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  1. mysql_fetch_array: Did I do it right?
  2. if checkbox = true then checked?
  3. Wordpress Theme Help
  4. Can't even get an IF statement to work - please help!
  5. help setting up 'simple' user validation
  6. Putting random number into a table in php
  7. Show latest image from a directory
  8. Resolved Annoyng error in SQL statement.
  9. Mailing list script?
  10. Change Date Format Upon MySQL import
  11. How would you use Meta Value to mimic this Google Maps Query?
  12. Cant retrieve info from the Database
  13. make a correct WHERE clause
  14. Help with echo table columns
  15. SQL variable is undefined
  16. Seeking a *reasonable* Regex for Email
  17. Resolved How to include *some* data from one php file into another
  18. URGENT Help
  19. Form validation
  20. Resolved Read a PHP file and only output the variables like $forum_version?
  21. How do I automatically copy text generated from a form into another file in PHP?
  22. Urgent help on small php problem!
  23. quick question about dealing with directories
  24. How do I extract a running item/price count from a shopping page?
  25. Problems with session variables
  26. How add active state to the navigation menu with php
  27. Help with joining multiple tables, facebook-like activity wall
  28. how to prevent minor errors showing using print_r(error_get_last());
  29. PHP session ends abruptly while using mod_rewrite in .htaccess
  30. Resolved Display random results of a sql query
  31. redirect to folder based on URL variable
  32. Help writing website loop please
  33. Resolved registration script allowing me to create more than one account
  34. error: Only variables should be passed by reference
  35. Question about PHP Redirect
  36. Php scrape script showing only blank page
  37. Contact form not working?
  38. Help with preg replace and regular expression
  39. Help with this url passing variable code
  40. Dynamic Menu 'select' issue
  41. php session id changes on refresh
  42. vbulletin help in posting
  43. Resolved File upload with PHP
  44. Paypal IPN, anybody have experience?
  45. Is there a better way to do this?
  46. PHP Filtering out URL Help.
  47. Help with New Comment Notification for phpBB3 Board
  48. Check if string is NOT in an array
  49. Send a Copy to Yourself in contact form
  50. Putting part of an array into a string
  51. ID not being shown?!
  52. Variable value is lost
  53. Insert new key into array within while loop
  54. Error - fopen, fwrite, fclose
  55. Insert data to MySQL, then send an e-mail. help pls !!
  56. Advice on CMS
  57. php script
  58. Strange Error - Cannot add element
  59. brainteaser : IE7 diff execution than IE8
  60. Multiple session files
  61. php search engine
  62. Simple form that displays data on page, no MySQL
  63. help with script to display name of next file in directory
  64. I need help with the date function on a development server.
  65. headers already sent by
  66. Can a temporary (uploaded) php file be executed?
  68. Integrating "Remember Me" Cookies
  69. PHP execute linux terminal command (bash Script)
  70. HH:MM:SS to HH:MM
  71. modify user details
  72. Prevent direct access to PHP Form's Action Page
  73. line 12 on my website has an error, How do i fix it?
  74. I need help displaying mysql results in 2 columns
  75. What does >> mean?
  76. $dom = new DOMDocument();
  77. comparison loop issues
  78. Is it possible to use PHP inside a CSS menu?
  79. positioning php echoes
  80. PHP Sessions: php.ini files
  81. Oy, please help. New to PHP...
  82. How to write false $_REQUEST, please help
  83. I can not get my registration php to insert!
  84. POST array seems to return no results
  85. how to cross reference $_POST array 'checkboxes[]' with mysql field
  86. when user clicks checkbox, it's not captured in php array
  87. Letting users bookmark site content into their account?
  88. if i < 10 then add a leading 0
  89. About strlen() Function
  90. Need advice setting up PHP search engine. How to store/search text in MySQL database?
  91. Design me a script?
  92. wordpress coding forums?
  93. are SoapClient requests in PHP blocking?
  94. News update forms
  95. Sessions
  96. How to gather all rows from a database and select random ones
  97. a single php file that handles the layout of all the other pages
  98. Help please: trying to get number from POST
  99. How to add more field to registration form in Joomla
  100. PHP newbie seeking advice in coding inventory quantities
  101. resizing and swaping image
  102. is 'isSet()' really the same as 'isset()' ?
  103. Function slows page load 10 times
  104. How to find "Malicious PHP" files?
  105. Form validation confusion
  106. php apache file ownership and creation problem
  107. PHP newbie trying to figure out how to use a loop or while statment properly
  108. How do I create a "fill-in-the-blanks" form which generates a text file in PHP?
  109. Redirect Users to their Specific url after login
  110. replacing one line of a php file dynamically- HELP!
