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  1. Dont output hidden files in a directory of my PC
  2. need script to open image in new page with other images of the post at bottom
  3. Using extract with data returned from a function
  4. content management system script
  5. Help with a Form design
  6. Problem with PHP inside JS. Please advice
  7. Help with php sequence on Website script.
  8. Simple eregi_replace not working :$
  9. Download a file from server
  10. HTML DOM Problems
  11. email addresses
  12. Display image
  13. Please check my revision: ereg_replace --> preg_replace
  14. Change passwors problem, Please help...
  15. Trouble Coding Dynamic Table
  16. unpacking results from remote database
  17. Tagging
  18. Please help with PHP problem
  19. PHP content management system
  20. Need help in a complex issue
  21. php Directory Indexer - help!
  22. Math
  23. PHP extended Classes
  24. regexp
  25. update DB with selected check box values
  26. Combining the contents of these two files, would someone please...
  27. HELP WITH PHP Session functions
  28. IP Address Based Filtering - Hard coding problem
  29. Resolved Error in INSERT statement
  30. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '['
  31. Retrieve value from cookie array?
  32. Resolved How can I found out if my site uses cookies
  33. Regular Expressions Topic!
  34. urlencode not working the way i want it to
  35. DATE function
  36. Writing an Arcade Script
  37. PHP/Java Help
  38. Help with Renaming files with timestamp so images dont overwite themselves
  39. View image outside root folder
  40. Resolved Assigning values to variables using an array?
  41. Secure image upload alternative
  42. "Parse error" message...?
  43. Help with adding a DOT to an extension using this php code
  44. Show something after x time
  45. php and curl facebook problem
  46. Cleaning member database query
  47. arrange rows and columns
  48. cURL help
  49. Ad serving script help
  50. how do i make a var open a new page?
  51. Need some advice please
  52. Cookies
  53. Weird characters returned with MySQL row data.
  54. Resolved Cookies, Defines, Requires and a simple echo statement
  55. NuSoap: Error parsing payload, Reserved XML name.
  56. white space between ads
  57. Renaming a file incrementally using "move_uploaded_file"
  58. Problem with DOMAttribute
  59. Simple question about uploading PHP files to server
  60. Resolved Table Tag
  61. eregi v preg_match
  62. Next/previous button in php
  63. Fill in form, send info to database?
  64. PHP-Mysql help - Currently set to pull from 2 teams, need to pull from 3+ teams
  65. can only retrieve xml from one page
  66. Best Overall Code Editor?
  67. Quick Question on Parent\Child classes
  68. mixing python with php
  69. PHP help with check_input error page
  70. PHP E-mail Contact forms and validation
  71. Looking For PHP Video Tutorials
  72. How to activate '–enable-memory-limit' configure option, in WHM/SSH?
  73. Dropdown menu to input box
  74. smarty assign duplicate page on 1 page
  75. Present document using REST help with php
  76. Present document using REST help with php
  77. Character encoding issues.
  78. PHP Referring Website
  79. Why wont my cookie die!?
  80. A bit of help with a upload file class please?
  81. $synonyms = MobyThesaurus::GetSynonyms("dog");
  82. Best PHP Tutorial?
  83. Form to E-mail Issues
  84. Php Question
  85. PHP Include Function
  86. wordpress plugin displays before header
  87. Keeps adding
  88. Build a simple parser
  89. php to pdf
  90. Uploading Images using a CMS Problem
  91. pick unique random items from array
  92. IP to url htaccess rule?
  93. html special chars
  94. for each sql show a button
  95. Search engine!
  96. PHP file upload issue
  97. PHP form validation
  98. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '"' ...? How do i fix this?
