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  1. php resize image then crop image problem
  2. How to Get Distinct Query
  3. Checkout
  4. PHP Email change "From:" field
  5. Resolved MS SQL and PHP Trouble...
  6. Simple database search
  7. Resolved if or question, will it run once or twice and what will be picked
  8. Undefined index error and and my database data not displaying
  9. warning in mysql_real_escape_string
  10. TIP: Coding styles and $end errors
  11. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end
  12. regexp error in php
  13. how to mail attachment in php unsure
  14. Is there a way to prevent someone from DIRECTLY accessing a certain POST/GET page
  15. $_SESSION problem with html page
  16. Weird Problem with mySQL Array
  17. Php captcha code
  18. multiple querries into single array
  19. Simple Ajax mySQL Search Script
  20. Counter (up) from a preset number and date to a second preset number and date.
  21. Validating a number input field
  22. Whats wrong with this foreach, probably simple probem...
  23. fsockopen stops mysql loop if failed
  24. Event Calendar
  25. What's wrong with this simple contact form?
  26. Extracting data from particular attribute using simplexml
  27. Never seen this error before....any ideas?
  28. Resolved PHP Cron Problem
  29. Site hijacked - unauthorised redirect to ads
  30. DOB problems
  31. PHP SimpleXml Help
  32. can I format the highlight_string() output?
  33. [HELP] Using 'list' to list out variables from .txt file
  34. Adding friend connection to database using GET and POST
  35. passing variables from one PHP page to another
  36. Submit button outside php script not working
  37. Unexpected ; (Registration system)
  38. onclick event not working for dynamically added radio buttons
  39. Need Urgent SMT/PHP help
  41. Creating a log class
  42. Extracting blog posts...
  43. Decode UTF8 email subject line
  44. Automatic login after registration?
  45. noob needing help with php
  46. how i can make this form to my site?
  47. Text editing AND automatic blog posting
  48. Can I change the HTML directory pointer?
  49. Resolved Can someone fix this pregmatch ?
  50. Convert text to a two dimensional array
  51. Including Javascript in a PHP file - Noob Question
  52. Help with form processing, foreach loop
  53. Image display from Mysql issue
  54. Spilt or Explode or Another Function?
  55. [Hide] Php Code
  56. Can someone explain to me how arrays work in a visual format?
  57. Mini Projects Help
  58. How to know how many elements in an array?
  59. If statement issues
  60. Problem with accessing javascript variables from php on same page
  61. Single array from DB and then use data
  62. Pretty easy PHP question.. (I'm new..)
  63. New, to PHP. Just trying to get the users username to show.
  64. Regular expression help
  65. Param Name [Editing]
  66. SQL update/insert
  67. Problem with simple commenting script
  68. embed and style external xml data
  69. php emailer, double newline in headers
  70. is_int() related question
  71. Some Help with XML Loop
  72. PHP Replace
  73. please help me on how to used require() to nest links
  74. PHP File and File Get Contents
  75. Passing Arrays to Javascript
  76. Calling Oracle Stored Procedure with ODBC with PHP
  77. Need help with website security
  78. ORDER BY / DESC / ASC not working
  79. Adding captcha to a contact form
  80. PHP filemtime & paging help
  81. advanced authorisation - very specific - MVC
  82. srand not working as I had hoped!
  83. Creating a forum
  84. problem in htmlentities() and mysql_real_escape_string()
  85. SOAP Header
  86. Session for login
  87. calculate sum & onclick function
  88. PHP Find in Line
  89. NEUnexpected T_FUNCTION
  90. Encryption of password in database
  92. Functions And Classes
  93. Parsing Some XML
  94. How to stop Redirect
  95. PHP Mailing list
  96. while statement inside a nested if statement
  97. preg_match difficulties
  98. Passing nothing to the database
  99. Between two dates
  100. Setting up a site admin based on user level
  101. wrap stuff around user selection
  102. Resolved if($var1 != $var2){
  103. Sorting of data from database by adding hyperlink to the header
  104. Why is highlight_string() not working here?
  105. One Drop-down driving Another
  106. Magento PHP help! :)
  107. PHP and HTML
  108. while loop or not!
  109. How to know which variables are <> "" ?
  110. Question about displaying and changing data
  111. Event Calendar
  112. advanced wordpress help
  113. unable to submit country name,state name,city name into database
  114. Ajax windows not show up on onclick="submit
  115. need help taking info from a php page (var)
  116. Notice: Undefined offset
  117. Read Outlook Calendar with PHP
  118. PHP Error Message Help
  119. session not setting with header.
