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  1. How can i get previous page url in IE.
  2. Auto include text in a contact form
  3. Get value of multidimensional checkbox
  4. Multiple Choices
  5. Parse error: syntax error
  6. how do I create a hosted app out of...
  7. Query not working, but should
  8. Resolved Fresh Eyes Plese
  9. checking if variables are set
  10. if/else not working correctly
  11. Sendmail Settings
  12. MySQL Table Display
  13. replacing all numeric values in a string
  14. Nested SQL select
  15. help with isset
  16. iFrame Placed Source URL
  17. How thecolor.com website works
  18. form submission issue
  19. Export to PDF format by using backend(MySql)
  20. PHP Mailing List Question
  21. Taking 5% interest
  22. Alternative command to exec
  23. Resolved Changing a dynamically loaded image to a static one?
  24. updaing user
  25. group_concat_max_len
  26. Database values being reset when form is submitted for second time!
  27. Retrieving Google Search Results
  28. php scripts for beginners
  29. Syntax error
  30. Rotating text (newbie)
  31. PHP Chmod directory one level up
  32. PHP .ini file changes
  33. Getting info from Mysql DB to a premade PDF form.
  34. Lost password function help
  35. Random username and password from CSV file
  36. un formating a decription field coming from a database
  37. rss to twitter and facebook using php...
  38. Create folder with file in it
  39. Future performance concerns
  40. PHP error from a query, not sure what to do.
  41. print the results of a query in a foreach loop?
  42. Urgent Help Needed on PHP Regex
  43. Some Weird Codes Appear on Top of my site, Please help me take them off
  44. Resolved loop through queries question
  45. Resolved redirect loop issue
  46. why it uses the Constructor?
  47. mail() problem - bcc included in from field
  48. Trip value of zero
  49. Unresponsive php login code
  50. array_push key=>value , how can do it?
  51. Notice: Undefined variable
  52. where is the error in this code?
  53. Need help with something!
  54. Keeping variable value
  55. Changing color of cell based on database data
  56. Resolved GET $var sent but not used by query?
  57. PHP conditional ignoring SELECT value
  58. Resolved preg_replace(); question
  59. Query echos correct but inserts wrong!
  60. Math Inaccuracies
  61. PHP help urgent
  62. Looking to open my various links to my html pages inside a table on my index page.
  63. what are these line meaning?
  64. how can find some of words and replace it ..
  65. Question: Isolating a php include result as a separate page within another
  66. counting all values in column without creating a new column
  67. Sorting Alpha and Numeric
  68. Help with order lines in xml
  69. emailing users on click
  70. .php?page=x
  71. Data from Mysql Comma Seperated
  72. iWebkit Help
  73. php question for the advanced users
  74. user sql
  75. Magento > Display average product rating with Mage?
  76. Strange issues with file inputs not being accepted in PHP script
  77. Can PHP tidy up a messy string of text?
  78. Tracking dates on a calendar
  79. turning JSON object into nested SQL WHERE clause
  80. Resolved mysql_fetch_object(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result
  81. Display data taken from a database in another form
  82. Help with a php form?
  83. Folder option
  84. can some one help me out with my error?
  85. mail
  86. Backup email server if, else statement
  87. PHP preg_match_all error
  88. How can you change variables without refreshing the page?
  89. PHP Ping test - Working, but is it right?
  90. Array Help
  91. Cron Every Minute Too Much?
  92. Resolved Could not run query.
  93. How to generate data from the database
  94. PHP FTP Script and Log Result in Mysql
  95. PHP Chat Room
  96. call_user_func within a class
  97. Resolved Displaying table in via mail();
  98. PHP code in html file
  99. mkdir help
  100. mysqli result
  101. Trouble getting value of variable from hidden field
  102. Split PHP String
  103. how to do meta tag in index.php?blabla=blibli
  104. installing mencoder to server via SSH
  105. Secure login method?
  106. Resolved warning headers already sent?
  107. Session Help
  108. MySQL issue with .php code
  109. Two POST Actions in one Form?
  110. Pagination link modification
  111. Should I be using Switch or If statement for this
  112. How to create bookmarks using php code
  113. random population of select menu
  114. Making weekend dates unselectable from PHP calendar?
  115. How to send data to fix IP
  116. how to study session function
  117. any function in php to detect a char
  118. problem in saving the image at server using php
  119. Throttling mail()
  120. proper syntaxt variable in script query
  121. Download button
  122. Help me with SUM
  123. mail!
