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  1. Help with treeview
  2. Determining true / false from object method?
  3. Finding most ordered products
  4. Cannot redeclare function.....
  5. Resolved Convert unknown characters to ASCII, or strip it?
  6. Does this means no results? [function.extract]: First argument should be an array
  7. Need a Download Script.
  8. Search code that could display many results..help! :(
  9. Piping email problem
  10. hardcoding URLs for mysql data
  11. $_POST on a Javascript Variable Array...
  12. Modify PHP & MySQL Search Problem?
  13. Help! Double form?
  14. How to echo newline on a textarea
  15. Thickbox display
  16. Resolved Rows
  17. Resolved How do I print within a <div>
  18. using php and msql to show some data by a link
  19. Function Inside mysql_query
  20. Resolved Echoed Query didn't Update
  21. PHP memberlist - Ranking pages
  22. Return part of data from string
  23. Javascript within a PHP if/else
  24. Transaction Concurrency Issues
  25. echo $array in array
  26. Remember Me in joomla
  27. CMS and Webdesign
  28. how to include php file in css external file
  29. CURL problem
  30. Unable to use shell_exec
  31. Dashboard problem
  32. HELP withSQL quried session
  33. Not showing anything
  34. Novice seeks help with Headers...
  35. Resolved Edit Profile Pic does not Upload
  36. Resolved Fetch data from array
  37. Can I set different drop down options to be different email subjects?
  38. Resolved Checking for content in string creates time-out??
  39. Fatal error: Out of memory ISSUE
  40. help with simple php processing
  41. Need suggestion on how to go about ...
  42. Produce report from PHP_MySQL!
  43. php switch help please
  44. Outputting a mysql field where the 2 tables being joined have the same field name
  45. Thumbnail nor resizing
  46. mssql connect to php
  47. Attempting to geocode address that is document title element
  48. PHP sorting
  49. Integrating the ability to print UPS label with ecommerce Store
  50. Why my if statement is no longer working?!
  51. Resolved First Arg should be an array
  52. event reporter for a college project
  53. Problem with preg_match
  54. Best use of Array Data
  55. Resolved while loop
  56. automatically sending mail
  57. A simple autorization system. Why Errors?
  58. Very Confused Newbie
  59. display tables -> load values
  60. PHP Commenting script?
  61. Resolved data not saving
  62. Simple date question
  63. Foreach Question?
  64. Resolved save form data to db help
  65. Php html dom
  66. if ($_SESSION['A']==$_SESSION['B'])
  67. How to know if Ajax Request?
  68. Major Issues ...
  69. Automatically send email on future date?
  70. Resolved Retrieving Data from Remote Form
  71. remove matching values from array?
  72. Displaying the values from checkboxes?
  73. Simple Password with cookie?
  74. MySQL/PHP search problem?
  75. Select Next Row In Mysql Table
  76. Should I insert data into an Array?
  77. PHP within CSS
  78. Best PHP source to build a CMS with user-based roles
  79. "Notice: Undefined index: postcode in" Error Message
  80. PHP Host
  81. php coding help
  82. email form
  83. need more functionality
  84. using PHP to stream an XML file
  85. Template is troubling even more...
  86. I need some help with popups
  87. trying to pass data from form to another form or area of page
  88. post into date field in database
  89. Struggling with Form Values
  90. Here's a question: Using range() on dates?
  91. Template ERROR!
  92. need help
  93. str_replace
  94. Cron Jobs
  95. Resolved Inserting into two tables
  96. Need help figuring out some logic (forums)
  97. Need help desperately
  98. Help Needed
  99. I want to make a template-like thing...
  100. trying to insert value from a database into a form
  101. combine if's
  102. Help Needed submit POST data when link clicked
  103. HTML entities help desperately needed
  104. Resize error
  105. Image upload preview on page refresh
  106. Image SDK to create VDP images
  107. Reading a text file
  108. help to change setiings in crawler file.
  109. Getting Session value from a database
  110. SELECT COUNT WHERE - get total number of rows, not where
  111. How do I sort a TEXTAREA ?
  112. Trying to use js script in php to hide fields depending on prior selection
  113. Coming PHP version(s) changes
  114. unserialize error
  115. Need assistance with joomla PHP frontpage (homepage) column setting
  116. Resolved How to change DOCUMENT_ROOT to a sub dir
  117. function with Loop, not outputting everything
  118. download html table as excel using php
  119. PHP Mail Form Working on Apache Not On IIS
  120. PHP Form, please help.
  121. LDAP Connection
  122. Creating a product ID link and update into db
  123. determining which words are searched the most
  124. Registration Script not Adding Correctly to the Database.
  125. Timeouts
  126. return current page after form submission
  127. preg bounds
  128. Send response back for ajax?
  129. findin dates between two dates?
