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  1. SSH (private) key generation
  2. Custom php5.ini on Windws shared web hosting
  3. Regular Expression
  4. Where to read more about CMS new concept?
  5. Retrieving source code
  6. Address bad information
  7. Ok, pulling my hair out on ccbill postback
  8. PHP Profile
  9. Email Form Processing - Confirmation Issues
  10. How get data and display on the listbox using php
  11. Your Friends - Script
  12. Slow Pagination (potentially) - Is there a better way?
  13. Gameserver Tracking
  14. Problem with getting itunes rss feeds
  15. get elements by tag name <a>
  16. audio gallery
  17. IF ELSE statement
  18. Simple Quiz! See if you can do it
  19. mysql_query and switch
  20. adding php files by folder
  21. monitor of TableSpaces in PHP
  22. index.php?id= problem
  23. PHP Development & Debugging - Best IDE?
  24. Question about default error behavior in PHP5.
  25. Resolved PHP directory copy?
  26. placing javascript within php
  27. Force download .mov
  28. thumbnail image problem
  29. country(Area) detection
  30. Error when retrieving file contents
  31. Grr...if else problem...
  32. Need help with php/joomla frontpage code please
  33. I get one entries when I want the last 5
  34. how to put a PHP hit counter
  35. Zip code proximity searches
  36. PHP/SQL Insert not working
  37. file get contents save file as xml document
  38. send sms using a large account and sms gateway
  39. help me to add count quantity for product
  40. Problem with Sessions
  41. How to use print_r to see what variables are being passed
  42. Anyone have any experience with ccbill?
  43. Insert an associative array into another array
  44. limit a query on a page
  45. oop problem
  46. conditional page displaying
  47. $_COOKIE problems. Not storing consistently.
  48. how to echo a value from a group of random values
  49. Update mysql php code not working
  50. Drop Down List to Page Question
  51. create uncompressed zip
  52. PHP mail form stops at blank
  53. Resolved help with script to email values up to 240 fields
  54. Split pipe delimited string
  55. Need help with my PHP code - cant get articles to line up in columns
  56. Importing/incorporating code from an external web page?
  57. exec() a php file
  58. PHP/MySQL Image Issues
  59. PHP Login Form help
  60. dynamic images dont load everytime
  61. connection/resource error
  62. embed mediaplayer into php
  63. defining variables inside a class
  64. magic quotes
  65. Find and replace, extracting variables
  66. How can I echo exactly what´s a mysql field?
  67. multidimensional array from foreach -- stumped
  68. Uploading multiple files - request entity or php issue?
  69. Looking for a basic way to manage content (CMS)
  70. dropdown list box problem
  71. How do I sort ot these "while" loops ?
  72. immediate help to access website(php) from remote computer
  73. mysql_query insert
  74. mkdir problems....can't figure it out...
  75. Selective Web Scraping
  76. if...else problem?
  77. E Commerce Question
  78. $_POST from option box
  79. Forum permissions
  80. changing upload dir
  81. How to change things in another file
  82. Extracting sentences that make sense
  83. Login problem in php
  84. Stock Script
  85. help please got error
  86. help...How to Create a Simple Navigation...
  87. Incrementing a link count before a redirect
  88. Coverting timestamp to day date ?
  89. Show your own forum software
  90. Cookie Strip
  91. batch trim?
  92. How to remove script from url
  93. need help with member login
  94. help! i'm having login redirect problem
  95. Can someone tell my why this form won't post?
  96. breadcrumb through a href variables
  97. Compare arrays in MySQL using php?
  98. Simple form attachment
  99. having login problem on my website
  100. Making an input string for a SELECT query safe?
  101. Percentage Bar
  102. While Loop hiccup?
  103. Deploying need help with site for Unit
  104. Timer of website loggedout?
  105. count the quantity of each product
  106. PHP (convert image to thumbnail)
  107. PHP function Session_start() problem
  108. subtract from mySQL data without negative number?
  109. Zend Question
  110. DOM XML Parser problems.
  111. How to generate combinations
  112. Getting a redirect to be nofollow ?
  113. help! having login redirect problem
  114. unicode help(website version for two language at same time)
  115. need help creating member profiles
  116. session is working in IE but not in Firefox
  117. regular expression replace
  118. replace the empty space with ',' from unicode
  119. Chat Room help.
  120. PHP how to go back 1 dir to get inside another dir?
  121. php errors
  122. Clicking link to php file forces user to download file?
  123. REQ. displaying sections from text file
  124. Session variable working in IE but not in MozillaFF
  125. Combo box script embed in a .php doc need some help.
  126. Working with 2 cookies
  127. Adding a last name to multiple uploaded files.
  128. Need help with PHP error message.
  129. array
  130. if !in_array "allow" or "deny" ?
