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  1. cant get ip address to insert
  2. I get this often, dunno why...
  3. How to get the php filename?
  4. Run the file from PHP?
  5. MP3 file is showing as application/x-unknown
  6. Editing db records which were inputted as an array
  7. Reposted: PHP Downloading files problem, can anyone help please?
  8. Parse XML - Write to a database --- PLEASE HELP!
  9. help please... !!
  10. waiting to setup something like a support chat script
  11. Problem with passing time() as argument in constructor
  12. Little help needed...
  13. Update Mysql with function
  14. Help with simplexml
  15. include and the .innerHTML
  16. How can I add php to my JavaScript so the submit button uses both php and java?
  17. Classes Accessing Outside Info?
  18. A problem with ZipArchive
  19. PHP or ASP? Which is better?
  20. Input to lower case
  21. Alteration of existing image upload code...
  22. Reading data from router
  23. Undefined Function Three Levels Down?
  24. enter value from form to database table
  25. [?] form value per textarea line
  26. Remove all html tags except <p> and <em>
  27. Problem with url greek characters in IE
  28. Forums do not appear in VB after ImpEX
  29. Replacing Word double quotes
  30. Accessing XML element
  31. What does this code mean?
  32. Resolved Next and Previous ID's from a table
  33. Grid Map Help
  34. Why is it saving only 5 characters?
  35. Need help with PHP log
  36. id column causing problems...
  37. What does this File Error mean ? ( no. 19 )
  38. PHP update help.
  39. Import data from tble1 to tble2
  40. removing a specific part of a string?
  41. Need Help - Adding information to a database after purchasing something with paypal
  42. Flat file database input cleansing...
  43. Paypal IPN help!!
  44. Form Name
  45. Small Problem regarding login script.
  46. how to display 4 cells who php and mysql
  47. Resolved CodeIgniter Help!!
  48. PHP Math
  49. Formula Issue
  50. Multi Upload
  51. inserting a total of a column in a table
  52. Compare time php
  53. Remove all Non-Tagged XML Question
  54. Free Cpanel Host???? Yes
  55. PHP4 to PHP5 question
  56. Using double brackets to extract info
  57. Want to embed fax sending facility for my clients from my web page.
  58. Hyperlink database output and open new page
  59. SQL Between two dates
  60. compare two strings are the same but not as a value
  61. Resolved problem with sessions
  62. Resolved Expression match help. preg_match
  63. Difficulty with PHP regex
  64. Google marks seemingly perfect emails as spam
  65. alternative to MAIL()
  66. strpos() Isn't Returning Accurate Results???
  67. Submit comment
  68. [?] Write dynamic form array to file
  69. I need help with apostrophes.
  70. PHP Programming brain fart
  71. Resolved INSERTING JSON Data into a SQL DB
  72. PHP '/suburl&='
  73. Resolved resize image on php page
  74. Calculate monday - friday total minutes
  75. Hyperlinking database output
  76. PHP Reflection and Runkit
  77. Random Post Gallery *wordpress*
  78. BLOB image to Thumbnail on Server
  79. LDAP Search Query for Public Contacts
  80. what's wrong with file uploading
  81. Lisit Results By categorys
  82. Decimal
  83. Linking PHP and Outlook using Exchange Server
  84. Member Profile Comments
  85. Drupal?
  86. Creating Word Document Error
  87. HOW in an image UPLOAD I check file DIMENSIONS?
  88. Stuck, how can you return JUST the last 2 digits of a year?
  89. SessionStart function failure
  90. Won't deposit to DB
  91. PHP Help: Upload file to email
  92. What exactly is PHP5 Strict?
  93. problem mailing attachement
  94. Few Questions
  95. Small trouble with regular expressions
  96. Autosave etc
  97. Resolved Problem with updating INT value, using radiobutton
  98. PHP Desktop Application
  99. Attempting to make a "step-forum"
  100. Insert Array data into MySQL
  101. Cookies
  102. Stuck, can't explain in one sentence
  103. redirected first time visitor page
  104. Help with User System
  105. Why won't this work?
  106. Export bio from MySQL to Microsoft Word using PHP
  107. Unset() not working as expected - where SHOULD I be putting it.
  108. Hi newbie here, need some php help
  109. Adding in a PHP Captcha to existing Form
  110. Resolved Assigning a variable to an echoed string
  111. Guidance for phpmailer-fe.php
  112. how to have form to give results to user based on zip code
  113. Simple IF Statement problem!
  114. Having trouble with this regex ...
  115. need help in resizing image
  116. Retrive Link from the Mysql with ID
  117. How to display images from file; How to get text box to retain value until new value
  118. Regex replacing custom tags..
  119. Absolute path of remote images
  120. Passing Variables using php?
  121. Php header question
  122. Increase number from start date
  123. Link to pages...
  124. help with uploading image to folder from database id
  125. Select Table from a dropdown to pass onto another php page
  126. Processing Arrays
  127. Updating Database Help.
  128. REGEX help needed: is this redundant ??
  129. Resolved Check next word for numeric value
  130. convert to function or leave as it is?
