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  1. Technical question...
  2. unlink using mask "temp_*.png"
  3. Converting line breaks from a form
  4. Resolved Redirect error - full circle
  5. Help me censor bad words
  6. Resolved Undefined index error after $_GET
  7. Resolved Undefined index errors
  8. Reading and Writing XML data with PHP
  9. add text to image not working using examples on PHP.net
  10. Question about php foreach
  11. Resolved javascript in php
  12. Is this possible with php
  13. Help with contact form and capcha feature.
  14. merge two images (one being transparent) and then add username text to image too
  15. CakePHP: Requires a VPS atleast?
  16. Stoping duplicate entrys when writing to file
  17. Form gives white screen
  18. More of maths problem than PHP
  19. Error in Html link cake helper method,. Help
  20. full path to file problem
  21. Resolved php function to reduce repeating ul list
  22. can someone pls help with barcode php script?
  23. Email from GET
  24. php include
  25. A simple(hopefully) regexp help...
  26. Please Help With the Cakephp Helper Method.?
  27. PHP Preloader - Suggestion
  28. How to find out IP address location with PHP?
  29. Resolved picking apart MySQL insert code...
  30. Guarding against email injection attacks
  31. Email from Information stored in database
  32. PHP and AJAX tab navigation
  33. Resolved Loop Interval Question
  34. Script for Ratings and writing/reading reviews
  35. Joomla Plug-in
  36. Does anyone know how to send user Name in a form scipt?
  37. Do name anchor tags not work with php ?
  38. Setting limits in php
  39. Resolved Change Password?
  40. Resolved Page won't redirect
  41. Regular Expression Help
  42. images not displaying with rotator script
  43. Dealing with Binary Data
  44. Levels
  45. How do I break out my data from a text record ?
  46. Show text on Excact MySql Data
  47. convert mysql code to php code
  48. Count
  49. Redirecting index.php to index.html
  50. sending additional curlopt parameters using curl
  51. How to display posts in categories in sidebar Wordpress
  52. prefill textbox form email link
  53. Display Text on MySql Data
  54. Problem with comments script.
  55. $_POST $_GET Problems
  56. php editor with error checking
  57. 301 redirect with php
  58. Posting to multiple tables from one form
  59. Resolved Posting Empty Array??
  60. contact page
  61. Patial hostname match question
  62. Resolved MD5() Advice
  63. Help with one-off discount on shopping cart
  64. Same Code Works on One Page but Not Another
  65. Some not going to the database
  66. Retrieve data only by this week
  67. Pagination Script
  68. Help with Dynamic Forms
  69. changing the src in an iframe on clicking a link
  70. Php glob() + specify path to files
  71. Resolved gd script showing error
  72. Click Image -> Dynamic Page + Image
  73. Forum Markers [read/unread]
  74. PHP Check Website Exists
  75. List Array Values from TXT that have a Common Variable
  76. Resolved Notice: Undefined index: HTTPS in C:\wamp\www\user\includes\main.php on line 46
  77. Software for Making Desktop Application In PHP ??
  78. preg_match_all class
  79. creating a simple multi field website form with image upload function
  80. check is there is a variable by that name
  81. Create a file containing PHP using PHP
  82. How to run through php shell
  83. SimpleXML and array_search problem
  84. Sorting a column of dates generated on the fly
  85. Need Help with php IF Command
  86. Inserting an apostrophe into an input field.
  87. Separate app logic & view
  88. GD Library Layering several images
  89. mysqli error
  90. regexp for highlighting words, except the html tags, attributes and values.
  91. Parsing Custom Tags
  92. Dynamic files open in php
  93. Get iframe URL
  94. Can i do this in PHP???
  95. RSS help
  96. Question re: sessions & going to/from secure page
  97. Captcha Image w/in Form using php - suddenly stopped working...
  98. Help, How Would You Guys Do This?
  99. Adding category.php file to wordpress theme
  100. Install Script Problem
  101. PHP Add HTML containing entities to XML for XSL Transformation
  102. Checking List
  103. Profile Page
  104. PHP Echo - How to pass variable using javascript URL?
  105. Sending Im with Aim Toc
  106. Recommendation for Merchant Account
  107. hostname question
  108. Some help please on dymanic query.
  109. Problems with PHP DomDocument ->saveloadhtml
  110. Warning: Wrong parameter count for mysql_query()
  111. How to do this action
  112. Possible bug in ftp_nlist?
  113. Resolved Alphabetical Search
  114. Default Image Using PHP
  115. Class
  116. PHP 30 day date query not working...
  117. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_ELSE
  118. Parse Error Help Help
  119. has anyone used TSEP (The Search Engine Project)
