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  1. External Page Viewer With iFrame Like Google Images.
  2. Session Problem
  3. Resolved Conceptually simple hit counter only working first time around.
  4. Welling and Thompson's PHP and MySql Web Development book- fopen() problem
  5. Grab info from another web page
  6. Variable creation from a function argument
  7. Why is they keyword 'const' not allowed within control flows?
  8. FFMPEG - not working with php script...
  9. login session not working on PHP Version 5.2.11
  10. 404 page
  11. Sesssions issue
  12. ip compare
  13. Resolved preg_replace - replace only a certain part of matched string?
  14. Resolved Problem with Variables
  15. Fireworks menu as a php include?
  16. Resolved How to parse " ' " in php script?
  17. auto alert
  18. Resolved Problem with HTML Select in PHP
  19. Problem with IF statements.
  20. Sending POST
  21. Help with online database login form
  22. heard w3schools offers a good PHP tutorial...
  23. PHP Memcaching multiple data rows?
  24. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE
  25. why do I get these error codes
  26. getting simple PHP code to work
  27. accessing phpmyadmin
  28. Setcookie and vlink help Please.
  29. problem with php fopen
  30. gmdate() - want 1 hr before time
  31. How do I test and assign a php variable within a javascript script?
  32. oop question, should I be using it?
  33. Resolved Very Odd Operation (if/else) Not working.
  34. After form submit Url rewrite Problem
  35. login form not displaying "or die()" content
  36. switch pages random
  37. Help with a certain project.
  38. DOMPDF screen size
  39. how does the mysqli results get passed?
  40. tables html with php
  41. help in moving files from old host to new host ?
  42. array keys, loop and unique array help please.
  43. Funny loop behavior. Please help.
  44. help in moving files from old host to new host ?
  45. word doc problem
  46. ignore checking empty filed on sumbit
  47. Help! Newbie question!
  48. display content based on holidays
  49. search form
  50. Script to print a webpage
  51. Resolved adding data into an array through a loop?
  52. access (admin,normal user)previlages for pages.
  53. sending email with php
  54. Gallery Picture Viewer!
  55. Updata Data In Database Without Refresh ((AJAX))!!
  56. make a delete code
  57. Retaining PHP Form Data
  58. Trying to unterstand the "Vary" HTTP header
  59. Filter result
  60. LIKE/DISLIKE Rating for a article in my website?
  61. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_PRIVATE in
  62. Creating A random key
  63. Need your help on PHP
  64. urldecode
  65. Some question regarding fetching data from a device
  66. Help - Complex Site Menus (what a nightmare!)
  67. retaining radio button value?
  68. How to create a session to post a variable on thank you page
  69. sending array data via email
  70. PHP Login Previous Page
  71. Mass Mailing alternatives
  72. PHP Plugin System
  73. Send form results to person submitting form
  74. File Handling, String Handling
  75. AJAX push?
  76. Retrieve Network PC Names
  77. Resolved need object help
  78. Custom backgrounds upload.
  79. Is it possible to shorten this code?
  80. preg_replace - Do not replace href="text" portions?
  81. Resolved Having problem with back references when using preg_replace
  82. Email will not copy to other recipients
  83. Resolved php switch help.
  84. E-Commerce Class Hierarchy
  85. .htaccess problems
  86. Arrays instead of ifs, waste of resources?
  87. Validate and retain values after validate for drop down menu
  88. What do I do with this error (using a PEAR Extention)
  89. how to populate dropdown list php
  90. initialize session
  91. populating dropdown list based on input to database
  92. php not working please help??
  93. missing arguments from external file
  94. Anybody can give me a download script
  95. Top 20-30 Useful PHP Functions?
  96. PHP - live examples
  97. preg_match
  98. Print page problem
  99. Image Resizing
  100. looking for a newsletter script
  101. Resolved how to check if something isset or something else isset?
  102. PHP Help with small problem
  103. Google Analytics auto tracking
  104. CSE results display - is it possible?
  105. php date problem with conversion
  106. Reverse of strtotime() function?
  107. decent gallery possible in php?
  108. Setting Class variables from database
  109. SQL syntax error on upload page
  110. Resolved Formating date
  111. Check my Code Please
  112. How can I prevent repeating TABLE column entries?
  113. disable form refresh after submit
  114. An int variable with value of 0 is also equal to any string? Why?
  115. PHP in JS
  116. MySQL Tables....
  117. Forms Info
  118. Resolved Editing Form with Select Field
  119. php form help please, unable to get multi forms to work on the same page.
  120. Find and Show Full Line Help
  121. Language Translations - ini or db?
  122. Resolved Image upload
  123. shippin costs for a custom shopping cart - Can o' Worms!
