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  1. Im new :) Looking for resources for php & mysql development
  2. Edit existing records, form won't show
  3. Image upload in article creation form
  4. forum member removal
  5. File reading and writing PERMISSIONS minor problem
  6. insert variable into function
  7. Not shows all post in RSS
  8. save image generated by php
  9. PHP/SQL select field using variable
  10. Difference Between Two Dates
  11. MOD rewrite not working
  12. Delete single record via form, errors
  13. CHMOD for Script With Loop
  14. Easyphp Issue
  15. Best way to get/keep Article ID
  16. how to Collect Image from MYSQL
  17. Learning PHP .... Help
  18. foreach loop for registration form validation
  19. Replace items in an array with another item from another array for each instance
  20. Image syntax
  21. look at array but not on page
  22. How to allow certain uploads based on contacting another server
  23. Html Loop Table help
  24. How to perform a php performance test
  25. Posting From a Dropdown with a Space
  26. Easy way for an update form
  27. child-parent navigation php
  28. Problem inserting data from an array via MySQL
  29. php sleep
  30. Do I use the URL in this case?
  31. Not able to read a file in another folder
  32. My Link Market Project - Automatic FTP Updating
  33. PHP Shipping Cap (Total Postage PRICE) Help.
  34. Resolved Warning: getimagesize... help
  35. If/Else Iteration
  36. php comment system
  37. Can I have a clear form after submit?
  38. help making photo gallery using php
  39. Time and date issues
  40. File_get_contents unable to open stream
  41. Random chance
  42. Out of memory (allocated 1845755904) (tried to allocate 75 bytes)
  43. Fix for Paypal IPN eBay/digidownload script
  44. Form Error image (div)
  45. PHP Loop Error
  46. ID3 memory error
  47. PHP programe to set Certificate Template
  48. If no bookings the say there are no bookings?!
  49. How to show current user's time
  50. php page loading issue~
  51. help with file_get_contents
  52. Resolved PHP not inserting data into the database
  53. PHP User Portal
  54. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end
  55. update eregi to preg_match
  56. cURL problem and facebook login
  57. Help with web page form with attachment
  58. Cross Domain iFrame Cookie
  59. browser latency after mysql_fetch_assoc
  60. Html search form calling php function
  61. Current users on site? Preferably without needing database access (security reasons)
  62. Resolved Looping/Syntax/Logic Error - I don't see it!
  63. form not sending to personal email
  64. foreach() error
  65. Need help showing latest uploaded images
  66. Resolved Returning values from a while loop into an array?
  67. (image) How to open webpage with specific part.
  68. Contact form Script
  69. No input file specified.
  70. Automated email
  71. pregmatch questions
  72. Resolved Getting closer to the right loop
  73. Newbie Needs Help with PHP/Wordpress question
  74. Print each image when enter id
  75. How to replace/remove all non-alphabetic characters from a string?
  76. Gettext calls - translating Wordpress
  77. Login functions
  78. Step-by-Step installation of PHP,Apache in Windows XP
  79. Resolved Birthday field in form
  80. Ban\Unban and show remaining time on ban
  81. Displaying a backslash
  82. Creating Directories and Uploading
  83. I need help
  84. Need help with Dynamic Content
  85. Need help with a small file!
  86. get thumbnail from youtube video by entering its url
  87. echo a link to different pages base on a variable
  88. Regarding undefine variable
  89. always not found in array -- why? it's there.
  90. Automatically adds a comment when new Youtube video? help
  91. PHP: Get the data of a first array
  92. Linking to Data for Pages (pricing) in Layman's Terms
  93. Session ID's
  94. while loop
  95. Trouble reading txt file to compare strings
  96. Loginscript
  97. CSS problem when using php echoes
  98. URL Variable INSIDE URL variable?
  99. send information to another page...
  100. Coding for scripts
  101. problem with my email script?!
  102. Comment on Article (revisited)
  103. Learning PHP .... Help
  104. PHP System Status Board
  105. Tag count
  106. Image Upload script always echoes wrong filetype
  107. Duplicating info from dropdown menu
  108. imap base64
  109. Search feature
  110. Resolved Syntax error in PHP statement! HELP!
  111. Embed Help
  112. cakephp and paypals chained payments
  113. wordpress plugin coding problem
  114. Form + Payment process.
  115. output buffering problem
  116. Where did it go?
  117. mail() not defined
  118. numbered array in database, need to show as text
  119. Chat application
  120. Sequence Generation
  121. How to get days old from date of birth in php
  122. Ajax Trouble
  123. New in php (error - undefined index)
  124. Handling Logged In Status
  125. Sanitizing data for update query
  126. ereg_replace errors
  127. Find school graduation year from grade
  128. 5 digits need converting to date - help!
