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  1. MySQL/PHP script bugged - if you know the fix I will let you see the script
  2. Fixing Charsets in MySQL
  3. Command Line tool to run SQL statements?
  4. Problem updating database from form
  5. How to optimize this query?
  6. Subselects
  7. Help with my query idea
  8. deleting smilar record
  9. Can I optimise this query?
  10. 2 websites using 1 database question..
  11. Select Distinct help...
  12. Make one field always show the sum of other fields?
  13. some questions
  14. protecting my code againsts injection?
  15. does this method increase mySQL queries?
  16. mysql query fails due to a ' in data.
  17. Narrow Search Results by Zip Code
  18. How would I handle a query with multiple rows
  19. MySQL Error: No database selected
  20. Excel -> MySql?
  21. Retrieving Fields with a null value
  22. SELECT problem using GROUP BY
  23. stored procedure help
  24. Incrementing table name
  25. Basic Install Script
  26. adding 1 year to all times
  27. Adding up fields automatically in a mySQL database
  28. give a suggestion about trigger in database
  29. Restoring table to table
  30. near far
  31. Fulltext indexes with min length 2
  32. Advice on Table Setup to Maximize Efficiency
  33. can someone suggest about session
  34. mysql comma issue
  35. images/links do not work. URLs get from mysql database
  36. What to do with a dmp.gz file ?
  37. SQL GROUP'ing entries by column but need most recent entry in GROUP displayed
  38. Simple Question about an Add Content Script
  39. trying to create a top ten members list who have posted the most.
  40. How many children..
  41. MySql Auto increment
  42. any way to find rows matching this pattern?
  43. Having difficulty opening database
  44. Where is my password field ?
  45. LAST_INSERT_ID question.
  46. PhpMyAdmin - can't find "Priveledges" pg.
  47. id number help
  48. MySql normilization help
  49. Can't find what is wrong with query
  50. help me
  51. Query for more that x occurrences?
  52. innoDb table count incorrect??
  53. which of these two table structures would you recommend
  54. How to find out the latest 5 discussions?
  55. Storing numbers in 3 Digit format
  56. Create Procedure error
  57. How to convert an mdb to sql?
  58. ID's added in database, but nothing else
  59. WHERE `id` = '" . $array . "'
  60. Display only results that start with one letter
  61. Can't work out how to normalise these tables properly.
  62. Dynamic queries
  63. MYSQL IF statement
  64. I am so happy about this
  65. What alter statement do I use to change the length of a smallint column?
  66. Delete using multiple table: works on 4.1.20, but not on 4.0.16
  67. WHERE `user` = " . $user . "
  68. When I copy create statement to clipboard I get different create statment for table
  69. Getting what I need out of a query...
  70. site stats table structure.(silly question-deleted)
  71. Is it possible to choose the position of a new column in the following statement
  72. how to separate first names from last names in a single column
  73. Remove or add auto_increment functionality
  74. When a new item is added I need to make sure that the ItemID is correct in each table
  75. Insert problems..
  76. SQL Statement in Access Syntax Error
  77. SQL Subselect
  78. In MySQL administrator is there a way to backup directly to my local database
  79. efficient SELECT from multiple tables with same formatting?
  80. Multi part question about SQL Strings
  81. images in database
  82. Getting the last record
  83. help finding dupes in MySQL 5 query
  84. search a field for different words, not as a phrase
  85. All my queries are like this, can you improve?
  86. Can this query be improved ?
  87. Blog Tagging
  88. Basic MySQL Questions..
  89. support authentication protocol upgrade
  90. adding/removing data to db -- new at php
  91. How to move a thread without losing the history?
  92. how to do this select sql
  93. creating Table help please
  94. MySQL COUNT & Return
  95. Problem accessing floating point data from table...
  96. Cron job to restart MySQL on crash?
  97. Joining tables, with a condition for wich table to use
  98. Updating give unexpected math results
  99. is this php/mysql sub query correct ?
  100. MySQL collation for text?
  101. trying to read from table and merge results
  102. changing table set up to ONUPDATE CASCADE
  103. Security question for user permissions
  104. MySQL: How I make a copy of an existing table in phpMyAdmin or SQL ?
  105. When to close sql connection
  106. search results not what they should be
  107. displaying certain amount of data
  108. is it possible to have multiple values to the same column?
  109. #1216 - Cannot add or update a child row:
  110. Matching data accross 5 tables
  111. Error Poll Checking DB for IPs Finding when there ant any
  112. MySql Administrator rules :)
  113. Relationship Databases
  114. Php not adding to table and no error
  115. Concat maybe?
  116. serialized or table
  117. Is this possible without subqueries?
  118. results outputs too many times
  119. vbulletin mysql table
  120. joining two tables to get value of unique ID
  121. What the below differ : resultset,view,...
  122. Linux (Fedora) MySQL trouble
  123. PK field not null is being null
  124. Problem with multiple JOINS to the same table
  125. Union - different values
  126. relationship question
  127. I have a table at phpMyadmin and an excel file I want to upload/import the data to t
  128. Reset column autoindex?
  129. below html/mysql syntax is correct: building links from php vars ?
