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  1. private messages table logic
  2. Assistant Needed : specifing stored content in variable from copied rows
  3. part of join explanation
  4. Load data infile
  5. Possible?
  6. dissappearing characters :(
  7. What is this?
  8. SQL not joining properly?!
  9. DATE type returns a time (midnight) as well?
  10. Which software to start with??
  11. PHP/MySQL database feeds
  12. Associate value with primary key
  13. datetime field sort problem
  14. SQL Query - Within Range of Dates
  15. where is the record ? alias, what is null
  16. Limited Choices of Encrypt/Decrypt Functions Here
  17. dynamic sql within query
  18. Trying to display in field to then update...
  19. delete duplicates - You can't specify target table 'xxx' for update in FROM claus
  20. cant display images with mysql
  21. Comparing two tables
  22. mySQL next / previous query
  23. mysql_fetch_array() error
  24. Add single quotes for better security?
  25. best practice - primary_id in hidden field for input
  26. Is there any problem in this query
  27. load multiple tables from file
  28. Get number of users logged on daily
  29. MYSQL/PHP & SMS (Short Message Service) Capability
  31. find upper and lower value
  32. DELETE rows within date range (based on current_date)
  33. Handling post counts?
  34. need help Connecting to a mysql sever with c++
  35. Result of Query Returns False
  36. send 10,000 email with php and mysql
  37. Crawling through a menu tree
  38. help on importing excel to mysql via php
  39. Simple SELECT freezes after running script
  40. referancing the same ?
  41. Stored Procedure
  42. How to print Out Mysql ID after Posting
  43. SQL interview questions
  44. Where = speific month results
  45. Query to multiple tables
  46. Joining and searching on 3 tables
  47. delete duplicate
  48. Problem with mysql query
  49. SQL Query Problems
  50. Insert OR Update
  51. What does a Full Text index LOOK like?
  52. Resolved rewrite query
  53. Multiple Values for 1 Entry?
  54. order by and gorup by in single sql statement
  55. Simple Problem displaying results of query
  56. really random - any ideas?
  57. SQLyog connect to webhost
  58. Mysql - phpmyadmin help
  59. Help with a join
  60. Implementation Ideas? Scan directory then return states
  61. Get user session and insert
  62. Resolved How do I make use of Index?
  63. Problem with LOAD DATA INFILE
  64. Warning: mysql_fetch_array(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource
  65. access MS SQL on a server from my local machine.
  66. previous record after last
  67. Negative words in like statement
  68. database syntax error :(
  69. Delete if not exists
  70. find limit for given search request
  71. Get result set for non indexed values
  72. "You have an error in your SQL syntax..." [UPDATE query with dual comparison in WHERE
  73. How can I insert this array?
  74. searching on a many-to-one data structure: scalability
  75. need help with sql and how to represent time
  76. load data local infile import going into wrong columns
  77. one to many, data from table1 with summary data from table2
  78. Compare two dates from database
  79. Dump Schema (New to MySQL)
  80. ordering query results from 2 tables alphabetically.
