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  1. Login form help please
  2. Resolved Page looks as intended in Chrome, but not in IE or Firefox.
  3. Form Validation
  4. OOP For COMPLETE Beginner
  5. 3 Hours past started
  6. Adding a single node in a multiple node array
  7. Escape ampersand in a form
  8. global all
  9. Automatic download links from url
  10. Basic code conversion to Prepares statements
  11. Best way to verify form values?
  12. conditional with no curly brackets
  13. need ssl
  14. Integrating Froogle Results
  15. first and last second of day
  16. Php & xml
  17. Display images in the database only four in a row
  18. send email
  19. VoicePHP Help Needed
  20. name validation
  21. Resolved Dynamically checking whether checkboxes isset is not working
  22. Share Contact Form
  23. How to email in CSS (HTML)?
  24. Should I hire outsourcer? If so, where?
  25. How do I echo array key&value pairs as a string ??
  26. php post variables in header redirect
  27. Resolved array question
  28. function return include();
  29. Insert sysdate into mysql table using PHP
  30. Hwo to add email confirmation field?
  31. How can I run a 'net start' from PHP via IIS
  32. Adding a date stamp to a user sign-up and using it.
  33. cyrillization script bug (preg_replace)
  34. please help with my autosuggest feature
  35. Stripping HTML from PHP variable for PDF generator
  36. My First Script by using php , mysqli .. I want you to see it and....
  37. write to xml file?
  38. Different css on on every second post
  39. Php Aggregate RSS Feeds, Twitter, Youtube, Tumblr
  40. Insert dynamic drop down menu value into mysql database
  41. When using $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] I get a blank row inserted into the database
  42. Can't get php/ajax to populate last drop down?
  43. mysqli and mysql not working
  44. Unique IDs to user-uploaded images, and displaying them to the correct user.
  45. Unique Customer Number
  46. Strange "echo" problem
  47. Fetching content
  48. Fetch Data from another website
  49. A database display problem
  50. Resolved Need suggestion/help
  51. Simple delete from mysql table! [or so you would think]
  52. 4 Steps Registration Process via Modal Windows PRoblem
  53. Updating XML
  54. Caching variable
  55. not able to concatenate string in php
  56. variable name (need reply)
  57. submit a attachment via form
  58. Setting timezone
  59. Preventing Email Header Injection
  60. I need a simple newsletter subscribe form in php or html
  61. php formatting help
  62. Send Basic E-mail with Attachment
  63. Get data from between HTML tags
  64. Displaying a user level as a set value?
  65. Imitating google results technique.
  66. Mp3 Upload Form - from snippets
  67. Undefine index problem
  68. Exponential numbers in php?
  69. Roulette Problem
  70. PHP Include wont work in HTML Page
  71. List all *.xml files in a directory
  72. php code can not read the direcotry, need help
  73. PHP Variables not showing in mail message
  74. Footer not Visible
  75. sending form info to function?
  76. IE and PHP with included files
  77. Trouble with URL include in PHP (difference between php 4 and php 5?)
  78. Tournament brackets
  79. Security on Memorial Website Script
  80. help to implement code ...
  81. Is this poor practice?
  82. passing value by reference to a function (Zend Cert)
  83. Potential SQL injection in PHP (Zend Cert)
  84. Ogg Vorbis header type
  85. mysql/php
  86. include files (applications)
  87. how to protect external javascript using PHP
  88. PHP http authentication
  89. Checking form before inserting it into database
  90. Passing users evenly
  91. PHP causing CSS to misbehave sometimes.
  92. PHP VoIP
  93. PHP Login
  94. PHP... Parsing RSS Feeds / XML on a free host...
  95. Fetching data from site member area
  96. display radio button as selected based on saved info
  97. Session Authentication
  98. PHP includes
  99. Querying a database using OOP
  100. what must i do to make track shipment site..?
  101. need help to contruct multi-level array
  102. Upload/Resize Image by Height Question
  103. pagination like wordpress joomla
  104. how to read only one section of array
  105. Race condition
  106. pls help me with this!!!
  107. AJAX post returning 500 Internal Server Error on Live Server
  108. Edit Variables contained in a file
  109. File Upload Won't Work
  110. Script to make Gaming List
  111. server side time
  112. email template -> reuse
  113. Resolved Radio button value used in mysql query
  114. what is diffrent between mysql and mysqli ..
  115. Accessing elements of an array
  116. hi , how can extract the date from database and ..
