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  1. Check if string contains A-Z
  2. Need help someyone to make start...
  3. PHP Switch Error
  4. could someone take the time to help me embed latest phpbb3 topics externally?
  5. Condition or validation in PHP
  6. Could this be a flaw?
  7. sql statement does not display all results
  8. How to break a string table after 10 results?
  9. Help With PHP GD Library
  10. Arithmetic Echo Error
  11. name date
  12. MySQLi functions: Free Result not required?
  13. Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by...
  14. Best way to addslashes() an array?
  15. Need help in solving my download option issue!
  16. paypal var and 2x notify
  17. My session variables vanish !
  18. Resolved Need some sorting help
  19. pls help with javascript on php
  20. Why does my while loop only return the first person...?
  21. im going cookies lol
  22. Question about HTML/PHP Order Form
  23. help with customizing payment gateway
  24. help for a beginner
  25. Using sessions over a shared SSL
  26. how to redirect to a page?
  27. trying to pull nws feed with magpie. Help
  28. Using a php variable in my sql query ?
  29. Member function movenext() error problem
  30. post an anchor within a page to move down the page?
  31. Help for a noob ;-)
  32. Installing PHP on a Mac
  33. Need help! to reduce the column width in the PHP code
  34. Loop inside a loop
  35. stripping down wordpress PHP theme to use CSS and HTML for theme?
  36. headers
  37. Post max size, problem
  38. Resolved Is this the right way to use unset?
  39. php form validation and calling from mysql
  40. Remotely hosted image urls -- Is this Crazy?
  41. PHP or Mod_Rewrite?
  42. php form and validation help please
  43. Setting cookie name from get value
  44. Wordpress Dynamic Sidebar Download Link
  45. Strict Standards (Non-static method)
  46. Affiliationally problems
  47. Which login script is better?
  48. Resolved RegEx Modifiers
  49. Help with simple php script
  50. Resolved Check $_GET['page']
  51. Problem with urls path
  52. MySQL Stored Procedure with mysql_query
  53. reserved words and character escape keys
  54. Form Validation
  55. Array help need (merge or iteration help)
  56. select box to choose styles
  57. mod rewrite with SSL
  58. Best way to populate a drop down list
  59. Validating form with errors or redirect to success page
  60. Sign up script - Any problems?
  61. recording a click whike preserving the 'backlink'
  62. Would you give up complex, fast code for simple, slow code?
  63. Real noob to PHP
  64. Adding BBCode Tags around a URL using preg_replace
  65. php link hover color doesn't work
  66. Random story display when user visits web page
  67. checking for system settings magic quotes
  68. preg_match [a-z] bypass by slash
  69. Entering data in form deleting database column
  70. Form and Results on same page, along with a echo.
  71. Rookie at PHP
  72. Problem with deleting something from MYSQL
  73. Drop down menus?
  74. Need Help to Add Random Argument to end of URL
  75. PHP if/else statement with urlencode?
  76. array_push in a for loop
  77. Help with Javascript/PHP/Looped Radio Buttons/If Else-If Statements/XML/Mess Please
  78. PHP header/styles problem
  79. Save Form Selections into a new Page
  80. Not Allow Direct Download
  81. Resolved PHP Header Include (Blank Page)
  82. get the number of lines in a file with SplFileObject
  83. Customizing private room
  84. Can PHP includes do this ?
  85. PHP code help for profile
  86. Display all images from folder, help with navigate next previous.
  87. How to echo query results
  88. Can Someone help me please...
  89. help with page reload
  90. need help with email php drop down box
  91. XML Read
  92. Help with redirecting to long URLs
  93. php count down to a date
  94. preg_replace writing
  95. Select from db with condition
  96. write to file, then open (iCalendar)
  97. Really simple help please
  98. PHP Profile Image Upload Error 1
  99. modify database
  100. watermarking issue..