  111. What is the best way to log a file download?
  112. Resolved check Date in database
  113. Taking Form Data and Sending as XML
  114. date compare
  115. Data not inserting in to mysql from php
  116. PHP and Form Select Option Default
  117. fetching image from rss
  118. my image upload php script won't work plz help
  119. Can I practice PHP with WAMP?
  120. Hacked site with .php code - all removed i think?
  121. Shopping Cart/Payment gateway for a US client
  122. msn issue
  123. mysqli_real_escape_string
  124. need help with tables
  125. simple loop not working
  126. Is web hosting neccessary to launch a web application?
  127. Resolved How do I read a directory and sort the array into alphanumerical order
  128. PHP Ajax Question
  129. Internal Server Error for no good reason?
  130. Adding comments into Complex Regex
  131. help, why this conditional won't work?
  132. MD5 / Log In
  133. Please Help!
  134. add,modify,delete button
  135. Skipping function attributes
  136. Web Templates in php
  137. Puzzling array question
  138. Summing columns
  139. Quick question about UUID token-Where do i put it?
  140. Updating Database Help
  141. Filtering $_POST input vars
  142. Error 10048 - overload server with PHP commands stops connections
  143. Need help, just started PHP yesterday
  144. Paypal checkout help
  145. Problem with fetching db results
  146. filemtime function issue
  147. How to listen for a response over HTTPS?
  148. Can't edit and delete in the same table
  149. php and eclipse
  150. uploading file with ftp
  151. Resolved resizing image
  152. code not working to save as dialog
  153. save() not saving
  154. inline style in php - easy q for php guru
  155. PHP Parser - some advice please?
  156. How to update balance quantity in store purchase system
  157. how do i echo elements in an array
  158. problem with imagettftext()
  159. combo box slected value not save 1 as in table
  160. problem with imagecreatefromjpeg
  161. Unique Random Array Help.........
  162. Restricting Access to a PHP File
  163. Printing html table in PHP
  164. Basic Class
  165. How to NOT display empy db columns
  166. PHP works sometimes and dosen't on others.
  167. PHP-OCI dropdown question
  168. Direct login (from index.php to member.php)
  169. URL Variables
  170. Basic Questions, do i need sessions?
  171. adding pagination to foreach loop
  172. Resolved How to deconvert this as a date? 2455651
  173. How would i do this?
  174. php/mysql date insert problem
  175. PHP fwite() function failed
  176. FaceBook App
  177. 2 Problems: Checkbox Array and Redirect to Thank You page
  178. how to multiply(or sum) the dropdown box value that trieved from mysql database
  179. Php user activation script.
  180. PHP in HTML File error
  181. Contact Form - Making page not load
  182. Repeated events in my own PHP listings script
  183. GetSingleRow()
  184. PHP Functions Library with MySQL Statements Not Working
  185. php counter/URL combo
  186. Progressive Download code required
  187. Remember Me Checkbox? setting timeout?
  188. Php Password recovery with secret question script
  189. array within array.. why??
  190. help on preg_replace() please
  191. Store MySQL result(s) in APC cache
  192. Creating a news feature
  193. Resolved number_format not doing anything!
  194. Mixed character encoding: ISO-8859-1 & UTF-8
  195. Sql query where field = (ANY VALUE IN ARRAY)
  196. php commands for creating xml file
  197. Resolved php 'time()' outputs as Jannuary 1 1970
  198. Room booking script
  199. How can I "echo" a js script output ?
  200. Warning: mysql_fetch_assoc(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource
  201. add numbers in a While loop
  202. Regular expressions help for preg_replace please
  203. checkboxes
  204. How to return the final value in a function calling itself in a loop
  205. check if dropdown option matches and select
  206. how to take out a portion of text
  207. curl ssl
  208. Regular expression, help needed
  209. Flash php - want to add something
  210. Trouble with Classes
  211. Help on PHP session cookies
  212. Mysql updating row to blank value
  213. If PHP String containts HTML, CLICK HERE link to open New Window with string content
  214. Login script session problems
  215. Basic PHP help
  216. RSS Feed Won't Display
  217. Setting (public) variables in functions?
  218. String to $
  219. Integration Help.
  220. Regex Help...
  221. Need help with a regular expression
  222. Selecting all images from a URL using PHP
  223. Resolved No spaces when reading file
  224. (e)2 Photo Gallery - Image Load Error
  225. trying to match a regular expression
  226. Undefined offset: 0
  227. Trying to send URL values to .php file.
  228. PHP framework survey
  229. Map Grid help
  230. Storing image data.
  231. Gaming Ladder Site
  232. i need help real quick
  233. Need help!! Prepared statement and friend group
  234. Retrieving stats
  235. reduce browse box size in php
  236. Same information on multiple pages
  237. how to remove all '|' from a string.
  238. Associate Multiple Tables to A User
  239. preg_match pattern
  240. Delete items from a folder thats xx minutes old ?
  241. Reading and fetching from txt file
  242. Cookie Problem - Can't Set Future Expiration
  243. PHP sessions and loading session data from different browsers...
  244. Resolved sending email with an attachment from the webserver
  245. quick question: what does << mean?
  246. submit no longer works after Tiny MCE WYSIWYG
  247. what happens to echos when running as cron job ?
  248. new to php. help? xD
  249. $_GET Help!
  250. Start a session name from a result from a login

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