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  1. How to select value of two rows using separate PKs?
  2. Resolved opposite of DATE_FORMAT ?
  3. Mysql inline query in same table(Urgent! Deadline tonight)
  4. Newbie - Problems connecting to Mysql
  5. can not get all results using 'left join'
  6. Joining to the same table twice
  7. problems with LIMIT and specific row return
  8. How to count how many days late?
  9. DATE format in SQL
  10. plz help me with slight tweak to query, INNER JOIN's
  11. Help! Access to MySql from a dedicated server
  12. perform SELECT, then UPDATE on same table
  13. SELECT statement and CONCAT
  14. Adding a time to each value entered
  15. stored procedure --> passing user variables to prepared statement
  16. Resolved Top 5 data from database
  17. Join Two Tables then conduct Order By
  18. Help setting up MySQL Database
  19. like operator, '%' inside field value
  20. Edit mysql row including blob
  21. predefined values only
  22. how to fill up the missing dates ??
  23. Retrieving duplicate names
  24. mysql concatenate error
  25. Delete from multiple table?
  26. Safely updating database records
  27. Resolved How to retrieve newly-created value in auto_increment column?
  28. Need help with Database Design
  29. shift values
  30. 1st row, first col, 2nd row, 1st col...
  31. Resolved Data Selection from 2 different tables
  32. aggregate overlapping totals.
  33. Using multiple where cases???
  34. Is There A Way To Remove Similar Results From Query?
  35. 2 auto_increments? / entry ordering
  36. Insert Into Problem
  37. update method not working for me
  38. Adding up fields in Table
  39. Removing duplicate entries in mysql table
  40. Join command question
  41. help with creating who viewed members profile tables
  42. query 3 tables
  43. Full Text Search No Results
  44. Advice for multilingual site
  45. $_POST['id'] - Help?
  46. Dual Sorting Methods with MySQL
  47. My sql "not in" uses indexes?
  48. Non-updateable column?
  49. I have 2 problem to select this table,Please help
  50. CONCAT_WS bug
  51. which is better ?
  52. stored proc, delimites str
  53. creating user defined function in MySQL
  54. Resolved Sending $_POST variables to fuction
  55. Problem with query
  56. count then using multiple HAVING not working
  57. Check for multiple values of a list
  58. Decimal(m,d)
  59. what is the correct way to use AND & OR in query
  60. inner joints and relations ?
  61. Sql
  62. Selecting data from two tables
  63. data base task
  64. upgrading mysql 4 to 5 known code differences
  65. how to create foreign key?
  66. Listing mysql query
  67. tweak of query, to correct a slight error in results.
  68. data to long for column/ LOAD DATA INFILE
  69. Inefficient Table Creation / Insertion
  70. Stumped on query
  71. Need help for Social Engine Script Installation
  72. Need help on WHERE clause
  73. Keeping databases in sync within a team
  74. COUNT and GROUP BY help plz...
  75. help needed in my sql
  76. combining this into one query?
  77. Selecting last record for customer
  78. change rows position in mysql
  79. problem with count
  80. slight tweak of my query to make it get the correct results ?
  81. better way to do this in one go?
  82. While Looping Problem
  83. Remove special chars from field (calc field)
  84. conditional ORDER BY?
  85. Query Help
  86. i want to learn how to create a query where i use the IN and JOIN
  87. Mysql query not pulling correct data
  88. Ignoring language accent
  89. Trying to limit date range of results
  90. Finding an exact or best match
  91. subtracting two diff columns
  92. Replace InTo VS Update
  93. Delete Multiple URLs from admin page
  94. forum query
  95. Problem with Elgg Installation
  96. Cycling through rows, smartly?
  97. ordering query by COUNT
  98. list entries by surname only if more than one exists in DB
  99. Adding +1 to mysql entrys.
  100. Resolved Adding data to a database via a PHP Form
  101. Get the value of the primary key?
  102. How to join the 3 table?
  103. dumping query output
  104. pagination
  105. Retrieving a pdf
  106. Update multiple rows?
  107. Probably an obvious question
  108. Date Format
  109. Re: help need to tweak this query...
  110. Resolved Multiple Table Query to Include Rows Missing from One Table?
  111. Resolved Frusturating: selecting all rows of 2 joined tables using * and telling results apart
  112. Searching a MySql database using 5 variables
  113. combine help
  114. delete duplicate data
  115. need a query
  116. Copy from Table 1 to Table 2
  117. how to refer to a virtual table created by sub-query in other sub-query?
  118. how to get rows from x to y with inner join
  119. Problem inserting into MySQL
  120. is n't a repeat region, why some js buttons do not work 2ND & 6TH - any criteria ?
  121. Can't pull out last 24 hour added articles after transfer
  122. +1 to a row
  123. creating a table on a different account
  124. Resolved SQL/PHP Variable...
  125. find out how many visitors for a website
  126. Design and query feedback please - thanks
  127. mysql :: strict string compare
  128. Problem with special characters.
  129. Problem with creating table which includes foreign key??? Errn150
  130. Multiple row selects with single query
  131. need help on mysql statement..
