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  1. msqli prepare() column doesnt match row value
  2. [MySQL 5] Fetching records for common dates
  3. MySQL connect to remote PHP/Apache server.How?
  4. View too large
  5. Help with simple query
  6. Image display from Mysql and Directory
  7. How to calculate total score in game?
  8. Querying the most frequent numbers in a database
  9. Mysql Query LIKE Question
  10. Syntax for Select Statement
  11. phpmyadmin
  12. sql with php
  13. close DB connection or not
  14. from to query
  15. ambiguous
  16. slow query
  17. Ranking System
  18. Help with dynamic dropdown menu
  19. Dividing in Update Query
  20. Exporting to Excel
  21. Replication VS NDB Cluster
  22. Dynamic contact search with related address table
  23. Alter part of View
  24. Three Problems Iím having with combining Query
  25. Query not executing. Please help.
  26. Storing MySQL Login info
  27. Counting records and distinct
  28. Relationship tables in mysql
  29. SQL Query for hotel room availabilty
  30. Nesting Max( sum() )
  31. Help to fix error
  32. Need Help with Query Please
  33. Auto Increment? String Primary Key
  34. Need to remove all '-' from rsTel datafield in database?!
  35. Display comments/replies in correct order
  36. PlayersOnline MySQL on vBulletin Page
  37. Nested Select/Subqueries
  38. SQL Syntax Question
  39. change week start day with php
  40. stored procedure question
  41. php/mysql inserting with a variable
  42. work out number of years between dates.
  43. server recommendations?
  44. count
  45. regexp
  46. GROUP BY question
  47. Help: 2 'Simple Things'
  48. Where Am I Going Wrong With Foreign Keys?
  49. how to calculate distance between 2 postcodes.
  50. Multiple tables records deletion. How?
  51. MySQL in ten years
  52. query? extract string of ids from a table to select records from a second table
  53. trigger - Explicit or implicit commit is not allowed in stored function or trigger.
  54. Updating a field, how.. Plz help.
  55. complicating ?
  56. Mysql query help needed
  57. Got error 'repetition-operator operand invalid' from regexp
  58. Search Engine to Find Exact Matches
  59. 16 possible searches in one query, is it possible ?
  60. Pulling data line by line from a single database row
  61. Mysql Select Query Help
  62. Counting rows on days between start and end dates
  63. Problem adding a new record to a table
  64. copy rows from a table and inserting into same table but changing one field
  65. Resolved Concatenation with a WHERE
  66. Primary Keys
  67. Coding mysql/php pages for user signups
  68. regexp,join
  69. ORDER BY name ASC ?
  70. Is using Multiple Tables and a Look Up Table the right way for me?
  71. Resolved Comparing columns
  72. Is there a better Way
  73. Is it faster / better to have multiple MySQL queries or filter the results in PHP
  74. Resolved SQL Syntax Error Message
  75. "You have an error in your SQL syntax"
  76. Can someone explain ORDER BY ABS() for me??
  77. Time part from datetime column
  78. Resolved How do I create a MYSQL database in Dreamweaver CS4?
  79. Resolved Find rows with common column values
  80. Resolved Appointment Registration assistance needed
  81. Could someone please write a quick, small query for me to...
  82. how to search through a table and print out the result?
  83. Creating a Counter
  84. AntiSpam Verification code?
  85. Resolved Modify this query to ignore values of 0 & 1
  86. With multiple OR statements is it possible to check which matched?
  87. Resolved Need help with MySQL Resource id #6 error
  88. Resolved Learning need help with settings
  89. Resolved Learning mySQL - need help
  90. how to change id in database too a 6 digit number
  91. Resolved Is CONCAT(fieldName, wildCard) Possible?
  92. want to increase prices by 10% in price table
  93. merging similar records but retaining all data
  94. Twitter API script failing to display
  95. Enabling remote MySQL root access
  96. Looking for a simple SQL query
  97. Help need with date function in mysql
  98. Slow query on three tables
  99. Member login logs
  100. Show more (Change query limit?)
  101. Would someone please modify the following queries for me to...
  102. Im Over My Head
  103. Why won't it add this line to the database?
  104. Quick question regarding ' inside mysql_query
  105. Append date to variable in mysql insert statement
  106. Shoulds usernames and emails be encrypted in a SQL database?
  107. Selecting Based on Two Values
  108. group_concat
  109. Not sure why time_zone won't set
  110. Resolved Adding data to new field
  111. Resolved Update not working
  112. problem in search with like
  113. id field
  114. Search From Multiple Tables Question
  115. JOIN Query Problem
  116. Deciding table structures and if its overnormalized
  117. Select from string up until a space
  118. Social Network: Where to save pictures??
  119. Looking for a query to find a record with a birthday 25 days from now
  120. Resolved comparing dates
  121. Review System?
  122. Connect by Query
  123. How to select a series of non-sequential records in a single query
  124. Adding two columns into one
  125. Warning: mysql_fetch_array(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource
  126. select friends of friends query
  127. How can I randomly "display" table records?
  128. Resolved Table content not showing
  129. Query - using WHERE AND and OR - maybe?
  130. Duplicating several records but changing one value in phpmyadmin?
  131. Checking returned results in a while loop
  132. Foriegn Keys
  133. General question
  134. data types and storage possibilites
  135. what would be my cookie_domain for...
