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  1. How can I protect my MySQL password in the source code?
  2. Rankbar from data
  3. Header Sent
  4. updating username
  5. Fancybox iframe problem with PHP login
  6. One Button Add All Question
  7. Where is this notice warning coming from?
  8. PHP Classes & requires
  9. Help to shorten Decimal Place and a Total Value
  10. Sort an array by its keys
  11. Resolved Check if first character is a number
  12. hide html code
  13. PHP 5 OOP / set question
  14. Currency Convertor
  15. checking database to see if registered
  16. Login
  17. Zedge clone help required
  18. PHP base64 decode (server disappeared)
  19. php and html formatting
  20. PDF and PHP
  21. PLEASE HELP! variable returning ip returns it backwards..
  22. Resolved error_reporting(E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE);
  23. Search CSV db... forech error! But works...
  24. Receiving shoutcast stream with php but with "impurities"
  25. Newbie Help with PHP and SimpleXML
  26. Link and add to database.
  27. How to exclude a list of IDs from being displayed?
  28. HTTP file posting
  29. PLEASE HELP! comma seperated list for use in customer database....
  30. How Can I Validate My Form?
  31. PHP Search Engine with Filtering?
  32. seperating parts of string
  33. need help!!i want to edit data but my link is not working!!
  34. Need to strip a URI
  35. Need Help - Contact Us Form
  36. Transfering data from one column to another
  37. display array
  38. Sort array by particular key?
  39. Customer Data not displaying on index page...
  40. PHP Form redirect problems
  41. Convert fdf to pdf
  42. Column count doesn't match value count at row 1...
  43. session username to multiple pages
  44. Inconsistent run lengths and increasing speed
  45. need help in tracing users location using php
  46. Use PHP to send email to a hosted domain on Linux
  47. Ok newb no clue whats wrong.
  48. Help linking to comments on my wordpress template
  49. Upload Images and Retrieve the URLs
  50. Attendance form with radio buttons
  51. Mail() function junk mail
  52. List Folders Only
  53. storing a date and time
  54. Trying to Optimize a PHP/mySQL Search Query
  55. CC not working in email form
  56. Skip first line (header) of CSV file while upload
  57. SQL syntax Error?
  58. Technical question...
  59. Php user session sinchronize
  60. Filtering HTML tags with preg_match_all
  61. analyse html text line by line
  62. Help with loop
  63. help with sharing a header and footer accross different folders
  64. How to create internal site search for startup business?
  65. Looking for a way to block words
  66. Need help with getting more than one....
  67. filesize() quit working on me
  68. Need help in adding characters such as () in the area code of phone number
  69. Horizontal Bar Graph
  70. Using arrays
  71. Email Client
  72. Display buy now button or not
  73. Apache server crashes with MySQL delete statement - Also gives PHP Interpreter Error.
  74. Measure Width to Test for Fonts.
  75. Saving image path to db..
  76. how to decide the number of php pages needed?
  77. mysql_real_escape_string problem
  78. PHP survey
  79. Read file and modify line by line before echo ??
  80. Convert this code into a google like pagination
  81. PHP login & index combined?
  82. FTP server up/down script for webpage
  83. PHP GD (With Static Background)
  84. just another common array problem...
  85. passing a dynamic php array
  86. Help with a code to prevent SEOQuake on my site
  87. Question about session
  88. Color palette using pictures in PHP
  89. Resolved array problem
  90. Resolved Echo Session Problem
  91. file name contains spaces and does not load
  92. Dynamic Signature?
  93. php debug
  94. Help with this error msg..
  95. Need a simple rich text editor
  96. How to reduce image quality when it display
  97. script for multiple js and css files help.
  98. Visitor counter maths?
  99. free newsletter management app...
  100. Rich text editor
  101. PHP Form Emailer Help?
  102. Require_once
  103. how preview works ?
  104. updating database
  105. Imagecreatefromjpeg Distorts Image Color
  106. Resolved problem with mail function
  107. PHP Header & Dynamic Page Titles
  108. simple contact script wont work.
  109. data encryption
  110. sessions
  111. PHP Web Crawling Problems
  112. how to echo string with multiple spaces.
  113. Getting results for current month!
  114. Something PHP cannot do that ASP.net can?
  115. Resolved Can't find parse error...
  116. how do i allow spaces in my error checking
  117. how do i get previous stored data into a form before submitting
  118. Closest values
  119. [How?] Remove line from submitted info
  120. Curl and preg_match?
  121. Autoreply after user sign up html email form how?
  122. php in linux system
  123. Pound Sign issues.
  124. need HELP
  125. PHP form code
  126. Resolved Passing a variable in a variable in the URL...
  127. Try and Catch Vs. plain If and Else
  128. add weekdays
  129. Passing values of multi select box
  130. Detecting previous value of radio button
  131. Simple Regular Expression Question
  132. UTF-16 Text to Binary
  133. correct position to put code
  134. If Form Submit
  135. [NEED Help] with PHP code.
