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  1. Does this file compress a file?
  2. How to target individual columns from a selected row
  3. Advancing On My File Directory View ( Merging two scripts )
  4. Variable order if x = y etc
  5. Auto-mailing to remind about payments based on date in table
  6. IF banner is active then add 'active' class
  7. Posting Jobs
  8. PHP-MySQL Vote per account (not IP address nor cookies)
  9. Mysqli class missing from PHP version 5+. on Windows
  10. file_get_contents file size
  11. Make this Hashing in PHP
  12. PDO Conditional Select Statement Failing
  13. Exploding data from Database
  14. foreach question...
  15. Any Way to Find Name of Session ID?
  16. nested method question
  17. Mail function problem
  18. New to PHP, need some help with code
  19. How to add channel_id to be INSERTED into the db
  20. need another eyeball for ipn listener
  21. What am I missing?
  22. how to change URL using 301 maybe?
  23. email address problem
  24. xml element question...
  25. Interpreting String
  26. get content of html file
  27. Fatal error: Call to a member function getrow() on a non-object
  28. some help need tags read from file_get_html
  29. Looking for PHP User Registration/Login/Profile Script
  30. Dynamically generating js/css files with PHP
  31. html images doesnt work in php xamp. please help
  32. Create registration form
  33. Getting correct data
  34. load data in database
  35. tpl file header replacement utility
  36. Arbirtrary spaces added in HTML?
  37. Incorrect data being inserted into DB
  38. Resolved number format expects double
  39. Return values from multi-dimentsional array
  40. Can variables be created from database entries.
  41. Why does if consider isset($_POST) if I GET the doc?
  42. Why's the function not taking argument?
  43. why would someone need to use a bitwise manipulation routine
  44. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE
  45. Do you need to use interface for dependency injection with php?
  46. strtotime outputting 1970
  47. POST method to array key values
  48. Resolved conversion to ternary statement
  49. How to exclude a product from being displayed in a category?
  50. Help submitting form
  51. errors reading images from directory
  52. "elFinder" Connection with other Table & Variable
  53. Php
  54. Understanding MVC logic
  55. How to watch server-side PHP errors in realtime
  56. array to string conversions
  57. hostname code
  58. Allow Users To Edit Database Info
  59. adding city and state drop down lists
  60. Resolved Problem calling crop & resize script before moving to new location
  61. php Apache mysql installation
  62. update php code to latest version
  63. upload error problem
  64. _blank option to open links to new tabs/windows is blocked!
  65. Is it better to set the security of data before a function or after, does it matter.
  66. Website header help
  67. Interpret a String
  68. Get records those created 3 days ago
  69. PHP/MYSQL Display rank/position on a football league table
  70. running a process above public_html
  71. Interpreting a large string in a SOAP Message
  72. can someone tell me what the %2 does
  73. Simplexml on soap response
  74. Changing the name of an include based on URL
  75. Creating Specific Array format from Database
  76. How to Submit to a Database & Creating New Page on Server
  77. undefined index
  78. Help with script needed.
  79. how to echo links into 4 columns with 2 different css classes?
  80. CSV Upload to two different tables
  81. Problem with "mysql_query"
  82. Echo Conditional
  83. Beginner having trouble
  84. keeping sessions with fopen function
  85. Folder Permission Issue
  86. How to limit amount of links shown for pages?
  87. PHP rounding number
  88. PHP Errors
  89. Learning Client Side Programming?
  90. Script to convert a db model created in Vertabelo into Propel's schema.xml file
  91. Make my php page download as a pdf
  92. Prevent hotlinking and resumable download a file?
  93. PHP with dropdown help for novice
  94. Somebody Do me a favour please? Do this htaccess for me.. plzzz
  95. Defaulting a value to x
  96. I am considering setting up a variable init include file - thoughts ?
  97. I need some Help
  98. comparing php versions
  99. Help with blk1.name:block=tr
  100. Increase array e.g $a[0] + 1 = $a[1]
  101. Zend installed but Exception thrown
  102. PHP Framework for making a login page/website
  103. sqlsrv_ and classes
  104. Urgent Magento Help please View.phtml
  105. Help structuring NuSoap Request
  106. Resolved calling a class and function from within the same file
  107. need a little help with scraping :)
  108. Help with this simple PHP request.
  109. PHP help?
  110. Warning: pack() [function.pack]: Type H: illegal hex digit
  111. Smarty template engine undefined index.
  112. Connecting to apache from another internet?
  113. learning webservices
  114. Display html code if domain is domain-name.com
  115. get_domain function needs extra set of eyes
  116. Need tips for adding a quantity feature for my auction site
  117. How do I actually fix this problem : no index used
  118. PHP contact form not working on server
  119. Trying to add a honey pot to existing form php not working
  120. What is session.gc_probability and how does it pertain to the number of users/session
  121. how to get a regex setcookies ?
