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  1. Line Breaks in Mysql
  2. Mysql data retrieving...How to?
  3. Resolved operators for 9<=x<=20
  4. A question about the multi pages
  5. Uploading a CSV file via a webpage
  6. MySQL IF Help!
  7. sql datetime
  8. Problem sending "selected" to database
  9. problem with desc limit 1") got me baffled
  10. headache multiple tables
  11. best practice addslashes? column length
  12. how to make this table fit 1nF
  13. does this table fit the 1nf
  14. how to make this database?
  15. How to call user defined function of mysql through PHP
  16. A problem with md5
  17. not a valid MySQL result
  18. List of values -- db design
  19. two variables with same value bind_param mysqli statement
  20. how do i remotely access mysql ?
  21. [Request] Make a database to a game [mafiagame]
  22. Please help with deleting "every other row" in mysql table
  23. how to design a database?
  24. Object tabs in mysql
  25. MYSQL average
  26. <h2> if mysql value is 1 problem
  27. First, Second, and Third Normal
  28. Ordered Relevant FullText Search Results Using Boolean Mode
  29. Delete duplicates from a row
  30. MySQL Full-Text Searching on an Encoded Field
  31. PHP variables inside mySQL stmt
  32. Query using loop: Subtract value between 2 lines
  33. Move to Linux server, now getting errors
  34. Uh Oh.. - PhypMyAdmin Backup Issue?
  35. Populating Database using GZipped File present on Web Server
  36. condition inside where
  37. Multiple $_POST won't INSERT INTO Database
  38. MYSQL bug ?
  39. key dead end
  40. Displaying DB Results Vertical
  41. Script not inserting into DB
  42. Auto MySQL database backup
  43. mysql update from another table
  44. Update one table from two others
  45. Help with query
  46. on duplicate key update, no ''
  47. Can someone explain the purpose of the relational database model?
  48. stuck on a case statement internally providing the order by command
  49. count all member posts for each member
  50. Trouble forming MYSQL query properly
  51. Displaying number of times an entry repeats in a column
  52. Delete member from databse
  53. Adding column to table
  54. Delete Row from list.
  55. how to copy entries to and from the same table
  56. Got a question
  57. Need to get hostname (NOT LOCALHOST)
  58. sleep ?
  59. Resolved Delete duplicates from a table
  60. SQL query help
  61. list entries in reverse order not by field content
  62. find all entries starting with 'userid:' from a table
  63. More Duplication
  64. if statement, fetch rows
  65. im totally confused
  66. Insert into error
  67. Curdate problem
  68. how to make a qraphical format of a database so i can see all tables on one page
  69. MYSQL Min by Group and Distinct
  70. insert column in mysql table
  71. Create a dynamic exact search query in a stored procedure
  72. Multiple joins
  73. sql query question
  74. While using fetchrow_array()
  75. Storing sensitive information
  76. really silly newbie question!
  77. group by and order by
  78. Is it possible to have sub-tables?
  79. Getting distinct column values into multiple separate columns
  80. Any Wordpress pros around here?
  81. Copying a row, but changing a value
  82. Need help to make random videos from db
  83. mySQL Query using a result as a variable.....help plz!
  84. +1 Every Second
  85. Problem with copying one field to anouther
  86. Unserializing Issue in MySQL
  87. mysql using .asp "I'm a newbie...be gentle"
  88. Verifying blog comments
  89. Mysql error
  90. call stored proc from function - sql err
  91. utf "\ufffd\ufffd"
  92. Update database script
  93. Resolved Get 2 database tables assign to one output
  94. DataBase profiler
  95. Resolved Delete row based on two fields
  96. MYSQL Select statment Where something equals a or b?
  97. MySql View 'SELECT contains a subquery'
  98. Selecting 2 fields in a query, but one must be distinct?
  99. Displaying latest entries only for all categories
  100. Resolved cursor reuse
  101. is there an error log
  102. Resolved Any way to combine these simple queries?
  103. Comment Box System: How To
  104. Is it possible to put IF/ELSE in SELECT query
  105. Mysql REGEXP with range
  106. restart fetching array
  107. Select a row, check if a column has the value, count the checks.
  108. to divide into defined number
  109. Migrating MySQL Database from Local to Remote Server
  110. Deleting Duplicate Rows
  111. Insert Into command help
  112. Sort ASC where UPPERCASE = lowercase
  113. Creating VIEW in MySQL Version prior to 5.x
  114. Foreign Keys, PHPMyadmin, Innodb, establishing relationship
  115. Resolved Migrating data- collation/charset issues...
  116. Automatic database updation based on files in a directory?
  117. Deleting a mysql row - proper syntax?
  118. Resolved Get data from DB using WHERE
  119. html tags changed to &lt; and &gt; when saved to database...
  120. Msql Search form loses values on next page
  121. Bad Data Import, Invisible Characters, Can't Select Data Specifically
  122. Can you take part of a mysql table name and use it in a link?
  123. Help: How to automatic optimize table db
  124. Displaying from mysql table accoring to id and another column
  125. thread and processes - difference?
