?
  167. insert data based on where the transaction stop
  168. insert only items with demanded qty.
  169. how do i fix this code(updating a database)
  170. Have I hit the maximum in MYSQL
  171. Why does mysql db stop saving when it detects a single qoute even if I escape them?
  172. select statement to get the all data with last sr_number save
  173. Joining 3 tables
  174. Help needed in UPDATE statement
  175. MySQL: Getting the record number?
  176. LEFT JOIN does not display all rows
  177. Newbie here looking for some help!
  178. Creating date range drop boxes
  179. Restrict integer to not exceed another integer
  180. Raging on this sql error
  181. Array only returning final entry
  182. Where like && where?
  183. HELP needed with SQL query!!!
  184. Interested in database administration
  185. streamline/normalization question
  186. Resolved Lists without arrays
  187. database design advice
  188. date query showing up to a month ahead
  189. Joining two tables without common key
  190. MySQL query month OR
  191. Help me optimize this query
  192. Resolved What should I do/What is better?
  193. no experience with mysql does this work?
  194. code not working
  195. Get news article from database then create new page?
  196. Grouping with aggrate function in SELECT
  197. Resolved Need help making a drop dawn menu for sorting rows...
  198. querying two tables help
  199. Need help in condition that if data save header location
  200. How do I write a query that joins/searches 90 small tables?
  201. Connecting one to many, getting back many
  202. need help in concatenation
  203. Resolved Warning: mysql_fetch_assoc() expects parameter 1
  204. how to comfirm payments that go through paypal(so the user database update for access
  205. How can I speed up my query?
  206. Resolved Select postcode area from UK postcode
  207. Instructions needed: Connecting a Visual Basic front end with a MySQL back end
  208. Passing info from one table into another one?
  209. help simplfy a select statement
  210. Saving date/time
  211. How to get a regexp count?
  212. mysql error: for the right syntax to use near ')
  213. Creating Views via Sysdate
  214. phpmyadmin 3.4.0 ERD to PDF
  215. New to MySQL: displaying session data
  216. Search Users Not Working
  217. case
  218. Resolved How to find a table row who's data is contained in a given string?
  219. SELECT data from one row IF another row = 1?
  220. user Admin for image gallery
  221. innoDB or myISAM
  222. How to determine if I should make a complex query a view
  223. Database multiple tables vs queues
  224. hp regeneration in mysql
  225. Databse design for inventory
  226. need help with Select statement
  227. Probably should have picked something easier...
  228. phpmyadmin table creating
  229. add certain items to database
  230. PHP MYSQL Unknown Column in field list
  231. datatable column limit
  232. how to compute the aging time from datetime data's
  233. Log in doesn't work
  234. problem in inserting datetime into database
  235. Create Table IF NOT EXISTS
  236. trying to create table
  237. mysqli_num_rows() expects parameter 1 to be mysqli_result, boolean given
  238. How to fix sql/php Error Number: 1064
  239. ** PSU Student Basic MySQL Help Needed **
  240. mysql records displayed once with foreach
  241. copy wordpress post in phpmyadmin
  242. Joint table search in mysql , please help !
  243. PHP/MySQL problem - Connecting to MySQL server
  244. Everything on a USB?
  245. Syntax error with SELECT query?
  246. Foreach for outputting a column of data
  247. Update with + Operation
  248. import and exporting database
  249. Beginner Q: Getting totals for a chart
  250. Error with connecting PHP and my SQL

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