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  1. Help me php! (0:
  2. sign in form isnt redirecting on succes
  3. php cookie login system vs session
  4. How to start a program from web browers using php
  5. Resolved Help to fix errors
  6. How to disable "ENTER" key from executing the form?
  7. Multiple 'from' - headers issue
  8. Notifications/prompt to other user page using PHP?
  9. Tournament Script or system?
  10. About E-commerce web site in php
  11. How can I use a FOREACH conditionally ??
  12. passing two value on another page
  13. Dynamic keyword/description parsing
  14. Redirects to Forums
  15. Remote Upload Code Upgrade
  16. Is it mandatory to use
  17. Bad HTTP_REFERER error.
  18. server side validation if else syntax help
  19. help with adding pagination to existing php
  20. using preg_replace to change a string
  21. I need a joomla question answered, quickly
  22. Auto creating table with month dates
  23. help me make empty value,...
  24. PHP to SMTP email script
  25. want to reset only 3 input boxes but form has 6 inputboxes
  26. PHP page coming up blank
  27. Simple if () conditional using strings
  28. Multiple Textarea's in php loop
  29. PHP/GD Library: autosize font
  30. Displaying images from db?
  31. how to access the ref number of an array
  32. PHP and LDAP
  33. MySQL data extractor and php generator
  34. Removing extra space in string
  35. Review Script help
  36. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '.'
  37. Adding a CSS style to PHP script
  38. Is this a mistake in code to check for animated GIF?
  39. Sample codes PHP5+MySQL5 for Profiling with display Picture.
  40. Convert html form to pdf and save to mysql
  41. Upload Multiple Photos
  42. Echo problem please help my deadline is today
  43. php reset button with rfresh browser
  44. Import and edit file using php
  45. preg_match detection w/ new element
  46. What is the best Hourly Car Booking Calendar?
  47. PHP Form Submit help!
  48. how would you rate yourself in php
  49. So close to the solution please HELP with php POLL
  50. need help with php script
  51. Launch External App from PHP with a Mac
  52. easy question from a beginner
  53. Root HTML/PHP files accessing PHP/MySQL files in sub-folder
  54. numbered array... 1, "mysql_field_name", "Title of form field"
  55. Problem with sessions
  56. School Grading system - is it possible with php?
  57. my page is blank?!
  58. Open URL in another tab/window
  59. What is wrong in this??
  60. Create array from sql data, question.
  61. PHP script for saving written date into a file
  62. How to split code in two line instead of one
  63. PHP beginner with a question
  64. Cookie based authentication
  65. php bit more dynamic and clever?
  66. Why am i getting Resource id #5 when i run this function??
  67. Problem with login page
  68. Payment Gateway Postback problem
  69. Extracting a value from a multidimensional array
  70. Search & Display Sql database table information
  71. Resolved Syntax for Wildcard in String?
  72. Ignoring the output of date('F Y'); ?
  73. An Elegant Table Mapping Form???
  74. Manage Website Template
  75. Resolved Using PHP to display RSS Feed - formatting problems.
  76. PHP Check box form
  77. wordpress is kicking my a**
  78. removing all single quotes from a string
  79. Reload - *not* refresh
  80. Making a simple website w/ PHP
  81. retrieve data and display
  82. Finding the number of occurrences of a characters in a string
  83. Table prefixes in PDO
  84. Returning to a db page keeping the same search parameters
  85. about echo
  86. php mysql insert
  87. php not working in divs?
  88. help making a form
  89. Arrays - making one big array from 4
  90. Template parser page not woking with login system function calls
  91. pls correct this contact php script
  92. concatenating multiple form controls from db info
  93. side bar/source file?
  94. help! php email using google smtp
  95. php classes
  96. Looking for a basic CMS
  97. Resolved Message getting cut off....
  98. Replacing <br/> with newline
  99. how to access css code form database into php file?
  100. Subtracting Time Problem
  101. Update database on browser exit
  102. Resolved Function not returning value?
  103. Inserting arrays into table using php
  104. in need of calendar help
  105. Resolved mail() not working there but does here?
  106. PHP to call files and show content of file
  107. connection problem with connection class
  108. Trying to create my own sitemaps...
  109. Resolved Limit the characters script problem.
  110. print a report with php
  111. mcrypt, 3des, 32 byte keys and oh dear god my brain
  112. retain vertical scroll position after leaving page
  113. Contact form
  114. add code for font size under php echo code
  115. wordpress permanent link
  116. Passing string by post
  117. Why does this function keep printing the result?!!!
  118. Contact Form Return Error
  119. Out of memory
  120. UA $_SERVER info
  121. mysql_data_seek not working on first record
  122. Undefined variable - stop logging?
  123. resolved: php search variable indefined.
