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  1. Table layout suggestion needed
  2. COUNT by date
  3. Resolved Optimum Data types
  4. Sending Perl Variables to mySQL?
  5. I can't get in with a user I just created
  6. Resolved subquery
  7. Field Linking
  8. Backup and restore MySQL databse (phpBB 3.0)
  9. Problems with my syntax
  10. PHP, MYSQL, SMARTY Problem with loop
  11. DATE_FORMAT() with LEFT JOIN Problem
  12. data storing question
  13. How to determine which port MySQL is running on (LocalHost)?
  14. Generic query question
  15. Error 1064 and apostrophy
  16. insert checkbox value in separate column fields - mysql
  17. cycling values on update, null
  18. Data type mismatch in criteria expression.
  19. Resolved Advice needed to build a company-user database schema
  20. Joining querys?
  21. Error in inserting query in MySQl
  22. using returned var in subquery to do more in sub query
  23. having trouble displaying results
  24. Summation
  25. prevent same text of title
  26. fulltext index
  27. Storing data of varying type.
  28. Date problem
  29. empty result
  30. setting up a new database - access denied
  31. Should I use a table or XML for not-necessarily tabular data?
  32. Cannot connect Mysql through PHP
  33. Set Foreign Key using PHP coding
  34. Last 100 Records Only
  35. Upgraded WAMP, some tables not showing up!
  36. adding 2 counts to an existing query
  37. Simple Chat Application
  38. 2 Databases for Forum and Comments?
  39. making one text area dependant on another
  40. Multiple Selects pulling in my blog - im concerned this will run really slowly
  41. Is "desc" a reserved word?
  42. Pulling html from mysql
  43. MySQL REGEXP question
  44. Making a login script
  45. Changing datetime
  46. Mysql transaction
  47. custom time requiement (develop a time advance method)
  48. MySQL database host for Win32 application
  49. MySQL query
  50. tipping database
  51. When to use foreign keys?
  52. Type true false
  53. mysql problem =/
  54. MySQL Help needed with looking up a record based on a defined element
  55. How do I add an index when adding a new field?
  56. Any way to combine duplicates?
  57. InnoDB vs MyISAM
  58. Something is wrong with my database
  59. Check record in one database before inserting record into another
  60. editing records and adding a value to current data?
  61. Sort Multiple MySQL Queries
  62. Select query with two tables (field aliases etc)
  63. MySQL Login Help!
  64. selecting the top 3 values from a database
  65. Concurrency in mysql database
  66. I need help big time
  67. Help need ed to write SQL query
  68. Quick security questions
  69. Issue with MySql template
  70. Getting an odd warning message on lines 19 & 36
  71. Resolved Complex difference between two dates
  72. SQL Question
  73. Aggregate data from multiple mysql tables
  74. Querying a time format
  75. Uploading multiple images with a form to server and storing file name in MySQL
  76. handle nonexisting columns
  77. Insert Msg Error
  78. Multiple records in one field
  79. if not null then select in a mysql statement
  80. I Keep getting a error in this Warning: mysql_fetch_array(): supplied argument is not
  81. Replace in MYSQL
  82. 3 Table Link?
  83. SQL Duplicates
  84. sql query help please!!
  85. Quotes messing up a mysql_query
  86. Move Data In a Database Table
  87. Error while creating table [was: Help?]
  88. Oh no, another security question again!
  89. How do ı add an extra field when my table is up and running ?
  90. J2ME with MySQL
  91. Quotes in mysql update
  92. detect if db table exists by php
  93. Insert Function Help
  94. query to get all records between 2 different field dates
  95. Help converting varchar and int dates to something sortable..
  96. 150 error when trying to create a table
  97. INSERT mysql query
  98. INSERT INTO only if no record exsist
  99. Mysql JOIN
  100. SQL Error:Resource is not really a resource
  101. deleting rows depending on date.
  102. What is the best way to Version Control a Database?
  103. Restore my databases.
  104. Ordering Contents of a Field Alphabetically
  105. UTF-8 causing trouble :(
  106. Weird Error
  107. Multiple primary keys question
  108. Finding Duplicate records
  109. Insert data into two tables using php and mysql
  110. query doesn't run?
  111. Change MySQl Password Using .bat
  112. Querying and Foreign Keys
  113. Little problem with an AND OR logic !
  114. Ideas for Table Structure
  115. Updating Datetime field in a Query
  116. MySQL Error urgent pls help
  117. Importing Large Backups
  118. select data by ip!
  119. help with query
  120. foreign key to another db on same server - question
  121. MySQL adding variable
  122. Mysql number problem
  123. Exporting MySQL Tables
  124. Query/Subquery assistance (counting available rows)
  125. does "&" and "and" mean thesame thing in MySql?