  126. mySQL query problem
  127. Help with some small mysql questions
  128. Can I do something different - Displaying records
  129. Grab Table Name When Using A Union
  130. banner script
  131. Get the highest ID from a table
  132. Resolved Do Queries speed depend on size of table or on the number of rows to be selected
  133. Query comes up empty but...
  134. How do you sort Alphabetically but put 'Other' last?
  135. Resolved Query For Summing Values For Each Day
  136. how to make a cell a default NULL again?
  137. what am i doing wrong
  138. Bash script for multi-db backup
  139. Trying to insert multiple rows from array
  140. trigger question
  141. MD5 encryption
  142. Disallow users to chagne their MySQL Password
  143. Using joined table question
  144. Sorting into categories
  145. Stumped on an SQL error...
  146. Advice Please : Speed up this query
  147. PHP MySQL Form Data not actually posting
  148. pagination page code error
  149. SELECT WHERE ColumnA+ColumnB LIKE '$q%'
  150. Speculative attempt to access PhpMyAdmin
  151. muti page links for large query results
  152. Searching i mySQL-database for a string
  153. How to create a new user who is automatically using a DB?
  154. Set time to display differently
  155. batch update - need isolation
  156. Resolved Trouble importing CSV to PhpMyAdmin
  157. Query Construct - SOS
  158. Exclude logging to Msql by IP, or Host
  159. Values randomly not making it to the database
  160. Resolved Problem with a Union Call
  161. Double query with count
  162. Query into HTML Table with a link to Click ?
  163. Problem with Joins
  164. Help with Query
  165. [RESOLEVD] Trying to Delete entries more than an hour
  166. [Help-MYSQL] Newbie wanting to learn...
  167. Adding Form Field to DB
  168. Outgoing Mailing isn't working for Auction site Bidware?
  169. RPG Inventory Database
  170. Manually increment a db column based on another columns value
  171. Having trouble with a derived table
  172. Resolved PHP MYSQL IF/ELSE statement
  173. MySQL Security
  174. Help - How To Add Another Table To Query
  175. Resolved Inporting to PHP myadmin
  176. Bidware installation problems
  177. Why is MySQL using temporary/filesort?
  178. Font Symbols in Tables
  179. on or off table entrys - best practice?
  180. Querying with Conditions from 2 tables
  181. Order *SOLVED*
  182. dictionary database
  183. Help with AND/OR Condition
  184. Sql like?
  185. Installing MySQL on OS X
  186. Complete phpmyadmin like backup
  187. synchronize two databases
  188. MySQL SELECT DISTINCT, GROUP BY, sort within groupings question ...
  189. MySQL Query "error" - multiple queries?
  190. and operator for normalized data ?
  191. OR/IN performance
  192. normalization
  193. Query Row Range
  194. phpMyAdmin not working
  195. Looking for a script to search MySQL Databases
  196. PHP-MySQL Birthday Script
  197. Looking for help to create indexes
  198. Delete duplicate records
  199. Help - Sync Calendars to Web App
  200. How to create a variable mysql query?
  201. Insert column
  202. Complex date ordering
  203. HELP finding a coder! Do I need a PHP coder? SQL? General Advice needed!
  204. Address Database on Thumbdrive
  205. What's wrong with this statement?
  206. how do I create a login page? please someone help
  207. pullng data from one table but relating it to another?
  208. Mysql Error
  209. Location Tables and How to Setup Dbase Properly
  210. MAX(price) query,
  211. Descending ID
  212. Button for backing up database?
  213. Select records after 20th
  214. DELETEd rows count
  215. mysql, php and foreign key setup questions
  216. Compare a column's value
  217. detail or not, normalization
  218. Validating a query without executing it?
  219. read resultset from stored proc
  220. Cursor/ temporary memory table
  221. excel to mysql data migration
  222. Returning Results Table
  223. Cannot create tables with multiple foreign keys
  224. ORDER BY help
  225. Selecting Data From Two Tables
  226. IN operator issue
  227. price col data structure.
  228. stored function/query browser
  229. using GROUP BY IN union
  230. mysql_num_rows error
  231. Ordering by primary key and a sub column linked to it
  232. user event_scheduler
  233. Quick question on database design.
  234. getting error in query..
  235. Switch Sort Order For Category Menu
  236. Multiple Inserts
  237. Sorting results from multiple tables by date
  238. Sum of top 5 scores
  239. Making clickable links in Mysql
  240. How To Count Cell Values In A Column & Echo Total Amount
  241. Searching Database To Pull Results 'Like' $
  242. Difficult copying data from one table to another
  243. How to order by a number when there is more than one digit?
  244. Now()
  245. Distinct and inner joins in 1 query?
  246. SQL - Update query help please
  247. Unknown column in field list
  248. Application Form number.
  249. RSS Feeds to my site with PHP5 / Mysql?
  250. How will I pass the values to database.

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