  131. Question about taking an image off of another website.
  132. Very simple Im new
  133. How to improve your programming skills
  134. Need help understanding "sleep" in Mailing List app
  135. how to call to a function(it is in javascript) from a php
  137. Food Ordering Online
  138. Insert problem
  139. How to writes symbols in php ?
  140. How do I get a different result for the first key in a foreach() ?
  141. Contact Form, Please Wait Message Question
  142. How do I put together this if else?
  143. Division by zero
  144. PHP grouped output assistance
  145. Banner- Is there any chance to implement animated banner in absence of adobe flash?
  146. Cant get images to show
  147. saving fields in database using php
  148. ftp_get help on windows server
  149. PHP Mail
  150. Help needed for image upload using PHP
  151. Help needed with PHP/Mysql dropdown list
  152. PHP Polymorphism
  153. sessions http/https
  154. Extending the switch statement
  155. if statement help
  156. Searching a string to reset variable
  157. Check a string
  158. Need help converting membership level number to name
  159. Unique div ids in loop
  160. PHP and web forms
  161. Recursive function to detect IP address if forwarded by proxy server?
  162. Curtime() function in php
  163. About PHP session
  164. PHP Frames not loading second frame
  165. user online script
  166. sessions??
  167. Login Control in my php
  168. Wordpress issue
  169. converting my existing javascript to php
  170. 2 files php download
  171. Random mp3
  172. Resolved Multi Remove child
  173. stripping a whole website?
  174. help about include classes file on my server into my script please
  175. how to stop print array([0] => preg match
  176. PHP Tools/Software
  177. replace some corresponding letters from a string
  178. What is this term called?
  179. Resolved The weirdest PHP problem. Try and explain this :/
  180. table display by database array
  181. notification code !!
  182. Practical OO Tut
  183. querying files from text area
  184. Email form From:
  185. PEAR Mail Queue
  186. move_uploaded_file won't move uploaded file
  187. help with Regular Expressions
  188. Problem adding java script to php fusion...
  189. Page Refreshing
  190. Php Question
  191. is it possible to use the header option to send the user to the previous page?
  192. help me with that function please
  193. Drag and Drop File Upload
  194. php email not sending?!
  195. Wamp problem
  196. Simple "IF" Script wont work.
  197. need help with zend pdf.... anyone?
  198. Cross Server File Transfer
  199. Resolved Adding underscores to mp3 filename in upload script
  200. Resolved PHP newbie: Loading external variables not working
  201. how can i got the full path variable ??
  202. rewriting array (and code)
  203. PHP Virus problem
  204. php cron script
  205. PHP redirection does not work
  206. Form does not send
  207. Substr help
  208. Resolved Login script won't log me in.
  209. Kill the session with no session_destroy
  210. [MySQL] [PHP] Inserting the values from 3 texboxes in 1 mysql column
  211. Best code to use to stop injections?
  212. date: change "03" into "March"
  213. ImageString
  214. Forum problem
  215. Wordpress help
  216. Resolved Automating Variables
  217. Check if last row is read help??
  218. Form will not submit
  219. Images.
  220. Need Help on redirection using PHP
  221. url appear id
  222. Includes and line-break problem
  223. Client's real IP
  224. need advice - vars from $_POST array???
  225. Using a customer's last name as an uploaded file name?
  226. POST not working on single page
  227. 2Dim Array inserted into MySQL table?
  228. Problem with memory limit
  229. Coding Error
  230. php Array to html table
  231. help with php asscocative array
  232. Error
  233. Help with php login function
  234. Help with php syntax
  235. Getting form errors to appear in right place on page
  236. Php Resend form data
  237. Shopping Cart Script xml or flatfile database
  238. session inside links or database?
  239. Frustration with image resizer working and not working depending on filename?
  240. help with session/include
  241. vBulletin & External page
  242. re-sorting parts of an xml
  243. Resolved Simple Question (print_r)
  244. Resolved Date/time stored and retrieved from a text db file always 12-31-1969
  245. google api query help
  246. Resolved Setting a session to hold a value
  247. 'Undefined' problem
  248. Php news posting function
  249. looking for a Php script to act as a simple bot
  250. PHP + MSSQL application

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