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  1. Query Row Range
  2. phpMyAdmin not working
  3. Looking for a script to search MySQL Databases
  4. PHP-MySQL Birthday Script
  5. Looking for help to create indexes
  6. Delete duplicate records
  7. Help - Sync Calendars to Web App
  8. How to create a variable mysql query?
  9. Insert column
  10. Complex date ordering
  11. HELP finding a coder! Do I need a PHP coder? SQL? General Advice needed!
  12. Address Database on Thumbdrive
  13. What's wrong with this statement?
  14. how do I create a login page? please someone help
  15. pullng data from one table but relating it to another?
  16. Mysql Error
  17. Location Tables and How to Setup Dbase Properly
  18. MAX(price) query,
  19. Descending ID
  20. Button for backing up database?
  21. Select records after 20th
  22. DELETEd rows count
  23. mysql, php and foreign key setup questions
  24. Compare a column's value
  25. detail or not, normalization
  26. Validating a query without executing it?
  27. read resultset from stored proc
  28. Cursor/ temporary memory table
  29. excel to mysql data migration
  30. Returning Results Table
  31. Cannot create tables with multiple foreign keys
  32. ORDER BY help
  33. Selecting Data From Two Tables
  34. IN operator issue
  35. price col data structure.
  36. stored function/query browser
  37. using GROUP BY IN union
  38. mysql_num_rows error
  39. Ordering by primary key and a sub column linked to it
  40. user event_scheduler
  41. Quick question on database design.
  42. getting error in query..
  43. Switch Sort Order For Category Menu
  44. Multiple Inserts
  45. Sorting results from multiple tables by date
  46. Sum of top 5 scores
  47. Making clickable links in Mysql
  48. How To Count Cell Values In A Column & Echo Total Amount
  49. Searching Database To Pull Results 'Like' $
  50. Difficult copying data from one table to another
  51. How to order by a number when there is more than one digit?
  52. Now()
  53. Distinct and inner joins in 1 query?
  54. SQL - Update query help please
  55. Unknown column in field list
  56. Application Form number.
  57. RSS Feeds to my site with PHP5 / Mysql?
  58. How will I pass the values to database.
  59. Uploading/Downloading Files to/from MySql Database
  60. Mysql query
  61. Database retrieval
  62. Converting dates between MSSQL and MySQL
  63. problem with IS NULL
  64. MySql Backup like PhpmyAdmin
  65. pulling orders by combination of products?
  66. MyISAM and InnoDB
  67. Create and drop trigger without super previlege
  68. Have many many querys
  69. Very Strange MySQL Problem
  70. problem when importing
  71. Unable to access phpmyadmin
  72. account suspended
  73. Resolved Drop Down Problem...
  74. You have to choose at least one column to display?
  75. table design
  76. Can't see basic error to print result in array
  77. Sorting mysql using an html Form?
  78. PHP SQL GetYEAR query
  79. How do I simplify my query?
  80. phpmyadmin help needed plz....
  81. Copying a table row
  82. xml NULL problem
  83. warning in WampServer2
  84. Should I be using the MYSQL_ASSOC ?
  85. newbie: mysql datetime formatting
  86. A group by issue?
  87. How can we get user and below users
  88. how to connect to MySQL Database
  89. GROUP error
  90. simple question - what's wrong with it?
  91. Resolved field type help please decimal or varchar?
  92. Determining if each month has an entry
  93. More efficient?
  94. Simple problem with MySQL login
  95. Sorting Problem...
  96. debug sql
  97. remote mysql server connectivity
  98. Why use AUTO_INCREMENT=8 ?
  99. Importing a CSV file into MySQL with Putty
  100. Resolved Need help with UPDATE command
  101. need logic for calculating items
  102. COUNT query
  103. utf8 charset problem.
  104. Left Join not working correctly
  105. Resolved SQL Query Showing "empy" results *not true*
  106. How to Preserve Order in Select Query?
  107. SQL/PHP variable in new query
  108. Database Structure, Multiple Tables, LIKE command and more...
  109. show something this much of a %
  110. Query works except when variable has apostrophe in it
  111. Group by?
  112. Resolved DB Error 1064
  113. Resolved Select * SQL data (giving wrong results)
  114. help with query
  115. syntax probs
  116. delete from SQL (without overhead)
  117. Resolved Where did my csv file go!?!
  118. Special Characters in Table Names
  119. ' error when submitting details
  120. SQL optimisation
  121. What's the best way to normalize this data?
  122. identifying which JOIN condition was used with a CASE...
