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  1. how to display combo box value into a textbox?
  2. php help need with file uploader
  3. displaying an image as a variable
  4. white page?
  5. expired domain name finder
  6. Sorority Website: New Pages = "Warning: require()" issue!
  7. randhtml.cgi
  8. Finding Items Contained in a String
  9. getimagesize from imagegif()
  10. Consuming web services from PHP
  11. Wordpress: Change post on home page to display only from a certain category?
  12. ZipArchive::open always fails with ER_OPEN (11)
  13. Update form not working
  14. syntax error '('
  15. PHP url help
  16. placing a limit on rss content output in php?
  17. PHP conversion to ASP
  18. Submitting Form
  19. What is difference between include_once and require_once?
  20. Invalid argument - submit to database
  21. Ajax Dropdown Menu
  22. Trying to set up mutual approval before listing someone as a friend
  23. Looping thru an array and extract names
  24. Post username along with comment
  25. Using the like wildcard with PHP and MSSQL
  26. Sorting Elements from an Array in a Table
  27. Wordpress MU blog login redirect
  28. Wordpress: Use a sidebar (widget) from different blog?
  29. One doubt in sending SMS
  30. Wordpress: Blog on home page and sub-page.
  31. in array()
  32. Query problems
  33. fwrite problem
  34. uploaded .doc returned as .dat
  35. Need help with form validation
  36. RegEx Question
  37. FCKeditor, PHPmailer and code <?php ... ?>
  38. PHP / text wrapping in IE7
  39. adding minutes and convert to time
  40. Need help with a PHP led image gallery
  41. PHP/Javascript calculator error
  42. Wordpress post loop... Displaying 3 at once.
  43. date and time in php
  44. Problem with a while loop and mail function
  45. HTML Form -> PHP Special Characters
  46. Resolved Retrieving POST values from POST
  47. Problem when i store my post into a variable and then use it in another form
  48. Function for navigating/modifying a multidimensional array
  49. problem using a post back preview
  50. Resolved Multiple select Design Question
  51. Language Translation API
  52. arrays and averages from xml data
  53. RFC for CONNECT method (HTTP1.1)
  54. Inserting into mysql Database need help
  55. Cookies or Database Session States?
  56. Resolved Help with simple regular expression
  57. Can anyone help me to edit this php image viewer
  58. celender dump
  59. A good log in script?
  60. Simple "GET" error.
  61. echo query
  62. problem with curl()
  63. MIME Content types and uploading in PHP
  64. Resolved Uploaded files attached to email?
  65. write to .txt file not registering
  66. changing select box to input box
  67. $_POST doesnot run
  68. Vbulletin - Changing decimal of average vote?
  69. delete files in folder, file name value less than todays date and time - 1 hr
  70. Fwrite deleting lines.
  71. Issues Totalling Values from Inside a loop
  72. Redirect based on referrer help
  73. Problem with self referencing form
  74. get_path("config") problem
  75. Date_default_timezone_set vs. putenv("TZ=someCountry")
  76. Merging Commands
  77. Missing page written.
  78. PHP Exploit BUT HOW?
  79. Forms not saving data when submitted
  80. Does Dynamic CSS Via PHP Get Cached?
  81. Change File Updater
  82. PHP Editor
  83. I need a dynamic header, footer, sidebar....Currently Static
  84. Get the array values into img tags?
  85. Redirect not working.
  86. Bandwidth detection
  87. how do i use sendmail?
  88. Help with PHP Email duplication.
  89. whether Member Functions should be used
  90. smart pointers
  91. Resolved str_replace every alternate blank space
  92. Help with image color modification
  93. page number fix or shorten
  94. Problem with nl2br in html email
  95. Image Pagination Help
  96. php sql problem nothing showing
  97. selecting from combo box problem
  98. Resolved Update fails
  99. I need help with a php coding problem with Joomla
  100. Random Array Index
  101. Addition Calculator Issue with Totalling
  102. Resolved Result_set question
  103. Resolved mailing "$var" in $var =
  104. Resolved give points every 24 hrs not every time they login
  105. CakePHP linebreak help.
  106. Form validation
  107. css button border
  108. Resolved my query function doesn't function
  109. Php t_string
  110. Need help to sort out a Joomla module php problem
  111. Resolved Problem with some Functions...
  112. how to add a textbox using button?
  113. Inserting a captcha image on a form..
  114. Lost How to Expand the Code
  115. Resolved Preg_match number help
  116. Fiile permissions button.
  117. Can someone fix this please?
  118. Php delete directory and files
  119. having trouble setting up a url link
  120. why use this form?
  121. Cakephp Help :-(
  122. Hitting the submit button multiple times?
  123. how to take out these variables?