  124. PHP Database login system questions
  125. Problem accessing session variables on first run
  126. Creating PDF docs with PHP
  127. Submit (POST) on form but stay on page
  128. Resolved Security question about arrays
  129. PHP Calendar
  130. Word wrapping PDF document with PHP
  131. HELP! how filter out the csv file types?
  132. Resolved " quotes messed up in html
  133. Best admin panel security for CMS?
  134. Delete Mysql entrys (Form by Num of Days)
  135. WP user-linked headlines w/comments plugin?
  136. Resolved Auto DATE for select box
  137. each visit an other array value
  138. problem in zip/rar MIME types
  139. random doesn't work :S
  140. strpos
  141. can't understand this class
  142. duplicate entries in db, then get one value only
  143. Help with a banner display based on url
  144. OsCommerce hosting Site
  145. INSERT function not functioning
  146. PHP Checkbox Forms -- how to make into aesthetically-pleasing URL variables?
  147. New search form
  148. checking if user has already uploaded a file
  149. Problem updating multiple rows at once
  150. Twitter Login And Tweet
  151. Resolved ( Cancelled - Changed code)
  152. Radio DJ Panel
  153. Simple Dynamic Menu (or not so simple)
  154. Resolved Having problem getting a background process to run
  155. Resolved Fresh Eyes To Check Over Please
  156. Storing multidimensional array into mysql
  157. Upload image coding error please help
  158. display image based on numbers in a column
  159. learn php with mysql?
  160. Checking if file is .pdf
  161. Warning: fwrite(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource in
  162. Coding a website help?
  163. How do read and delete the first line of a log file (in a loop) ??
  164. HELP! Importing csv file
  165. instead of ereg_replace ?
  166. Unsetting original variable (and all references) by reference
  167. Registration Debacle
  168. Please check my code - working sometimes not all the time!
  169. problem with POST and GET
  170. Php Email with attachments
  171. Resolved line breaks
  172. Current Date -3 Days from Varchar datetime
  173. Make url clickable
  174. How to delete data in HTML using checkbox and PHP script?
  175. Resolved Adding a secondary contact to an account?
  176. searching for text from a frame set
  177. Mass Mail Member Name
  178. Only display text during certain hours of day
  179. class calling other classes method without include/require
  180. Help Needed Please
  181. Help! how to add another textbox?
  182. Tracking visitors with an image?
  183. PHPExcel Save Issue
  184. Help with PHP error message
  185. Paging data
  186. Login Script
  187. Implode XML results? HELP please! TY!
  188. Captcha
  189. Reading a HUGE Text File using PHP
  190. Function Selected Form Value
  191. Problem with input type="file" in PHP form
  192. str_replace something wrong?
  193. Anybody have a good PHP script that converts markup code to html?
  194. PHP, IIS 7, Fast CGI Upload, Download Problems
  195. How to Know whether a page has a special link?
  196. view a specified cookie and retrieve results into an email to myself?
  197. problem with session
  198. preg_match help
  199. sessions (server-side/client-side) ?
  200. sessions
  201. Problem in move_uploaded_file
  202. Why can't I connect to file?
  203. Resolved Extracting ID from mysql
  204. regular expression
  205. strange behaviour of this php code.
  206. C# equavilent
  207. force reload?
  208. how to make input and send the data to database?
  209. ->fatch_array() more results than expected
  210. Tenure php problem
  211. Adding JS to PHP
  212. MySQL & PHP Chat Problem
  213. How to check an image dimensions when uploading with PHP?
  214. How to get array information from 1 file and put it onto another?
  215. VPS, vinstall, su - oh my.
  216. Ordering in php and mysql
  217. Display 3 Echos In One Line
  218. Please help with ISSET().
  219. Set value in multidimensional array with foreach
  220. Headers already sent?
  221. Replace field name with value.
  222. search engine
  223. How to include .php file and use function defined in it?
  224. preg_replace issue
  225. php and cron job question
  226. Function not working
  227. threadless.com like searchbox
  228. OOP Framework... continued
  229. Resolved Read out multidimensional array
  230. stristr/stripos strangeness
  231. 403 smf ajax chat mod installed on smf forums
  232. how to send one value to function and return two values
  233. str_replace with loop
  234. DISTINCT issue with MySQl and .php
  235. Debug a script
  236. Use vBulletin database on other site?
  237. $post value - value not being passed correctly
  238. problem with rand php alpha numeric values and MySQL auto_increment
  239. PHP E-Mail
  240. Sessions/Cookies problems
  241. Rating System (users only with no repeats)
  242. file uploader script
  243. $_POST not working on in contact form - why!?
  244. php or MySQl error?
  245. passing .php array into a javascript code
  246. Login form help please
  247. Resolved Page looks as intended in Chrome, but not in IE or Firefox.
  248. Form Validation
  249. OOP For COMPLETE Beginner
  250. 3 Hours past started

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