  123. MySQL Calculated field
  124. Importing Large Text File
  125. MySQL-TreeView
  126. Mysql error
  127. Adding Categories to "Comments"
  128. Simple grouping (not with GROUP BY)
  129. Resolved Localhost Login
  130. DB Design Help / Ideas
  131. PHP / MYSQL Question
  132. What! addslashes? mysql_real_escape_string? how do I make my code safe?!
  133. Resolved Updating record deletes data?
  134. Which JOIN to use and why...
  135. trying to make a return of results if it finds some tags in a varchar
  136. Showing information from an existing database
  137. MySQL Problem. Select * From
  138. Resolved doin' my nut over this query. help please.
  139. WHERE processing
  140. MySQL - Table Level Permissions
  141. Database problem, or problem with code?
  142. Some Sql issues =(
  143. Help Optimizing Query
  144. Simple SQL Query - Help
  145. Calculations via SQL
  146. MySQL / PHP Timer/Table Editor Script
  147. Linking MySQL database with other databases
  148. Recursion SQL command
  149. ORDER by id
  150. Need Help with a Query
  151. Updating Table Structure - Leave data in tact
  152. deleting data from 2 fields but not the whole row
  153. compare arrays, one from mysql, one from xml - then perform action
  154. Adding to mysql rows
  155. Mysql ? reguarding inserting and retrieving image for display
  156. Sorting Rows (ORDER BY)
  157. how to remove or view triggers in phpmyadmin
  158. can i use join in update query
  159. Multiple delete insert query alernative
  160. New row but duplicate cols
  161. Problem executing delete statement
  162. Which is more efficient
  163. is there an error in this i am not seeing?
  164. Brainstorming: Possible multi-select query to single query?
  165. Left Join/Ifnull problem
  166. Help with slow query
  167. replication questions
  168. using if else in sql query
  169. Calculate age and produce output like "Yr.Mth"
  170. Need help figuring out a query
  171. Resolved Checking if a row contains specific somethings!
  172. Resolved scheduled database event
  173. Database layout, normalisation and large user profile site database schema help
  174. Resolved Syntax Error, MYSQL error 1064
  175. 2 inner joins?
  176. Resolved LEFT JOIN 2 tables with multiple ON fields
  177. Custom Shopping Cart - Linking to Database?
  178. mysql index question
  179. Generate rand number excluding certain numbers
  180. Eliminate rows in multiple table query
  181. Inserting a html table contents into mysql database
  182. Table format
  183. Alter table, mass insert new field in all tables
  184. database update won't work
  185. Generating alternating classes for dynamic tables?
  186. countdown days
  187. Deleting table data based on page interaction
  188. Problem with datetime SELECT
  189. normalize or not ?
  190. Are UNIQUE KEYs also indexed?
  191. How do I make two fields primary, yet act individually?
  192. When do you INDEX fields?
  193. SUMming values
  194. Search from MY SQL AND MS SQL at the same time?
  195. I hate NULL
  196. Graphical representation of tables
  197. database and login form
  198. group by, sort problem
  199. How/where should I add an Index?
  200. Security with payment information
  201. problem with sql query
  202. Most efficient way to update multiple rows?
  203. using an unsigned int over an int
  204. Column count doesn't match value count at row 1
  205. update
  206. Count value if meets criteria
  207. Resolved Dropdown menu with PHP/MySQL
  208. Nested query issue
  209. AH! HELP! Select * from error
  210. Stored procedure help
  211. Error on table creation - #1005 - (Errcode: 150)
  212. Does anybody fancy testing my script
  213. Title case
  214. Problem with creating a TABLE with BOOL data type
  215. Finding two most recent records for each ID
  216. Change Month from digit to name
  217. Searching by relevancy on multiple tables
  218. What will collation influence on server and website?
  219. LIKE Clause with php variable
  220. What is sql_command()
  221. Select JOIN help
  222. Why wont this work in MySql?
  223. alternate sort, order by
  224. make the php code returns true if a mysql record exists...
  225. Multi-Table Fulltext search
  226. Simple login page with MySQL and Servlets
  227. can you help me?
  228. Selecting only one field at a time where multiple rows have the same value
  229. Seperating Groups - almost there
  230. Exporting SQL to a XLS file on the Local server for email.
  231. Tricky sql-grouping for a photo-database needed
  232. How do I get xml-friendly data in my table?
  233. How to check if a field is empty?
  234. How to remove the checkbox for the first instance - better description inside!
  235. How Do I set empty fields as NULL?
  236. mySQL Query Browser export to xml
  237. Little help with php code read MySQL data base
  238. code that returns true if a database exists...
  239. SQL not submiting Value
  240. Preventing Duplicate Entries
  241. Parse error: syntax error
  242. Sorting by joined table
  243. CSV upload - AUTO INCREMENT field?
  244. Questions regarding checkboxes
  245. Help needed with simple UPDATE. I keep getting "ZERO ROWS EFFECTED".
  246. array table
  247. adding value from dropdown or textfield to one database field
  248. Search in more than one field won't work...
  249. Need a quick syntax correction
  250. Exporting Database to Workbench

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