  124. Using PHP with iframe
  125. Traversing a PHP array
  126. How to run php files continiously(listfiles in folder without having to refres)
  127. Comments box and Chat
  128. Php Login Script
  129. Relative path not working.
  130. login error
  131. date range problem
  132. Check file contents
  133. Resolved Function within Function? Will it work?
  134. Php Install script.
  135. Resolved Adding IP to database
  136. passing specific data without db??
  137. echo(),print(),print_r()
  138. Question about how to set up or split database connections.
  139. check file every 5 minutes question
  140. Help with mihalism script
  141. the class of php
  142. making png images transparent.
  143. Binding a session variable
  144. PHP curl help
  145. You have been online
  146. echo as a link/url
  147. Login script not displaying input error messages
  148. One Main Database Connection File
  149. Data Not Changing
  150. on behalf - php mail
  151. PLEASE help - "Unable to jump to row 0 on MySQL result index 2"
  152. Quotation of mysql query function
  153. Math problem + ellipse
  154. PHP While Issue
  155. Connect one time (sessions)
  156. Profile Linking
  157. File Upload Help
  158. Counting from a database
  159. Resolved Stepping through mysql table one row at a time
  160. Cakephp Helper
  161. Resolved PHP/Javascript issue
  162. Problem with headers sending html email...
  163. INSERT INTO table problem
  164. Resolved Assistance with multiple {counter}'s in Smarty...
  165. Pagination script
  166. Preg_match trouble
  167. Regex - Replace on text outside of tags
  168. Help with php/mysql
  169. Resolved php formatting function for msql query
  170. trim everthing before the . (dot) and including the . (dot)
  171. unexpected T_VARIABLE in copy/paste code?
  172. put into a variable
  173. Looping a Query
  174. Automatic Fallback to Static Upon Error
  175. sessions with php
  176. Checking for two different sets of cookies?
  177. Session vars not storing
  178. GD image, wont show
  179. Using PHP Object for repeated html
  180. Form not working.
  181. converting string to date format
  182. Display Yesterday instead of 1 day ago
  183. i want the whole php code fort including database
  184. How to do path with PHP?
  185. Help on sending a form
  186. Multiple PHP into MySQL insert
  187. want to break line between values of different variables
  188. how to make this script execute once a day
  189. Send text or html as per radio check button?
  190. Setting up a while until 0.
  191. banner script
  192. php url
  193. Need Help with Regular Expressions (I think)
  194. Resolved Upload script - message if file is to big
  195. Creating Zip Files in PHP
  196. detecting if a page is accessible before displaying it...
  197. Help with PHP
  198. Resolved Showing images from directory using PHP
  199. Resolved php dynamic pie chart conception problem
  200. CMS issue - submitting breaks up code
  201. Template Script?
  202. Resolved Adding a while $var
  203. Radio/check boxes in PHP and E-mail Problem
  204. PHP Cron jobs
  205. PHP problem
  206. Resolved sessions & cookies
  207. Resolved POP UP Question
  208. need help for automatic download when run a page
  209. How to store the graphs generated from JpGraph
  210. PHP + cURL Scraping Challenge
  211. I think I found a bugette!
  212. Randomiser Help
  213. setting pc to work like a test server.. problems..
  214. Help removing mandatory fields
  215. [Request] Points System
  216. navigation menu
  217. Resolved Change solid number to decimal
  218. Fwrite Output
  219. Form results sent as Excel File
  220. Resolved Logging into the same page
  221. how do I post to one of two function from my form
  222. Random Spaces in txt file output
  223. Can not get the $_Get statement to work properly
  224. Mov Embeding is being cropped in a php script.
  225. Invite Form
  226. Resolved I'm trying to make linebreaks between lines, but it doesn't work?
  227. slideshow (text instead of pictures)
  228. What's wrong with this block of code?
  229. Resolved Limited select box letters in PHP
  230. html form with multi combo boxes help needed please :)
  231. help with fgetcsv
  232. Use variable as an array argument
  233. How to download files on the webserver using PHP?
  234. How do i exclude the Thumbs.db?
  235. does php have a wizard control??
  236. product options/variants in simple php
  237. What is the Syntax for Jquery Helper Method?
  238. list of countries and leagl drinking age
  239. insert text file into database
  240. Can't get site to redirect to another site (involving .htaccess)
  241. how do I pass a form variable into a function
  242. Session timeout not timing out?
  243. Resolved Skipping the first record in a returned array...
  244. What would this script be called - anyone members/visitors to browser net on my site
  245. String too long
  246. SVN Syncing with Eclipse IDE 3.5.0
  247. Resolved Preg_match and Myspace Profile Pic URL
  248. Validating using php for a form
  249. Resolved Help with login area
  250. PHP Read Excel

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