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  1. email with attachment
  2. PHP Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_ENCAPSED_AND_WHITESPACE, expecting T_STRIN
  3. Error in the Code.
  4. Cannot redeclare a function previously declared
  5. Can't get php to execute
  6. mkdir() will only do 755
  7. My script takes ages to finish. anyway to improve it?
  8. How To Get The Number Of The Increment As It Is Going In?
  9. Java Enabled Crawl
  10. PHP to ASP
  11. Secure this code
  12. Help adding BCC to my form.
  13. cannot connect to DB from PHP command line
  14. Resolved Adding values into array?
  15. compressing HTML on the fly
  16. Send email confirmation
  17. wordpress widget problem
  18. Quick Question.
  19. ftp_fget problems grabbing text data from ftp file on LINUX machine
  20. Weird Fatal Error
  21. Site stats
  22. Sql Left Join and echo certain field
  23. My mail.php wont send back response in flash
  24. if($something IS LIKE $something)
  25. Checking a mimetype
  26. Search in the PHP Files
  27. Resolved Uploading files to remote server via cURL
  28. I'm not getting Clients IP Address
  29. Evaluating all mysql rows against all other rows?
  30. Resolved Sorting Arrays Alphabetically
  31. dwonload section error help me ?
  32. PHP insert data into postgresql when table name begins with number
  33. Quick help with a function library I'm making...
  34. delete by checkbox selection using php and postgresql
  35. Cron Job
  36. Need to add other contacts to this form...
  37. Check Browser
  38. Permission denied error
  39. My php mail function doesn't work on my localhost computer
  40. PHP Script installation help
  41. Email spoofing issues on redesigned/moved site. Please help
  42. php5
  43. Get text from inside a " "
  44. Query only fetching 2 rows
  45. Resolved inserting values into db which include ' how?
  46. Binary string
  47. How to add extra index and data to this PHP array?
  48. Regenerating Session IDs
  49. Looking for help working with timezones and DST
  50. php form to mail Help please
  51. simple form
  52. comment box + code source search
  53. update
  54. Need help incorporating a Thumbnail Plugin for WordPress into a Theme
  55. script not reading form fields correctly
  56. Help with auto populating drop downs from sql
  57. Session Expire
  58. Invalid argument supplied for foreach()
  59. htaccess 310 & php equivelant
  60. BBCode Parsing Help - [noparse]
  61. array filtering
  62. server side PDF2HTML
  63. Willing to pay for script
  64. Delete File from MySQL DB
  65. Problems Checking For Empty Array
  66. Connecting to MySQL Database For Stored Procedures
  67. Please help email php
  68. Grabbing MySQL Data, Exploding it, and Matching it
  69. How do I ping a website using php?
  70. Returing loop results as a variable?
  71. Next and Back For sql Limit
  72. Problem With CSV Extraction
  74. fill html form that writes to a fpdf pdf cell
  75. comparison engine table editor code
  76. PhPenpals script upgrade help
  77. Is there php command to take a selection from an image?
  78. Callback
  79. After submit redirect to search page with search item
  80. PHP Next Month Calculation not Working?
  81. Complex PDF Printing
  82. cURL
  83. Send form only going to curtain emails?
  84. classes + arrays = problems plz help
  85. session side-effect of php 4
  86. php silliness
  87. Im having an error with this script
  88. Tables problem
  89. Weird error with script
  90. Is it Safe To Check To See If User Is Logged In Just My Checking Cookie?
  91. html page create
  92. Send email after registry
  93. Can you Find the Problem in This Code
  94. How to embbed font in web site??
  95. obtain files that have cetain format using GLOB ?
  96. search
  97. How to force a space for this code?
  98. as usual: session_start error.
  99. Question - die();
  100. [php]Textarea into a arrray ?
  101. Comparing string and array values having used strtoupper
  102. Searching by multiple categories on same page
  103. How to do this--> Textarea from php to a txt
  104. Simple script Needed!
  105. how to get the host part of an email address
  106. Requiring Terms are read before proceeding
  107. Displaying Country Flag
  108. php session loses data if page sits for a while
  109. Trying to display message only for posts with over 300 chars
  110. [PHP] Contact form won't set subject correctly? Any Ideas?
  111. Auto Logout in set Minutes
  112. Simple array searching question:
  113. Multiple Forms or One Form?
  114. PHP and phpMyAdmin IIS Issues on IIS (WIMP)...
  115. Pagination Function
  116. How can I delete part of a file with PHP
  117. Strip out image tags
  118. [PHP] Form & Form Processing not working right? Why
  119. Useful tool for graphing memory usage?
  120. Resolved if mysql query returns false?
  121. Passing multiple data to the URL via form..
  122. how to automatically start a form with php?
