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  1. using True/False code
  2. PHP LDAP - Query..
  3. Resolved Access Object methods within seperate function
  4. Resolved Building password protection, help needed
  5. Resolved List files in a directory by time of modification.
  6. OOP question call 2 function for one class? hah? help
  7. set document root in shared hosting?
  8. Using $_GET to get php page
  9. Issues with str_replace
  10. Please help modifying fgets so that it skips the 1st entry in a text file
  11. Make links clickable
  12. HELP: syntax error, unexpected '(' in......
  13. I need a media player in my website?
  14. TAB Deliminter
  15. logout destroy session
  16. Resolved Rotate text 30degrees or more?
  17. Auto logged in?
  18. PHP Date function - break line between day and month
  19. Uploading multiple images?
  20. Problem with uploading images
  21. Why does my connection to MySQL always fail (10061)? [PHP5]
  22. Calling from mysql to echo error
  23. Auto Re-arrange after Delete Query
  24. How to add a Timestamp to fwrite logging to disk? [PHP5]
  25. Issues using a db_config.inc.php file? [PHP5]
  26. Problem with show/hide div tag using php and javascript
  27. Change key name in 2-Dim Array
  28. Problem Creating File with fopen
  29. Resolved PEAR in Vista
  30. Using .NET Framework - how?
  31. Adding html output for Error Messages in contact form...
  32. MySQL insert then select?
  33. Isnt displaying ID
  34. mysql ****
  35. Zend Studio php path problem
  36. Limitations of a WAMP stack, or is my code just hosed?
  37. Adding image upload to a exsisting event entry form
  38. Option value 0
  39. Variable's used in fopen and file paths question.
  40. control file on user interface
  41. Force sign-up before allowing page view
  42. Resolved php function help please how to use a function with $i in it?
  43. db2_connect
  44. PHPMailer email taking too much time
  45. delete selected items checkbox
  46. multiple category select
  47. Rewrite
  48. Multiple require's causing issues [PHP5]
  49. How to create a global variable of type ?.class.php [PHP5]
  50. null byte in string causing $_GET to be empty
  51. Completing a 'Where' clause from a query populated drop-down list
  52. Help With a PHP money converter?
  53. Empty email on php contact form…
  54. Resolved How to log HTTP request?
  55. Getting an error with a simple contact email form
  56. help with php preview and submit form
  57. Which php development companies do you use?
  58. Dynamic permissions (users, groups, permissions)
  59. bandwidth sniffer
  60. Help with image resize, upload and write info to database
  61. Resolved Easier way to echo in HTML? <?php= maybe?
  62. PHP mysql_query
  63. Undefined strings
  64. strpos not working correctly
  65. PHP & snoopy
  66. Need assistance With PHP Coding
  67. php search page
  68. Entering data into DB field with multiple values?
  69. My str_replace() isn't working !
  70. Load background image depending on dynamic variable
  71. type in url search box and save contents in txt file
  72. XML Child Tag rename
  73. links not active
  74. Nested foreach loop and array
  75. Posting to a HTTPS connection
  76. Looking for help
  77. Online tracker
  78. print "$variable"; variable= w/e WHERE "(['db-field'])=$w/e"
  79. register script
  80. Vbulletin CybTopStats help
  81. javascript or php text box
  82. PHP form/email help
  83. Test if internet connection exists
  84. undefine function
  85. A Gamingzone Application
  86. RSS FEED (php)
  87. Insert and retrieve long data from database using php
  88. Calling and Linking up Data from table entries (SAM Broadcaster)
  89. cakephp accessing models
  90. PHP called from javascript help??????
  91. Resolved Space in column value
  92. working with https in php
  93. How to make function to read TXT file and modify?
  94. Help with simple text-based PHP hit counter
  95. substr_replace with the < character?
  96. Truncating the value of an array in PHP5
  97. PHP Advanced File Read Question
  98. Sending SMS Through Http API
  99. preg_replace - ignore long words
  100. read webpage content in to a variable
  101. Need help with Form Selections
  102. unexpected T_IF
  103. How to make a comment form?
  104. Resolved Help adding another loop to existing for loop
  105. Insert data posted from option element
  106. Validating for negative integer values
  107. PHP Session Problemo.
  108. PHP Error
  109. LAMP Server Infrastructure
  110. php disabled?!
