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  1. Improving Header in mail() ??
  2. Help with left join and inner join
  3. "Track My Order" On Website
  4. Directory Name?
  5. Resolved .html to .php error
  6. PHP Mass emailer
  7. Seeing a Constant
  8. Custom Error
  9. PHP Stops Producing Dates After December 31st
  10. CakePHP install on local pc (xampp) incorrect paths problem
  11. Need help re-working Includes
  12. How can I update a table with differing data ?
  13. Can I use a variable in the sql query ?
  14. Inserting CSV into Database
  15. "Illegal string offset"
  16. return all but strings in array
  17. Problems with admin page and location method
  18. Please help with default array values
  19. Securing Database Connection??
  20. Executing my Query on Button Click
  21. How to refer to a parent namespace from a child namespace?
  22. display data in next row when the next id comes
  23. Initialzing Variables?
  24. General Question about PHP and other coding languages
  25. Error in code
  26. category/subcategory results
  27. PHP is not outputting properly
  28. [Wordpress] Sticky and UnStick a post from the front end?
  29. pagination with a alphabetica search filter?
  30. mysql query mutliple result sets into html form
  31. Combine Photos Into PDF with PHP
  32. Resolved POST method: Undeclared Index.
  33. Displaying Results when Date = ...
  34. Resolved If or problem driving me nuts
  35. iam having problem in php code
  36. PHP Postcode Search - Help Needed
  37. Move File Issue Caused Error Help.
  38. [wordpress] upcoming events loop
  39. Cake PHP Site Suddenly Not Working...Why?
  40. Help required for a shopping cart
  41. Make a directory on host
  42. Form to text [php/html coding]
  43. Resolved resource with MySQL but not with MySQLi
  44. How to execute a Query when clicking on a button
  45. Checking if value lays between two other values
  46. Can you auto-zoom in to nearest five results on embedded Google Maps?
  47. error in my DateTimeZone line
  48. Best way to store E-mails in my Scripts?
  49. Form error when you receive an email after it submits
  50. Google Charts & MySQL
  51. Add integer to username pro chat rooms
  52. connections connections
  53. popunder question
  54. Resolved finding end of the line
  55. Selecting each form post element
  56. A little help with Re-Captcha PHP please!!
  57. Data validation, reCaptcha, redirects
  58. Converting Queries from mysql to mysqli
  59. writing a predefined function
  60. Paypal IPN issue
  61. Document/Image Maintenance.
  62. Permalinks with PHP/MySQL
  63. Zend - Call view helper from action helper
  64. lock scroll position
  65. Dummy Member and Security Risks?
  66. YOOtheme's Built-In Social Buttons Not Referencing Proper Image
  67. Failed to open stream: No such file or directory
  68. Need help using form to create custom hyperlink.
  69. New to OOP, setting variables issue?!
  70. Quick Date Question
  71. [wordpress] loop issues
  72. adding security question to php contact form
  73. Pls Help
  74. Storing files by upload date
  75. Video Fetch Code From Video Hosting Sites
  76. Unable to read/display Name
  77. failed to open stream: Connection timed out in
  78. help using mathmatical functions within a sql query
  79. Collation cp1250 not displaying correctly
  80. Changing php within Wordpress Blog Page
  81. I really need help with this.
  82. Problum in MySQL query While using ORDER BY clause
  83. how to send message to multiple users inside a input field form
  84. Problems with php processing of form
  85. If isset help
  86. floor(589.92 * 100)
  87. SQLite + PHP - Call to undefined function sqlite_open()
  88. VAT rounded?
  89. Array problem
  90. Resolved Cleaning Up PHP generated HTML
  91. how to direct users to their page if they are login?
  92. Resolved PDO Update or Binding Problem
  93. Logic and Machanics of a conversation system
  94. numeric check gives me error message
  95. PHP incude_once Question
  96. cron & $_SERVER
  97. compile data to show later?
  98. PHP For Each loop - struggling
  99. Problem updating MySql database..
  100. help and advice on building a query string based on $_Get Variables
  101. Php script for website
  102. 2 php pages together make up home page - need top panel not to reload when linking
