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  1. array count values - just thought i would share
  2. PDF417 barcode
  3. Just need to be pointed in some directions
  4. Error in contact Us page
  5. Wordpress Theme jquery HELP!
  6. Resolved standard session handler or code my own
  7. Resolved converting flat file to db messages
  8. How to safely use a php action but not send to itself?
  9. how to accept front-end code without risk of injection
  10. Double matches
  11. Help with two lines of code, please
  12. passing string to POST
  13. OpenSSL_random_pseudo... isn't working
  14. Looking to create a photo gallery with unique features - suggestions?
  15. Php Echo link probelm
  16. Calendar date adjustments script
  17. requirement to use else for error control on fopen
  18. Bullet lineheight & spaceAfter issues in phpword docx conversion
  19. Problem with sharing to twitter
  20. How can i get a good script for my dating business?
  21. How to set different value of a variable for different page?
  22. Trouble with showing variable from file to included file.
  23. Form Redirection after submit the form issue
  24. DNS Records Creation
  25. dropdown list name
  26. Resolved Update Quantity
  27. How to add a default file
  28. How can I incrementally scroll a page using a fixed image button with php code?
  29. How to hide the video URL?
  30. Looking for a loop to simplify $post variables with similar names
  31. Apache error log shows :-unable to load php_pspell.dll
  32. phpmyadmin database table key quick question
  33. Need help with uploader on registration
  34. update and insert a record depending on row existence
  35. How to use C++ dll with PHP
  36. sort by column
  37. i need help on my newly developed website using php
  38. extracting information from database
  39. Saving a jpeg image - can't open the image
  40. Assistance Appreciated - Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE
  41. Updating value after each insert
  42. alert in php
  43. I want to develop a mp3 Album DatabaseMyself, Where To Start.
  44. Resolved PHP - Regex Regular Expressions - Strip BBCODE except for ...
  45. Upload images multiple
  46. logout validation
  47. Help - Error on WordPress website
  48. How to change script for sub link(i.e sub directories)
  49. How to make a private RSS feeds
  50. Safe for database?
  51. PHP form submission issue?
  52. Increase URL string
  53. How to limit text to 3 sentences only?
  54. Comparing existing value and new value upon form submission.
  55. Insert calculated value to mysql table
  56. How count dates in array
  57. Resolved URL shortener script - Issue with http and https protocols
  58. Return Multiple Values from picklist using $_REQUEST
  59. Problem
  60. Solving and organising these segments
  61. Resolved Display My Local Time europe / london
  62. Creating a user dependent menu
  63. Replace abbreviation into a text
  64. Insert conflict
  65. php form help
  66. Data not inserting into database
  67. Move php website into folder
  68. Formatting PHP output for overdue invoices
  69. Updating an existed mysql table record through php
  70. I broke PHP or confused it
  71. Where is the error? It corrupted my work
  72. Return 0; generates a "500 Internal Server Error"
  73. Modifying PHP Code to include links
  74. Find incorrect words into a string and underline them
  75. Connect to Database and Display Info:
  76. Array won't display all dates between two dates urgent
  77. If I change my web site's domain name...............
  78. How to upload or appear images in web page with 'img'?
  79. Fetching MySQL table record by radio button onclick event
  80. Mysql clean string
  81. Problem
  82. Resolved Finding folder if in a sub folder
  83. try to get website speed but i can't read js or css files just domain.com
  84. Ranking by amount
  85. need some help about variable store in database
  86. Resolved creating an archive
  87. Testing for Control/Hexadecimal Characters?
  88. How to make add cart function in ECommerce site
  89. How to find free rooms for booking system only experts
  90. Homepage and rest pages detection
  91. Please Help in Identifying the Errors Here?
  92. Resolved export assoc array to csv
  93. Using isset on $_FILES input
  94. E-mail Validation
  95. Inserting a timestamp & username that logged in, to another table of logins. Not work
  96. mysqli_num_rows problem
  97. SimpleXML and foreach
  98. Updates to an array not going through to database table
  99. Needing to learn how to sort an array by the value
  100. POP3 mail script - interaction issues
  101. Player doesn't appear
  102. mysql errors
  103. PHP - Table with alternating rows of data
  104. countdown timer repeat
  105. Replace BBCode with corresponding HTML code
  106. How do I achieve This
  107. Applying a password input typ into a foreach array form
  108. Append additional variable to the end of a URL
  109. Keep getting this error
  110. Need help with solvemedia captcha
  111. How to increment a mysqli query if values exist
  112. PHP - how to compare and eliminate repeated data set of arrays??
  113. how handle load of mysql database
  114. Prevent PHP script from being executed when submitting to self
  115. light php based cms?