  136. Append a form's field value to text field in db
  137. Get previous/ next record
  138. Retrieving wallposts and statuses from different tables then displaying it on wall
  139. Updating a table from a form
  140. PDF Blob Error
  141. Looking for advice on keys/indexes
  142. NEW to PHP and Mysql cant figure out whats wrong with this 8 line code
  143. Mutiple Queries
  144. How to figure out why I can't make a foreign key?
  145. Changing a column to allow null
  146. Display titls of rows with link that leads to a page with all the column data?
  147. Download not working?
  148. MySql Query problem
  149. Database schema for sites like Weebly?
  150. Trouble with a join
  151. Why would a query with an integer parameter on string column return some rows?
  152. Count Across Multiple Tables Question
  153. one to many multiple table searching
  154. SQL problem - Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VAR
  155. Can't make foriegn key, don't know why
  156. How to only get one of each entry from a given column
  157. Resolved BOF reading false, EOF reading true
  158. Should I use a Login system?
  159. Why "This webpage is not available." ?
  160. How to select values that are not in a table?
  161. Invalid field count when importing
  162. Update table
  163. Sum from Column in 2 tables with double Group BY
  164. Error 1045 When Running on Win7x64
  165. normalization help
  166. SQL query to insert hundreds of items at once into database?
  167. Cyrillic queries
  168. Can someone help with a join SQL statement
  169. Resolved mysql_query acting up... data type mismatch?
  170. on duplicate, autoinc
  171. Help with nested select please!
  172. MySQL: Fetching output weekly
  173. Submitted some of these variables...
  174. right syntax to use near 'Type,
  175. Converting InnoDB to MyISAM
  176. Is my Handler_read_rnd_next increasing too much?
  177. stored proc insert err 1054 unknown column
  178. Resolved cast decimal
  179. Resolved stored proc problem
  180. mysql_num_rows error
  181. Table corrupted. Restoring backup will not fix
  182. Syntax error in my INSERT query
  183. Warning: mysql_fetch_array(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource
  184. count group by
  185. Multiple Values
  186. need to rewrite a query
  187. table a inner join table c if record in table b does not exists
  188. connecting to database with xampp
  189. delete record
  190. select query
  191. Error: You have an error in your SQL syntax...
  192. MySQL SUBSTR()?
  193. write jsp as Query
  194. Sql queries
  195. AUTO_INCREMENT counts wrong with Unique Index
  196. default value for numeric types
  197. PHP Insert Query adding blank dupliacte
  198. insert query inside a select query
  199. Don't show duplicate results
  200. Resolved MySQL INSERT query error
  201. How to Select rows that have mutual values in their columns?
  202. Query help please
  203. how to reset a field when user logs oout of site
  204. no resultset
  205. Trouble Getting Data From Current Page
  206. Syncing table structures
  207. Inner Join remove object condition on from results list
  208. SQL Queries Questions
  209. change query/report data from horizontal to vertical format
  210. Left Join Woes
  211. Problem with a query
  212. plugin MySql
  213. Resolved Verify data is in a table
  214. mssql not loaded
  215. How do I combine these queries ??
  216. Having some problems with remote MySQL connection
  217. Storing shopping cart data - PHP or MySQL?
  218. Seperate attribute tables and linking data - searching?
  219. Short hand way to write this?
  220. date select question
  221. Invalid SQL Errors :(
  222. Check if record exists - why I get "RESOURCE ID"?
  223. need help with ajax
  224. MySQL MediaWiki Databases
  225. Synonyms in Mysql
  226. updating value
  227. Resolved Storing Large Files in the DB
  228. When to use mysql?
  229. html stored in mysql records
  230. MYSQL:Output mystery
  231. Alias, Join problem... Thanks!
  232. replacing 'localhost' in mysql_connect
  233. Count () inner join
  234. Trying to plan a "Voting System"
  235. UPDATE based on another tables values?
  236. Select two columns as one field?
  237. Searching Special Characters in MySQL
  238. left join, left has no effect
  239. Resolved date_format blows my query
  240. Time values in the database
  241. OPTIMIZE on large table - best method?
  242. counting multiple values
  243. select messages from db using ajax
  244. Which type of table is generated when we are creating a table
  245. Join two tables
  246. New to php, need help w/simple code: search for field in db
  247. SQL Code to edit specific entries in Database
  248. SQL Server 2005 Express: Cannot connect to Server Name
  249. Posting Twice to my Table
  250. What SQL query do I need for this?

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