  130. Password Redirect
  131. Java .load function of PHP
  132. Can't append URI values properly
  133. back button
  134. How do I add shipping insurance rates to a checkout page?
  135. wordpress custom fields
  136. Format date from value in table
  137. Help with accessing file with submit button
  138. Problem with displaying bubble sort
  139. Security Advice
  140. Updating Query
  141. php CGI/Fast_CGI
  142. ereg Help for A Beginner
  143. avoid php hackers from forms
  144. Ajax doesnt seems to be working in CustomTaxonomies by GD CPT Taxonomies Tools
  145. SMTP link echoing out but not sending
  146. wordpress review code help
  147. how convert html file to php
  148. Help translate to php code
  149. if cell data is 1 do something
  150. CMS pages in mysql not working with .htaccess
  151. Game Problem
  152. Regex Forward Slash
  153. Collecting YouTube links..
  154. show 100 rows, if more a link will display to show next 100
  155. PHP Insert was working - now isnt
  156. Twitter API website Installation
  157. Multidimensional push_array weil keys
  158. Help with PHP cURL request
  159. includes
  160. Can someone help me solve this?
  161. need help validating php
  162. Display Info From Another Website?
  163. Multiple Switch Statements
  164. Copying value in cronjob
  165. parse error on closing PHP Tag? Help!
  166. help with a SESSION/FUNCTION?
  167. PHP sockets question....
  168. image upload help
  169. Query based on first and last day of month
  170. deleting old files
  171. Php mail code with dynamically create pdf(url sending from form) and attached
  172. Data Grids - Roll my own or use a package?
  173. Display Data in a HTML Table from a Mysql Table
  174. Resolved preg_match_all > how can I stop search at a certain point?
  175. php page is blank in browser window
  176. Dereferencing variable name?
  177. Need Help Developing Art Community Forums
  178. Changing table for individual WordPress posts
  179. __toString Is there a __toInt version
  180. Prevent division by zero
  181. Checkboxes & foreach loop help
  182. switching files and renaming
  183. include(Mail.php) error for SMPT
  184. Ext Function Not Working in File Upload Unique ID
  185. Multiple concurrent page loads with Fastcgi
  186. Checking if check box is selected?
  187. simple "checkin"
  188. Putting a php Include into a String
  189. Getting number of google search resuults - ajax API Search JSON method
  190. Resolved Warning: mysql_fetch_array():
  191. Determain if an array has a nested sub-array in it
  192. Simple code doesn't work
  193. user creation of table
  194. $main_url and Mirror Address for Forum
  195. How would I change this contact form template?
  196. Resolved Checkbox input fresh eyes to check please
  197. Problems installing prosper202 tracking script
  198. best PHP server program?
  199. Resolved False query not working
  200. Accessing the Folders out side the web root Folder WWW
  201. Complete Newbee Uploading Photos
  202. Shopping Cart Pain..This is ridiculous!
  203. Return Data from a Class : Catchable fatal error
  204. Php -> pdf
  205. MySQL input function running twice....
  206. Odd Traits in a File-List Display
  207. PHP checkdate function not working correctly
  208. Issue with While Loop Logic
  209. need help elimiating empty values
  210. Any way of making sessions secure?
  211. PHP LoggedIn help
  212. how to hide url in address bar?
  213. Help Please! If Else Statment
  214. MySQL Query Problem
  215. Encrypting a value sent in an email?
  216. Is there a book to learn about http headers?
  217. convert this date 24-09-2010 to this format 2010-09-24
  218. Win2003 internal server - which PHP should I install?
  219. mysql insert error
  220. How does curl work when programming an api?
  221. ORDERBY Problems :o(
  222. very very noooobi
  223. Embed php rich text editor in webpage
  224. Please, Please Help me with this CODE
  225. What would keep me from seeing a base64_decoded image?
  226. Invalid '?' markup in PHP form
  227. help getting rid of null values
  228. preg match help
  229. Whats wrong with this code snippet
  230. How to Display my PHP/HTML code (to-be-edit) in my admin webpage?
  231. Multiple Switches
  232. Unexpected chars..
  233. what does @ do?
  234. Protecting your data?
  235. array_map vs array_walk
  236. Resolved comparing
  237. WP Review Plugin - PHP Help
  238. PHP registration->server error
  239. need help with php if/else statement
  240. wtf is wrong with this?
  241. Version/update checking for application
  242. Resolved explode() from TEXTAREA not really working...
  243. search engine problems
  244. Forms Submitted Only Once
  245. Displaying results of a form entry (checkboxes and radio buttons)
  246. Trying to string strings together
  247. Help Needed Please
  248. Preventing Mysql injection attacks on my forms?
  249. highlight current page link in a function
  250. return filtered results to page

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