  116. Rookie here - Spent HOURS and form won't work.
  117. Question about hash_hmac
  118. How to Prevent PHP From Executing When Page Loads?
  119. auto adjust width image creation but set height
  120. Links to directories automatically created
  121. Why can you put html outside your PHP script that is still part of a function
  122. Display default title else get id
  123. Password Hash/Verify issue
  124. Using Timestamp in a login application?
  125. Calculating with result RAND
  126. how to grab checkbox variables from html form? BEGINNER QUESTION
  127. HELP! PDF file not correctly encoded when downloading a pdf file from php
  128. JSON Error,cookie before echo json_decode
  129. Help With Email Submission Form
  130. Mail goes to spam folder
  131. How to control submission only to specific country?
  132. while looping Warning notices and syntax errors
  133. checking if the all the values in rows are equal in table
  134. Resolved How to make Auto Complete Text Input (List)?
  135. CakePHP - Multiple tables filtering options...
  136. Image isn't appearing in the db table
  137. Resize copied image on upload as thumbnail
  138. syntax error, unexpected '}'
  139. Set selected option of select tag & fetch_array
  140. Problem with adding multiple records using PHP script
  141. Dear friend i have problem with PHP Forum
  142. Difference between Session and Cookie?
  143. dynamic table
  144. Date Range in Array
  145. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ';'
  146. Set smtp username and password using ini_set() in php
  147. upload dynamically generated excel file in codeigniter
  148. How to get live prices on website?
  149. Search Box To Search 4 Downloads
  150. List from database
  151. PHP vs Ruby/Ruby-on-Rails
  152. Comparing date and times
  153. Open new page based on blog post
  154. PayPal submission code issue!
  155. Use of undefined constant
  156. session destroy error
  157. Add a file size limit to my upload form
  158. Anyone help me with code!!
  159. How can I apply a USA State drop down menu selection to stay on form include re-load?
  160. Increase level per 5 steps lat, long
  161. How can I move the Error?
  162. Make no Error appear, if nothing is chosen
  163. Problem cal number +
  164. Edit Details Form
  165. problem
  166. time calculator
  167. [Question]Do you use SOAP?
  168. Help needed in database connection
  169. Need help with using a php file with my html/css website
  170. Resolved Google Map don't display ?
  171. Need explanation for combining php with inputs
  172. The requested URL was not found on this server
  173. Button does not appear
  174. Newer PHP Broke the Code
  175. How to make PHP guessing game?
  176. PHP errors - where to begin....
  177. Prevent Spamming POST
  178. Problem (echo)
  179. php splitting mysql data over 2 html divs.
  180. How to make search query for this form ?
  181. Problem
  182. Prepared Statement and Bulk Insert
  183. Help with cutting and replacing strings! strings.
  184. PHP problem
  185. Populating a drop down select box with USA States with an array
  186. How to populate variables in Text retrieved from MySQL
  187. Need help, easy for you guys :)
  188. How can i automatically create a php page for each item in my database
  189. Getting the sum of each value in PHP loop
  190. Resolved Movement update not working
  191. Having the 'Enter Text' disappear upon selecting Form field box
  192. Detecting Homepage link using Smarty
  193. Java script now running
  194. Help with getting a field, on another page, to populate
  195. php file upload with automatic file renaming
  196. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /home/a7861397/public_html/index.ht
  197. Warning: preg_match() [function.preg-match]: Delimiter must not be alphanumeric or ba
  198. insert edit delete record in one form, my php code is below I want suggestions
  199. Count number of Rows
  200. My very own forum.
  201. Conditional Operator
  202. help me to populate dynamic form attributes and contents
  203. working on a login php form
  204. Can't get program to display error messages correctly?
  205. Getting inside a JSON when the most outer nested array is a number?
  206. Dispatch table definition - How to assign a reference to a function
  207. Defining $member_username
  208. Local Website
  209. how can we attach the light box on our website for image gallry?
  210. Dual Action Submit
  211. Add the user_id to the random string
  212. How to get form to disappear after submit and conditions true
  213. Document downloads instead of opens
  214. Long messy code to check a string of numbers. Any tidier people out there?
  215. Derby database
  216. Need a path - Frontend, Backend, and Database. (Long)
  217. How to sum $row
  218. PHP Sessions - Need a good tutorial/explanation
  219. Prepared Statement in PHP MVC
  220. Post twice into MySQL
  221. upload file in php
  222. File upload to a different server?
  223. Topic: little help to add datepicker with php textpox (Read 3 times)
  224. redirect page with reffer
  225. glob rejects variable...
  226. API to get album artwork for Music
  227. php special characters in text
  228. Obtain featured image from category [wordpress]
  229. problem with $POST
  230. Loading avatars regardless of extension
  231. IMap Forward Exact Email (Including Header Information)
  232. How to identify empty file input and ignore?
  233. Writing date into MySQL
  234. Website that can have a profile image linked with a user account phpmyadmin
  235. function not working on clicking of button
  236. populate form attributes using mysql DB
  237. POST response is overwriting, due to delay
  238. Timer background changer?
  239. Resolved else statement not working
  240. Need Help for Sending SMTP Autheticated Emails
  241. Resolved Set active status to expired.
  242. Display data from 2 tables from phpmyadmin in 1 table in html
  243. The direction of page is changed after exporting to word (.doc) file!
  244. map array to key value pair in php
  245. like phpdesginer 8
  246. Problem My Code
  247. Need help with search results page PHP code
  248. user Login populate Txtbox W/DataBase data, UPDATE + use account types how to have
  249. Trying to only fetch particular data through query
  250. Php and soap error, please help me!!

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