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  1. wordpress - php class to add pages and fields in admin panel
  2. PHP images
  3. Why do these not compare?
  4. Please help on multidimentional array.
  5. Images dont get uploaded to DB at all
  6. PHP issue that's really bugging me! Please help
  7. image search
  8. Server side clock using php format
  9. Damn you syntax error, need help please (:
  10. PHP Pagination not showing CSS styling
  11. Enable/disable button based on radio selection
  12. Random number between 7777-9999
  13. adding days to given date
  14. Highlighting HTML code?
  15. dosn't work
  16. Will not post
  17. Rows not being updated with if() statement
  18. Simple login with redirect
  19. Advice on my OOP CMS please - your thoughts?
  20. displaying array data in webpage
  21. E-mail language characters
  22. Need help with GOTO alternative
  23. PHP showing up as Text
  24. How to update oldest row
  25. Please help me on include file in php
  26. PHP output to browser.
  27. PHP troubles
  28. PHP cURL cookie.
  29. help with simple php debug, please
  30. File does not exist: favicon.ico
  31. Sessions or cookies?
  32. $10 Retrieve URL from xml php
  33. Database design with MVC framework
  34. Login script
  35. include a remote file?
  36. Nuggetz CMS login/logout Facility Help
  37. Please explain 1 line of code
  38. Cannot send session cache limiter
  39. capcha won't work in Internet Explorer
  40. redirect users depending on location
  41. unexpected T_IF?
  42. Remove URL BBCode from string
  43. PHP Comments Box plus Delete help
  44. phpMyAdmin table naming convention
  45. Creating an "ID card" maker.
  46. Easiest PHP Search Engine?
  47. Warning: mysql_fetch_array(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource
  48. sorting array using submit button
  49. I'm stumped on switching AND for OR
  50. Help building PHP/Mysql solution
  51. php curl help please
  52. Help with fsockopen() and FTP
  53. How to validate email addresses
  54. Code to email form data
  55. session id's/ url variables
  56. how to flex--php--mysql function sum() ?
  57. .htaccess setting not working
  58. Options not loading inside of select dropdown
  59. My pagination next button disappears
  60. Random form action.
  61. Entering more than 1 row of data to mysql.
  62. update oldest row with certain value inside of it to a different value
  63. beginner needs help
  64. Calling Javascript/Ajax function from php output?
  65. substr_count isn't working
  66. PHP Mail Issues
  67. How to show news by time it was submitted
  68. Getting a readdir to list in alphabet order.
  69. What is routing?
  70. Next button doesn't move to next entry
  71. Problem with processing a form
  72. Dynamic form creation
  73. Resolved If on index.php or / show one page if not show another?
  74. Can't open text file: works locally not on server
  75. access only via form submission
  76. in_array problem
  77. Sorting issue
  78. PHP odbc_data_seek Function
  79. Resolved If statement with multiple outcomes
  80. setting up a confirm delete pop up in php
  81. PHP / HTML Sorting Code
  82. Help Uploading and displaying thumbnails
  83. dropdown php/mysql menu
  84. PDO Question running a for loop?
  85. What am I doing wrong?
  86. PHP Wordpress Plugin Issues
  87. table sorting
  88. IF function
  89. PHP and MySQL email help !!
  90. help my project
  91. Unzipping
  92. Fields and Groups
  93. Contact form with attachments... big trouble in little china...
  94. Contact form and image resizing in HTML
  95. PHP Contact Form Won't Submit in IE
  96. Displaying username after login
  97. Call a different header file specific to firefox
  98. Parse Error
  99. HTML anchor tag in php arrays problem
  100. PHP Formatting Question
  101. PHP and js
  102. Decipher login script
  103. generate XML on the fly using PHP not showing correct output.
  104. Confirmation before frwite?
  105. Using page name in jpg
  106. how to randomize array list
  107. How to delete a specific entry
  108. else in foreach problem
  109. how to show which is selected in drop down
  110. Resolved how can i do this better
  111. pagination error: Undefined index: pageu
  112. confused about my login sessions
  113. Saving a text file
  114. Odd Form Submission
  115. make my own PHP CMS or use a ready made one???
  116. Help with PHP Error - Much appreciated
  117. Session not being set after login.
  118. Resolved How to set cookie and check it.
  119. Limit outputs on an if statement?
  120. Trying to inregrate 2 logins into one main logs with both sessions and cookies
  121. E107 Custom Theme
  122. PHP Code Issues
  123. Having trouble splitting comma delimited value
  124. PHP Code Issues
  125. Resolved add a day to set date
  126. Let Clients Update Their Own Site
  127. Selecting Random Result From Array
  128. Dynamic image problem
  129. Help with While loop
  130. PHP Code Not Working Correctly
  131. Upload Image to folder and path to MYSQL
  132. Inserting database populated drop down list to the database again
  133. login error goes to blank white screen?!
