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  1. personal profile pages in social networks
  2. cannot fix 2 php simple coding somebody can fix it please
  3. Arrays as Variables in a Class
  4. syntax error
  5. Help with skinning my website please?
  6. How many records do i have?
  7. how to generate a thumbnail?
  8. internal website search engine
  9. table issues.
  10. isset() problem
  11. Is this date calculation correct ?
  12. failed to open stream: No such file or directory
  13. about bbcode
  14. Lucene and MySQL Integration
  15. newline in fwrite?
  16. Calling a user ID in PHP?
  17. this is a long shot but if anyone can solve it you guys can!!!
  18. having problems passing coordinates from Jquery imgareaselect to php.
  19. Problem with Query / IF's
  20. What is happening here? Curling wiki
  21. epoch time + mysql is driving me nuts
  22. adding friend into friendlist
  23. Time sum is stucked on 838:59:59
  24. HTML to BBCode using the PECL extension
  25. [help] if else statement based on url to write certain info
  26. Displaying data
  27. Need help to format data sent to a text file
  28. Script works, but i get weird notices.
  29. Need some advice
  30. Includes Valid Means of site-wide updates?
  31. MySQL error
  32. How do I read from one file and write to another ?
  33. passing a varible to another page and displaying it using $GET
  34. does PHP include() improve performance?
  35. How to accomplish this task
  36. Warning: mysql_fetch_array(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource
  37. Applying a time limit to edit posts
  38. How to learn PHP??
  39. Result for selected populated dropdown not coming properly
  40. Resolved Online/Offline thing
  41. I need help grabbing a video id
  42. CSRF suggestions
  43. How do i display records of an item into textbox based on drop down list
  44. can someone provide me a wap emulator/browser
  45. What can be the reason for this Internal Server error ?
  46. How can I use AJAX with Smarty Engine
  47. displaying issue
  48. Resolved Is it possible to include a part of file?
  49. ORDER BY problem
  50. $_POST data not being detected by isset
  51. Detect new lines
  52. How do I edit this csv file ?
  53. Notice: Undefined index: ID
  54. Resolved Post preview option in form
  55. php title tags
  56. Array mapping echo or require/include/etc. does not work
  57. PHP File Sorting out of order
  58. in need of some help please (looping i think)
  59. Limit Description text area characters
  60. PLEASE HELP!!!! I'm lost
  61. Session variable problem
  62. Problem with using google custom search
  63. Cant get the source from a book to work
  64. Excute query x times
  65. mp3 download security
  66. How to get all childs of a class
  67. Resolved Next Previous navigation problem
  68. Generating a .php file from a .php file
  69. Splitting data in a textfield area?
  70. Resolved Creating tables and populating via install.php
  71. convertpdftoword.net
  72. Storing POST Data in a file
  73. Form vaildation not working.
  74. how to strip url from a text string
  75. Only add if not found...
  76. edit script to add previous months
  77. Preg_Replace To Show Only Alt-Tags
  78. Questions on PHP page for test/quiz I am building
  79. php script for online appointments
  80. Match $var in text file ?
  81. help coding away from curl
  82. Editing External Image File
  83. Help with script
  84. PHP and Mysql, how long to keep connected?
  85. search a folder for highest number file name
  86. Two queries one dropdown
  87. BBcode only been outputted on 1 output buit not the other
  88. friend request
  89. Help with populating form fields from database
  90. Is it possible to get the country from the IP address ?
  91. add spaces in user names
  92. Address_2 is required. How to un-require it.
  93. php error I can't solve
  94. Get user's country and city by IP?
  95. Changing from select input to hidden input
  96. Updating fields in rows,
  97. query with 1 field or another field
  98. How to keep people from uploading spam videos?
  99. Display results from query
  100. User online state indicator
  101. Help with Arrays
  102. WordPress Blog Snippets
  103. Values
  104. New to PHP-Get day of month
  105. Trying to parse html entities?
  106. amend form
  107. mysql query error
  108. Using register_tick_function
  109. Zen-Cart Help
  110. PHP framework ?
  111. PHP to send a HTML form with Qty??
  112. php to MSWord & pdf
  113. You Tube Download
  114. 2 Questions about websites
  115. MySQL Syntax
  116. Help putting adsense
  117. learn php inside out?
  118. creating dynamic table
  119. Simple interaction with a sql database
  120. Fatal error: Call to a member function query() on a non-object
  121. pulling specific data from a db?
  122. Wordpress... why the comments are not appearing?
  123. Capturing IP address
  124. Contact Form
  125. add one number
  126. Calender is working in mozilla or opera but not in IE???
  127. upload swf files with php ??
