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  1. Session Arrays and echo a complete single entry
  2. Web Chat in my website
  3. help about preg_match
  4. Resolved Pagination Problem
  5. I need to tweak this email so that bold is seen
  6. Need help with a Joomla Module customization - div outputs
  7. How to show server's free disk space
  8. Echo matching key in multidimention array
  9. Php multifile upload?
  10. after upload
  11. Editable Text Area
  12. help with sending mail on Vista and Apache
  13. Need help with simple image verification
  14. http://us.mg1.mail.yahoo.com/dc/launch?.gx=234&.rand=aod7
  15. How To Insert Form Variables Into PHP Files & Then ZIP?
  16. Resolved Problem Updating a Row in the Database using Single Page submission
  17. Do I NEED a while loop for a mysql_fetch_assoc() ?
  18. Help a nub POST
  19. Login Script Code
  20. What is the best way to include() php file with $vars into new file?
  21. What function to replace call_user_method()?
  22. Help with PHP Image & Random Symbols.
  23. Get filesize from url
  24. Resolved out putting a url
  25. Linking PHP to JavaScript
  26. URL query string missing in POST requests
  27. Image Tutorial
  28. Resolved Problem displaying MySQL table Join result with PHP
  29. Making this work??
  30. Update file problem. Function help needed.
  31. RSS FEED (php)
  32. Array serialize problem
  33. Resolved Little outputting help..
  34. BBCode
  35. Form to Database
  36. XDEBUG_PROFILE will not start profiler
  37. making a register script
  38. Force $variable to be numeric or a real number?
  39. quick question about php headers
  40. how do i change a file name?
  41. need help saving saving uploaded image name in database
  43. Writing form data directly to html
  44. Search Pagination
  45. Regular Expression - Character Replacement
  46. Resolved Javasript variables into PHP form
  47. Calling 2 scripts from 1 form
  48. Array_Diff
  49. Help needed- Email Sent with Email Submission
  50. Generating $strings or arrays () from a form submit
  51. Inserting data in XML file with PHP DOM
  52. Auto Login
  53. error in register.php..Please Help
  54. PHP autofill textfield from mysql dropdown menu
  55. GD2 overlaying image with rounded (transparent) corners
  56. How would I prevent using special characters in this?
  57. I can't find the problem with my code to UPDATE table
  58. How To Select Template Based On Language Switch? (PHP Code For Joomla 1.5)
  59. Random Numbers
  60. Can anyone help me with Joomla Module PHP code?
  61. Mysql query using PHP?
  62. Creating subfolders on-demand
  63. New Line within Textarea
  64. issue with 'strpos'
  65. Resolved How to use preg_match to match items that are like a varible value?
  66. validate true false
  67. help with a dynamic dropdown menu?
  68. How can I add a confirmation box in this script ?
  69. session not working on IE
  70. save php file as html dynamically
  71. What is wrong with this function?
  72. Combatting malicious, simulated POST $_REQUEST's?
  73. How to add a count() function
  74. Ajax PHP syntax error
  75. Adding WYSWIG editor to phpbb
  76. Bookmark with facebook(php)?
  77. Help Creating A Search Function To Search Product Feeds
  78. Resolved saving file using php
  79. Problem with Cookies
  80. Problems with mail()
  81. Resolved Strange red border outlines text - how to remove
  82. Explode help?
  83. How to use onchange in PHP or other ways?
  84. problem with tempnam();
  85. picture upload for members on my site
  86. Getting values from associative array?
  87. Application developers
  88. adding altered variables in mysql/ php
  89. programming for load balanced setups
  90. Resolved is it possible to set a max size for images?
  91. Problem storing images in mysql database
  92. Converting milliseconds
  93. When to use/not use blob data
  94. Getting name,type and size to update when updating blob-file
  95. Holding values on a form when you hit submit?
  96. Removing text without getting parse errors
  97. empty() always returns true when accessing obj vars using __get : (
  98. making this code work?
  99. Using switch/case/break for my auto responder, pls help.
  100. Passing Data to .asmx
  101. Resolved Inserting PHP Date function to string
  102. trying to find error in very simple program
  103. mySQL and PHP - Column count doesn't match value count at row 1
  104. DropDown List from Database
  105. Resolved Repeat Region - 2 SQL Queries?
  106. Passing $_FILES['userfile'] into my function does not work? [PHP5]
  107. Trouble with a non-mysql login system
  108. Cannot pass a passed in variable to a function? [PHP5]
  109. Caching images loaded from MySQL
  110. Help! backslash inserted before quotations when using $_GET
  111. How do I let users upload pictures?
  112. Little thing with XML and PHP
  113. PHP Session and AJAX
  114. Parsing text with preg_replace
  115. Fetching lines from a txt file
  116. No output on Submission of form
  117. error on line 51 in First Program "Common_db.inc"
  118. is this an error free program ??
  119. Error on line 51
  120. error in access_logger.php
  121. checkbox array to mysql query?
