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  1. Help PLZ!
  2. moving data from one table to another
  3. value wont compare
  4. Redirect based on IP, user agent and referral url
  5. Can I write php in Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2010 Express?
  6. How do I find the highest value while selecting from a table ?
  7. TOP 10 Chart on my website
  8. ip address is not split up ?
  9. php passing variables to new page
  10. how to manage site/server in dreamweaver cs5 for php
  11. Random Error
  12. Issue with Photo Upload
  13. cURL Reloading My page
  14. Newbi Needs help
  15. multiple rows inserted into table
  16. Robots and search engines
  17. How to save selections on drop downs when a captcha fails
  18. Slideshow database pics
  19. read format number, need help please...
  20. Variables and messagebox
  21. IF statement problem!
  22. Html code inside PHP
  23. Can I set a PHP Variable From Own File Name?
  24. Error Reporting
  25. Problem pulling related field from db with PHP query
  26. What does the @ character mean before a function?
  27. date conversion not sticking
  28. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_ENDFOREACH
  29. looking to revamp my backend
  30. Resolved Web Directory Security or lack thereof
  31. SearchTool Class
  32. $_POST validation
  33. Reading a cURL array
  34. problem with if and elseif variable
  35. Database input form
  36. Temperature Converter
  37. General Safe PHP Tips
  38. Convert YYYY-MM-DD date to DD-MM-YYYY
  39. cURL problem
  40. adding more fields to upload form
  41. Resolved wait 20 seconds between new post.
  42. imagecreate location map sizing
  43. Using a PHP variable with mysql query
  44. php mysql java quiz
  45. redirect landing page problem
  46. Display hebrew text in php webpage
  47. automatically send a cookie to client
  48. upload limit
  49. should i or shouldnt i - upload option
  50. what's diferrent between php tag ?
  51. blocking file from url execution
  52. mysqli_num_rows() problem
  53. regex help
  54. Script engine
  55. Function Copy
  56. trouble with includes ....
  57. Resolved Proper script code wording week or weeks..
  58. simple php upload not working
  59. How to create a mysql search query ?
  60. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '{'
  61. Use query variable in smarty template?
  62. Wordpress Best Practice
  63. Guest book or comments box?
  64. When submitting a form it's adding "rn" to inputs
  65. Outputting dynamic data using OOP help?
  66. determine if email hard-bounced
  67. Help php quiz!
  68. Moved from mysql: Horizontal Array Data
  69. calling executabel file problem
  70. printf - 'too few args' error
  71. php mail headers not working properly
  72. Automatically delete shout box & chatroom message.
  73. PHP for experimental web machine
  74. Resolved Carring A String Through Post
  75. Getting key of item in foreach after asort
  76. include not displaying
  77. help with php codeigniter problem
  78. Securing external links
  79. Having some issues getting the CAPTCHA (PHP) to work
  80. Function that calls PHP Script to read data from uploaded spreadsheet
  81. Help with a script regarding random numbers and patterns
  82. Php Ini Question
  83. cookie is logging me off and changes my password
  84. PHP Calendar Page Coding Problem
  85. php newsletter
  86. help with my SQL query so simple but still not working
  87. Resolved image file not uploading to path
  88. Firefox and post method
  89. PHP Code for Wordpress that filters IMG size
  90. Why doesn't my website display the description in Google?
  91. google ignores my querystrings in sitemap
  92. Resolved Calendar date picker for 3 separate dropdown fields
  93. one or two page website
  94. Fetch Array, change every 3 times
  95. Uploading multiple images in database with same value from one field in form
  96. Combine 3 $_POST values into one $variable
  97. Trying to understand the foreach loop and fix this problem
  98. Adding verification image (or some sort of spam security) to PHP contact form.
  99. Combo box selected value dispaly problem
  100. Bio Fields
  101. Simplifying code so it not repeatable.
  102. Best way to make a site theme aware
  103. IF on index.php....
  104. How to change this code to output this.
  105. Address Issue
  106. Change Kilometers in to Miles and return a integer number
  107. I'm a newbie learning php
  108. Problem with class within ajax call
  109. filter array
  110. Adding random numbers/characters to a link
  111. How to make a string date into the correct format
  112. WHERE $blabla>$blabla...
  113. How to detect ISP for IP?
  114. Why is not break in lines with PHP?
  115. Go from php5.2 to 5.3
  116. simple RegEx question
  117. Randomly invert/negate section of image
  118. Symbol '+' is not getting transfered to another page!
  119. Unlink problems
  120. mkdir, move_uploaded_file(), phpletter
  121. Contact form HELP!
  122. Help with a cURL issue
  123. Cell color in php or html based on cell value or data?
  124. Resolved How to change id in '.php?id=' to something else
  125. Short-form 'if' syntax
  126. Mysql switch statement doesnt work AT ALL! URGENT!!
  127. Really need help with errors in code
  128. Need help with a comparsion function
  129. inserting multiple values into database via one form
  130. redirecting problem pls help
  131. assign database value as selected value in a drop down box
  132. destroy prev header
  133. Check and redirect only if it came from a specified URL.
  134. is there a way to make PDO queries simultaneously?
