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  1. Simple script/bot needed
  2. Looking for programmers // PVP Dungeon Crawler
  3. i need this script
  4. small PHP scripts access DB fix
  5. Small javascript project for one of you experts?
  6. ForumHost - MyBB - developers needed !
  7. Looking for a Game Dev // PvP Dungeon Crawler
  8. Gaming Ladder - Need Help
  9. Alert-enabled App
  10. Webdesigner Required
  11. html template to wordpress
  12. Looking for WordPress master
  13. Willing to pay for someone to help custimize my blog
  14. JavaScript services needed
  15. Look for coder
  16. Need a Computer Science guru
  17. Mail4Group.com - shared mailbox review
  18. LF Webdesign-Coder for Guild Page
  19. Looking for app or someone to build it. Details below:
  20. Need a (hopefully) small and simple automation script
  21. Help needed! Proof of concept Drink cooler/ heater
  22. Need some custom stuff done on a SMF/Simple Portal site
  23. Org Chart using HTML and css
  24. Cost Estimate for Backend of Ecommerce Site
  25. Game developer [paid]
  26. Can someone do this
  27. Auto bot vote - request ;)
  28. JS/JQ get unique url from data input.
  29. Graphic Artist Wanted
  30. Indie Game Needs a C# or Java Programmer!
  31. Interesting Job
  32. Need a simple HTML editor!
  33. Website Stats
  34. Hiring bukkit coder (MINECRAFT)
  35. Newsletter Script
  36. PHP Plugin for a program called Pocket-Mine
  37. complete website build
  38. elo rankinglist
  39. small Canvas project
  40. Help me price this project!
  41. Wordpress template creation and custom plugin development
  42. Internet security settings
  43. Can you help me cost this project please?
  44. Need a template coded
  45. In need of Code to pull trending articles from other sites
  46. Help with a VS script?
  47. Coder needed
  48. Calendar code
  49. Need a PHP Coder for a custom web forum
  50. need website developed.
  51. In need of PHP programmer
  52. PHP n Facebook
  53. Please convert this code Java Script to HTML
  54. University project help
  55. Looking for a HTML/CSS pro who can help me take a website
  56. Database + Search
  57. Need to configure merchant (Paying)
  58. Looking for a website designer/coder
  59. IRC WEB Coder
  60. PHP CSS Html mysql project
  61. Cross Platform POS system idea
  62. Need PHP form
  63. Resolved database / web site
  64. Need custom site from wordpress template built.
  65. Help converting two script from mssql_connect to sqlsrv connection
  66. Adding payment methods on my website
  67. Flashcard App Needed
  68. Programmer needed
  69. Program needed for blind child.
  70. Need help with zip code search for territory reps within my site
  71. Need help creating dashboard website!
  72. Php help needed urgently!
  73. Digital Products Store
  74. building webiste
  75. elo-list
  76. quote for website build
  77. Blogger Coding
  78. Open images from folder
  79. league table
  80. Upload Site
  81. Need to secure my site
  82. Can someone code my website for me pm me
  83. Need help developing social commerce platform
  84. Quatk, i know odd as silly putty
  85. need a coder
  86. Simple splash screen
  87. Bit By Bit Coder
  88. Need Help With A Code
  89. Looking for a build similar in function to codecademy
  90. estimating costs for website
  91. Need a web filter site/translator type thing built
  92. Need a custom posting template
  93. Need an programmer
  94. In need of coder
  95. Gaming/Sponsorship website
  96. Php Specialist Wanted!
  97. Google Finance Chart
  98. Looking for PHP programmer
  99. Looking for a little help.
  100. Looking for online game script
  101. Creating special access codes to watch a movie
  102. Registration and user profile management needed
  103. Preferred Pro Bono
  104. Creating a turnkey video site generator
  105. Need Wordpress Theme Converted To Blogger HTML
  106. Looking for a forum plugin coder
  107. Sports Pickem' type project.
  108. Pastebin AutoPoster
  109. Need a computer programmer ASAP
  110. Trading Project
  111. Hiring Coder for MapleSea Private Server
  112. In need of a Anti-Cheat Coder
  113. php programmer needed
  114. Looking for a flex designer/coder to skin an application
  115. We wish to purchase your forum
  116. JavaScript for E-Commerce cart
  117. Proprietary Car Dash/Console Programming
  118. Need A Professional Developer/Programmer [Paying!]
  119. Hello i search someone who can help me!
  120. Javascript Project.
  121. I hope I can get to meet the right person here
  122. need a price for these from a coder...
