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  1. javascript help
  2. Looking for developers php, css, ajax + more for social network
  3. Looking for someone to write a php script for our site
  4. Looking for Coders
  5. HELP Need a custom Form/Script
  6. Add Offers From CSV
  7. Looking for a MUD coder
  8. Looking for extremely gifted programmer
  9. Looking for a web developer
  10. enquiry into template charges
  11. Online Catalog
  12. Starting from Scratch (website like fmylife)
  13. Help with dating site- html, css, jquery etc
  14. Not your ordinary video player...
  15. PHP memberpage
  16. Looking for an avatar mod for PHPBB3
  17. Login to external homepage
  18. Photography website
  19. Rotate graphic to follow cursor ASAP.
  20. PHP/MySQL solution for my job
  21. Need tiny golf program
  22. Marketing Software Idea!
  23. Looking for a quote: simple shopping cart
  24. Looking for php coder for project
  25. Online Tuition - Wordpress Customisation
  26. PHP to .NET Conversion
  27. Request: .skp to Sculpt Map
  28. Looking for coder
  29. Looking for an experience coder
  30. Looking for someone to impot database from Esyndicat to Wordpress
  31. Php cms
  32. Database / mysql / PHP / WordPress programmer needed
  33. I need someone to replicate youtube, minus the video hosting.
  34. Looking to hire PHP & mysql expert
  35. Info request for an "other directed" loyalty site
  36. UNIQUE Point system for joomla/jomsocial
  37. Need the UML and architecture fo java based web application
  38. Looking for FLASH animators.
  39. Great Project
  40. Looking For Help Constructing A Site
  41. Windows Live Script.
  42. willing to pay good money for challenging website application program
  43. Agriya Scirpt Expert
  44. DigiChat Project
  45. I need a database configurator built for my website
  46. Video Chat app project
  47. Contact Form
  48. Small Job
  49. cartweaver help php
  50. Java based Online downloader flexible for other sites
  51. ISO Programmer/Designer
  52. Need a program
  53. New Property Website in need of completion
  54. JQUERY Rotating Wheel - Cubiq.org Need someone who knows their programming $$
  55. Cashback site - not white label.
  56. Looking for a custom forum
  57. Quote for MMORPG
  58. Postal Address / Casework web db
  59. Script installation (php)to get secure download
  60. want to purchase script
  61. Wedding photography calculator
  62. facebook wall scraper- how?
  63. MP3 Download Script - Will Pay
  64. Game Programmer (request quote)
  65. Just a simple Top Trumps game
  66. Wordpress plugins coder needed
  67. Looking for Full time coder $ Designer
  68. Need US Programmer quotes
  69. Programmer wanted, 1000 $ job
  70. Resolved
  71. Looking for a programmer
  72. table display problem
  73. Auto Sales Website - Coder Needed
  74. Build a search engine that displays homepages instead of site discriptions
  75. Online Poker Staking Site
  76. WordPress
  77. What would the cost be?
  78. Is it possible? Require website if so.
  79. Project: PHP Expert - Modify Vshare Video Script
  80. Web Designer
  81. I give up....lol...Who can help Me?
  82. A simple PHP+MySQL5 Program for Simple Profiling with Picture.
  83. Require Wordpress, PHP, MySQL, CSS, HTML Professional for existing site updates
  84. Webmaster needed
  85. Seeking Wordpress Partner to Build Back End, I'll Design
  86. Car selling website
  87. Okay SOOO...
  88. Layout in IE and Opera also Safari - Need URGENT
  89. Website + Forum
  90. Need Help Making Ecommerce Site Live
  91. PHP coder needed for Property Website in need of Completion
  92. Need programmer, will pay
  93. Three jobs (poll, graphic design, layout)
  94. Hot vs Not type clone
  95. Quote needed for project
  96. In need of a programmer with a passion for Sports
  97. Social Networking Project
  98. in need of some improvements + some bugs to be fixed
  99. Advanced web form / paypal
  100. Augmented Reality
  101. Looking to hire --> Ya.hoo captcha decoder
  102. Bulk WHOIS lookup
  103. Modify IP.Board SHop System
  104. Need Simple PHP Testimonials Script
  105. need every help that I can get.............
  106. Development of Mobile Payment Application
  107. PHP Coder - Tennis Simulation
  108. Can this site be fixed?
  109. Custom Form Builder / Router .net
  110. Extracting Data from Large Excel Files
  111. Designer and developer wanted! Quote your price!
  112. need facebook like site coder
  113. Image and Video rollover
  114. Gaming Anti Cheat - ACS
  115. need help customizing site.
  116. Need A Cost Calculator Coding
  117. New project advice
  118. Simulation Site
  119. Need Sliced/Coded layout adapted to Magento Theme
  120. Easy PHP coding required
  121. Will pay $$ for this programming need
  122. Php Coder Wanted Will Pay Cash $$$
  123. Atm machine software
  124. Project cost estimate
  125. Need to display a live window on website!
  126. Looking for Tech Support
  127. Looking for a programmer
  128. .EVP Unpack/Repack
  129. The Pokemon Crater Project
  130. Very urgent - required to fix petsite
  131. Coder needed for gaming template [FAST!]
  132. Looking for a Coder to write some Java Scripts for me.
  133. Record Company needs awsome DB / E-commerce solution
  134. Looking for someone to create an Anti-Cheat!
  135. Web developer/programmer for new retail site
  136. Web Project
  137. SMS for Joke Website
  138. Help Me, I want an experienced Magento Developer for my magento website?
  139. Need professional delphi coder i will pay for the source.
  140. Facebook appplication developer needed
  141. [FPS] Tactical Assault (Tactical Ops 3) Uscripter wanted !
