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  1. Is record in "top 20"?
  2. Help on solving error in SQL query
  3. One table vs many tables
  4. Data formatting using SQL
  5. Nested Query in an Update?
  6. need ASC or DESC based on odd or even
  7. query
  8. In Sql How to Retrieve the values
  9. ft_min_word_len problem
  10. when should mysql clustering is needed
  11. Nothing appears, what am I messing up?
  12. mysql import table via phpmyadmin
  13. UPDATE via form - table not updating
  14. SQL join help
  15. Selecting Cell With Highest Value, From Certain Cells
  16. mysql_result issues
  17. How to update part of a field?
  18. right join problem
  19. help with lock tables
  20. Clear/rotate Log File
  21. EasyEclipse/phpMyAdmin/SVN...help
  22. SELECT COUNT(*) Query not working.
  23. Simple Math in an Update
  24. SQL Statement LIMIT missing latest record
  25. Price range query
  26. website hosted but not connecting to mysql
  27. godaddy site hosting problem
  28. Left Join Help Needed
  29. Query failing and I don't know why
  30. procedures
  31. counting
  32. mysql error!! help required
  33. Months in Mysql
  34. MySQL ordering problem with utf8
  35. Simple SHOW KEYS FROM error
  36. Data Transfer From One table to another Table
  37. what is mysql replication
  38. How to do multiple insert select in one query?
  39. join quandry [updated]
  40. 3 Tables 1 referance many problems
  41. Need help limiting my results
  42. MySQL Service
  43. Help with SQL statement
  44. mysql putting in garbage characters
  45. Dates showing up as 1969?
  46. query returns valid results even if user enters password in upper or lowercase
  47. How to combine two queries in to one in this example?
  48. Working with PHPGraphLib
  49. WHERE 4 of the 10 keywords available in records
  50. Adding timestamp field
  51. whats this error mean?
  52. socket error
  53. Need help improving 'search' sql
  54. Help with IP Range Join
  55. Should I be building a hash of hashes here?
  56. 2 LIKE at the same time
  57. trying to narrow my search results on iso date.
  58. MySQL Grouping
  59. record time and date on entries made
  60. query for getting users with same usernumber
  61. syntax error with INSERT
  62. Automatic data transaction between mysql and msmq
  63. MySQL Naming Convention
  64. Problem sorting news by date
  65. How to Optimize this query: where match - order by - limit?
  66. Issue passing login and echo data from another table at the same time
  67. Left Join issues
  68. SQL newbie: Joining problem?
  69. is it possible to use a value as a table name in a join?
  70. <b>syntax</b>
  71. auto_increment reset problem ?
  72. Insert Statement
  73. select count(*) always slow. Please suggest how to make it fast.
  74. phpmyadmin
  75. Problems copying database.
  76. Trouble Getting Proper Syntax
  77. MySQL outputing Alphabetical result
  78. JOIN, SUM and several results
  79. php mysql form database
  80. Interesting problem...
  81. is it possible to show (list) temporary tables
  82. Oracle nvl() type function in MySQL?
  83. Query to find info related to a particular DAY
  84. Can SQL be used to compare strings?
  85. Help getting records for current year
  86. SQL Error - Does not like my input
  87. select x as y WHERE y
  88. selecting just once[SOLVED]
  89. MySQL error
  90. phpMyAdmin: localhost -v- % (Meaning)
  91. Need additional sort - keep getting column ambigious error
  92. I must do all tables of my db and after insert/define relationships of PKs & FKs ??
  93. Current Database command ?
  94. sort by column 1 then by column 2
  95. unable to add 2 rows of data to table
  96. SQL problem with adding the shipping, vat and price
  97. REPLACE question
  98. Friend of friend search
  99. replication with mysql
  100. 'Group by' excludes some rows, which are required in the output!
  101. problem with joins
  102. Basic online booking form with pre-defined timeslots
  103. How to add a stored procedure to a mysql DB
  104. help me to solve this query problem in mysql5
  105. need anonymous/ not logged in users to have access to tables
  106. Inserting data from multi select list
  107. can't spot the error, need help
  108. count up all numbers in a column
  109. Convert an excel document into a sql file?
  110. Help with >= in a date select
  111. query help please
  112. creating tables
  113. Logic Problem
  114. fetch array
  115. From an html form in https:// url save the credit card data in a mysql database table
  116. How to get all records to display?
  117. correctly format string containing special characters, ready for inserting in mysql
  118. mysql_fetch_array()
  119. Characters issue
  120. Need Help with fairly Simple but Slow Running Join Query
  121. Master Slave Replication working but slave log name stuck
  122. Re-ordering ID Numbers.
  123. MySQL shutdown on its own
  124. Getting variables from database without repeating them
  125. Possible to ORDER BY greter of two queryed values
  126. Form Email Verfication
  127. Can i specify field value without using column-name?
  128. How to select multiple values from a table?
  129. VERY complicated query, order by multiple counts and griup by's
  130. whats the code if update is not working
  131. In PHPMyAdmin how I CONNECT(Relate) PKs & FKs ?
  132. csv file upload to tbl, fails.