  123. $100 if you make this
  124. Need A Programmer
  125. Pay for help
  126. Price Inquiry
  127. Newbie Question, need help with calculator
  128. Need script edited (Perl I think)
  129. (www.modmyairsoft.com) How to extract code through Weebly
  130. Complete sharklake.com design
  131. Need help to complete sharklake.com
  132. A price comparison site / script
  133. WTB kickstart forums
  134. Need an asp/javascript script
  135. Coding Required
  136. I need a forum banner made by a PS pro
  137. Online Design Program?
  138. Make/Clone a forum/action script - will pay!
  139. Need a PHP SQL Wordpress Plugin Developer
  140. Creating a word search for a website
  141. Need a web developer ASAP
  142. Programming an Aggregate Site
  143. API Integration to a hosting reseller account
  144. Looking for someone that can make a RNG unrandomizer if possible.
  145. Looking for a developer, very simple but great idea for facebook app
  146. Need someone to create a program...
  147. Chat script
  148. mySQL Database Management
  149. In need of php coder for small project
  150. Looking to hire a programmer
  151. Designer/Collaborator on big non-profit sites
  152. Looking For A Coder For Project
  153. Need Expert javascript/php coder
  154. Need coding a site for posting testimonials
  155. Looking For A Talented, Experienced and Motivated Coder
  156. Calculator Tool, very tricky!!!
  157. Need to make a big social site
  158. phpBB Forum Integrated Into Website
  159. Website coder wanted
  160. Web Business Partner
  161. Coder needed
  162. [need] master matlab T_T
  163. Need PHP work done will pay
  164. Web Coder and Designer wanted for a trading website
  165. Ajax calender help please
  166. Quote required for simple php/xml app
  167. SMS Coder needed
  168. Who want's to code a Contact Us
  169. [$$$] Copy this from a website [PAYING]
  170. Groupon Clone - Script installation & Customisation
  171. Help needed urgently
  172. Seeking freelance coder / programmer for various web tasks
  173. Looking for a quote: sagepay integration
  174. Data extraction script/service needed
  175. Google Calandar and Zend
  176. The Gay Chronicles
  177. I need help taking apart a site - and creating a basic form
  178. Item database
  179. Template Needed
  180. Earn money for themselves HELP!!
  181. Flash Video Creater (Like Dropbox Demo Vid)
  182. Php coder needed for project.
  183. Looking for c++ coder for a pretty complex game (if you can work for free?)
  184. If you can build this, contact me ...
  185. Looking ofr PHP, Java script, flash coder
  186. Looking for a coder (CSS, php, Javascript)
  187. combine site login with phpbb forum login
  188. PHP/HTML programmer needed
  189. Looking for freelance programer for label maker development
  190. Small direct video upload website
  191. Flash/Windows media player for shoutcast stream
  192. MySQL Database & PHP pages
  193. League and Cup system
  194. Seeking programer for Facebook App
  195. Magento Site in Need of Completion
  196. PPD Site
  197. Smooth Scrolling of 2D Image/Text
  198. Finishing Touches on Tournament Site
  199. shwoing video file on my site
  200. Website and Forum smf custom theme
  201. Hire a student or freelance for PHP & Flash Actionscript website
  202. I need help and will pay you
  203. App Development
  204. Graphic Recognition and Measurement - Coder needed
  205. Designer required - Joomla based project
  206. Online Shop
  207. game coders need asp
  208. Prototype Site - Quote and advice requested
  209. Usermin Module (JSON-RPC Client)
  210. Spider Script Needed
  211. Need Help
  212. WTB: website cloning
  213. I need a good PHP coder (I PAY)
  214. Need some payed work done
  215. Source code/server help?
  216. Very Simple Website (I think)
  217. Social Network like Chictopia, Lookbook, Hypeed
  218. Looking for someone who can code.
  219. hello, web coding question
  220. Can someone copy this site for me?
  221. How to make a blog-type website where people can add pictures etc? like DamnLOL.com?
  222. 2 Jobs, one JAVA one FLASH, mp4 player
  223. Want to hire a personal code guru
  224. Mobile My Clients Websites - Conversion Tool Implementation and Site Design
  225. Wordpress website table needed
  226. php website question
  227. [Volare Studios] Looking To Replicate A Game
  228. I am looking for someone to build a website/ i am unsure of the level of difficulty
  229. L4 Help -- Concept page design.
  230. Drupal/PHP project for cheaper programmer/student
  231. Agriya Groupon Script
  232. Freelance PHP programmer to write script?
  233. Need wordpress plugin developers
  234. Looking for a PhP Coder
  235. Looking for PSD to Theme Developers
  236. WTB: iPhone App/Game Developer
  237. Need someone to code a pre-designed layout + simple features.
  238. how much to make lookbook.nu?
  239. Need Senior Flex/Flash Developers - budget is not a concern!
  240. Project with similarities to PTC site...
  241. PHP/MySQL Coder Needed ASAP
  242. Looking for php/mysql expert to create image uploader similar to Imgur
  243. Biography Website
  244. PHP/JSON Coder needed for Joomla plugin
  245. Hiring: Website that Hosts Documents/PDFs
  246. Custom narrowcasting software
  247. Java Game Programmer needed
  248. Looking for experience with Discussion Board creation/ registered users/ accounts/
  249. Need a java developer for 2 month long project
  250. Putting a team together

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