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  1. php to xml
  2. Nocookie traffic redirect?
  3. Help adding values to an array
  4. Need help with File Paths
  5. php form not inserting data into mySQL
  6. finding html table id using session data
  7. Run glob in a certain directorysearch
  8. web form data to csv file problem
  9. Proxy traffic redirect code?
  10. Problem inserting string into array
  11. code for omitting not selected mysql driven drop down menus
  12. Simple Contact Form (need a little bit of help)
  13. Javascript var to php
  14. Seperating words in POST values
  15. PHP and HTML Verifying User Login
  16. Learning OOP PHP
  17. Using PHP and MySQL to get results and make arrays
  18. changing array keys and values
  19. redirect to different page
  20. how to $_GET multiple values
  21. File get contents is blocked - how can I get around this?
  22. Best book or online course to study PHP for newbie please?
  23. Populate an array from a folder contents
  24. sorting the contents of an array
  25. :: good way to get address from postcode/zip?
  26. Need help setting up a function for file upload
  27. Navigation in post restricted to one page
  28. How can i lock the row of a table ?
  29. Unlink function not working
  30. Image resize function
  31. Browser close event
  32. mysql_fetch_array() problem
  33. I need help finding a script
  34. Mysterious Quotes Appearing out of Nowhere
  35. Change the way this preg match works...
  36. Best way to use Includes??
  37. Read CSV file from URL
  38. How to skip first entry in a while() loop?
  39. PHP session state and html/php form
  40. Personalisation Engine.
  41. A new problem for the day: request for stock data from Yahoo failing
  42. Include function problems
  43. session not recognised
  44. best way to stop form submit more than once
  45. PHP Form not working
  46. Profile Views
  47. Update Query Syntax Problem
  48. Please help with php Form
  49. Resolved script for query a db help needed
  50. Updating tables with foreach
  51. Trying to debug error: Class 'DOMDocument' not found in /var/www/html...
  52. Write to <p> with JS or PHP
  53. Storing & Retrieving messages from the database
  54. Function to check checkbox
  55. [How to] Exclude replacement inside hyperlinks, maybe using if statement,or other way
  56. php in title attribute - Only first word shown
  57. Getting PHP File to run using Virtuzzo Scheduled Tasks
  58. Function Problems, Errors
  59. Giving one Variable more weight over another (working with chance & percents)
  60. php select lists
  61. PHP script problem popped out of nowhere
  62. Strange Problem With preg_replace & PHP Tags
  63. Help identifying this error
  64. Resolved add a <br> to string
  65. replace all \ with / in a given string
  66. Undefined variable: gcal ?
  67. CK Finder + Undefined Index Error Message
  68. Html Echo
  69. Echo Time
  70. Resolved query not excecuting
  71. How to update qty field
  72. query failed ?
  73. Can someone give my code a look over?
  74. gData API - how to execute insert new event?
  75. domain checking help...
  76. unable to get data when the button is clicked
  77. php vs grep
  78. Email issue with website
  79. Server Version Problem
  80. how to rename a file in php? RESOLVED
  81. summing of repeated variable values
  82. Display certain text at certain times
  83. VOIP setup or provider
  84. empty()
  85. PHP Form Dropdown not submitting
  86. Problem with the loop!
  87. Call up data from mySQL Insert
  88. Resolved if !empty
  89. Get_post Form
  90. Decode Text from a PDF file
  91. Question about Copy()
  92. PHP word filter
  93. Creating An Image On The Fly
  94. how do i place all the fields from my results variable in to seperate SESSION variabl
  95. how to Dispaly Loged User Photo in Profile
  96. curl response and redirect
  97. How do I deal with SMTP Status Codes
  98. How many users are logged in?
  99. Most efficient way to rotate through table rows ?
  100. How can I create a running total/item count for this shopping page?
  101. Resolved How does one retain original focus of page after submitting form data via PHP(can't)?
  102. php & mysql weird issues!
  103. PHP functions
  104. Increase memory_limit in a site only, using htaccess/php.ini, PHP as CGI
  105. looping update with values acquired from for-each loop
  106. Bug...CSS?
  107. PHP Form help–how to stay on current page after submit
  108. High Scores Leaderboard
  109. PHP For() Help
  110. Questions about php Copy()
  111. Sending form data to database involving nested foreach, if-else, etc.
  112. Limit text by words
  113. Print only table contents
  114. Where can I find a dictionary for the symbols used in PHP?
  115. Using php to step thro file in a directory
  116. Download Images from CSV
  117. Get contents of an image
  118. MVC-Validating Image
  119. dynamic page field instant updating
  120. Resolved How do I get PHP to output to two decimal places instead of the default 1?
  121. what kind variable is this?