  122. error in register.php
  123. Multiple tables assigned to id (how?)
  124. Invalid argument
  125. Resolved Setting Cookies Problem
  126. Constructor and Desctructors in PHP? Do I need to delete/clean stuff? [PHP5]
  127. Issues running .php files in subfolders on WebProject? [PHP & IIS7]
  128. Resolved SQL Update - Success/Failure
  129. pagination alignment
  130. help me using the 'while' command
  131. security concern in PHP
  132. MVC famework in PHP
  133. Troobleshooting 500 Internal Error
  134. Select by username OOP Problem
  135. OOP Problem
  136. Resolved Lottery Script
  137. PHP Create Directory by date
  138. How do you code something similiar to how google guesses your input on the search box
  139. Looking for mail attachment script like aol.com
  140. Failed to retrieve certain column data from database
  141. sesion problem
  142. Syntax Error!
  143. Using $this when not in object contex
  144. Secure PHP Login - I Need a How-To for a Beginner
  145. Access Denied For User
  146. Parse Error
  147. Resolved Changing site.com/test.php --> site.com/test
  148. Unexpected t_string error
  149. include file
  150. php consumed webservice
  151. Multi-part HTTP
  152. get_magic_quotes_gpc?
  153. PHP generate image - problems with background transparency
  154. using True/False code
  155. PHP LDAP - Query..
  156. Resolved Access Object methods within seperate function
  157. Resolved Building password protection, help needed
  158. Resolved List files in a directory by time of modification.
  159. OOP question call 2 function for one class? hah? help
  160. set document root in shared hosting?
  161. Using $_GET to get php page
  162. Issues with str_replace
  163. Please help modifying fgets so that it skips the 1st entry in a text file
  164. Make links clickable
  165. HELP: syntax error, unexpected '(' in......
  166. I need a media player in my website?
  167. TAB Deliminter
  168. logout destroy session
  169. Resolved Rotate text 30degrees or more?
  170. Auto logged in?
  171. PHP Date function - break line between day and month
  172. Uploading multiple images?
  173. Problem with uploading images
  174. Why does my connection to MySQL always fail (10061)? [PHP5]
  175. Calling from mysql to echo error
  176. Auto Re-arrange after Delete Query
  177. How to add a Timestamp to fwrite logging to disk? [PHP5]
  178. Issues using a db_config.inc.php file? [PHP5]
  179. Problem with show/hide div tag using php and javascript
  180. Change key name in 2-Dim Array
  181. Problem Creating File with fopen
  182. Resolved PEAR in Vista
  183. Using .NET Framework - how?
  184. Adding html output for Error Messages in contact form...
  185. MySQL insert then select?
  186. Isnt displaying ID
  187. mysql ****
  188. Zend Studio php path problem
  189. Limitations of a WAMP stack, or is my code just hosed?
  190. Adding image upload to a exsisting event entry form
  191. Option value 0
  192. Variable's used in fopen and file paths question.
  193. control file on user interface
  194. Force sign-up before allowing page view
  195. Resolved php function help please how to use a function with $i in it?
  196. db2_connect
  197. PHPMailer email taking too much time
  198. delete selected items checkbox
  199. multiple category select
  200. Rewrite
  201. Multiple require's causing issues [PHP5]
  202. How to create a global variable of type ?.class.php [PHP5]
  203. null byte in string causing $_GET to be empty
  204. Completing a 'Where' clause from a query populated drop-down list
  205. Help With a PHP money converter?
  206. Empty email on php contact formů
  207. Resolved How to log HTTP request?
  208. Getting an error with a simple contact email form
  209. help with php preview and submit form
  210. Which php development companies do you use?
  211. Dynamic permissions (users, groups, permissions)
  212. bandwidth sniffer
  213. Help with image resize, upload and write info to database
  214. Resolved Easier way to echo in HTML? <?php= maybe?
  215. PHP mysql_query
  216. Undefined strings
  217. strpos not working correctly
  218. PHP & snoopy
  219. Need assistance With PHP Coding
  220. php search page
  221. Entering data into DB field with multiple values?
  222. My str_replace() isn't working !
  223. Load background image depending on dynamic variable
  224. type in url search box and save contents in txt file
  225. XML Child Tag rename
  226. links not active
  227. Nested foreach loop and array
  228. Posting to a HTTPS connection
  229. Looking for help
  230. Online tracker
  231. print "$variable"; variable= w/e WHERE "(['db-field'])=$w/e"
  232. register script
  233. Vbulletin CybTopStats help
  234. javascript or php text box
  235. PHP form/email help
  236. Test if internet connection exists
  237. undefine function
  238. A Gamingzone Application
  239. RSS FEED (php)
  240. Insert and retrieve long data from database using php
  241. Calling and Linking up Data from table entries (SAM Broadcaster)
  242. cakephp accessing models
  243. PHP called from javascript help??????
  244. Resolved Space in column value
  245. working with https in php
  246. How to make function to read TXT file and modify?
  247. Help with simple text-based PHP hit counter
  248. substr_replace with the < character?
  249. Truncating the value of an array in PHP5
  250. PHP Advanced File Read Question

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