  124. Problem with danish characters in PHP-script
  125. php with html tables
  126. Copyright Report Managing Script
  127. Problem bye NAT and IP Addresses
  128. Resolved Quote Issues
  129. How to save files with unicode characters in filename?
  130. Resolved Deleting Query
  131. Code Broke and I don't know why
  132. Image resize script works on localhost but not on webhost...
  133. help with php mysql query
  134. Echo Array
  135. why wont my if statment work if the matched string has a space in it???
  136. login sessions headers sent problem
  137. Loop going one extra step
  138. how to find total page number in a file(pdf or gmail
  139. Uploading file to remote server.
  140. Resolved Not A Valid Result Resource
  141. how can I change CSS link using external php
  142. My regex is nearly working - just a small improvement needed, please help.
  143. Help with uploading website to host
  144. Checkbox Form Processing
  145. PHP Data Grid
  146. contact form
  147. trying to populate a list box from a multi dimentional array(i think)?
  148. Write to .txt file "New line" ?
  149. Validate URL against URL for login script
  150. Check if text contains certain words
  151. Query Results Displaying Less Than Told
  152. Can I Use mail() on localhost?
  153. CREATE A "base64 encoded image" with PHP?
  154. Problem with string pattern replacement
  155. Auto delete all files after x-time
  156. Resolved Has Standard PHP code format changed?
  157. Vote/poll question
  158. Regular expression
  159. how can i make tables?
  160. php help
  161. Session Vars
  162. Copy or save files from Linux to Windows
  163. the date of upload file in ftp
  164. Suggest a PHP/MySQL Database script
  165. checkbox not complying with "== 'on'" statement
  166. How can one make a Self Search Feature for a PHP Forum?
  167. Anyone know?
  168. Variables
  169. Path finding from Numbers.
  170. Classes and multiple Objects created by/within an object?
  171. PHP File Upload Question
  172. Read column until EoF
  173. [ODBC SQL Server Driver]Cursor type changed, SQL state 01S02
  174. Need to alter a small piece of php code for a Joomla module
  175. Weird Firefox/PHP issue?
  176. How to preserver new line chracters from database
  177. Tables
  178. How to update my session
  179. wordpress pages with no format right after install
  180. Saving Function output to a Variable?
  181. Sending an attachment
  182. Using PHP Echo to Define CSS Class
  183. Hello! Amigos is me again!
  184. Retreiving input from textfield
  185. Array from txt from $_FILES upload
  186. Sorting array of folder list
  187. Looking for general advice.
  188. Need a PHP superhero to figure this out!
  189. Secure login system
  190. wordpress install
  191. SHA-512 vs Whirlpool?
  192. Searching an ftp folder with PHP
  193. Image
  194. While
  195. User Levels
  196. please help link an email
  197. Resolved Help Needed with If/Else inside a variable to determine if = 0
  198. form doesn't update checkboxes or radio buttons?!
  199. learning arrays...
  200. Retrieving Yahoo Groups Page via Curl
  201. Problem with headers!
  202. Why wont this script work...
  203. charset problem in php
  204. make hyperlinks using [file get contents]
  205. mysql_real_escape_string dosen't work
  206. How to "easily" code access rights?
  207. how to use file_get_contents
  208. Php login
  209. How to import files with php
  210. I found this URL checker regex - is it valid ?
  211. Quick Class Help
  212. Anonymous Functions (Closures) in classes problem
  213. Homepage Help
  214. ob_start question
  215. Transform links to hyperlinks
  216. Deck of cards (OOP)
  217. rss/xml escape question mark??
  218. Searching parent directories recursively
  219. PHPBB3 v3.0.6 Styles Issue
  220. Why imagefill always black?
  221. retrieve image from mysql gives problem plz solve it
  222. session_register() help
  223. Ternary Operator Issue
  224. Passing Variables
  225. How can I make this into a hyperlink ?
  226. Need Help Retrieving Info From Database
  227. Date Help Please. Thank you :)
  228. [PHP]Adding Features to a URL Shortening Script
  229. help in showing a hidden textbox on first reload to check if not empty then show
  230. highlight_string returns errors
  231. How to Hiding .php ext?
  232. fields in register.php
  233. Images
  234. Links!!
  235. PHP array question
  236. Require Query
  237. Excel type function in PHP or JavaScript?
  238. multiepages with id without database
  239. Refesh include page
  240. Smarty - Custom Function - Arrays
  241. random number generator
  242. Can someone help with this error?
  243. Check for empty $_POST
  244. Need some help deciding about web forms
  245. PHP cache?
  246. Help with PHP regular expression
  247. Can someone please help me with code.
  248. ODBC Connection to MsSQL and Stored Procedures
  249. Encrypt Email with PHP and Decrypt with WHAT?
  250. DB ERROR:Too MAny CLients!!

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