  130. regexp and greek characters
  131. what does OPTIMIZE do
  132. Update a cell
  133. how to make a unique key 1 again?
  134. PHP md5 not same as mysql md5 password-whats wrong?
  135. is better use a SET FIELD data type or use two records and no set field ?
  136. must setup my mysql script connect to db and get prices only once[homepage] ?
  137. Special order by
  138. Help finding mysql error
  139. timestamping or alternative.
  140. Few questions about MySql server login
  141. SQL Timestamp Problem
  142. what to do to copy[triple] a table['land' to 'villas' to 'apts'] in phpmyadmin
  143. Compare and get result from two tables
  144. Music Database Design help
  145. About how to use the cursor
  146. Questions when reviewing code
  147. Problem with ON clause in MySQL 5
  148. Server vs Client version
  149. One to Many
  150. updating table with data
  152. Weird Error Code
  153. Query help for an SQL challenged designer
  154. update 5.0 to 5.1 or 6.0 ???
  155. Table Structure Advice
  156. Newbie question - WHERE statements
  157. help with a query
  158. How query results[SELECT] appear in tabular form,using an image with source fromFIELD
  159. query help
  160. Reset indexes?
  161. REGEXP range of characters [a-d]
  162. I learned something today...
  163. How to make this efficient?
  164. Two Questions
  165. Incorrect time value: '' for column
  166. Query puzzle...
  167. Table in My SQL
  168. #1044 - Access denied for user 'cruisew'@'localhost' to database 'emailer'
  169. my sql query do not like me!
  170. Need to retrieve donor information AND total donations given for date range
  171. performance vs many records
  172. ODBC or DDE Link help
  173. formatting Localtime()
  174. mysql statment help
  175. what is the difference between ""and ''?
  176. how to subtract values from two tables
  177. Error 2002: Cant Connect To Local MySQL Server Through Socket
  178. mysql_fetch_array(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource
  179. Solved! - help with hebrew in mysql!
  180. what files are need from the /mysql/data folder??
  181. Constant table corruption.
  182. Order
  183. SQL Query Random
  184. How to add X minutes, myql way
  185. 60 Gb of mp4 files in MySQL database
  186. count??
  187. Query Optimization help
  188. Need Dummies guide to mysql field structure
  189. Restrict # characters from field
  190. tools to see visual structure of a MySQL database
  191. Can't make select statement with default value
  192. Sql Synt Prob
  193. Insert/Update error
  194. Ordering in queries by sequence of elements in "IN"
  195. How to do Bulk delete of records?
  196. How to make social network table
  197. setting MYSQL rules
  198. How I add to a dadabase table field [eg 1st row 4 th col] an entry [image or url] ?
  199. blob size
  200. You have an error in your SQL syntax??
  201. sql procedure?
  202. Best file type to use
  203. cannot create table in phpMyAdmin
  204. MySQL query strange order results
  205. LOCK TABLES issues
  206. fill a table with dates in pure SQL
  207. New, Confused, and A couple of questions
  208. how to read composite values in tables
  209. Can you call an sp from another sp?
  210. Return longtext losing line breaks etc php html
  211. syntax error in the query
  212. Is it possible to select multiple entries from one column?
  213. SQL sub query and ORDER BY problem
  214. help with my php/mysql search
  215. Web-based Chat
  216. I want to design a MySQL table to hold 2 columns, News CMS
  217. can not lock
  218. upgrade to MySQL 5.1.7 to use RENAME DATABASE
  219. phpMyAdmin - #1044 - Access denied for user, used GRANT ALL PRIV...
  220. next id on auto increment field
  221. what is wrong with that line?
  222. Help:How can I load this text file into MySQL?
  223. Is this a good table setup (just started)
  224. Sum, Union and balancing accounts
  225. sorting by a column with letters and numbers
  226. insert in 2 tables
  227. Importing new data into empty fields of an existing table
  228. Avoiding Inline MySQL With PHP?
  229. problem with mediumblob
  230. On what port is MySQL running?
  231. Limit Query to 1st occurrence of a value
  232. Import Sql file into PhpMyAdmin
  233. Need more help with news system
  234. Deleting a "test databse"
  235. Running a modify SQL command, When a INSERT is done on a Table
  236. mysql weight
  237. mySQL question
  238. I can't seem to find my.ini anywhere in the /mysql/ directory
  239. Problem in Sql..
  240. WHERE - 2 cases
  241. Join from 2 dbs
  242. Is there a website that offers schema for different types of tables
  243. Simple SQL bug
  244. Importing data into new tables
  245. error!! help me insert into
  246. What Chars Do I have To Worry About
  247. Rows and Total
  248. Please Help Check My Answers!. SQL Noob
  249. $user IN (table.Assigned)
  250. daylight saving and CONVERT_TZ

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