  122. show all of SQL table results
  123. Include Wordpress header and footer in external php file?
  124. how to solve the problem of block spam emails
  125. Decrementation after checkout
  126. sorting by name and firstname
  127. Double click update problem
  128. OOP Iterator interface
  129. Calling Info from database
  130. Row validation / null check
  131. How to make number of items in count based on iDs
  132. left outer join
  133. How do I Delete Zip file after Download finished
  134. How does error collecting work?
  135. Resolved Random generation number fucntion
  136. How use if statement in foreach loop ???
  137. It is all about update and check
  138. Phone number filtering in registeration page
  139. help about this code
  140. Text box's value handling
  141. downloading every minute
  142. session_start and user authorization level
  143. Displaying information by a dropdown list option
  144. Why can I not insert any data into any of my tables?
  145. Help making this page look better.
  146. If an input is not publicly visible and has a fixed value, injection risk?
  147. Non-terminating for loop, why can't I use $row as a number?
  148. What is the fastest method to deliver email?
  149. How to get multi tags with getElementsByTagName?
  150. Retrieving access levels to display different web elements
  151. Detecting index.php regardless of language folder
  152. compare arrays and highlight new comming datas
  153. array count values - just thought i would share
  154. PDF417 barcode
  155. Just need to be pointed in some directions
  156. Error in contact Us page
  157. Wordpress Theme jquery HELP!
  158. Resolved standard session handler or code my own
  159. Resolved converting flat file to db messages
  160. How to safely use a php action but not send to itself?
  161. how to accept front-end code without risk of injection
  162. Double matches
  163. Help with two lines of code, please
  164. passing string to POST
  165. OpenSSL_random_pseudo... isn't working
  166. Looking to create a photo gallery with unique features - suggestions?
  167. Php Echo link probelm
  168. Calendar date adjustments script
  169. requirement to use else for error control on fopen
  170. Bullet lineheight & spaceAfter issues in phpword docx conversion
  171. Problem with sharing to twitter
  172. How can i get a good script for my dating business?
  173. How to set different value of a variable for different page?
  174. Trouble with showing variable from file to included file.
  175. Form Redirection after submit the form issue
  176. DNS Records Creation
  177. dropdown list name
  178. Resolved Update Quantity
  179. How to add a default file
  180. How can I incrementally scroll a page using a fixed image button with php code?
  181. How to hide the video URL?
  182. Looking for a loop to simplify $post variables with similar names
  183. Apache error log shows :-unable to load php_pspell.dll
  184. phpmyadmin database table key quick question
  185. Need help with uploader on registration
  186. update and insert a record depending on row existence
  187. How to use C++ dll with PHP
  188. sort by column
  189. i need help on my newly developed website using php
  190. extracting information from database
  191. Saving a jpeg image - can't open the image
  192. Assistance Appreciated - Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE
  193. Updating value after each insert
  194. alert in php
  195. I want to develop a mp3 Album DatabaseMyself, Where To Start.
  196. Resolved PHP - Regex Regular Expressions - Strip BBCODE except for ...
  197. Upload images multiple
  198. logout validation
  199. Help - Error on WordPress website
  200. How to change script for sub link(i.e sub directories)
  201. How to make a private RSS feeds
  202. Safe for database?
  203. PHP form submission issue?
  204. Increase URL string
  205. How to limit text to 3 sentences only?
  206. Comparing existing value and new value upon form submission.
  207. Insert calculated value to mysql table
  208. How count dates in array
  209. Resolved URL shortener script - Issue with http and https protocols
  210. Return Multiple Values from picklist using $_REQUEST
  211. Problem
  212. Solving and organising these segments
  213. Resolved Display My Local Time europe / london
  214. Creating a user dependent menu
  215. Replace abbreviation into a text
  216. Insert conflict
  217. php form help
  218. Data not inserting into database
  219. Move php website into folder
  220. Formatting PHP output for overdue invoices
  221. Updating an existed mysql table record through php
  222. I broke PHP or confused it
  223. Where is the error? It corrupted my work
  224. Return 0; generates a "500 Internal Server Error"
  225. Modifying PHP Code to include links
  226. Find incorrect words into a string and underline them
  227. Connect to Database and Display Info:
  228. Array won't display all dates between two dates urgent
  229. If I change my web site's domain name...............
  230. How to upload or appear images in web page with 'img'?
  231. Fetching MySQL table record by radio button onclick event
  232. Mysql clean string
  233. Problem
  234. Resolved Finding folder if in a sub folder
  235. try to get website speed but i can't read js or css files just domain.com
  236. Ranking by amount
  237. need some help about variable store in database
  238. Resolved creating an archive
  239. Testing for Control/Hexadecimal Characters?
  240. How to make add cart function in ECommerce site
  241. How to find free rooms for booking system only experts
  242. Homepage and rest pages detection
  243. Please Help in Identifying the Errors Here?
  244. Resolved export assoc array to csv
  245. Using isset on $_FILES input
  246. E-mail Validation
  247. Inserting a timestamp & username that logged in, to another table of logins. Not work
  248. mysqli_num_rows problem
  249. SimpleXML and foreach
  250. Updates to an array not going through to database table

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