  133. Storing text from textarea
  134. Hosting that allows mysql tools
  135. php form and mysql
  136. Query to obtain data from 'multiple' rows
  137. Need help with a complex SQL statement
  138. is my SQL can use in Javascript for database?
  139. Looking for someone to create a SQL database
  140. load file from Excell to Mysql
  141. another syntax error
  142. Select of records not in
  143. Error I can't fix
  144. too many results from join.
  145. combining client-side code with mySQL
  146. Searching an entire table for text
  147. sql query using dates
  148. Password verification not working (using MD5)
  149. SQL Update
  150. Mysql undo operations
  151. mySQL Database (Need Help)
  152. join many small tables -v- one large table (same data)
  153. SQL syntax error
  154. help with table structure plz
  155. How to NOT select years from XX to XX ??
  156. How to only open mysql database once over several pages?
  157. diff between UTC time and stored timestamp
  158. Mysql error after xampp install
  159. Uploading Microsoft File to BLOB
  160. Don'y know why im getting this sql syntax error
  161. Sorting by longtext?
  162. Matches in any of the fields
  163. Best way to manually increment a value?
  164. Pulling email domain name all characters after @ sign
  165. sql query syntax problem
  166. Detecting CAPs in fields with SQL
  167. Group by or Join needed ?
  168. hyperlinks for a shop
  169. php pages working but not going into database
  170. Just a few questions regarding Mysql set-up
  171. Help
  172. case when
  173. join conditional problem.
  174. Is there a faster way to insert records into an array
  175. Can someone help me if possible? CMS?
  176. formatting two dates.
  177. select problem
  178. concate date and time
  179. Can't create MyISAM database under Windows
  180. Mysql database connection-not established within LAN
  181. MySQL database table question
  182. hit a blank exporting to msword
  183. Normalising slows query
  184. please help me!
  185. Mysql...Remote Connection...Not established
  186. combo indexes, subqueries, and optimization question...
  187. update script for my mysql database
  188. :confused: cant query database by multiple conditions--- advanced search help
  189. SQL Left Join Issues
  190. mysql affected rows info
  191. can anyone answer this????
  192. mySQL Backup via php
  193. help requested with this query [solved]
  194. Some Simple Questions (Help)
  195. help with booking system tables structure
  196. ordering problem in AUTO_INCRMENT
  197. auto delete
  198. fulltext search
  199. Adding values in a query
  200. Sub Query
  201. Parsing information to db - settings
  202. Need help with Select Statement
  203. how would i join tables where the table names come from a another table?
  204. Converting text input european date and inserting into mysql
  205. forum database structural setup
  206. General Db set-up question.
  207. Need help with query
  208. [Pls ignore]changed value of a unique key, still shows duplication error.
  209. Multiple Sort Order using Like
  210. clarification on indexing, plz.
  211. I need help on MySQL query
  212. I need on this error (Must declare the scalar variable "@UserId".)
  213. mysqli is currently supported by what ver. of MySQL ? Also what ver. of dreamweaver ?
  214. connecting to mysql
  215. Managing data on multiple databases
  216. auto number problem
  217. Finding most frequent result in sql query
  218. setting session variables as a recordset
  219. mySQL - from the start...
  220. Sql Injections
  221. You have an error in your SQL syntax
  222. connecting to database
  223. Update a cell's value with MySQL numerical ops
  224. databases, tables, cells, etc.
  225. Help writing a MySQL query?...
  226. update multiple columns, seperated by 'and' :What's happening?
  227. Understanding A Social Networking Database
  228. Photos mixing with Databases
  229. what's in a database name
  230. Number of Databases
  231. chatroom
  232. load data infile , colation, charset
  233. Update
  234. how to verify identical numbering in a transaction?
  235. SELECT * COUNT(field ='value') [NOT in WHERE clause]
  236. How to get & amp; (without the space) to write into mySQL?
  237. setting up the database
  238. Hopefully Simple Query Issue
  239. storage
  240. Cannot see the error in this SQL
  241. query cache question
  242. how to use GROUP BY in conjuction with LIKE?
  243. updating rows with a subquery from the same table
  244. mysql_fetch_array warning urgent plz
  245. How to get the records i want and not "duplicates"
  246. create temp table or post process?
  247. what's the point of REPLACE?
  248. Confusing error message...
  249. Would like guidelines for setting up a mySQL db properly?
  250. Urgent help needed with advanced query structure!

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