  120. About include question
  121. Blank page after login on certain web servers...
  122. Resolved Regular Expression Problem
  123. Better of faster way of reading and diplaying folder image ?
  124. If Statement Trouble
  125. PHP Geo Redirect?
  126. PHP GD Library ~ Merging two trans images
  127. Nofollow Links in Post, Dofollow Links in Related Posts
  128. PHP Post, send to two emails?
  129. Lost/Forgotton Password
  130. LDAP asp.net to php conversion help
  131. Ordering PHP results into columns
  132. Info For PHP Micro Chat
  133. How to pass variables to SQL query
  134. Will this always Visitors browsing IP
  135. T_ECHO error
  136. How to zip uploaded files..?
  137. require_once question
  138. Wordpress help // I've screwed up my permalinks
  139. Include .mp4 movie
  140. PHP dynamic title tags
  141. Help fixing wishlist script
  142. Module detection
  143. fixing link syntax to make sure it will work
  144. Problem with MySQL call
  145. small game for joomla
  146. What's wrong with this email send?
  147. Resolved Allowing quotes in database
  148. Edit blog post
  149. Resolved Email list from database
  150. One Time Passwords
  151. how to use php session to authorize htaccess ???
  152. Php Colors
  153. Word filter
  154. Resolved Not sure where to use addslashes
  155. "Please fill in all fields"
  156. php upload form (vista vs xp)
  157. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '='
  158. Lots of questions need answering about website coding!
  159. Smarty setup opinions
  160. PHP contact form
  161. Resolved IF Else for URL do something if URL does not match, do nothing if it does
  162. Any reason to stop header redirection after a "Status:200"?
  163. help with search
  165. GOTO command returning a parse error
  166. Resolved Ping Server Script Help
  167. search engin which support for multiple language
  168. Looking for advise on security/access-control.
  169. Ad-serving Keyword Analysis
  170. Switch Statement for an Enquiry form
  171. Possibly bug with GD Library, rotate and copy images with alpha fails
  172. How do I alter a field length with php ?
  173. aim notification bot?
  174. Declaring an array
  175. Excel - .xls view on the page + php issue
  176. Serving css as php - header problem?
  177. Getting the day of a date.
  178. Testing for true
  179. PHP to Email problem
  180. Login - Redirect v1.31
  181. assign JS value to php session
  182. Encypted Password
  183. PhpBB3 Login
  184. Resolved Variable not getting defined in switch statement
  185. If/Else statement displays both options?
  186. Symlinks for easier maintenance of repeated code with multiple domains = good idea?
  187. eliminate "on behalf of"
  188. php login page doesn't display
  189. Comparing 2 arrays, and echo matching results?
  190. Resolved Displaying an array in a table?
  191. preventing repeat votes?
  192. How to Check if a Form has Been Submitted
  193. polling script?
  194. Resolved I need to count and return "1 of ?"
  195. How can I shorten this?
  196. Sending form to db in remote server...
  197. Resolved I need to count and return "1 of ?"
  198. Creating Server-Side Email Forwarding
  199. Multiple values in single mysql field
  200. Resolved One Form - Multiple Create/Edit/Delete
  201. Needing a point in the right direction...
  202. Very simple calculation not working
  203. mail() function SENDER address
  204. Inserting values using a select box
  205. multiple domains template architecture best practices
  206. htaccess php_value with suphp
  207. Simple Login Form
  208. I'm looking for a script...
  209. Help with an api paypal and php
  210. Resolved Dynamic PHP Image generation
  211. Resolved DELETE statement not working
  212. Database requirements to build a site like Kiva
  213. PHP Bill Calculator Issues
  214. Resolved Altering content based on mysql
  215. it display all the details.. need help!!
  216. Resolved string replace a '$' defined variable with nothing
  217. IE Internet Explorer fails inside if($_POST)
  218. Delete Row
  219. Image uploader help
  220. callback functions
  221. which button the user clicked?
  222. Need help with PHP / Joomla code!
  223. file_get_contents correct function for me?
  224. Help with a simple 1-field Web Form
  225. Multi-purpose Form Handler
  226. Stuck in side <td></td>
  227. Required fields 'if'
  228. Includes
  229. end character list at the end of a word
  230. Insert data into database using foreach?
  231. Multiple passwords?
  232. Little script problem
  233. PHP mail form
  234. Resolved UPDATE Query not working!
  235. php send mail problem
  236. Issues on retrieving youtube embed video from MYSQL
  237. how to code status updates for social network
  238. Search Form Trouble
  239. Error querying database
  240. protect and license php script or code
  241. Echo
  242. Array Question
  243. Making a registration page
  244. Includes don't accept absolute path on new server?
  245. Resolved Using php to add MySql query to drop down
  246. Finding Illegal Chars in a string
  247. Highlighting an unknown word
  248. how do i back up my drupal database?
  249. Comment box scripts
  250. Load different site according to selection

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