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  1. statement to get a value from field on a specific row
  2. default DATETIME
  3. SELECT sizes and have them ordered from S to XXL?
  4. Need to select results that match numbers in variable string
  5. How to ignore $var if null?
  6. how many field can contain in a table in mysql database?
  7. Need help using PERL to create a mySQL query to output an HTML calendar.
  8. Mysql table with 120 field
  9. Confused about database design.
  10. Displaying SQL on PHP Table
  11. Looking for advice on how to setup this table
  12. PHP and MySQL: This should be so easy, but... I don't know how
  13. Multiple servers
  14. SHA1/MD5 passwords don't match (User Login)
  15. Difference in JOIN and multiple queries?
  16. Cross reference tables and rows
  17. SQL date query
  18. Resolved Using $variable = array(data here); not working...
  19. Looking for a Date query
  20. Time/Date Select Statement
  21. Resolved Multi table DELETE question
  22. DELETE slow on deleting rows that are big?
  23. mysql on own comp
  24. Showing Images
  25. help using distinct with in a query
  26. Confirmations about InnoDB
  27. Problem creating table
  28. Query select from multiple tables in single query.
  29. Database Connection With PHP
  30. SQL syntax error to check manual
  31. Help with a nested select with count.
  32. search boxes question: mysql, sql server
  33. Stopping an error on unique entry
  34. Display Widths: What are the defaults?
  35. Resolved Search term
  36. where string is not empty
  37. special MySQL question
  38. Executing procedures and functions
  39. phpmyadmin error
  40. integer id size
  41. How to save LAST_INSERT_ID()?
  42. Create Checkboxlist from mysql database
  43. getting closest level from choices
  44. replacing group of non url characters
  45. Can't get stored procedures to work in MySQL
  46. MysqL - Regular Expression
  47. storing special char in int field
  48. Resolved Ordering data from MySQL
  49. Single addressbook with different meanings...
  50. name not stored in database correctly
  51. Best way to get data from 4 tables?
  52. Searching through data via mysql (like forums)
  53. What is this called?
  54. Where do I go next?
  55. uploading file to mysql bug report
  56. My database doesnt update
  57. how to search sql with from and to
  58. MySQL merging tables to include all rows
  59. What "type" is a radio button
  60. My sql Query help needed - URGENT
  61. help in sql
  62. best way to join 5 tables?
  63. joining tables help please
  64. upgrade solaris mysql version...
  65. problem with php/mysql
  66. Mysql select query based on shop type.
  67. SQL Error, Sentence Gen
  68. Building a script to update the structure of a database
  69. Get list of fields using SELECT
  70. How to Get mutual Friends??
  71. Mysql question
  72. upgrade
  73. Help with sql statment with joins please
  74. encrypting db login
  75. Show Data Horizontally
  76. If/then/else SELECT statement in MySQL?
  77. select,distinct, duplicate entry
  78. milliseconds in mysql..?
  79. Mysql + Select Query
  80. checking for empty fields
  81. php/mysql Special Characters not Displaying as Symbols
  82. constraint
  83. Is "SELECT *" really slower then "SELECT c1,c2,c3"?
  84. Query/Display mm/dd/yyyy dated records that = CURDATE
  85. Anyone want to take a stab at this?
  86. Complex query: second best in each group
  87. Way to pull Blob Images out of DBase and into Files with PHP?
  88. Pull post from a specific Wordpress category
  89. How to find substring into full string text ?
  90. Random Data Collection
  91. Combine SQL statements
  92. Create Database Massive Problem
  93. backup database from PHP file
  94. Need advice on good database structure
  95. safer mysql php select
  96. capture pass or fail
  97. ORDER BY slows down join considerably
  98. MySQL won't start
  99. Images in mysql
  100. MySQL: Special Price Scenario
  101. userid PHP/MySQL Question
  102. Display all records - minus highest id
  103. select distinct returns an error
  104. Mysql not returning all possible results
  105. WHERE statement not correct
  106. Adding sql count
  107. matrix display
  108. MYSQL SELECT or PHP query fix?
  109. Extract DATETIME into Useable String
  110. really long inserts best way
  111. SELECT Highest number from database
  112. MySQL table structure problem for car makes and models
  113. MYSQL to HTML Horizontal Table
  114. Two calls to PHP/MySQL function results in No Database found error
  115. question about order by
  116. user database
  117. phpmyadmin -- create table with 'check' function
  118. SQL syntax error to check manual
  119. Sign up php script not adding user
  120. Importing: Navicat or SQLYog
  121. Procedure to Query
  122. How to change a date field into the currect datatype
  123. err 150,1005 foreign constraint
  124. New user, need help with tables
  125. Need mySQL query help
  126. Import excel file into mysql
  127. Searching in tags
  128. Help Simplifying Many To Many Relationship
  129. Using Stored Procedures
  130. Resolved Please help me with this simple query!
  131. What is wrong with this sql statement
  132. Maximum value between columns
  133. Best way to update checkboxes in MySQL?
  134. Type to Use with Decimals
  135. trying to learn to use HAVING
  136. Importing data from a spreadsheet and using lookup tables
  137. can somebody help me understand this query
  138. Add 7 days to a date variable
  139. Return matching rows base on form input [was: Please help]
  140. how to set up a local database.