  103. How to get text starting from third line
  104. PHP Memory Leaks issues
  105. Displaying random YouTube videos ...
  106. fetch data from table and write into another
  107. Embedding transparent png watermark very slow...Thoughts?
  108. Pls help
  109. mysql query echo results into html form
  110. Blank page returned for large script
  111. PHP Question<Head></Head>
  112. Question about using quotes in php
  113. UTF8 for php files.
  114. Need help with Joomla php Script
  115. footer php links not working
  116. Linking from flash player to display info
  117. php multiple file upload using array or for loop
  118. PHP vs Ruby
  119. Authentication using PHP Curl
  120. Documentation for curl_login ?
  121. Automatic Back up Server Script not working
  122. Random yet predefined DB Selecting
  123. Help with form - combining php and javascrpt
  124. Resolved Outputting row and replacing line breaks
  125. Help with my code
  126. Programmers notepad - opening php files in utf8 no mark
  127. Retrieving function value :(
  128. Resolved switch question re endswitch
  129. Echo Title Help
  130. crypt vrs sha256+salt
  131. Php price
  132. Can anyone suggest a good "dealer area" script?
  133. PHP Echo Not Working
  134. Help with Saving Image to Folder instead or Browser
  135. Mobile Detect - Disable Parts of Script
  136. HTML to PHP, not getting mail
  137. Resolved PHP tree list problems
  138. Php (Header) (session?) Something which knows you are 'logged in' Or clicked a btn
  139. Wordpress widget problem
  140. Can't login to website once hosted online
  141. script from third party to process form
  142. Need a php script that adds to XML file...
  143. Creating a separate page from a loop
  144. Modernize and clean this code
  145. PHP login using DW
  146. Help with function, returning a variable
  147. Sorting multidimensional array
  148. Booking system
  149. Search with no match generates Query Prep Failed error
  150. website backup problems
  151. Wordpress pagenavi stops working with custom query
  152. Php Search & pagination
  153. PHP Code: User input not adding/updating to SQL database
  154. Getting another URL's Javascript variable in PHP?
  155. Trouble with php code-ContentBuilder & Uddeim
  156. user LOgin
  157. How to calculate results for a complicated multiple choice quiz?
  158. passing 'redirected from' variable?
  159. Nesting a foreach loop
  160. mod_rewrite custom script url to friendly url
  161. chinese characters not dispaly in the email body
  162. can any one decode this
  163. store data after someone pays with paypal
  164. remove a certain row from results after query.
  165. Seeking Help to Debug PHP, MySQL, Ajax Issue
  166. help to format database results into a specific array format?
  167. where do extra lines come from?
  168. MySQL database connection
  169. Trouble with ldap_search()
  170. PHP amateur need help for basic query.
  171. Unit testing an API
  172. Trouble passing javascript value to php
  173. reCaptcha working correcting.
  174. Pull <link rel="image_src" from another URL to use as current page's
  175. how do you allow only indicated file type
  176. load jQuery via wp_enqueue_scripts
  177. Autoresponder
  178. php
  179. i need help to ensure i pull out the correct recordID from my DB
  180. Major Site loading issue with PHP hanging
  181. compression gzip
  182. php mysql insert a colon
  183. Advice about learning PHP
  184. Warning: mysql_fetch_assoc() expects parameter 1 to be resource, string given in
  185. Help processing json
  186. Resolved Selection list from directory stripping returns upper case as lower case lettering.
  187. Applying stylesheet into PHP?
  188. How to allow multiple users
  189. Between Date range not correct
  190. php database class error
  191. Disallow removal of Footer Credits
  192. bcrypt password into database
  193. Increment + 1 to a column in a table
  194. Simple PHP understanding help
  195. Is it quicker to read an INI file or a serial file?
  196. Optimize Code?
  197. Fatal error: Call to undefined function dbase_open()
  198. Need help with e-commerce website
  199. multple keyword search and multiple search inputs
  200. Resolved Help with URL Variables
  201. Proper way to construct a mysql statements to post data to db
  202. help with Curl please, is this possible?
  203. bbcode parser
  204. Problem defining a variable
  205. no file download glitch
  206. Search by part of string
  207. Need help in sorting date format (eg. July,2013)
  208. r1soft backup system?
  209. PHP form Select from list problem
  210. upload video clips display video thumb images not working?
  211. Sorting a loop by date
  212. PHP Query not returning records
  213. ajax php
  214. Trimming left side zeros
  215. Conditional search, if not found...
  216. Smarty foreach loop
  217. list results from different tables depending on search result
  218. My looping table loops twice?
  219. varchar date convert to date
  220. problem parsing a series of atom xml files
  221. more php assistance
  222. How to present the database info?
  223. Need to know how to edit php header
  224. Changing these radio buttons into images
  225. Add page title tag into <a href link with PHP
  226. php error
  227. php assistance
  228. PHP hyperlingk in MS Outlook
  229. Web application - document generator
  230. creating a calender page - debugging help needed
  231. Can anyone tell me whats wrong?
  232. emailing all and account transactions by date range, from database
  233. Finding stuff in a txt file
  234. input "name" doesnt work
  235. Is PHP confused about FILTER_VALIDATE_EMAIL?
  236. Login with Google Account for Web Application
  237. Implode not working
  238. PHP Mail function having some issues
  239. Trying example but recieving odd result
  240. Email from another sever
  241. populating text box data from the database based on static drop down selected
  242. Displaying a list alphabetically
  243. PHP IF Statement Error
  244. Website Pagination Links
  245. PHP Code for sending emails, via SMTP, to recipients listed in a Text file
  246. Process Form Multiple Times
  247. PHP Login System Help Please
  248. Using the Same file for My Stilizing and having Different content on my pages
  249. Anything wrong with this server status grabber?
  250. Need help "Installing" website

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