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  1. Looking for MMS Service Provider
  2. Customer Account Features Needed
  3. PHP form with upload progress bar.
  4. SEEKING: A+ Pro Developer to oversee website development (PHP, SQL) (very part-time)
  5. Website Recoding (Already full-designed website)
  6. How much does Website like PHOTOFUNIA.COM cost??
  7. Quote required for converting
  8. Quote for a megaupload streaming script
  9. .Net developer
  10. PHP Twitter
  11. Looking for someone to create roster system on IPB
  12. Code for a Font Previewer
  13. staticice clone
  14. Need to hire developer... iframe website templates
  15. rip results from greyhound races
  16. looking for a coder
  17. Hiring Coder (For Games)
  18. To those who can install/design WordPress and can create a forum.
  19. Need a simple windows app created
  20. Resolved I need a coder
  21. simple mp3 script
  22. Designing & Creating Sports Blog
  23. Improving, moving and expanding existing site
  24. vBulletin poll to Rate Mod
  25. C++ Deal or no Deal
  26. Fantasy Football Live Feed
  27. SEOing my site
  28. Collaborative Design Website
  29. Need an api coder
  30. Stationary redesign
  31. small company website set up
  32. Face lift for environmentally friendly website
  33. Need coder for existing site
  34. Freelance programming?
  35. Gambling game development
  36. Seeking Avatar Community Designer/Coder
  37. Quote for flash work
  38. Graphics layout needed
  39. Quote for PHP/MySQL Data Interface
  40. i need scripter
  41. Resolved Resolved: Reinstall Original Homepage and install a forum
  42. Quote for php work
  43. Need Experienced PHP Coder
  44. Seeking Website Designer/Coder
  45. i need a c++ or delphi coder.
  46. programmer wanted
  47. PHP/Ajax coder needed for matchmaking site
  48. PHP/MySQL Project
  49. Coder
  50. Building A Website
  51. Coder needed for the following:
  52. Application/Website Required
  53. need counter-strike: source hack coder
  54. Screen Recorder
  55. Resolved Sortable Download page
  56. .PSD needs coding.
  57. Coder required smallish projects
  58. Magento storefront help
  59. PDFLib Urgent Services Needed
  60. Looking for someone to code a shopping cart solution for me
  61. Quote needed for a music site such as...
  62. Looking for a coder
  63. upload Word DOC and serverside converts to PDF and saves the file to server
  64. Help needed for template alterations
  65. Need a Fast Quote...
  66. Willing to pay for a solution.
  67. looking for coders
  68. Professional League Coder
  69. Mysql fixing code
  70. Sig/banner Maker
  71. Cgi Forum move to template
  72. DOM paid help needed
  73. Looking to hire a programmer for a small job.
  74. Need site list for Bookmarking demon
  75. FULL E-Commerce & CMS site NEED Quote
  76. Advice on huge coding project.
  77. Snowmobiling community website
  78. Need Help Making Text-Based MMORPG
  79. Image Uploader
  80. Image Uploader
  81. need php script
  82. MMO **Sclyfe**
  83. Looking to buy a text-based MMOG or text-based platform to make an MMOG
  84. Flash with database (cards)
  85. Web Based MMORPG
  86. birthday website.
  87. Browser Based Multiplayer game.
  88. Turn Based MMORPG
  89. S0unDClik WP Theme
  90. need help for my site..
  91. Need help with flash-xml
  92. Simple cart system
  93. Scripter/Coder
  94. Resolved Youtube Bot
  95. Coder for a site - Quote me
  96. Travel Log Website - Need Programmer
  97. Need an exact fully functional clone of PSD2HTML.com
  98. Need HTML help with a Fansite for Habbo.com.au
  99. (access?) Database quote
  100. Anime Community Video Sharing Site
  101. need a gaming social network
  102. phpBB upgrade
  103. sql dabase work
  104. Flash Programmer Needed, Score Overlay Program
  105. PHP/SQL Developer needed
  106. Can you build a search engine?
  107. Resolved Need ad network script and redesign
  108. Need ASP/SQL Migration to PHP/MySQL Help...
  109. Maths Game Software
  110. Folder / file listing app required
  111. PHP Programmer Needed
  112. Resolved Resolved
  113. looking for someone in php and mysql to help update my site
  114. basic external form
  115. Need Form Data Script
  116. Resolved PHP Programmer Need Quote Please
  117. Help with Building a Website
  118. Remotely Hosted Game Portal
  119. Need experienced osc designer
  120. Web Designer Needed for Small Site
  121. Need website coded - video content site
  122. We need a Web Designer
  123. ecommerce site needed (UK)
  124. php search, results page
  125. Big Project Need Quote Please
  126. Flash Changing Program
  127. Looking from some solid coders and developers for a project, can you help?
  128. Betting Pool Website
  129. Looking for vb coder - mail system & invisible admin
  130. From PSD to Xhtml for banner exchange
  131. Programmer wanted
  132. [CSS expert] Make my site look the same in IE!
  133. 1 on 1 help with coding a template
  134. Website Developer needed to re-build our website. Immediate start!
  135. Looking for programmer to create a form system for a client
  136. Font Previewer
  137. Oscommerce programmers needed!!
  138. Looking for a Business Partner
  139. RFQ for Pownce Auto-Friend Script
  140. Would this be possible?
  141. PHP 5 update to a small php file
  142. Project: website
  143. Looking for someone to make a custom website.
  144. omBB Reslease!
  145. Wanted to hire JavaScript programmer
  146. How would i code a clean cms
  147. Uploading Site!
  148. Tell a friend script
  149. Databasing
  150. PHP? Coding (Points System, Referral System, Postback)
  151. Help with drop down menu malfunction
  152. PHP Dictionary Script
  153. PHP Coding
  154. Simple Trivia Site RFP $$$
  155. Redesign site job
  156. Email server setup required
  157. social networking type site
  158. Bigtime help all you ppl!!
  159. Desperate, Willing to PAY. CSS drop down
  160. web site templete re-do
  161. eBay/forum type system [PHP]
  162. ActionScript Coder/Flash Developer
  163. RPG-esque site seeks PHP programmer(s)
  164. Postscript Renamer Utility- Mac
  165. need a css based template
  166. Avatar Creator
  167. im offering money
  168. PHP 5.2 Script debugging please help
  169. Website Developer needed to re-build our website. Immediate start!
  170. PHP Programmer Needed!
  171. Help with a online game (built using HTML, PHP, mySQL) code
  172. Looking for a skilled PHP / AJAX Developer
  173. Looking for a facebook application developer.
  174. Flash Video Player
  175. Requesting Help / Quote To Build Search
  176. Blog Theme
  177. Need help or to hire to do a template
  178. Need estimate for website design
  179. PHP Developer - OOP
  180. PHP Developer needed
  181. Web Designer for Simple Ebook Selling Website
  182. Paypal subscription registration PHP
  183. How do I request help?
  184. Hello, hiring a professional coder for game replication.
  185. Need rough cost on this

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