  141. Sql select
  142. Enable MySQL support to PHP
  143. create function
  144. How to get the avg in two fields
  145. create an array, assign it variables
  146. Normalization Question
  147. foreach() for mysql query
  148. aspx table to mysql table
  149. help needed updating database
  150. Export/Import MySQL Database
  151. Unable to connect to any host of the specified MySql Host
  152. File Organisation for easy seach
  153. MySQL Transfer process
  154. getting backslashes in sql dump
  155. Resolved Need your skills again OldPedant ;-)
  156. Complex Join not doing what I need it to...
  157. Unable to write to database...please help
  158. sql command from mysql table
  159. database 2NF
  160. What type of Query Should I use so My Data donít Duplicate? Please Help!
  161. Resolved Getting a count of each unique record in a table
  162. Question: SQL injection
  163. Function Number to words
  164. Question about MSQL vs MYSQLi
  165. Resolved sql query error
  166. SelectAll using get=file
  167. Email subscribers upon page update?
  168. Resolved sql select issue.
  169. How to get MySQL to echo the commands in a batch file?
  170. Best way to ENTER DATES?
  171. How to do an EFFICIENT search?
  172. Error Code 28 on DB Synch
  173. update and show user funds
  174. Query Design Experts Help Needed
  175. Email Capture to sql
  176. Will no data be a problem for table columns?
  177. Help with SQL Result Retrieval
  178. setting up db table
  179. How to add prefix to all tables in database?
  180. Restore Mysql database query is not working in ASP.NET, C#
  181. equation within query :: ((2046-userTimestamp) > 60)
  182. COMPLETE getting error
  183. MYSQL : Country + State list .sql
  184. Resolved Resolved Warning: mysql_fetch_array(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result
  185. select with curdate and time
  186. Multiple select like
  187. SELECT* From a Random number of rows?
  188. Now I've got a function problem
  189. Regexp restriction on the TEXT data type?
  190. how to add up a certain fields number and get grand total
  191. Resolved Need query: Selecting from multiple tables grouping associated entries.
  192. update mysql database depending on number typed in a form
  193. Problems with a query
  194. Is the DATETIME data type RFC822 compliant?
  195. mysql fulltext order by rank and keywords in titles
  196. Getting error when running mysql script file in dotnet installer
  197. Using variable as fieldname in UPDATE.
  198. Group by month formatting issue
  199. Retrieving data by id
  200. Event Sign-up Table Setup Advice
  201. Resolved Can you connect to 2+ databases at once?
  202. Resolved How to do Many to Many (User to User) in Mysql?
  203. mysqli->prepare() gets unexpected T_OBJECT_OPERATOR
  204. Resolved PHP Tracking page not working - something wrong with the POST
  205. Saving Flash games in mySQL- Best Method?
  206. sql sorting
  207. Resolved Integrating PHP checkbox value into mysql database
  208. Resolved Wondering if someone could write a query for me that...
  209. Fractional Time
  210. Another Head Banger Please Help! Syntax error Issue
  211. Another view problem
  212. msqli prepare() column doesnt match row value
  213. [MySQL 5] Fetching records for common dates
  214. MySQL connect to remote PHP/Apache server.How?
  215. View too large
  216. Help with simple query
  217. Image display from Mysql and Directory
  218. How to calculate total score in game?
  219. Querying the most frequent numbers in a database
  220. Mysql Query LIKE Question
  221. Syntax for Select Statement
  222. phpmyadmin
  223. sql with php
  224. close DB connection or not
  225. from to query
  226. ambiguous
  227. slow query
  228. Ranking System
  229. Help with dynamic dropdown menu
  230. Dividing in Update Query
  231. Exporting to Excel
  232. Replication VS NDB Cluster
  233. Dynamic contact search with related address table
  234. Alter part of View
  235. Three Problems Iím having with combining Query
  236. Query not executing. Please help.
  237. Storing MySQL Login info
  238. Counting records and distinct
  239. Relationship tables in mysql
  240. SQL Query for hotel room availabilty
  241. Nesting Max( sum() )
  242. Help to fix error
  243. Need Help with Query Please
  244. Auto Increment? String Primary Key
  245. Need to remove all '-' from rsTel datafield in database?!
  246. Display comments/replies in correct order
  247. PlayersOnline MySQL on vBulletin Page
  248. Nested Select/Subqueries
  249. SQL Syntax Question
  250. change week start day with php

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