  129. Resolved Getting 403 error when passing url between pages
  130. PHP Comments
  131. beginner looking for some help
  132. any body could tell how to create Live Chat in PHP
  133. code to preg match to see if a user is online in facebook?
  134. Arabic Language Mail Support Problem(Urgent)
  135. <div> ?
  136. Using $_GET for retreiving (newbie)
  137. Allow duplicate emails in database
  138. Get image from external url, store image on web server, store url in database
  139. Resolved cURL Issues
  140. array to build sql command
  141. XMLReader and XMLWriter
  142. Populating form using PHP/Mysql
  143. Resolved Pagination...?
  144. Resolved Outputting Mysql Database using PHP/Html into a table
  145. Nested loops returning duplicate data on output
  146. Getting value from drop down list
  147. Mac PHP Compiler??
  148. PHP On and Off
  149. php number script 1-how ever many users log in!
  150. Some slight trouble with preg_mach and arrays..
  151. MYSQL to PHP datetime conversion
  152. Changing txt FILE
  153. Need help modifying a PHP search to use multiple search fields
  154. Display x amount of words
  155. Searching function....
  156. file_get_contents() problem
  157. Search result pages
  158. Resolved I need a very basic guestbook
  159. Pass querystring to an include file
  160. to send attachment
  161. delete member row matching 2 fields?
  162. update to cearInput function for array
  163. Framework codeigniter
  164. How to make : Page Visible only in sometime in PHP
  165. upload issue
  166. get table row i just inserted
  167. Finding the start date of any week from a given date
  168. Permissions on upload folder
  169. Write to a flat log file in another directory
  170. Timestamp code for set interval Asia Zone
  171. Drupal 7 - Views
  172. Cookie not being stored on style switcher
  173. PHP load content
  174. Codeigniter Related Question
  175. Trasform login script to multiredirect
  176. Identifying Referring Page
  177. how to connect and insert info into 2 databases
  178. email body on one line?!
  179. Need a secure way to save a page location
  180. I am NO good with php, can you help with something? :)
  181. Socket Server
  182. Find current file path
  183. Add text to a file
  184. Insert query is duplicated results
  185. ForEach Returning Duplicate Values
  186. does php know to use php5 folder
  187. Preg_replace not function
  188. progress bar if else statements not working
  189. If I'm using forms + php, will it always take me to a new page?
  190. comments in php ini
  191. Comments on OOP (uses select box builder as example)
  192. What is this error??
  193. PHP Post Select
  194. Can you have a look at this please its strainge.
  195. Passing user input through to a third script
  196. dynamic text on image via php (connect to sql)
  197. Escape Null in second array
  198. Files not uploading on the server
  199. Calling a PHP file inside a function
  200. $_SESSION gets set without function being called as expected
  201. Call function using variable?
  202. how to add a download link using PHP
  203. Run PHP Include Script with Certain Action
  204. doing away with php mail functions
  205. Adding data to a SQL table with php
  206. Absolute Paths vs Relative Paths - which is better?
  207. PHP problem
  208. PHP error when sending variable with a hyperlink
  209. Execute Conversion Tracking on Same Page
  210. LINKING with an IMAGE MAP PHP
  211. Quick WP question, how would I...
  212. objects and classes issue
  213. Need Help on Flat File creation
  214. Compare mySQL db against CSV
  215. RFH- CSV creation - pulling data from SQL Query
  216. Resolved processing data from a form
  217. PHP question
  218. Did I go about this the most efficient way?
  219. Need help creating a school locator based on zip codes
  220. PHP Search of MySQL database no records found
  221. Resolved While loop help please?
  222. PHP Translator help please
  223. vbulletin forum automatic reply
  224. Download Pop Up Where There Shouldn't Be One
  225. Variables don't show correct data?!
  226. Problem with dividing echo's
  227. loop through records but don't show ID
  228. Better MySQL handling
  229. extract audio from video with php?
  230. Help returning text in a class object
  231. writing date out differently
  232. Resolved Slashes being added
  233. Need to link to drop down list
  234. if file isnt this type
  235. display latest 4 images from folder?
  236. Send to thankyou page after form submit
  237. difference between 2 dates?
  238. download/upload a file to a specific location on a server?
  239. small change in php code needed!!
  240. PHP Question
  241. clearing session variables
  242. Need help with sorting arrays!
  243. image submit not working
  244. Add column names to CSV export function
  245. message board integration
  246. Rendering MySQL output to edit in a form
  247. form issue
  248. script to download a linked file.
  249. Random Generator
  250. Watermark Image On Upload

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