  126. Race conditions: row or table locking (InnoDB or MyISAM)? Help.
  127. SQL statement error - pls help
  128. Sql Date Update
  129. Trying to create a searchable database
  130. Resolved Don't Add Duplicate Time for Post
  131. age
  132. search within field contents
  133. How do I update DateTime?
  134. Shopping Cart
  135. Random Question Producer
  136. Searching and Cross Referencing Multiple Tables
  137. Select Statement - Two Tables
  138. I want to see how is it constructed[by what query], a Mysql View
  139. Remote connection from iis
  140. Basic Search Returns Results, but FULL-TEXT Doesn't?
  141. Manipulating mysql output through PHP
  142. mysql query to update word in phrase
  143. stored proc, ENGINE MEMORY, MULTIUSER
  144. Resolved get altenate data if there is no demanded data
  145. MySQL Time ADD
  146. Status field within the DB!
  147. to null or not to null!
  148. Database design problem - stumped
  149. How to develop a multingual database
  150. Resolved union order by
  151. Newbie help on joining tables
  152. JOIN two tables and show results of a SUM()
  153. MySQL Time Difference BUG
  154. Checking for events based on date in mysql
  155. MySql Row Select
  156. Problem in figuring out a query using subqueries
  157. Select Last Record and Plus 1
  158. sql image upload?
  159. adding a relation to a region:
  160. MAX entrys
  161. Get latest record from a group based on date
  162. How to get the Average time
  163. cant access the data from my query.
  164. Uploading Image to SQL
  165. mysql administrator backup
  166. Trying to get my head around DB design.
  167. trouble with mysql statement
  168. Resolved Date Format and Results
  169. delete text from db table ?
  170. Tracking non paying customers
  171. Deleted Row
  172. mySQL Views?
  173. User editable Profiles
  174. What can go wrong on getting data from SQL??
  175. dynamic sql, stored proc , latest version of MYSQL
  176. Getting just 1 from a joined table
  177. getting one day back mysql date
  178. unable to get query to work correctly
  179. importing to a remote host
  180. mb_substr similar function in mysql?
  181. Can I merge
  182. SELECT contain 'this'
  183. How to implement function for saving type, size and name for uploaded file
  184. mysql query browser status bar
  185. installed latest version --> could not start service
  186. Resolved max_sp_recursion_depth ver 5.0.16-nt
  187. mysql stored procedure bug
  188. Templates and Queues
  189. Primary Column (Setting ID to increase automatically)
  190. SELECT more WHERE's
  191. if (record exists){tell me}else{insert} help plz
  192. Give error SQL syntax. Where is the problem ?
  193. does MySql have inserted or deleted
  194. Resolved Trouble with LEFT JOINs for 3 tables
  195. SMS to Email Query
  196. creating linked entries in separate tables?
  197. SELECT * FROM table WHERE previous_row.id = 3 ORDER BY ordering
  198. Add up values from one table to another
  199. About from_unixtime()
  200. Sybase and MySQL together
  201. Selecting dates.
  202. SQL help with Date please
  203. How to refreshing a table every hour
  204. Advanced ordering question
  205. Multiple delete but value optional so not always there - Myisam
  206. order by within group
  207. pre prepared statements
  208. list category titles for a forum
  209. Order By Field From Other Table
  210. mysql_fetch_array problem
  211. is there a way to get whole numbers in mySQL?
  212. Problem in using LIKE clause
  213. subtracting two Counts
  214. check for unlinked posts in my forum tables.
  215. Recreating a database
  216. Probably a very easy mysql question.
  217. user id = user name
  218. Help with joins?
  219. Mysql Admin shows Different than PHPMYADMIN
  220. MYsql installation on windows
  221. batch update?
  222. Is JOIN my solution?
  223. remove query
  224. Problem with an insert
  225. Help with mysql insert!
  226. proper format for storing html
  227. MySQL and Quickbooks
  228. (Easy enough) How to rename a mysql field
  229. mysql_num_rows(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource
  230. Deleting records with a datetime field value > 7 days old
  231. help with matching a var with a row...
  232. multiple sqls
  233. tree data structure
  234. questions about creating tables
  235. Resolved count number of connections
  236. question about phpmyadmin and sql
  237. Query Db
  238. What is the difference between these queries?
  239. SELECT then UPDATE in the same function
  240. phpmyadmin ASK
  241. looking for free desktop sql editor
  242. query urgent help
  243. Help with a complex query
  244. preventing MySQL injections
  245. newlines not showing up when info previously stored in DB is displayed on page
  246. database design help.
  247. counting categories in while loop
  248. Get record from year XXXX
  249. SQL syntax error
  250. multiple small queries or a single multi-join query?

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