  122. Search database with multiple options
  123. Remove Commas from Numbers and Leave Commas between Words
  124. Resolved How do I make the Word 'Item' plural or singular based on number of items in cart?
  125. Form submit error in Chrome
  126. Same Variable Problem
  127. CMS-ish thing for client to switch a link on or off?
  128. PHP avatar script
  129. setcookie expire problem - server/web browser time problem
  130. My login script doesnt show errors but just makes my login vanish
  131. mail() not sending in HTML format
  132. Post input from javascript into DB
  133. A better way to code this
  134. Login
  135. Read PDF files into Database with PHP
  136. Register Page coded in PHP for MSSQL
  137. php dinamic menu help, adding extra <ul></ul> tags???
  138. if query empty run another query?
  139. PHP if not logged in stop. (if statement)
  140. issue with my shopping cart
  141. Set PHP varibles from javascript varibles
  142. Multi-function buttons?
  143. trying to install ZEND - set include_path
  144. syntax error T_BOOLEAN_AND
  145. Need help with form buttons carrying out some query
  146. php search
  147. Resolved: get from table where date/time is now minus 20 mins
  148. Need help with school project PHP coding
  149. Unnecessary Whitespace in index.template.php
  150. Problem: Mysql update with dates mixing up
  151. Reading from text file and outputting in table
  152. PHP center captcha code
  153. small db problem on insertion
  154. HTML Stops after I execute a while loop
  155. capture RSS feed to string using PHP
  156. installed Zend server/framework - php pages blank
  157. Reading a file in php help
  158. $_post
  159. Joining two tables
  160. Help with automatic calculation after entering a field in a php form
  161. form action to 2 scripts?
  162. One more - make a button blink when there is activity
  163. Make a certain radio button checked as the default
  164. PHP Cross Server
  165. keeping email address out of textarea php
  166. My PHP Script isn't working properly, can anyone help?
  167. Resolved Post Data in url
  168. Simple buddy list system
  169. Resolved: nl2br nor str_replace converting \r\n to <br />
  170. Needing Help with a PHP/AJAX Mail Script
  171. Recieving sums from dropdown select option
  172. multiple database connections
  173. IRC bot very slow
  174. phpThumb / imagemagick version
  175. Print mysql results
  176. display date in UK format from a date already set in mysql
  177. Why is my data I am retreiving not go to my database?
  178. change the way a date is displayed
  179. php file problem!!
  180. Insert query results in insert
  181. please help stuck with dynamic content
  182. problem understanding $_SESSION
  183. Php image upload, resize and rename
  184. social events php template
  185. Beginner Network Programming Problem
  186. Determine the Video Duration
  187. Regex issue 2 uppercase chars
  188. Create XML with PHP
  189. PHP Sessionwont set inside AJAX Script
  190. Delete Images from folder
  191. Very Basic Login Script
  192. Help passing checkbox selection through
  193. php fopen with windows folder path
  194. how to change simplehtmldom to curl
  195. Tracking Pixel fires more than once
  196. simple xml multiple children elements
  197. help with php please!!
  198. variable in header location
  199. Some problems, please help!
  200. email Validation
  201. how to take the name from form?
  202. PHP Magic Quotes - Network Solutions
  203. Youtube Related codes
  204. Query Results (GROUP BY) + SUM
  206. Best way to automatically unset memory if user unexpectedly quits the application???
  207. dynamically show columns with values
  208. User Login with PDO?
  209. Help with a Uni PHP Assignment
  210. Getting PHP to return the right results from MySQL
  211. Music Catalogue Pagination
  212. How to echo with HTML characters
  213. Resolved Making SESSION override browser cache?
  214. unordered list menu help please
  215. Date Function Help
  216. Could someone please confirm my approach to security?
  217. Issue with form Action, please help
  218. converting a date format
  219. Php mysql call
  220. :: issues with phpmailer - need to send authenticated emails.
  221. store draggable Div coordinates in database
  222. BAN specific words, numbers and emails in a text field
  223. min() but not zero
  224. show name when deleting not ID
  225. mysql_fetch_array: Did I do it right?
  226. if checkbox = true then checked?
  227. Wordpress Theme Help
  228. Can't even get an IF statement to work - please help!
  229. help setting up 'simple' user validation
  230. Putting random number into a table in php
  231. Show latest image from a directory
  232. Resolved Annoyng error in SQL statement.
  233. Mailing list script?
  234. Change Date Format Upon MySQL import
  235. How would you use Meta Value to mimic this Google Maps Query?
  236. Cant retrieve info from the Database
  237. make a correct WHERE clause
  238. Help with echo table columns
  239. SQL variable is undefined
  240. Seeking a *reasonable* Regex for Email
  241. Resolved How to include *some* data from one php file into another
  242. URGENT Help
  243. Form validation
  244. Resolved Read a PHP file and only output the variables like $forum_version?
  245. How do I automatically copy text generated from a form into another file in PHP?
  246. Urgent help on small php problem!
  247. quick question about dealing with directories
  248. How do I extract a running item/price count from a shopping page?
  249. Problems with session variables
  250. How add active state to the navigation menu with php

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