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  1. $_GET array
  2. Replacing "print"
  3. e-mailing form
  4. Unexpected T_STRING errors
  5. Captcha Contact Form
  6. Removing XML node(s) by value
  7. Resolved BBCode Parser Extension
  8. Need PHP Coder as partner for Prankstergangsters.com. Entrepeneurs only please.
  9. ban ip script
  10. Help! Getting just letters
  11. How do I convert a string to multiple variables?
  12. How to detect online/offline status
  13. How to get the difference between two datetime values
  14. extract images from pdf or save page as image
  15. How can i avoid Website Analytic Code?
  16. Submit Form
  17. Resolved Unknown column 'greg' in 'field list'
  18. Mortgage Calculator - Cannot Subtract in Formula
  19. Daily Fact Script Help
  20. The path of my application?
  21. change 398779.098 to 398,779.098
  22. Problem with lookup table...
  23. foreach help on a parser script?
  24. xmoov.php works but...
  25. Resolved Website displays folder instead of the actual page
  26. whats the proper way to pass &s and 's via a url?
  27. Listing Values from Column with a <SELECT>
  28. c++ php
  29. SELECT lookup two tables problem...
  30. strtotime monday of the previous week
  31. why i can not have value as decimal in my table ?
  32. php/mysql multi-level menu problem
  33. How to stop access to any page
  34. what does this mean?
  35. Can someone tell what's wrong in this code
  36. Referencing PHP inside of Javascript (or the other way around)
  37. How to change path/to/recform.php?
  38. Undefined index warning in my code
  39. PHP Coding/Security Guidelines Checklist
  40. Question about PHP Includes
  41. Unset in Multidementional Array
  42. preg_match_all - problem
  43. Calculate difference between two dates into hours
  44. Resolved displaying dollars and cents
  45. just want to relate two tables
  46. Resolved Passing a subid tracking code on a website?
  47. issues with simplexml_load_string/SimpleXMLElement on PHP 5.1/Linux
  48. Resolved Using cURL to Scan an External Page
  49. Php mail
  50. Resolved Programmatically setting PHP_AUTH_* variables
  51. jpg image not display on page
  52. performing ajax funtion on page(body) upload event
  53. File upload duplicate naming question
  54. script failing to write to logs and send mail RARELY
  55. mail() Function Reliability
  56. Gateway page
  57. Easiest way to remove .php extensions
  58. Problem with user profile [vbulletin]
  59. Resolved Really simple ads program
  60. Variable Variables and Multidimensional arrays... HELP!
  61. HTML mail problem
  62. is making a wordpress plugin profitable?
  63. problem with simple login script
  64. Report pagination
  65. image resize and watermark / 2 scripts in one
  66. PHP/CSS/Wordpress Grid
  67. changing the overall page execution timeout.
  68. how to protect files where constants (such as password) are kept?
  69. how to send request to an ip address - urgent
  70. empty a PHP constant value
  71. Update mysql with checkbox
  72. how i can get a current time ?
  73. doc link problem
  74. dynamic image with stats?
  75. Search query help
  76. writing php script to test security leaks
  77. Simple Comment Script for Gallery type webpage?
  78. Send to Friend Fixing Header Mail
  79. Best way to do this; should I use php?
  80. Pending help
  81. Efficiency question
  82. "Lag" causes more than 1 database input
  83. Generating with php a javascript content
  84. preg replace help please.
  85. Sendmail.php File Processing Empty
  86. Creating a timestamp using informations from a post
  87. Resolved mixed coding - check box array - PHP Jquery HTML - sussed it!
  88. Always query certain number of posts
  89. Remove value from array
  90. Regular BBCode Help..
  91. Check if this is secure?
  92. User redirect()
  93. Insert an image properly in php.
  94. BASIC URL Redirect page
  95. Help with BB Code!
  96. Resolved Shops open/closed
  97. Export from mysql to Excel. Encoding problem.
  98. problem with 'group by' aspect of sql statement!
  99. URL validator
  100. resize image on upload
  101. Reading and writing to text files
  102. Multiple checkboxes using POST
  103. Generating link list from database? OOPS NOT RESOLVED
  104. Continous script execution on server
  105. Help with php code on a template for images
  106. Adding CAPTCHA for first-time use of my site's shoutbox.
  107. Resolved If/else improvement
  108. compression proxy
  109. Replace last line in file
  110. Image Uploading
  111. Remove unused images using php
  112. newbie needs help with isset $_GET
  113. Wordpress Coding?
  114. Why is this simple php spider script results a bunch of junk
  115. Need a php simple Spider/crawler
  116. getting the value of a varible to be recognised by a function?
  117. I need help reading php file + writing it as html file
  118. PHP chat system
  119. you advice about uploading and resizing images?