  142. New Site
  143. Script needed like cruisecompete
  144. Looking for Developers & Designers
  145. 3D battle engine in Flex
  146. Editing some php script with a sub-domain forum
  147. calculator
  148. [CODE] New website
  149. Startup gaming league in need of an Anti-Cheat program
  150. Configuring/Setting up a Game
  151. i need a good php coder
  152. Urgently Needed-Java Applet To Download YouTube Video
  153. Java developer required for android apps
  154. Interactive Maps
  155. Need A Coder For Some Custom Addons
  156. Intense lag spikes on online mafia php game, need assistance
  157. Need A Coder For " My GB Script "
  158. Help with Online Mafia Game Code (Paypal IPN)
  159. Resolved Need a simple interactive flash banner produced by Monday.
  160. Programmer needed for mySQL database toolset ASAP
  161. Website development wanted for startup NON PAYING!!!!!! sweat equity only
  162. We need a real pro with lots of man hours to contribute...
  163. Looking for an AS3 Programmer
  164. need a wordpress theme for my site
  165. Resolved Help to develop simple Java program
  166. Membershp subscription site for video turorials
  167. New site
  168. 3 images
  169. stop site jumping to top of page
  170. Personal Website Design - CGI Search Script?
  171. A customized social networking site needed
  172. I Need Professional Template Slicing!
  173. Need Joomla! assistance
  174. Need social network with ususual features built
  175. File retrieval website.
  176. Need a programmer - Kids Software
  177. text-to-image PHP font previewer
  178. vBulleting Tabbed Dropdown Menus and Review System
  179. [WTB]Website Redesign
  180. Looking for a php coder for free project!
  181. Pro Coder with Strong Grasp of Raster Image Processing Needed
  182. Building Avatar Site, Looking For Good Coder Who Want A Successful Site
  183. Reverse Spell Checker?
  184. need a quote on time/price/difficulty of building this site
  185. Coding Project Real Estate Listing
  186. Website concept design work
  187. Need programmer to make modification to current php database
  188. Forum Functions Needed
  189. Looking for programmer in the Dallas, TX area
  190. Need PHP coder for my website
  191. New Website needed for a Racing Team.
  192. Need JQuery Image Rotator customized
  193. Needed: C++ Coder.
  194. small work needed doing please urgently
  195. Looking for advanced php developers
  196. 2 project ideas
  197. Looking for a jQuery programmer to help finish of a few UI pages on a project
  198. Java Coder requested! Paying well.
  199. Looking for a coder
  200. Simple PHP and MySQL website?
  201. Need Website Built
  202. Experienced coder needed for an ASP.NET web project.
  203. phpbb3 mod paid work...
  204. help with php coding
  205. Paid in USD: JOB OFFER: PHP script to download youtube video.
  206. shopping cart programming
  207. Need a coder!!
  208. Cleaning up code (debugging)
  209. Freelance Programmer Wanted
  210. Wanted gun php mssql destroyer
  211. I need a simple programme
  212. Looking for php programmer
  213. I search a good designer for my website.
  214. Flash combine with PHP/mySQL
  215. Flash, PHP, CSS, MySQL DB Web Developer Needed!
  216. Javascript, PHP, CSS Programmers Needed for a big project
  217. Coder For a FPS game
  218. Forum
  219. dot NET with eCommerce skills (quote please)
  220. Looking for JAVA programmer
  221. cms images required
  222. [REQUEST] Points system
  223. Searching for forum and blog posters or company to work locally in these countries
  224. Resolved PHP Recode (Register Globals on to Register_Globals Off)
  225. I need help cleaning up code on website
  226. Toolset development for a Flash game needed
  227. programmer needed for Istockphoto-type concept
  228. Need php Coder For Auction-Like Storefront site.
  229. Need a partner for PranksterGangsters.com. This no dreamers joke.
  230. Web design needed
  231. Coder &/or programmer needed.
  232. Startup company looking for experienced coder
  233. Need php coder
  234. Resolved Need Help From Php Coder
  235. custom t-shirt design website
  236. Mafia MMORPG
  237. Pharma PHP Mysql Programmer
  238. I need a reliable programmer
  239. Facebook application developer needed
  240. Auto Creditform W/ MySql
  241. LOOKING FOR: Basic Wordpress Forum Integration & Forum Modifications
  242. Gaming Ladder / tournament
  243. shopping cart to build
  244. Help.. Need 3 scripts .. willing to pay for help!
  245. Looking for a photoshop expert for a fairly easy project.
  246. PSD to HTML with PHP and SQL driven website
  247. Java Coder
  248. Looking for MMS Service Provider
  249. Customer Account Features Needed
  250. PHP form with upload progress bar.

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