  101. Creating PDF with PHP and saving on server
  102. Introducing a Stemmer
  103. using the session_start() function
  104. Don't submit data unless it came from a form on the previous page
  105. Mailing list--UPDATE??
  106. php include_once header HELP
  107. Validation if submit... checkbox and dropdown together validation
  108. google maps, loop through and add marker for each
  109. curl function to login and follow redirect
  110. Html text area to php help!
  111. if statement with database table
  112. why am i getting an error when using the strtotime and date functions
  113. Twitter retweet script printing authorize url in browser window and also not redirec
  114. need help
  115. Creating a PHP Table w/ user inputs
  116. Warning: require_once(lib/nusoap.php) - Help Please
  117. storing and passing value by mouseclick
  118. Pop up yes/no alert box
  119. grap array value
  120. "Save As" current page as a shortcut
  121. PHP Fatal error: Class 'Memcache' not found in /home/ole/public_html/server.php
  122. Display data from database in DIV
  123. showing only certain file names
  124. Mysql Query Problem
  125. Select Box with multiple selection options
  126. Submitting multiple values for multiple questions in a survey
  127. putting data without reloading the page
  128. Magento Error
  129. create table and enter data using php code
  130. retrieve data
  131. create table using PHP
  132. Resolved Processing a Two-Dimensional Array with ForEach
  133. BBcodes for your own site
  134. Is my coding style best practice?
  135. PHP Question
  136. help with cookies and sessions
  137. php script desired
  138. Header error
  139. challenge code test
  140. Protecting PDF files (Pay Per View Scenario)
  141. PHP Sessions Script - is it safe?
  142. would like 1 php page not lots of external pages
  143. Help with cURL script for yahoo login
  144. <?=$PHP_SELF?> Forbidden You don't have permission to access /< on this server.
  145. search code for php
  146. PHP echo for combo boxes
  147. Putting an 'include' text into a $string
  148. Try to loop to display multiple answers under questions
  149. Guestbook code error
  150. PHP Image Link in Firefox
  151. pull string from a web page that is not in page source (java created)
  152. wordpress get_posts link not working
  153. getting first letter of a list (from a loop) and display once
  154. Updating league table with half points
  155. setting a session - not working?!
  156. Resolved Strange Error in prepared statements
  157. update a XML document with PHP
  158. Looking for some help with finding security holes
  159. Regular Expressions
  160. allowing for image upload with user registration
  161. Link will not change color on hover
  162. Upload script giving me "empty file" errors
  163. Passing Different Looped Radio Button Values?
  164. php cron time
  165. preg_match
  166. Is it possible to limit dir results and add pagination?
  167. Supplied argument is not valid mySQL?!
  168. register form won't submit to database!
  169. Editting A User
  170. listing split .rar parts for download
  171. insert into from form
  172. PHP Download resume with hidden url link
  173. my first cookie setting
  174. Help with validation
  175. how do i get form parameter on successful page with php?
  176. for loop problem
  177. While loopm insert characters until last time
  178. Toggle background colour
  179. How do I get PHP form to auto-fill from database?
  180. foreach: array not showing in forms
  181. Upgraded to PHP 5.3.4 - web form no longer works
  182. Problem with login page
  183. Wordpress Do Not Duplicate Posts in Widgets
  184. Page Generation
  185. Problem in Duplication of data and onenter key
  186. Twitter Followers
  187. Unrender HTML
  188. SESSION logout after form submission
  189. Text analysis for a passage in PHP / Java?
  190. What to edit so this PHP doesnt send product info?
  191. PHP/HTML Email
  192. Yay, I've coded my own PHP search engine
  193. How to push status message out of long script runtimes
  194. PHP replace charicters
  195. File Upload error
  196. Problem adding field to form
  197. WP/Theme Header Modifications
  198. Disable guest view/force login..
  199. Form Mail Scripting Issue
  200. sanatize POST
  201. What would a Vulnerability Scanner script include do you think ?
  202. Zend Mail and the Mac
  203. Another php form problem!! Contact form not delivering to specified email address....
  204. How to phrase php to echo (display) correctly
  205. Question about Dropdown list and checkboxes
  206. PHP and java script function
  207. Cross Checking Input
  208. Headers
  209. &quot or (") characters on php
  210. Getting page content
  211. Which would be better for performance.
  212. (Needed) Photo album tips/tutorials
  213. Random Link Puller
  214. proper syntax variable and number/text
  215. Help PLZ!
  216. moving data from one table to another
  217. value wont compare
  218. Redirect based on IP, user agent and referral url
  219. Can I write php in Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2010 Express?
  220. How do I find the highest value while selecting from a table ?
  221. TOP 10 Chart on my website
  222. ip address is not split up ?
  223. php passing variables to new page
  224. how to manage site/server in dreamweaver cs5 for php
  225. Random Error
  226. Issue with Photo Upload
  227. cURL Reloading My page
  228. Newbi Needs help
  229. multiple rows inserted into table
  230. Robots and search engines
  231. How to save selections on drop downs when a captcha fails
  232. Slideshow database pics
  233. read format number, need help please...
  234. Variables and messagebox
  235. IF statement problem!
  236. Html code inside PHP
  237. Can I set a PHP Variable From Own File Name?
  238. Error Reporting
  239. Problem pulling related field from db with PHP query
  240. What does the @ character mean before a function?
  241. date conversion not sticking
  242. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_ENDFOREACH
  243. looking to revamp my backend
  244. Resolved Web Directory Security or lack thereof
  245. SearchTool Class
  246. $_POST validation
  247. Reading a cURL array
  248. problem with if and elseif variable
  249. Database input form
  250. Temperature Converter

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