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  1. Error message or redirection if Iframe URL doesnt load
  2. Ordering Problem
  3. Resolved Limit by IP
  4. Blog platform
  5. Database array inquiry
  6. Start another script from within a script
  7. href reference help
  8. Changing a php array into a javascript array
  9. undefined function
  10. put images on website
  11. Article Submitter
  12. Insert Problems
  13. Year of Birth
  14. Email/Contact Form
  15. Session still on after browser closed
  16. textarea saving and reading
  17. Cron - substitue for $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT']
  18. Script is posting blank values from HTML form to MySQL
  19. is_file or file_exists
  20. If statement help
  21. duplicates in array array_unique not working
  22. php form (putting different fields together into a variable)
  23. Need help with str_replace
  24. Save a users 'page edits'?
  25. Chat system, fetching message.
  26. array function ?
  27. change color
  28. PHP echo not working (WordPress)
  29. Ignoring isset??
  30. What Does Google/Yahoo/MSN Use For Server Side Scripting?
  31. substituting image with variable
  32. Help with deleteing records from db with text or csv file
  33. Row-level locking with PHP and Oracle.
  34. Resolved Problems with Global variables?
  35. Need help to add Feedback
  36. Multiple Drop Down Display problem
  37. cURL returning blank for https
  38. password protect page
  39. how to check if a string occurs in a db record?
  40. How can i divide this[String]?
  41. MP3 PLAYERS! (not spa m)
  42. PHP Credit Card processing?
  43. Apply a word filter?
  44. Dates in a week number
  45. Probably pretty easy solved php issue ...
  46. headers allready sent problem
  47. Simple Newletter Signup..Help!
  48. Displaying Records
  49. using cascading drop down with auto suggestor as re
  50. Resolved Turn: $http $host $request INTO $dataurl
  51. If statement within an if statement Help !
  52. PHPSESSID - explanation please
  53. Install Script
  54. Changing/displaying the date once a week (on Saturdays)
  55. Custom Function to fetch SQL data
  56. Craigslist Posting for Good Use -- PHP Curl
  57. File upload progressbar
  58. unlink()
  59. Php echo help please
  60. How can i divide thisString?
  61. Split RSS text between Title and Summary...
  62. Session Problems
  63. drop down menu select field insert into database
  64. 'contact us 'mail script stopped working??
  65. multiple Return values
  66. Get SQL field based another column's field
  67. Help with showing both item types.
  68. php script
  69. Automatic archiving of records in mySQL using PHP
  70. user activity
  71. Problem reading avi-file
  72. Help with some PHP code.
  73. This keyword
  74. Formating a mySQL field in a table as links using data other fields
  75. View all documents and folders at a web address?
  76. starting a project with OOP
  77. 'Page rendered in X seconds' at top of page?
  78. Resolved how to code an "edit post" page? *closed*
  79. mailto redirect to new page
  80. date difference
  81. Populating links according to csv data
  82. Quick in_array question...
  83. Basic ZEND controller question
  84. Anyone used beanstalkd?
  85. File Changer
  86. PHP/CSS Help
  87. Ethical issues?
  88. How to use multiple arrays for different image rotations
  89. Advanced email sending - attachments and magic
  90. locating and counting values in array
  91. Microsoft Outlook Not Recieving PHP Mailer (Forwarding)
  92. How to match date with a group of dates?
  93. Enabeling php5 in php4 web host
  94. Paginaton error
  95. PHP based user only content
  96. CheckBox
  97. parse error form validation
  98. cURL problem
  99. Placing a Website within a table
  100. Time change
  101. Extract values in a string and convert to array...
  102. PHP vs. Python...best uses?
  103. $_POST form error in SELECT WHERE
  104. .htaccess??
  105. php looping when using $getline = fgetcsv($filedump, 8192);
  106. Resolved Query not showing all results
  107. How to generate a comma separated value file of emails from a database
  108. How to go next page in PDF generation using PDFLIB
  109. help creating a pop-up message when a game is submitted
  110. What does Resource id #8 mean?
  111. PHP script listen on port and get some data from sneder
  112. count how many times the same username is in the database
  113. help with PHP form validation script.
  114. Div manipulation using php, please help.
  115. undifine error
  116. preg match for 10 digits only
  117. Login script working in IE but not firefox or safari
  118. A few quick newbie question... File Type and Basic Usage
  119. Reading an array of superglobals
  120. How do I calculate the next month from today ?
  121. How Do I Change This Function to Display the Categories Like This?
  122. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_ENCAPSED_AND_WHITESPACE, expecting ']' in c:/
  123. best way to grab content from another port?