  81. many to many
  82. update record if contains text
  83. Getting information from users
  84. random records
  85. retrieve records based on date
  86. ORDER By problem
  87. grouping tables and returning a count according to a query
  88. Query Results cut short with Multiple tables & GROUP_CONCAT
  89. HTML Forms to Mysql data?
  90. Resolved Joining Issues
  91. Resolved NVM -- Practically identical functions but one doesn't work.
  92. Resolved Number of Repeated Records in each column.
  93. Resolved SELECT FROM Troubles
  94. Insert data in database with characters
  95. Help with tunnelling and SSH
  96. internal mail multiple users DB table setup - help
  97. sql - remove last real duplicate
  98. Odd Error from query
  99. Resolved Mysql Datetime
  100. Search and Results using OO commands
  101. How to install MySQL
  102. How to get a timestamp in SQL by clicking a Checkbox or Radio Button
  103. can't call entries out of db based on date
  104. accessing mysql on an other hosting account
  105. DB - Email Pulling
  106. Select records from one table based on data in another?
  107. HELP: HOW TO - Duplicate ROW content to new ROW
  108. Really simple example of stored procedure with cursor?
  109. delete from ..where... IN
  110. 6 degrees
  111. Moving from Localhost to Live server
  112. Not able to Login into application
  113. what db field is appropriate for cms content
  114. Speed of MySql over internet
  115. how to set autometic sql table update in a spacific time
  116. Select the right row with certain data
  117. MySQL vs. Microsoft SQL Server
  118. stored proc err 1406 - data to long
  119. mysql query problem
  120. BLOB/TEXT Error
  121. Any identical Wamp Server for hp-unix
  122. urgent help
  123. generic question about database design
  124. limit error
  125. Totatlly new - Acess DB/Coldfusion to MySQL PHP
  126. INNER JOIN Problem
  127. only 1 record
  128. Where to download an MySQL database from?
  129. problem with DISTINCT in sql query
  130. Resolved Ordering columns by highest amount
  131. 2 update for 2 table
  132. ORDER BY issue
  133. FROM_UNIXTIME subtracting a day?
  134. Server crashing when creating an SQL dump
  135. Syntax error:
  136. changing datatype to DATETIME from VARCHAR
  137. Best method to eliminate looped query
  138. Total rows in a table from a limited-result query
  139. Listing issue
  140. Using COUNT() and GROUP BY with multiple tables
  141. Possible to get it in one query ?
  142. Resolved Selective querying
  143. MySQl Table Crashing for no reason
  144. Need help with a mixed aggregate/standard query
  145. [SQL]Unknown column 'a.artID' in 'on clause'
  146. Input details and image into database through php form.
  147. Concat while insertion
  148. show rows that dont have a specific ID
  149. Searching with/without apostrahes
  150. displaying data
  151. updating database
  152. Simple Update Query
  153. Resolved call proc from another proc
  154. How to display query results under headings derived from another field
  155. left outer join
  156. Returning all distinct entries from table
  157. alter column enum
  158. Edit database entries with form
  159. Trimming the data untill it hits special character
  160. Returning db data based on url, help
  161. SQL injection
  162. Change a set of values in a column
  163. Update mysql mistery
  164. Handler_read_rnd_next at 3,852.74 M
  165. Urgent mysql_connect issue
  166. multiple inner joins on 1 table?
  167. How many Databases (General Feedback)
  168. cant find my error
  169. only smallest
  170. Need data from 2 columns in 1 query
  171. merging results from 2 queries
  172. Need help with count query
  173. Calculating the sum of time differences
  174. secure one table within a database
  175. How to display the enames in horizontally
  176. Profile Options in Oracle Apps
  177. Very odd error with foreign characters in mySQL db search
  178. What's the best way to count the page views?
  179. Multiple data in a row
  180. How to clear MySQL "memory"?
  181. Display Output
  182. Is 95 queries for a page too much
  183. I'm looking for a little "achitectural" advice.
  184. New to mySQL - Creation of table using MySQL Query Browser
  185. Can't delete records 1 day old
  186. Help! I'm trying to ID our innactive customers.
  187. search with next/previous button in php/mysql
  188. Help, two queries JOIN or UNION
  189. subquery, union? no idea what I need
  190. Resolved Altering existing data...
  191. Convert a MySQL database into a MS SQL database
  192. how to perform such in single query??
  193. Count User Earnings, Sort By Top Earner?
  194. Problem: "Client does not support authentication protocol requested by server"
  195. Normalizing an already populated database
  196. linux query browser
  197. FATAL ERROR: Connection to database server failed
  198. Understanding the different types of Joins
  199. Two databases help
  200. Resolved Counting rows
  201. Problem in Arabic characters in mysql
  202. Duplicate entry '0' for key 1
  203. Creating unique id (not primary or index) on empty rows
  204. Resource id #4 error
  205. Joining Tables and doing counts
  206. Order By returning unordered results...
  207. Invalid column (Address1) specified!
  208. Selecting data from one table based on data in another
  209. mysql indexing problem
  210. Searching a many-to-one table structure
  211. Remote access ot Mysql on Centos
  212. Creating a poll using MySQL | Tables question
  213. Add days to Date column
  214. Pulling data from two different tables and displaying in search results
  215. added field with time & date stamp
  216. mysqlAdmin backup into a phpmyadmin console
  217. Multiple increments on one table
  218. Validating foreign keys in MySQL
  219. How to code this in mysql and php?
  220. Why the change in left/rigth join's
  221. SQL query select between 2 input fields
  222. Best way to show 500 most recent?
  223. [Help]Web Mysql Coding -Need Assistance
  224. maxcount in a row
  225. Resolved is it possible to sort a query by day of the week?
  226. Replace user ID with Name
  227. Fantasy football stats - Weird result when joining tables for
  228. How to empty a table?
  229. Help with PHP/MySQL Booking System
  230. how to create a syndication feed from other sites
  231. Designing a Normalized Database
  232. what is the best way to search every column in a table for the same value
  233. Greater Than or Equal To Doesnt Work
  234. Export mysql to access (mdb) with php
  235. INSERT Help
  236. How to limit the precision of computation results
  237. Compare 2 columns, where one column is made of a substring of the other one
  238. User Registration
  239. Showing SELECT results from newest to oldest
  240. Running Two Query Commands at Once?
  241. Adding contents to a field automatically
  242. Same datetime giving two different timestamps
  243. Finding a most occuring value (HELP)
  244. proper syntax to update || insert and then return current value
  245. Secure this code
  246. System cannot find the path specified
  247. Resolved Constructing an equivalent query after normalization
  248. How safe is this?
  249. wrong sorting order with UTF-8
  250. MySQL error (Microsoft VBScript runtime (0x800A01A8)

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