  128. Attatchments in Emails?
  129. Intepreting external php and THEN including in local php?
  130. PHP File Edit
  131. Listing folders in list box, folder only, recursively
  132. PHP form email auto reply
  133. Signature Generation
  134. Curl-ing google
  135. Form value into Curl function?
  136. need a bit of help with a script
  137. Using more than wheres (array) in mysql_query
  138. Regex help
  139. Is this possible with jquery, ajax and php
  140. Propel
  141. Tag output problem
  142. regex for UTF-8 characters
  143. Time setting in dropdown coding
  144. Documenting Page/Table relationships???
  145. Help reading RSS XML nodes
  146. Mail script php/html coding
  147. Keeping MySQL Values the Same
  148. Displaying tables horizontally
  149. Dropdown box population
  150. preventing attacks on my contact form?
  151. computing size of that a div will be.
  152. Forms
  153. Problem in multiple database connection
  154. Simple pagination
  155. Infinite Responder
  156. (Easy enough) What is the right code
  157. myphpadmin hebrew viewing as '????'
  158. form emails same content as previously inputted
  159. everything from webspace
  160. Hide Items not in database.
  161. Send form inputs to a second site?
  162. Cross Site Authentication
  163. how we can take $_post variable in javascript code???
  164. Trigonometry in PHP
  165. http referer in IE
  166. Wordpress
  167. Delete 1 Item from an Array
  168. Paypal IPN Integration
  169. Passing Array through HTML form--winds up Empty!
  170. displaying sql query with css
  171. <RESOLVED> Can't fwrite to next line
  172. write to temp file and email temp file as attachment
  173. PHP accessing Oracle database
  174. CMS output
  175. easily date code isn't working
  176. Sqrt of a number to 3 d.p.?
  177. Extract keywords/tags from string using Preg_match_all
  178. Multidimensional Array - problem
  179. From script help
  180. Secure Servers
  181. Cookie code causing errors
  182. CMS question...
  183. sql backup like phpmyadmin
  184. Refresh page but display the link i clicked
  185. Problems on Update to PHP 5.2.10
  186. mail() function syntax error
  187. $_GET['id'] problem.
  188. Regex "?=": what is that?
  189. Fill empty space
  190. Finding PHP 4.4 issues
  191. Curving an Image
  192. Session erorr
  193. Only displaying the first 10 items but by date
  194. PHP Exec to Run Cron
  195. Updating multiple row in Mysql with PHP
  196. Javascript calling external PHP
  197. Php Date Picker
  198. Preg_Match_all Help Please!!
  199. Javascript calling external PHP
  200. Fetch & show data on click of link
  201. keeping form data after validation response
  202. How would i get length(duration),Sample Rate of MP3,wav,Aiff file?
  203. Is this written correctly?
  204. $str syntax
  205. POST variable to external site
  206. join ?
  207. Dynamically loading files?
  208. can i make autosave option in the site ?
  209. Replacing characters using an array
  210. pulling data from csv file to create simple HTML page...
  211. Security Considerations for include file
  212. Using PNG-24 in PHP GD
  213. Need info about Ini_set command enabled?
  214. PHProxy With HTTP_REFERER as Root of Dest URL..??
  215. help - fred feof not working but i dont get fopen error
  216. Use PHP with MYSQL to post to Clist
  217. inserting images in php cms
  218. str_replace problem replace \\ to \\\
  219. How would i do this?
  220. Online Shop in PHP
  221. I need a basic form to submit, for a php web page
  222. Help with adding header/footer code
  223. Resolved PHP Isn't Pulling Everything From MySQL :(
  224. PHP Sessions
  225. Skipping arguments in functions
  226. Logout problem
  227. stylesheet scraping
  228. error?
  229. How to link to my profile with their id.
  230. Problem in the form of data entry
  231. Spelling suggestions for wrong spelling
  232. Mysql Backslashes in cookies for a textarea.
  233. paymentaction="authorization"; Paypal
  234. Replace Chars within a string
  235. I have to wonder.
  236. Redirect
  237. How can I convert line feeds and carriage returns to <br /> tags
  238. Web Security: Protecting against data injection
  239. displaying pages without getting data like 'include'
  240. Getting the Newest Files in a Dir
  241. update/delete records question, how to go to certain page from update/delete form?
  242. Fetch image from Mysql databae
  243. Resolved free from website filtering.
  244. Blog posts: automatically displaying, updating, removing
  245. Spaces in text box
  246. auto upload
  247. Resolved Regex; Help, please?
  248. Text area new paragraph
  249. upload file
  250. ~Resolved~ extracting folder name that a file is in

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