  111. controll mysql query numbers
  112. How do you print a literal string with HTML?
  113. How I can compare if two flashes are the same?
  114. HTTPS connections
  115. PHP forms are nuts....
  116. SSH (private) key generation
  117. Custom php5.ini on Windws shared web hosting
  118. Regular Expression
  119. Where to read more about CMS new concept?
  120. Retrieving source code
  121. Address bad information
  122. Ok, pulling my hair out on ccbill postback
  123. PHP Profile
  124. Email Form Processing - Confirmation Issues
  125. How get data and display on the listbox using php
  126. Your Friends - Script
  127. Slow Pagination (potentially) - Is there a better way?
  128. Gameserver Tracking
  129. Problem with getting itunes rss feeds
  130. get elements by tag name <a>
  131. audio gallery
  132. IF ELSE statement
  133. Simple Quiz! See if you can do it
  134. mysql_query and switch
  135. adding php files by folder
  136. monitor of TableSpaces in PHP
  137. index.php?id= problem
  138. PHP Development & Debugging - Best IDE?
  139. Question about default error behavior in PHP5.
  140. Resolved PHP directory copy?
  141. placing javascript within php
  142. Force download .mov
  143. thumbnail image problem
  144. country(Area) detection
  145. Error when retrieving file contents
  146. Grr...if else problem...
  147. Need help with php/joomla frontpage code please
  148. I get one entries when I want the last 5
  149. how to put a PHP hit counter
  150. Zip code proximity searches
  151. PHP/SQL Insert not working
  152. file get contents save file as xml document
  153. send sms using a large account and sms gateway
  154. help me to add count quantity for product
  155. Problem with Sessions
  156. How to use print_r to see what variables are being passed
  157. Anyone have any experience with ccbill?
  158. Insert an associative array into another array
  159. limit a query on a page
  160. oop problem
  161. conditional page displaying
  162. $_COOKIE problems. Not storing consistently.
  163. how to echo a value from a group of random values
  164. Update mysql php code not working
  165. Drop Down List to Page Question
  166. create uncompressed zip
  167. PHP mail form stops at blank
  168. Resolved help with script to email values up to 240 fields
  169. Split pipe delimited string
  170. Need help with my PHP code - cant get articles to line up in columns
  171. Importing/incorporating code from an external web page?
  172. exec() a php file
  173. PHP/MySQL Image Issues
  174. PHP Login Form help
  175. dynamic images dont load everytime
  176. connection/resource error
  177. embed mediaplayer into php
  178. defining variables inside a class
  179. magic quotes
  180. Find and replace, extracting variables
  181. How can I echo exactly what´s a mysql field?
  182. multidimensional array from foreach -- stumped
  183. Uploading multiple files - request entity or php issue?
  184. Looking for a basic way to manage content (CMS)
  185. dropdown list box problem
  186. How do I sort ot these "while" loops ?
  187. immediate help to access website(php) from remote computer
  188. mysql_query insert
  189. mkdir problems....can't figure it out...
  190. Selective Web Scraping
  191. if...else problem?
  192. E Commerce Question
  193. $_POST from option box
  194. Forum permissions
  195. changing upload dir
  196. How to change things in another file
  197. Extracting sentences that make sense
  198. Login problem in php
  199. Stock Script
  200. help please got error
  201. help...How to Create a Simple Navigation...
  202. Incrementing a link count before a redirect
  203. Coverting timestamp to day date ?
  204. Show your own forum software
  205. Cookie Strip
  206. batch trim?
  207. How to remove script from url
  208. need help with member login
  209. help! i'm having login redirect problem
  210. Can someone tell my why this form won't post?
  211. breadcrumb through a href variables
  212. Compare arrays in MySQL using php?
  213. Simple form attachment
  214. having login problem on my website
  215. Making an input string for a SELECT query safe?
  216. Percentage Bar
  217. While Loop hiccup?
  218. Deploying need help with site for Unit
  219. Timer of website loggedout?
  220. count the quantity of each product
  221. PHP (convert image to thumbnail)
  222. PHP function Session_start() problem
  223. subtract from mySQL data without negative number?
  224. Zend Question
  225. DOM XML Parser problems.
  226. How to generate combinations
  227. Getting a redirect to be nofollow ?
  228. help! having login redirect problem
  229. unicode help(website version for two language at same time)
  230. need help creating member profiles
  231. session is working in IE but not in Firefox
  232. regular expression replace
  233. replace the empty space with ',' from unicode
  234. Chat Room help.
  235. PHP how to go back 1 dir to get inside another dir?
  236. php errors
  237. Clicking link to php file forces user to download file?
  238. REQ. displaying sections from text file
  239. Session variable working in IE but not in MozillaFF
  240. Combo box script embed in a .php doc need some help.
  241. Working with 2 cookies
  242. Adding a last name to multiple uploaded files.
  243. Need help with PHP error message.
  244. array
  245. if !in_array "allow" or "deny" ?
  246. Question about taking an image off of another website.
  247. Very simple Im new
  248. How to improve your programming skills
  249. Need help understanding "sleep" in Mailing List app
  250. how to call to a function(it is in javascript) from a php

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