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  1. what's wrong with my query!!
  2. Coding resulting in a blank page
  3. I need a little advice on table layout for a polling system.
  4. Getting mysql result in php
  5. Why this Mysql query didn't work? Please help !
  6. SELECT COUNT help
  7. Resolved table relationship question
  8. insert multiple form fields..
  9. MySQL Indexing a 'Status' field
  10. how to connect to a mysql database all from one file
  11. how to store Image/Url in mysql using php?
  12. Mysql performance tuning Expert Help Required
  13. count (fieldname) returns 1 even if there are no records?
  14. Need help with Old PM's
  15. copy data from one table to another
  16. MySQL Sharding
  17. what does # do in mysql string ?
  18. Using UPDATE in php query will fail
  19. Mysql Query with possible join required ?
  20. Problem in displaying of data from select statement its consume lots of time
  21. Resolved Sales by hour per day
  22. Can I edit values in a table view?
  23. Sql computation for different values from the same column in the same table at differ
  24. quick search/replace
  25. Creating a trigger statement
  26. mysql order by(select)
  27. mysql quesry top 3 times.
  28. Top Twenty Doctors and then others
  29. Setting table to accept BLANK content
  30. mysql output not displaying NULL results
  31. Need help fixing join syntax
  32. Vbulletin database error can't find file but the file is there.
  33. User variables, if function
  34. select multiple form only sending one value to database
  35. SQL Fetch not showing results.
  36. get existing / not existing ranges ?
  37. mysql query returns unwanted results
  38. writing names with single quote to database
  39. Never display value that fails argument
  40. Mac os - mysqld start fails
  41. JAuthentication: :__construct: Could not load authentication libraries.
  42. MySQL Joins
  43. Creating a MySQL schema that reflects a JSON object
  44. sql help for a query
  45. Optimization
  46. should fail?, but doesn't
  47. create a new database
  48. deleting duplicates
  49. Cms
  50. RETS Connector
  51. Sql tables, if's and delete help - newbie
  52. Wordpress Site Migration Issue
  53. Resolved group_concat... order by
  54. date format not working with pagination
  55. $row['id'] gets for from wrong table
  56. Making a database for work - reward offered.
  57. Resolved changing field on fly
  58. combine multiple queries into one
  59. Beginner needs some quick help
  60. trouble finding records between two dates
  61. Case-Sensitivity
  62. Help with left join and inner join
  63. Best practice question - checkbox values into multiple database columns or just one?
  64. Website Slow due to database
  65. Select inside insert operation fails.
  66. Need help in select statement from two tables
  67. Sql
  68. fetching data from table2 while inserting records into table1
  69. Versions for Articles?
  70. Need some extra eyes ...
  71. delete/exists
  72. File names in SQL database
  73. Incorrect data when getting max() function
  74. Structure
  75. Resolved Database not updating, no errors
  76. Unknown column '' in 'where clause'
  77. $row error
  78. Resolved cant find my mysql line error
  79. type vrs engine
  80. Resolved select 3 results for each category
  81. Junction Table and (Physical) Primary Key
  82. Asset Monthly Depreciation
  83. Logging Non-Members
  84. synchronise mysql on two servers
  85. Modeling: One or More vs. Zero or More
  86. How to model file status
  87. Deleting selected data help
  88. Trouble with Order By
  89. Selecting random data from 2 tables
  90. Importing huge data in mysql
  91. How to import a CSV into a table
  92. I need a little boost in assistants
  93. Resolved Psuedo Full Text Search on MySQL InnoDB Tables
  94. need help with using dropdown value to retrieve database
  95. Using Value from Dropbox to retrieve data from database table
  96. what is the best way to set up this database
  97. delete quary
  98. joining tables gives me an error
  99. Copy record from one data table to another
  100. is it possible to return total rows and number of unique departments in one query?
  101. while loop repeating same data
  102. MySQL Date range or IS NULL
  103. Invisible Syntax Error
  104. set empty table cells to hidden
  105. Select from multiple tables with different columns
  106. Error when Removing test Database
  107. how to get mysql query max time
  108. Query using WHERE LIKE returning bizaare results
  109. custome search engine
  110. mySQL query : working with INTERVAL and CURDATE
  111. MASTERS PLEASE find the error in this sql
  112. Design question: numeric variable length to save space?
  113. Add 15% to a price column in db
  114. LINQ to SQL problem
  115. Need Help making a SQL query
  116. Database Looping and inserting errors
  117. Preventing two PHP scripts from working on the same record
  118. Changing MySQL Password
  119. I am In a process of creating a custom blog, but I need some help
  120. MySQL Query Timeout Problem
  121. Creating search query
  122. query mysql database foreign key
  123. checking if a record exists in a table ?