  117. Help with MAIL
  118. Urgent : PHP script to complete fields and send
  119. Simple form Validation
  120. PHP - Copy source from another page
  121. Fetch rows from database and show in new table row
  122. Custom error page on PHP error
  123. Getting Option Value
  124. help
  125. Help for Block proxy with php script
  126. Pagination help
  127. Check String for ilegal character and replace.
  128. Parse error: parse error in C:\wamp\www\update.php on line 6
  129. Image in database
  130. directing users to their retrospective pages
  131. BBCode Sorting?
  132. Problems with UPDATE
  133. Merge 2 arrays in to 1, with values from one as key and the oter as values.
  134. Displaying image gallery from different folders
  135. Custom functions.
  136. Using data from a dropdown list
  137. website
  138. Podcast Plugin RSS Feed
  139. Newish to PHP
  140. Keeping Image aspect ratio
  141. Uploading and Downloading Files
  142. $_GET URL error?
  143. Displaying affiliate product feed
  144. New to PHP and need a project
  145. How to find words from .txt file using specific pattern
  146. Check if a file exists
  147. Resolved Music player
  148. PHP Read variables contents instead of writing variable string
  149. Input and output on one page?
  150. replicating SOAP call using cURL
  151. A bit of a Random Question...
  152. User Login System
  153. newly created thumbnails black
  154. Fetch variable not working as anticipated
  155. How to mimic vBulletin type authentication in PHP
  156. Finding rows where date was over 30 days ago or was not set
  157. advice on a sortable array
  158. valid PHP variables (Zend Cert)
  159. php scripts to manipulate database
  160. need help with SUM
  161. how to add part or wordpress site to main page of php site
  162. trying to change coding on cleanup php script
  163. Help,existing site,large db,need checkall and uncheck boxes invisible
  164. Code to Edit Flat File Entries
  165. php script help
  166. WSO2 Framework: SOAP Authentication issue using WSSecurityToken - no response
  167. Searching ManPages with code
  168. Regex Help
  169. HTML Form?
  170. Multiple Pinging With Time Limit
  171. my encryption cypher
  172. number of digits in timestamp
  173. PHP login script session is being a pain! :(
  174. List files on server folder
  175. Session Not Working
  176. Formmail
  177. Making API, to use REST or not
  178. How can I get json_encode to return an array of object literals?
  179. Permissions Problem
  180. Encounting an Error
  181. Email Form with multiple recipients and options
  182. Looking for a server-sided web crawler
  183. checkbox email
  184. Banning users from access through PHP
  185. PHP URL - Any URL starting with...
  186. Using Greybox with php
  187. How to pass a value from a while loop to another page??
  188. Wordpress
  189. Conditional to complete query
  190. Split string
  191. Logic Behind a Thumbs Up/Down Voting System?
  192. Make Tumblr embed snippet ignore carriage returns?
  193. Resolved Regex worked now it doesn't
  194. Resolved Guest user dowloads- DL link direct to enter password
  195. Passing values to update SQL Database
  196. Form direction to wrong page
  197. I am looking for PHP guy to ask some questions
  198. simple math problem
  199. How do I make an image-creator like these?
  200. Updating multiple rows
  201. sorting arrays with multi-dimensions
  202. Admin Edit User's Information
  203. Grabbing info from another webpage.
  204. having trouble with form retaining its data once submitted and failing, please help.
  205. You cannot modify private member variables of a different class (Zend Cert)
  206. create a Zlib-compressed file foo.gz with a compression level of 9 (Zend Cert)
  207. iterating through prices, sizes and amounts
  208. Resolved Calling input type from db
  209. Stopping specific email addresses?
  210. URL String Check?
  211. Resolved Can anyone help me fix a piece of code?
  212. how to mail
  213. PHP function loop
  214. New here !!!! PHP/CMS ?
  215. Is It Slow To Force SSL On/Off Through PHP?
  216. Wordpress Hack
  217. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '['
  218. Consecutive days problem
  219. opening a page only clicking a banner
  220. PHP breadcrumbs reverse
  221. Putting column values into an array according to the row
  222. multiple email validation, help me please..
  223. php include
  224. Nested echo syntax
  225. security help
  226. Admin View Members Page
  227. PHP and mysql time question..
  228. HTML Screen Shot with PHP
  229. using functions in this situation?
  230. how to setup array....
  231. Php & xml
  232. the php include_path
  233. Help with preg match?
  234. Preventing users from entering HTML in a guestbook
  235. Major issue with a possibly simple Answer - Urgent!
  236. How do I show only posts from ONE SINGLE category (Wordpress)
  237. Code for Selecting from a table and storing values
  238. Multi URL Metatag Scraper
  239. alphabetically order data when inserting into database
  240. Resolved [ask] form image search
  241. not sure which way to go.
  242. Grab the first 25 characters
  243. php or mysql faster?
  244. Grab several twitter feeds and display them in one, unified page?
  245. reCaptcha validation via Ajax
  246. Dynamic Dropdown lists
  247. URL strip back one slash
  248. Php help
  249. Order By - Drop Down Menu
  250. _GET question

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