  132. querying table based on date
  133. Mysql_error mail system admin
  134. Text Area with sql format issues
  135. COUNT(table.col) problem
  136. Tricky query !? Merge three tables!
  137. pulling my hair out
  138. Insert Random Words Into Column
  139. begginer question about sql query
  140. Resolved How do I interpret error message?
  141. Any way to improve this slow query?
  142. mySQL Duplicate Entry Error
  143. Is there a database I can upload?
  144. backing up MySQL database to a network drive
  145. Resolved need help asap
  146. mysql_real_escape_string() Question
  147. PHP SQL Newsletter Subscribe / Unsubscribe
  148. begginer question how to make raw unique
  149. How to insert into DATE fields other than default way?
  150. Crap.. what is ssh??
  151. Resolved GROUP_CONCAT to more than one column?
  152. selecting a table name based on a subquery?
  153. Resolved deleting stuff
  154. Using Distinct help needed.
  155. Insert values from Mysql to Excel
  156. A Blog Category Table
  157. Simple INSERT query error... What is wrong.
  158. SQL Query: Same table join?
  159. Reading information from one table to another
  160. Resolved Foreign Keys
  161. Resolved Different Table Structures
  162. Resolved Doing Maths in query?
  163. Second query fails to return data
  164. Is Prepare statements good practice?
  165. How to check an record appears many times in a table ?
  166. Resolved Assign MySQL Field Value to Variable?
  167. pivot table - rotate data
  168. Retrieving records that differ by one field?
  169. Resolved PHP Database Manage Script
  170. Tricky Query?
  171. displaying images???
  172. help with mysql query
  173. How to get the number of tables in MySQL db?
  174. count number of posts of each member in mysql
  175. schedule backup
  176. List records in the same table if they share similar data in a field.
  177. On duplicate key update , where
  178. Use of triggers
  179. Images with Databases
  180. Newby Question
  181. MySQL: NULL and ''
  182. mysql views and many queries(select) do the same job ?
  183. base url problem
  184. Advice required with database
  185. how to get rid of squares in the table
  186. Undefined index error
  187. List Fields and Apply Links
  188. Testing SQL Statements
  189. Moving Hosts - Mysqyl
  190. mysql LIKE and _ how?
  191. Problem with a constraint?
  192. ini/conf settings for medium blobs???
  193. Creating DDL files
  194. converting from Access to MySQL in asp pages. error messages
  195. How to enforce a certain constraint within a table creation?
  196. Can someone confirm this MySQL design please?
  197. help with weird query
  198. Weird Characters, Am I Doing This Right?
  199. Mysql condition - replace NULL with 'NA'
  200. Resetting An Auto Increment ID key
  201. Create Database
  202. impex problem , help please
  203. LEFT OUTER JOIN help
  204. Exporting a PDF into a MySQL?
  205. To display the "date of last reply" of a set of threads
  206. cant upload ~1mb ++
  207. String filter in Where clause
  208. How to Export Results of a SQL querie?
  209. mysql query request
  210. Better to use PHP's time() or MySQL's NOW() to track user activity?
  211. Skip Duplicate Entries
  212. Help! extracting records meeting specific string length
  213. MySQL on my home server
  214. Some general questions on saving "Group subscription"
  215. Valide float numbers in MySQL
  216. Duplicate structure of MySQL DB only
  217. MySQL + Dropdown lists -
  218. Accessing the same column twice in a query
  219. User authentication problems (PHP & MySql)
  220. use C++ and MySQL
  221. IFNULL by col
  222. Weird error, can't figure it out...
  223. how to replace duplicate entries without a primary key
  224. Complex MySQL Query For a Newbie
  225. use MySQL with Borland C++
  226. Help with PHP and MySQL
  227. When in phpmyadmin a table field is type TIMESTAMP
  228. IFNULL taking time
  229. selecting the last record with "where"?
  230. Apache WebServer and MySQL - Not working. :'(
  231. reading from xls sheets into Mysql DB via www
  232. Image swap 1 large 4 small
  233. how to select a chapter of records which have keywords
  234. Resolved Having trouble with Select Where statement. Maybe data type is wrong?
  235. ordering the results
  236. Read/Update table in one hosting account from another hosting account.
  237. Resolved sql syntax question, selecting from multiple tables
  238. advice required for storage of files in sql db (blobs) - 1 table or many?
  239. Cursor Issue
  240. select query problem with LIKE OPERATOR in MYSQL
  241. Auto Delete after X time
  242. MySQL: How To use mysqldump pratically
  243. sql help!
  244. Renaming a column without modifying its properties?
  245. query browser - editing join query recordset
  246. split record and insert both halves to two cols
  247. Stuck with basic php/sql form
  248. access frontend to mysql backend
  249. Importing Access Database to MySQL
  250. safe injection for testing?

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