  124. Enter multiple rows from array
  125. Adding a login with different categories
  126. Delete mysql row in table
  127. sql statement help
  128. mysql php problem reading sent messages
  129. group_concat order by
  130. Some help with PHP please :)
  131. Need some more help with SQL
  132. Need help with simple SQL
  133. switch statement or two tables and SQL
  134. what is this character code ?
  135. MySQL Database Structure help
  136. MySQL Database Backup Expert please advise me
  137. dropping database and replacing with backup
  138. I need help with subquery in a from clause
  139. mysql table structure
  140. Submitting Form Selection to mySQL DB
  141. Error: "Unable to select the specified database"
  142. Influence appearance chance
  143. Sending Several Names/Arrays with PHP/JS?
  144. How to Randomize Results Without Using RAND()??
  145. Users Don't Exist?
  146. Struggling with login form
  147. finding the duplicates
  148. Registration form not working
  149. Can I have cells be multiples of another cell in the same row?
  150. mysql week from Monday till Sunday
  151. Append ID variable to username if duplicate
  152. read ???? from mysql
  153. Categories with Subcategories in table PHP + MYSQL
  154. Using 'Inner Join' plus 'Not In' in a query
  155. Values passed from URL not passed on into MySQL Query
  156. Possible syntax issue with MySQL v5.0
  157. select, order by most common result
  158. SQL Command Assistance
  159. Submit Paypal and to MYSQL Database
  160. is there an index of old and new mysql/mysqli
  161. Database Structure
  162. where Clause grater tha time value problem
  163. How to make this date format mouthful smaller?
  164. Grant-revoke problem
  165. return results based on first two characters of field
  166. MySQL Database/Server version help?...
  167. mysql duplicate entry error show
  168. I downloaded a version of MySQL
  169. Server problem - can't connect
  170. PHP Syntax Error - Please Help
  171. Why isn't this program working? Really stuck!
  172. Wrong sum output from case statement condition
  173. mysqli function
  174. copy timestamp to another field but convert to Y-m-d H:i:s first.
  175. Selecting data with multiple priorities and limited max entries
  176. How to modify date format?
  177. Error creating table and inserting values
  178. Sql tables / fields from old project
  179. Resolved What's the advantage of using ADD INDEX or ADD CONSTRAINT ?
  180. how to get a column with two results as only one
  181. Displaying mysql results not working
  182. query pulls more than it should
  183. php adjacent record insert to another table
  184. My mysql can't select database. Help!
  185. What is database
  186. How to add number of records of another table
  187. Use mysql limit function in php to find last record
  188. Using mysql limit functon to locate first record
  189. Q and A page
  190. query several tables, based on link table
  191. randomly seeded array
  192. Script only creating one entry in the db table
  193. Do I delete MySQL Tables with fresh WordPress install?
  194. Issue using MAX() function
  195. Ordering table by count of
  196. mysqli_free_result ... why?
  197. search to update several rows
  198. SELECT / UPDATE table using $variable
  199. Help with filtering results
  200. SQL Joins (3 Tables)
  201. Resolved Help with filter script
  202. How to index this left join?
  203. Resolved search not like MySql not working ??
  204. Need Help on SQL query script
  205. How to handle this sutiation
  206. resolving this error
  207. can you use the LIMIT function like this in php
  208. using php Limit function to fing last record
  209. can php LIMIT function work like this
  210. Efficient way to store text with only 0s and 1s
  211. Update MySql via JSON
  212. oracle join syntax (old vs new)
  213. mysql search query
  214. How can I import a database using SSH command?
  215. Selecting Rows That Span 360 Degrees
  216. Mysql_result in Mysqli
  217. Sorting Date Fields by Month in DB Query
  218. Category dropdown menu
  219. help build a dynamic parent-child-subchild menu in php
  220. Resolved Stuck defining variable in existing code
  221. Question about Nullable Fields
  222. Indexes with Same Name
  223. ORDER BY in Union
  224. num_rows not working
  225. Display Random Non repeatable Array
  226. MySQL in PHP - POST w/Radio Buttons
  227. Pulling data from an executed query in php?
  228. Prepared statements and instantiation
  229. In one table but NOT in the other ?
  230. Does Join Order Matter?
  231. Select rows by a dynamic row number
  232. Database Normalization User Interface By Username?
  233. Nested mysql, inner join already used
  234. How to Copy & Insert Records?
  235. help with php plugin for joomla component. . .
  236. Am I going crazy or is there something else wrong?
  237. Should I use a view or multiple queries?
  238. Select Employee with no attendance
  239. What does it take to build a cloud-based SaaS Web app?
  240. Query Creating Duplicate Data
  241. Specific Date Ranges
  242. Is a Sort Column okay?
  243. join, group by and having means?
  244. if ($res->fetch_assoc()->field != "text") { ?
  245. Merge a query into one?
  246. Using DIFFERENCE in a query
  247. Column count doesn't match value count at row 1
  248. Need help with Many-to-Many-to-Many
  249. Logical vs Natural Keys
  250. one result by two tables

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