  124. passing variables in hidden form fields to $_SESSION()
  125. pulling form data with post
  126. Can we put PHP into HTML ? Is CMS best or No?
  127. PHP...does it make Javascript unncecessary for form validation?
  128. HELP PLEASE registeration forms
  129. How to create scrolling price ticker.. i have code in PHP
  130. Javascript in PHP problems
  131. Form validation from drop down menus
  132. Please help me
  133. Count number of entries in table
  134. Data not updating in database.
  135. Simple Question: How do add a decimal to a number. 300 to 3.00
  136. some error in this snippet but i couldnt work it out
  137. Can't upload images in jpeg format
  138. Never passing args to a class = bad?
  139. add % to a string
  140. Help in a php coding problem !!
  141. Updating specific area of table in postgresql
  142. online lotto scripts
  143. mySQL and checkbox
  144. Resolved str_repalce (remove numbers 123)
  145. Delete multiple rows from table
  146. locking textareas
  147. wordpress php exclude page issue
  148. mysql select 3 id
  149. need help with basic script!
  150. Formatting sql query results into 4 columns
  151. multiple checkbox disable on submit
  152. Catchable fatal error: Object of class db could not be converted to string
  153. Looking for a PHP documentation/manual script
  154. $_POST not working!
  155. My site works in firefox, but not in IE/Chrome/Safari
  156. Carrying a string from one page to another
  157. mysql_fetch_array() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in
  158. Resolved function not returning result
  159. Showing the list of all the functions called, debug_backtrace() doesn't fits me
  160. What could interfere with reading cookies?
  161. How to generate refer links??
  162. way to make function faster?
  163. if statment or Conditional OP faster?
  164. eval and math functions
  165. PHP image resize help!
  166. preg_match all matches into array
  167. user registration using email verification
  168. fopen security - creating files
  169. Resolved .ini.php - multidimensional associative = possible?
  170. how to check email/user ID avalibilty???
  171. Problem with Sessions
  172. Reg Ex help
  173. Simple SQL Query D'OH
  174. crypt, md5, sha1
  175. Class inside a class
  176. Variables not unsetting.
  177. elseif or switch/case ?
  178. Form not working...any ideas?
  179. combined invoices pages
  180. mktime(0,0,0,date("m")+1 issue...
  181. Include some outside code in Wordpress
  182. AJAX: JS callback via PHP: what can I do with an [object NodeList]?
  183. Need simple SQL Query
  184. Payment gateway
  185. Adding recipients to newsletter
  186. Php url
  187. action form command to php file
  188. Need help adding to database on multiple servers
  189. Array Matching
  190. preg_replace not replacing all instances...what am l missing?
  191. split() function help
  192. top webpage search box help
  193. Navigation link sorting for custom cms
  194. You are logged in... (Short code)
  195. How to create an active link in a PHP search result?
  196. Variable Data Mystery
  197. Resolved Sunrise Sunset not changing to daylight saving
  198. How to delete multiple records from a database with a certain date?
  199. Can $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] be trusted?
  201. Small php error in this code...
  202. Please help --- Unsubscribe to a newsletter - PHP, no database
  203. How to secure sessions?
  204. Multiple Error in code
  205. Simple POST random number issue
  206. Looking for a Countdown Timer to reset itself daily at midnight
  207. variables between 2 websites
  208. Why we use so many meta's??
  209. Extra "scrap" attachment sent - PHP mail() with multiple attachments
  210. Warning: Division by Zero error
  211. Resolved Help needed discerning this error
  212. File or directory cannot be found
  213. Sorting & Pagination
  214. Resolved sql array results
  215. MVC : Dynamically adding functionnalities to a model class
  216. Foreach items and list in several columns
  217. Resolved does the die function destroy the session?
  218. Lost connection to MySQL server during query error
  219. need to make more collumns with php
  220. code disorder help
  221. RSS feed creation?
  222. Resolved run query in different class
  223. XPath Values
  224. Getting Started in PHP + Projects 4 hire
  225. login questions
  226. Resolved echo function?
  227. Does Windows support: $_SERVER['SCRIPT_FILENAME'] & $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'] ?
  228. Picture viewer is acting funky. Please help!
  229. Forming Help
  230. Checking for submitted form
  231. Function v. method naming conventions - to camel or to underscore?
  232. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '}'
  233. Resolved file_exists
  234. Create sql row
  235. Making an upload form
  236. adding data to a class
  237. Script form problem
  238. Getting not working
  239. function variable help
  240. $_GET data type validation
  241. Contexual Search System
  242. sesiondestroy
  243. Chained drop down menu using PHP
  244. Searching images?
  245. is it possible to create php.ini file inside folder in my script ??
  246. failed to open stream
  247.   Problem
  248. Convert perl over to php
  249. Detect screen resolution with Javascript and PHP
  250. Problems with excerpts on WP blog site

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