  124. Resolved what to use instead of filter?
  125. Is it possible to select an array in ascending order?
  126. image path name problem
  127. PHP display dynamic data on table with alternating row colours
  128. Multiple Element Search
  129. PHP/MySQL Dropdown Help Needed
  130. Am I using BREAK correclty ??
  131. hard time with double array filter
  132. Undescriptive error HELP PLEASE
  133. Getting body of pop3 email msg fails on some systems when using PHP's IMAP functions
  134. help with this for pls
  135. date alter billing date is coming
  136. Another php form problem!! Contact form not delivering to specified email address....
  137. Search Engine Friendly url
  138. Resolved Not showing more than 1 result
  139. using PHP to populate a spry panel
  140. Resolved help with sha1 salt password
  141. executing PHP within user-supplied content
  142. Is this a security threat
  143. Php Function Onclick
  144. Linked page with different information depending on where it was linked from?
  145. help with sending an email to user
  146. mysql time display
  147. Getting no response from PHP form
  148. Resolved comparing dates.
  149. How do I structure this WHILE loop to get the intended output ??
  150. Displaying consecutive days with non-consecutive days.
  151. Help with an Upload.php file please
  152. Resolved Another TIME manipulation question. Please help.
  153. How do I increase +1 in while loop?
  154. sql string comparison problem
  155. Email calendar retrieval
  156. MSSQL Linked server and PHP
  157. PDO prepare column names,
  158. preg_match extract date from string
  159. A database from which users can make choices and save them
  160. PHP insert using preg_match
  161. Resolved unexpected ';' OR unexpected T_IF
  162. Resolved HTTP Post With Curl instead of fopen
  163. php insert problem
  164. Array object iteration
  165. Resolved do these nested IFs make any sense
  166. Help script to save input file in a specified file folder
  167. Resolved Which function should I be using to extract the time I want ??
  168. Site Keeps Crashing!
  169. Search when pressing enter
  170. Predicting names entered in field messes up on sencond name (PHP based w/ javascript)
  171. Resolved Script draining Disk I/O?
  172. PHP Wall Help
  173. upload_max_filesize solutions
  174. The exec() function is disabled in your PHP by the disabled_functions parameter in ph
  175. Cannot seem to find the error
  176. Resolved Text-numbers to images
  177. Resolved How to make echo work?
  178. Need Help And Fast With Referral Script!
  179. help
  180. what does this php code mean??
  181. find a?
  182. Resolved fopen()failed to open stream: Permission denied >> after moving to Linux
  183. Resolved trying to get data format for mysql
  184. Don't want page to reload when submitting checkboxes
  185. How to create report generation using php codes
  186. Php Checked Box Problem
  187. Resolved unexpected T_VARIABLE
  188. MS SQL 2005 connection help
  189. PHP functions in one file
  190. problem with multiple drop down null value
  191. Sessions, Data, SSL and Forms
  192. Regex Number followed by symbol issue
  193. Help htmlentities not working
  194. why would you put a "&" infront of a variable
  195. check which user has window open
  196. Can't find PEAR Mail and Mail_Mime?
  197. Need Help About Save Data
  198. session_start();
  199. crop picture
  200. How do I edit a Drupal homepage?
  201. Form Issue with a <button>
  202. does this??
  203. reorder links
  204. Sub Menu navigation
  205. Just want to add a space at the beginning of return
  206. Store images in Mysql or Directory
  207. curl help please
  208. Configuration error?
  209. PHP Code into PHP Code (if)
  210. Email Confirmation Script
  211. undefined constant home
  212. Requiring WS consumer to use token using nusoap server.
  213. Could someone point out an error on my script?
  214. .htaccess help
  215. create a ?id=X page
  216. need help to create a directory of people
  217. Stored session variables
  218. need quotes for var within text?
  219. small help req
  220. Why wont this work correctly?
  221. header("Cache-control: private");
  222. problem with IF and checkbox
  223. php &thispage= and css menu
  224. Display Icon using numbers from database
  225. Problem in accessing files from ftp server
  226. Link form items table with category table
  227. Resolved implementing pagination help
  228. Cut a part of string
  229. Why should i choose php instead of jsp,asp,perl
  230. Download Dialogue Box
  231. cronjob delay email script, to prevent limit being reached on server.
  232. replace sql db with text file help
  233. Problem with button pls help :-(
  234. Secure File Sharing with PHP
  235. Check Upload file type (multiple)
  236. what does -> mean?
  237. why the code can't search
  238. reading phpbb3 cookies/session
  239. Finding all instances of a string in an array
  240. script returning date("G") instead of date("H")
  241. class?
  242. Sort multidemensional array by date, values dont match
  243. tracking user activity outside of the domain
  244. multiple php query with drop box
  245. Show what's in a database
  246. hi l need php script
  247. Loop Logic help
  248. can anyone help a newbie to php 8 line code returns error but cant sus out why
  249. Custom taxonomy position
  250. Concrete5 Simple News Addon problem...

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