  123. to assing value to info coming from form
  124. get difference between two dates
  125. PHP/XML Problem
  126. Ajax in php
  127. whats this?
  128. Simple PHP snipplet needed (random number generator)
  129. Resolved Using IF on a comma separated ARRAY
  130. help with this includes
  131. Is this the most logical? Pagination
  132. How do online payments work
  133. User ID when posting a chat message
  134. Use different directories for image and thumbnails
  135. File append renders a zero byte file
  136. replacing all backslashes in a string
  137. IP Geolocation
  138. FckEditor any others?
  139. How to show extra subscribe options when open RSS feed in web browser
  140. CakePHP :: IFrame
  141. RESOLVED - Print 3 Column Table Problem
  142. issues with form posting & displaying custom errors
  143. Notice: Undefined offset: 3
  144. mysql restore
  145. please I want simple php search script to my site directory
  146. how to change the content of a variable
  147. Having issues combining two variables to make one
  148. how to delete duplicate consecutive spaces
  149. How to insert a date-time box
  150. Posting Date to DB
  151. Dynamic Page Creation
  152. Is there any site or program to generate a PHP e-mail form?
  153. Resolved Help with populated drop list and search
  154. If empty condition on multiple select
  155. T_variable
  156. preg_match and single or double quotes
  157. xml and array help please
  158. Foreach table split
  159. Condition always tests false
  160. What text editor do you use for PHP?
  161. PHP/MySQL Question: Sorting an array and/or SQL query
  162. need simple php code with ajax
  163. Quick assignment opertator question.
  164. How do I virtually paginate tabbed php page
  165. I need a code that forces browser to load all code then display the page.
  166. post a value from a form and print out in a pdf using fpdf
  167. Admin style chooser
  168. automatic table
  169. remove proxy
  170. Creation of a Joomla Module with some issues
  171. How to access a website using PHP?
  172. Help with select menu
  173. Resolved loading from another file
  174. Looking for one on one php training?
  175. Auto increment 'number' when I POST
  176. INSERT INTO {table_chosen} help please
  177. data not going into database
  178. PHP Project Ideas...
  179. Problem with my guestbook
  180. Problem with objects inside of a function
  181. change ereg to preg
  182. SMS Lib Gammu
  183. ftpdetails->rightAddress
  184. htaccess spaces in names
  185. downloads with php
  186. Help from C99 shell Attack
  187. Error in sql syntax
  188. opening form link
  189. Functions questions! doesn't return false! Please help!
  190. 2 forms, second submit goes back to first?
  191. PHP Solution for MySQL Error 2006?
  192. stupid header error
  193. Automatically transfer data from one MySQL table to the other
  194. Display Artist Tracks "on the fly" without linking to a Page
  195. Call to a member function fetch_row() on a non-object
  196. form submit
  197. gd Anti-aliasing?
  198. Memberlist display problem
  199. Resolved Stop Displaying Duplicate Names
  200. Question on PHP security
  201. Accidently uploaded install folder in my host
  202. PHPBB error page problem! please help!
  203. explaination needed please! for $SQL
  204. MKDIR Help Needed
  205. Resolved SMS headers
  206. get longest word in string
  207. can't connect to mySQL?!
  208. Script dont work.
  209. Variables becoming...well variables
  210. Resolved Looking for complete php page counter
  211. A little question
  212. Passing data from one page to another?
  213. Contact form problems
  214. A noob needs some help parsing .. pleez?
  215. Magic Methods (OOP) - toString
  216. Php page with flash header
  217. Fopen command
  218. Replacing characters and joining fields
  219. linux system call
  220. HTML Entities, anyone?
  221. Sending email with attachments
  222. Fixing a loop
  223. Can I get a second opinion on PHPMailer
  224. Search Table pagination looses break page line...
  225. Swaping Words Script
  226. Spider Google
  227. Help with preventing duplicate database entries
  228. User Online Script - How to add field
  229. form-email trouble PHP
  230. how to fetch the HTTP Response Header
  231. How to set error code
  232. Moved to new server: Call to a member function ... on a non-object
  233. gzip check
  234. Dealing with trailing slash in text input
  235. [Auto] Submit to classified ads
  236. Resolved Remove domain off an email address
  237. how come this makes a gap that gets bigger?
  238. screen resolution (width) with PHP
  239. Newbie with a Problem
  240. A non well formed numeric value encountered
  241. question about charset
  242. PHP GD Resize Image
  243. IF, ELSEIF help needed.
  244. matching value using a bitwise operator
  245. WAMP: scheduled job in seconds
  246. Some help with syntax
  247. Trouble navigating
  248. PHP and 500 Internal server error
  249. How do I supress the display of cents?
  250. Problem with pagination script in PHP

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