  135. debugging issue
  136. Need help with a date function
  137. RSS feed from a specific sub page
  138. Resolved php and ajax submitting a form, updating a page
  139. POST XML data using Zend
  140. trapping the non object error
  141. Loading multi-able pictures with names
  142. Smarty/PHP issue
  143. Resolved simplexml_load_string() problems
  144. Trouble with if/else
  145. Dropdown blank
  146. php include not work
  147. Alternative of $_SESSION
  148. Display all issue
  149. How to resolve maxed question at "2147483647"
  150. How to show data base on time ?
  151. How create/edit Bitrix template ?
  152. Is there a way to use %like with php
  153. preg_replace quesiton
  154. Cannot modify header information - headers already sent STARTING TO ANNOY ME!!!
  155. add dropdown options dynamically....!!
  156. php create Zip
  157. Password Hash
  158. Dropdown not showing up for every row in database.
  159. Modifying Tubepress for Wordpress
  160. Php contact form
  161. header(Location: ) - Back one page?
  162. echo selected option from db
  163. php and drawing graphs
  164. Replace function
  165. Multiple image script errors ?
  166. Resolved Output showing Empty
  167. How to certain user's data
  168. How to set detection of user using sessions?
  169. days different between two dates in mysql & prsent date in php script.
  170. Need Simple Logon Script
  171. having trouble updating a variable to database + PayPal Integration
  172. learning php from a book
  173. Help plz
  174. Wordpress: How to insert content from another Custom Post type into Post?
  175. Resolved Simple Maths coding
  176. PHP loop....
  177. PHP + Ajax - Table list
  178. Drop procedure and Create new procedure
  179. canceling out apostrophes from text used to update database.
  180. Form action = server php_self
  181. Changing page title.
  182. how to insert multiple checkbox value in mysql database
  183. Simplifying mysql_fetch_array limit
  184. How to include a specific part of a php page~??
  185. php printf issues
  186. Resizing an Image before adding to File
  187. mysql update statement not working correctly.
  188. good tutorial on cookies
  189. Time+Date
  190. Resolved Too Many &&?
  191. Resolved [Paid $2] Make part of the output display something other than it normally does ?
  192. Help with displaying comments.
  193. login script
  194. Resolved simple php/sql problem
  195. Slideshow with Database Images
  196. Show alt image if no image found
  197. Does php still execute when visitor leaves
  198. Resolved Simple PHP contact form
  199. Need help in making page HIDDEN
  200. Unexpected behaviour with references.
  201. ASP Dictionary object equivalent in PHP
  202. Automatically generate nested table of contents based on heading tags
  203. Need Help with PHP and Possibly MySQL
  204. need help with creating a fixed-length text file
  205. Getting the "value" of a String
  206. cant stop loop and refresh resubmit
  207. Newbie Question
  208. Resolved Can someone turn this in to a emailable cron job ?
  209. Invite Code or Password protect
  210. No array result display
  211. AJAX with PHP - Google Error
  212. Question about if condition
  213. Can't insert drop down list value into MySQL database
  214. echo image or no image
  215. PHP - calculate time passed with date
  216. Is Drupal a Good Way to Learn PHP?
  217. Don't list versions below the current
  218. Image refresh without page refresh
  219. can'r find error
  220. unset Cookies
  221. Referenceing variable problem
  222. PHp Login Script V2.3
  223. run sql query by cliking button/link
  224. Looking for a PHP - MySql Filter
  225. Multiple if statements
  226. writing out an array from records in my database
  227. Upgrading PHP
  228. Php, Can't get my query string to work.
  229. step by step/simple forum codes--php
  230. Dump Array to Database
  231. Error Handling Help
  232. Making a Image Folder into a ClickBank
  233. Query doesnt work on webpage yet does on phpmyadmin
  234. PHP Search Engine (3 Characters Minimum)
  235. Resolved Registration email address reuse
  236. Modifying a code
  237. Help with php/ajax image uploader
  238. Include settings file
  239. explode help
  240. Grouping into Arrays
  241. difference in IE/Firefox? upload form problem
  242. Help with an Array
  243. Query Problem
  244. simplexml_load_file(), count of sub-items.
  245. after submitting button redirected into first page..
  246. Concurrent scripts?
  247. paypal echeck help
  248. Please help - I need a simple regular expression made
  249. Having trouble with Facebook Like Button on dynamic web page
  250. php total in the report

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