  134. PHP Help
  135. Getting data from facebook
  136. PHP smarty display
  137. Connection
  138. PHP MySQL image gallery
  139. Foreach loop with form variable $_post multiple values
  140. ftp_rawlist remove array part
  141. Get entry url using before redirect
  142. What i need to learn?
  143. Investment portfolio in PHP not working and help needed
  144. Calling specific rows based on an ordered sql statement return
  145. check if value in row is equal to value '1'
  146. Regex Problem
  147. in_array and two dimensional array
  148. "===" in the script
  149. Overlay "Out of Stock" image ontop of gd thumbnail
  150. restore database
  151. Opening New Window in PHP array
  152. Need help on how to achieve something
  153. submit button call of function
  154. Need help with a bit of test code for a blog
  155. Convert flv file or embedded video to 3gp using php
  156. Help Me install Sandwich - Opensource social media application
  157. get value in jquery
  158. WordPress: Display different string of text depending on the tag.
  159. multidimensional array sorting problem
  160. syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in C:\wamp\www\file.php on line 38
  161. Resolved function to replace http to non http
  162. In Interval of Time
  163. search Character from mysql
  164. How to prevent mail-header-injections by not accepting "\r\n"
  165. Undefined index: limit error in the whole code
  166. Getting 'Warning: Division by zero in...' error for some reason.
  167. Download Files from Server Folder
  168. alittle help with PHP and integration
  169. Help to Debug my twitter-like code (from a tutorial) desperate!
  170. Mobile phone detection
  171. passing two variables through url
  172. One submission, getting two records
  173. Opinion on Class Property VS Session Var
  174. Which IDE?
  175. POLL: How do you format your php?
  176. Simple form mail script... not working?
  177. Arcade Question
  178. Creating active links with PHP using .inc file resulting in errors
  179. Password hash/encryption
  180. Correct setting of languages with Smaty framwork
  181. use photos in database using php
  182. How to Download files from directory in php
  183. PHP Form
  184. Dynamic CSS/Javascript Divs using PHP
  185. Added pages in Smarty structure
  186. Username not being echoed during session
  187. Limit While Loop
  188. Google Weather Script
  189. I'd just like to say THANKS!
  190. Update shoutbox to work with sessions
  191. Execution of php file
  192. Notice: Undefined index: USERID
  193. Please help, i am trying very hard and getting nowhere
  194. GetImageSize and file_exists help..
  195. Calculating age from a custom field
  196. Storing an unchecked checkbox value in mySQL
  197. Friend's system help.
  198. preserving line break in <input> elements
  199. PHP - Random Digit Login
  200. validation
  201. directory path - no slashes
  202. PHP jump menu array
  203. Referencing New Primary Key in Form...?
  204. how does this site work?
  205. How to update multiple rows in php mysql
  206. upload file problem......need help
  207. If condition for moving to another page
  208. preg_replace, more than 4
  209. login problem....plssss help
  210. two functions i need help with
  211. Help with simple PHP
  212. problem with php mysql echo & onclick
  213. Resolved Trouble with PHP and links
  214. Help with twitter API
  215. Dynamic image not showing in browser.
  216. no error but weird
  217. PHP Include, content is div.
  218. PHP Form mail not being delivered (most of the time)
  219. help with phpMailer notification email
  220. Allowing underscore in preg_replace
  221. Optimizing and Re-Coding a Voting Feature
  222. Why are my HTML tags getting stripped out ?
  223. Is this possible cos i'm ripping my hair out...
  224. Help editing page text
  225. get value from one file
  226. upload photo
  227. what is content type header
  228. HTML to PDF converter?
  229. Notice: Undefined index
  230. Access webcam and scanners from php based website [like fb's]
  231. Help with adding an image banner to my blog
  232. contact form woes...
  233. Php in life
  234. Insert data from CSV received by email into MySQL database
  235. How to write better PHP code
  236. Menu problems
  237. table id
  238. Adding images to category listing
  239. Php rand problem
  240. image showing in php on wordpress
  241. PHP file search, get content
  242. total user logged in time
  243. PHP Help Needed
  244. Email form by PHP code - something not working!
  245. stream-context-create code question
  246. convert jpg image to bytes
  247. included menu not dynamic - how to set selected?
  249. array elements as counters
  250. please help me!!

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