  99. PHP mail headers
  100. Compare two arrays
  101. Pull foreach information from database as array
  102. dynamic signatures
  103. wg_UPLOADPATH
  104. Help with Cleaning up PHP Coding
  105. pulling my hair out :(
  106. exclude whitespaces from mysql query/input
  107. PHP Count
  108. PHP Upload Progress Display
  109. Transload + FFMPEG
  110. Check session.
  111. php news/ magazine portal
  112. 3 PHP Template Engine Project Sharing
  113. PhpOperators
  114. please help me to fix this code
  115. preg_replace parse an LUA
  116. problems after changing host
  117. Viral PHP
  118. how to display the contenet of a PHP variable in the javascript code
  119. Add tags
  120. Need help making nav bar drop down style.
  121. Curl Help (Executing a full page)
  122. What's wrong with this prepared statement?
  123. Need help to modify a php file
  124. Resolved Prev / Next links skip missing database records.
  125. How to spell-out month when changing months?
  126. Best way to convert Datetime to string???
  127. a function's meaning
  128. Redirect to new page after form submit in php
  129. What is Polymorphism in PHP
  130. Variable/Apostrphe Problem
  131. Question About Uploading Content From Database
  132. dropdown boxes
  133. Removing Short Words Under 4 Letters
  134. PHP Help Login/Statistics
  135. quick newb question
  136. Include all subdirectories???
  137. My SQL Retrever
  138. Problem with embeding PHP into Javascript
  139. populating dynamic input rows based on dynamic drop down listmenu for sending t
  140. Jquery php!!?!?
  141. if else page to see if a user is logged on needs upgraded to php 5
  142. Php log in issue
  143. Registration problem
  144. Help understanding arrays
  145. Help Needed to Modify a Wordpress File
  146. How to get the contents inside <p> tag of an html file into a php file
  147. How to insert link in php?
  148. PHP grab the content of the HTTPS
  149. Fill two fields from drop-menu?
  150. php
  151. Need some php help
  152. Simple question: PHP vs Python
  153. [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in
  154. File upload function does not working
  155. Problem with forms -cant submit data
  156. ORDER BY doubt
  157. if return false or true
  158. stuck on including sender email address in body of delivered email
  159. Making my mysql results to a link HELP
  160. advice reqd: best way to
  161. Multipart Boundary cutting off e-mail body
  162. manage projects and clients
  163. split alphanumeric?
  164. Debuggin? What am doing wrong here?
  165. Make all files in directory active???
  166. Validate email address from double in mysql
  167. Script brought down the server...
  168. unexpected T_BOOLEAN_OR
  169. fetch array vs fetch assoc
  170. Learning-no clue whats wrong here
  171. setting form values from database without refreshing
  172. Reading Google KML via cURL
  173. Help coding dynamic dropdown for WP ecommerce store
  174. htmlentities done without being called??
  175. Resolved How to remove part of string?
  176. Speed up my site
  177. https red cross error in chrome browser
  178. Adding Email Script to a Form
  179. PHP Hide text on Recipt page and Email Page.
  180. Warning: fclose(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource
  181. mysqli affected rows nothing
  182. php code
  183. Cannot display PDF Files in IE8 with SSL Certificate
  184. Help with header(location)
  185. Can anyone PLS help me debug my code?
  186. Title tag issue
  187. changing login link to logout when signed in.
  188. PHP script which allows others to upload to my site.. help
  189. data not being stored in phpadmin??
  190. PHP password salted hash login
  191. Redirecting certain groups of users to specific pages
  192. Easier way to re-HTML-ize text after sanitizing?
  193. php for to add description as chinese
  194. Help, Forgot Password?
  195. Resolved OOP help, returning values in methods
  196. need help with categories
  197. Resolved Returning data from a function?
  198. drop down box
  199. Function not working
  200. help me decode php lockit
  201. Extra subdirectory folder automatically appears in link
  202. TIP: Quotes / Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING in..
  203. ffmpeg create screenshot
  204. What does T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING mean?
  205. function.move-uploaded-file ERROR
  206. SESSION variables disappearing.
  207. Resolved $_SESSION variables keep resetting
  208. form, arrays and redux problems
  209. Resolved how apply a mask at a var on php?
  210. regex filename
  211. Need assistance w/web page player/recorder and Amazon S3
  212. PHP mysql error
  213. Help with outputting an array using foreach?
  214. how to upload two different uploaded array values in mysql using php
  215. function help - updating a varible to use in rest of script
  216. Naming keys in an array?
  217. Problem
  218. News box script - searched for hours
  219. where to place the downloadable .zip files
  220. Hiding and protecting PDF files
  221. a question re site compromise
  222. Resolved PHP form - sends email, but won't redirect
  223. PHP list/menu simple problem
  224. Facebook like timestamp
  225. long article pagination?
  226. Resolved [SOLVED] PHP mail() sends html body as plaintext despite html headers
  227. orkut Oauth php client: Empty server response Exception... need help!!
  228. check if people are online?
  229. PHP file_exists() not working properly... can't figure out why!!!
  230. Get current url in array
  231. more ffmpeg conversion questions
  232. Help with search terms (replacing spaces in url)
  233. TIP: Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent
  234. Problem please help
  235. trouble understanding complex Sum
  236. likes system
  237. Write new log file daily
  238. Weird Headers Error Message
  239. how to count all the values in a session
  240. how to store data in sessions like an array
  241. Display Column Wise
  242. Help with outputting data on another page from array please?
  243. please help on how to create nested links in php using <li>
  244. Passing the value to next page
  245. PHP how to get the current page URL including GET variables???
  246. Validating user responses
  247. Resolved [SOLVED] PHP won't send me an e-mail.
  248. Trouble posting with text
  249. kind of a difficult question about login redirection
  250. How to active links and images in emails

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