  120. Displaying variables problem
  121. Placing a gif image in php
  122. mysql_num_rows problem
  123. Resolved Parser is invalid
  124. mail function with list inside text file
  125. while loop with SQL
  126. table rows and tables are offset by 1 table
  127. thumbnail creation not working
  128. PHP login with session variables
  129. Can Php split an image
  130. php sendmail
  131. How do ı just select the first row ?
  132. correct syntax
  133. Create Array from formated text file - sort of formated
  134. Arranging array content into columns
  135. Resolved select from table
  136. The result is not i want.
  137. error
  138. Creating a QuickLink table using achors
  139. Resolved Shoutbox anti-spam
  140. T_string
  141. Very Simple Contact Form Problem... Probably a 2 minute solution! Help Appreciated.
  142. Is Smarty better than Zend Framework?
  143. Splitting each letter in a word into an array and replacing them with an underscore?
  144. mysql not returning results
  145. Easy nav
  146. Working with PHP sessions and form submitting - what am i missing here?
  147. Retrieve data from a mysql database to excel
  148. Users Online (needs some modifying)
  149. Unknow Column
  150. copied php form to new server - now it gives error codes?
  151. is there workaround to use same function
  152. Inserting Data (Mysql)
  153. Need help with storing dates in Mysql (timezones)
  154. page redirect after form send command
  155. Help with ads
  156. Claiming Invalid License Key
  157. Request an interview
  158. Loading a tab-delimited file into MYSQL via php?
  159. inserting values into an array from a foreach loop?
  160. The best way to get a drop down field to show data from a MySQL database
  161. Problem in inserting array in array
  162. Warning: mysql_fetch_array(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource
  163. Form mail working / not working
  164. Problem in Webform!!
  165. Date Format
  166. ShoutBox , Need Someone to finish
  167. How do i include array data in php mail?
  168. users online using databases
  169. "Simple Contact Form" PHP not sending email
  170. Is this how I write an error log file ?
  171. How do I quote html on my php page ?
  172. problem from upgrading php 4 to php5
  173. Writing IF to text file
  174. Resolved Help with regex and question!
  175. Get value of a function on a remote server
  176. adjust height automatically.
  177. Display search results mysql in same page
  178. literal is missing closing delimiter
  179. PHP getimagesize
  180. try
  181. Can anyone see what's wrong here?
  182. Error in script
  183. Check Name , Comment length
  184. creating an array of a string but changing & for and and visa versa?
  185. mysql quick question
  186. Display uploaded files (change link)
  187. Question about SEARCHING - Searching Any Word
  188. function help.
  189. How to make exact search?
  190. classes
  191. Hit Counter
  192. posting array in php
  193. Wordpress: Multiple loops - If post 1 in loop 1 matches post 1 in loop 2, skip...
  194. How do I send this info with my form ?
  195. Google Style Login
  196. coding an UNSUBSCRIBE link
  197. PHP Highlight
  198. Headers for mail()
  199. variable as key in array
  200. Getting an Array from an HTML Form
  201. Resolved Html and Javascript to Php
  202. Resolved Comrades, curl error
  203. select returns nothing?
  204. Display in random order
  205. noob needs help
  206. Need help with some coding
  207. Date Picker in AJAX
  208. some webservice queries
  209. Need guideline for Development of Website Like ....
  210. Resolved added yesterday
  211. Data Picker
  212. PHP count() returning 1 on mysql result set, even when empty!
  213. show N/A when a textfield is empty(form)
  214. http://bash.org/?browse URL
  215. Can someone Show me?
  216. Exp Bar (please help)
  217. Resolved Problem with _GET and database
  218. users online
  219. annoying timezone message in Firefox
  220. How much is too many..
  221. imagine for a rating
  222. Resolved How to retrieve/get a part of string? HELP!
  223. Php email form
  224. if statement problem
  225. convert gif file to jpg
  226. problem implementing recapcha php
  227. whats wrong with this?
  228. Resolved new blog post only works sometimes
  229. mysql join and loop via php
  230. Users Online IP/Page
  231. looping
  232. Resolved Cannot use object of type blogpost as an array
  233. Need a very simple form submission script
  234. How to make this option?
  235. how i can insert a resized image into HTML file?
  236. Display some text only for the first page load
  237. Modiying PHP code for a Joomla module?
  238. Controlling cross browser compatibility by php
  239. date()
  240. mysql error no data displayed
  241. Nested directories and creating a dynamic link to them
  242. Mail Problems
  243. Sending request and grabbing informations from another website
  244. Extracting URL Data From TXT/XML File
  245. PHP imagecreate
  246. check if two variables are different
  247. Help Improve Accuracy In My Contextual Ad Targeting Script
  248. PHP proxy script
  249. Sort Function Not Working please help
  250. Disable Function id $ =1

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