  136. trying to filter out array results with a list created from mysql results
  137. FFMPEG Recomendation
  138. how to turn off mdb2 error display
  139. godaddy.com gdform.php edit for file upload
  140. How do i have a function match a non case sensitive string?
  141. Should this be done in PHP?
  142. Multiple random images with the same class
  143. Permanent login with PHP sessions and cookies
  144. Send variable to Twitter
  145. Making a link
  146. How do I make this contact form secure?
  147. Accessing private variables from a sub-class
  148. jquery php link doesent work
  149. inserting   in database
  150. PHP / MySQL Search Function
  151. Array/Loop/While my god i'm so confused
  152. AS2 - PHP Recipe Builder in Drupal Site
  153. Resolved copy png
  154. How to increase marquee speed In Mozilla
  155. need help in displaying images in four columns
  156. mysql_real_escape_string issues
  157. are you Sure .. Before Insert the Statment?
  158. PHP and mysql issue
  159. code not reading $POST fields
  160. Installer Script
  161. Php image crop not working
  162. Caring PHP Session Variables from forms across multiple pages
  163. selecting a random record from a db?
  164. Resolved Image wont display inside php?
  165. Help needed on code for form
  166. Subtract a month
  167. Resolved using session value in href?
  168. fetching specific line of text from text file
  169. need help in creating captcha
  170. Eclipse vs Dreamweaver?
  171. Using PHP if statement here
  172. Equivalent of MySQL's now() function
  173. Array in a text filds
  174. Performance Related Issue
  175. Array in a text filds
  176. Reformulate new array
  177. If dir is empty
  178. Preserving dangerous input from forms?
  179. How do you make variable arguments referenced?
  180. second level php horizontal menu array
  181. Default Timezone
  182. After Login go back to original Page.
  183. Detect Javascript
  184. Processing data from wysiwig
  185. What am i doing wrong? Trying to insert info into a database.
  186. Building a CMS?
  187. Resolved mysql_num_rows () with while loop?
  188. Need to Use Variable From Function
  189. Edit Function or Create Secondary Function?
  190. Need help with this regular expression
  191. Person of the day
  192. need help with mail()
  193. Need help with DropDowns
  194. Create and print links php function
  195. PHP GD and Ajax
  196. Advice When Sending Out Followup Emails To Mailing List
  197. Function to convert plain text to clickable link
  198. error to call stored procedure in mysql in php 5
  199. Site Search Engine: I need advice (mnoGoSearch?)
  200. PLEASE HELP. cant use more than 1 class for twitter code
  201. Help with Formmail.php attachments please!
  202. Curl or script not working.
  203. Help with Php CSS and tabs
  204. create_function woes :(
  205. working of array_mutlisort() in the following...
  206. PHP Email Form... Trying to work CHECKBOXES... Please Help...
  207. list files from folder, only one for each date
  208. Need a little clarification on closing a cUrl
  209. How do I changed the header so that when it redirects...
  210. PHP Image Manipulation Help
  211. setting up PHP on Mac
  212. long script
  213. Error with login
  214. Sitemap creator
  215. Changing é into html entities without touching the html elements ?
  216. Adding dropdown pagination limit
  217. nested foreach loop problem
  218. Limit text length
  219. need help-survey voting
  220. Want to learn PHP more
  221. cURL/Snoopy: How do I read cookie data when sending POST data in the background, API?
  222. Split CSV row
  223. Date Function And Checkboxes
  224. Encode server side requests?
  225. Time out problem so changed php.ini file
  226. how to replace values of an array with values from 2nd array
  227. IF and cookies
  228. Problem with Loop ?
  229. New regex problem - bit difficult
  230. Code To Remove Everything After A Certain Symbol?
  231. Help capture data from previous page to next when submit button click
  232. Simplifying a script
  233. Please help. Need space inside the arrays
  234. Template Issue
  235. sort array in item order when numbers go over 10
  236. cURL not handling foreign characters
  237. Query String question
  238. complete PHP newb question
  239. File Upload Size Limit
  240. grab name of file with most recent date in it
  241. Please help me with my PHP email script!!! Really need you guys!!!
  242. Some help with this regex please
  243. Firefox not loading pages with php error
  244. Can PHP be self checking?
  245. Redisplay form
  246. Php rss
  247. require or require_once or include or include_once
  248. Getting warnings for my array function.
  249. How would I use this function ?
  250. Turning a Dynamic PHP url to a PNG?

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