  131. An apostophe
  132. Using variables to find postback information
  133. php help
  134. Need help with this form processing script
  135. Right way to store time stamp?
  136. PHP MySQL column value for row
  137. Class Method with call_user_func
  138. Php & ie... Wtf?
  139. Which is the Right way
  140. radical operator
  141. Resolved Getting Access to Page's Source Code
  142. Resolved Dynamic Sidebar not working...(Wordpress) PHP
  143. php array issue
  144. help finding php information and how to turn on error reporting?
  145. IF Statement based on SQL variables.
  146. Passing the variable for an e-mail address through the URL for use with PHP mail.
  147. Avatar images quality problem
  148. Preview website Script
  149. How would you extract this numeric data ?
  150. Question - League table system
  151. preg_matching & overwriting
  152. My first PHP code - If statement - why doesnt it work
  153. simple login system
  154. Simple question for most. Please have a look
  155. One variable not posting while the rest are?
  156. How to correctly format an email in php
  157. Just a quick question -- can read from db but not write.
  158. Should I put this code into a function ?
  159. How Do I gaet the date to display right?
  160. Uploader issues
  161. Resolved Proceed with loop even if error
  162. PHP Post Comment Script
  163. How to make dynamic drop boxes
  164. True/false
  165. How to alphabetize a dropbox from sql
  166. move_upoaded_file issue
  167. readdir write names to Mysql
  168. lock a site with login and password
  169. help replacing 's in a product title?
  170. How would I do find and replace in my text file.
  171. How would I go about making a chat app
  172. preg_replace issue
  173. Return 404 on mistyped url variables
  174. Basepath variable
  175. Edit Row ... Delete Row?
  176. Small trouble with preg_replace
  177. secure delete script?
  178. mysql_fetch_array() not working for some reason
  179. Resize uploaded image
  180. Creating a PHP Library - Properly linking folders
  181. code for getting IP address and system time
  182. Hide row if input field empty
  183. Php return value wrong
  184. Function to encrypt and unencrypt data?
  185. COOKIES / SESSION - Logging out on one computer, not on another
  186. php? java? or database?
  187. Email with your name showing
  188. Start to end
  189. how to skip an increment of 54 to insert in new db table
  190. Add recaptcha to existing form validation
  191. How Do I Just Get The Newest Products To Be Shown?
  192. Vocab builder script in PHP
  193. Selecting an entry in a listbox
  194. Number of objects created?
  195. convert this to a function
  196. Activating SOAP on linux server
  197. Resolved Parse XML in PHP
  198. Handling Checkboxes
  199. Loop to smarty
  200. Form always sends to error page...
  201. Removing number prefix
  202. bread crumb in PHP
  203. encrypting and decrypting url string
  204. Getting Mysql Extension to load in PHP
  205. Preg_Match_All Question
  206. batch file line addition
  207. Display date only for the first post
  208. Call db table from any PHP file
  209. Email form not sending
  210. Using unset on a SESSION variable always executes
  211. problem with a simple regular expression in php
  212. Resolved Php self
  213. Question About PHP File Uploading Script
  214. Question about imagepng()
  215. Reading Most Recent CSV File in Directory
  216. PHP Bold in text Problem
  217. Pulling a substring out of the middle of a string
  218. String length check failing
  219. move image to another folder and write path to database
  220. Redirecting
  221. call perl script from php
  222. Reversing the Order of CSV File in a Table
  223. error 404 if page is not on list in txt file
  224. loggen-in status
  225. wht is the Problem when your PHP IS not PHP
  226. [?] Add more input fields to PHP form
  227. Sorting an array/foreach statement
  228. Prevent field/ text area from any tags (script) help please..
  229. need help with dynamic form
  230. Resolved combine strlen with preg, help please
  231. YouTube API
  232. meta-searching websites
  233. Security question about forms
  234. error check in code
  235. Can somebody help me break down this 1 line of code ??
  236. Check from mysql / then add?
  237. Strange issue with image submit not posting to PHP
  238. Stripping dynamic HTML from a string...
  239. ? about preincrement/postincrement operators..Please Help TIA
  240. changing eregi to preg_match
  241. Running .php In Multiple Instances?
  242. Simple Function Variable Question
  243. Dynamic PDF Creation
  244. Retain vertical scroll when going back to search results
  245. Create thumbnail when uploading
  246. Form Validation Help
  247. Changing a link's color after clicking on it and staying on that page.
  248. Previous Month of a set month & date
  249. external log-in
  250. Need PHP License Script

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