  120. Regular expression help
  121. sending mail problem
  122. non-english characters within array
  123. file is uploaded, but cannot read it. is_uploaded_file == false
  124. Wordpress 3.1 get month archives by category
  125. Inserting Default Array Values back into a form Input Field
  126. Need help with Registration code
  127. Help needed in checking if value of the variable is number or not
  128. Allow space pregmatch
  129. Help with Pagination
  130. Wordpress... links non clickable or wrong href
  131. What is wrong with this CSV?
  132. Autopopulating Select field using PHP and mySQL
  133. Making a signup page, trying to log all attempts
  134. Menu problem
  135. SSL Certificate not working
  136. Offline Errors
  137. Insert into Dynamic DB
  138. - File upload (change file name)
  139. How can i pass a string with multiple line to a javascript function ?
  140. Resolved html validation for regex
  141. Add and Save Button
  142. Change Date Format From YYYY-MM-DD to DD-MM-YYYY
  143. Code for Paging like Page 1 of 5
  144. Help with affiliate banner tracking
  145. Image Admin Page..How to add a delete function??
  146. Change password script. echo result same page
  147. create a new table from output get from database
  148. Joomla Invalid Token
  149. Resolved OOP database class problem
  150. PHP-to-MySQL Form Not Functioning
  151. Embed something after X number of lines
  152. PHP cookies redundent
  153. Resolved Division by zero error how can i get rid of it?
  154. fsockopen child scripts not running to completion
  155. help! php error mysql_fetch_row(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result
  156. Problems with setting up basket Cookie
  157. multidimensional array search
  158. (fwrite or fputcsv) export to windows directory
  159. Posting to Facebook and Twitter throgh PHP
  160. Resolved Latest images with opendir
  161. PHP placeholders not working in HTML
  162. How to integrate a GDI Signup
  163. Atom and php
  164. Resolved How do I count an array?
  165. Is there is any library to convert wikitext to html format using php ?
  166. unable to update one column based on id
  167. Get next value from an array
  168. Resolved PHP unable to printout value in table form
  169. mysql_fetch_array change output every time
  170. Error querying database
  171. Help me please - Pinging code
  172. Is it possible to canvas a webpage and pull content with PHP?
  173. newsletters with PHP
  174. looking for a good link directory
  175. How to make a certain download link...
  176. Unable to Link from Facebook Wall Post back to Website Comment Box
  177. Regex for 3 alphabets and 4 numbers
  178. Saving data in text files - what security issues are there?
  179. Help with ammending code
  180. Resolved Award a prize, only once daily...
  181. PHP CLI _SERVER help needed
  182. Unset problem
  183. check input source
  184. php/html table problem
  185. wth...doesn't work
  186. Allow voting without being a registered user
  187. Like Feature Not working on New Posts
  188. A little bit of help with ++
  189. Can anyone Help with this php code?
  190. code doesn't generate results im looking for / seeking general suggestions also
  191. When Updating a One-Row Table ?
  192. $_POST[] not calculating all options
  193. How do I extract 2 rows ?
  194. Formatting text to XML?
  195. Setting up a mailer to loop through email addresses posted on a form
  196. trying to redirect with if statement
  197. Setting up a localhost
  198. php date help
  199. Comparing an array
  200. default webpage
  201. can anyone giving me an example code to parse XML into PHP?
  202. How can i use mysql transactions in cakephp ?
  203. Function won't return a value
  204. Need Help! PHP session & multimedia database
  205. Resolved http referrer always NULL - permissions problem?
  206. Need help!: elseif php code
  207. Need help with with If Statement
  208. Using PHP Variable in ORDER BY, SQL
  209. Passing data from page to page with post/echo?
  210. Is this possible in php
  211. Free web-based task scheduler?
  212. Finding what class contains a method
  213. Open SSL is not loading. Am I missing something ??
  214. Restricting file uploads
  215. Resolved PHP unable to submit
  216. Get URL of the previous page - Is it possible?
  217. getting content from a page to use with sql
  218. Resolved Contact form problem
  219. How to do realtime video conversion using PHP and ffmpeg ?
  220. Displaying all images in a directory, sort by latest
  221. PHP able to detect if a CSS overflow is in place?
  222. receiving array values from jquery POST
  223. Simple php
  224. Info changes based on selelction
  225. Access One Child Class from Another
  226. storing link variable in mysql
  227. Need help for friends system in PHP
  228. Form being resubmitted
  229. PHP Session does not Timeout
  230. Help Needed in Inserting Form Data into Database
  231. not getting values from table
  232. Text Alerts Script
  233. Help with a secure contact / upload form hybrid!
  234. Form submits but doesn't send email
  235. Resolved Problem with PHP/MySql View
  236. Using Image to prevent Spam
  237. framework vs a simple collection of classes
  238. Display data function
  239. php
  240. Export excel file from my programe formulas not working
  241. show day as next day?
  242. Convert HTML CSS stylesheet into inline css+php script
  243. integration of hdfc payment gateway
  244. Hdfc payment
  245. Oscommerce site Need help trying to pass discount amount to Paypal at Checkout
  246. supplied argument is not a valid Image resource
  247. Question about Page Redirect
  248. Trying to Add CAPTCHA Verification
  249. Is this a proper PHP Template format?
  250. Any quicker way to do this? (if's,echoes,etc)

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