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  1. Help With Regex and Yahoo Pipes...Please Help!
  2. datetime into 12-hour clock
  3. Maintaining Logged-In Status and User Name
  4. Help with paypal shopping cart modification
  5. CURL saving content to file
  6. Make a certain extension downloadable
  7. mysql_num_rows - returns 0
  8. Any Way To Embed Blogger Into Existing Website While Remaining SEO Conscious
  9. HELP!!! Keep getting problem with undefined index....
  10. Programming Training Software
  11. PHP/MYSQL table looping problem
  12. Resolved populate input type=file field with existing data
  13. Connection Reset with Server
  14. Help with Relative Image URL in PHP
  15. HELP PHP MYSQL combobox filtering
  16. PHP and JavaScript Error
  17. New coder needs help !!!
  18. PHP File Location
  19. Resolved Help returning values from a function?
  20. What do the different bits of this code do?
  21. Avoid PHP script timeout
  22. Find text in a string
  23. Resolved Limiting Char in title (wordpress widget)
  24. updating function query
  25. Problem displaying Thumbnails from php file attached to html img tag
  26. Postback script GPT
  27. Redirect not working properly
  28. When using php do you have to use mysql_store_result()?
  29. HELP!!! Problem with undefined variable....
  30. populating the category and subcategory
  31. $_REQUEST Variable in Parent Frame?
  32. Form not posting to self
  33. Get certain values from a website
  34. Output current hour + 1
  35. IF exists in an associative array
  36. simple example I dont understand:
  37. EasyPHP & DreamWeaver 8
  38. Problem With Sending Email Through PHP
  39. How to save multiple checkbox
  40. file difference engine
  41. Create a website Crawler
  42. Reading rows of array from text file
  43. Calendar
  44. how can I define validation rules?
  45. Error In funcaiton
  46. Please Help me in PHP Coding
  47. Zend Framework and Optimistic Locking
  48. How to .... in PHP
  49. Safe way to get current script name and path?
  50. Error with email registration
  51. Help With " Adult Warning Page "
  52. reply comments to multiple usernames
  53. Postback script GPT
  54. Bizarre Problem....object is empty unless I print_r or vardump first
  55. removing check for safe mode
  56. Problem with referrer list
  57. need help with this script
  58. Reversing order of files loaded
  59. External URL Request
  60. PHP reading outside its parent directory.
  61. Order by Random with Pagination
  62. securing form values
  63. output of php script wont display in browser until the script has finished executing
  64. Help with emailing form information with php please
  65. Change Font Size
  66. Printing and Posting
  67. simple image grabber
  68. Display parts of an array
  69. Finding a good PHP/AJAX File Manager
  70. Need help editing a script (it's displaying HTML code)
  71. Array Problem
  72. multiple results to another query?
  73. Table join query
  74. Issue in fwrite/fputs.
  75. need a help with checkbox menu
  76. Check If Form Doesnt Submit
  77. Making a simple list with a pseudo-database
  78. Comments not updating correctly...
  79. Contact form "Be Our ​​Supplier"
  80. Need help outputting image array via radio buttons
  81. Checking Dates
  82. display 1-100, if a number is in the database display it red
  83. Project Idea
  84. Time Zone clock
  85. Saving resources and optimising the loading times
  86. HELP!!!! Problem with my MySQL connected PHP login form :'(
  87. Trouble getting all results from array
  88. paypal shopping cart wont load.
  89. updating license project
  90. {NEWBIE} Help Removing Code
  91. Need help with "Dynamically populating a JavaScript image slideshow"
  92. Hi Can Some one help me with Blog Funcation in PHP
  93. String or Char -> Binary Representation
  94. can any one help me with this php problem
  95. Can Any one help me with the PHP Query
  96. Hotel Room .Search Availability... Search Query
  97. Php
  98. Using Sessions and header() yielding weird results. Help!
  100. window.open and php
  101. Execution Time
  102. Email account activation help needed.
  103. how do i do so it doesnt echo a blank input ?
  104. Attachment Paths
  105. Good encryption method
  106. Prob about XML coad
  107. PHP coding error
  108. PHP sms script
  109. Anyone please help me - first time poster
  110. Unable to delete items in shopping cart
  111. php cookie and session
  112. Server Side Upload script fails on Apache 2.2 with PHP5, Win32 - XP Pro
  113. How to.... in PHP
  114. Search Button????
  115. Checkbox clicked Not required
  116. Default Timezone Difference
  117. Time Timezones
  118. What's wrong with my coding?
  119. cleanin up contact textarea
  120. Random image generator (sorta) WP
  121. Can't make sense of parse error.
  122. Snoopy Class has no result
  123. Looking for a spinner that can spin between 10 different links
  124. Move recaptcha validation
  125. converting to utf-8
  126. inserting data into multiple tables
  127. {page_num}
  128. PHP Time error
  129. Resolved advice on refreshing incoming messages with mt_rand()??
  130. Regular Expressions (preg_match)
  131. Form Error Handling
  132. submit form values to two locations
  133. Seeing if a DATETIME value is over 24 hours ago?
  134. Getting data from a URL with PHP
  135. php captcha error display issue
  136. why the php generate bar chart code doesn't work?
  137. Values on both sides of a predefined character
  138. Two included boxes side by side
  139. Having a problem working with PHP arrays
  140. attaining value of key value
  141. need help with an IF statement
  142. What is Good php Code Pattren
  143. php debug
  144. positioning looped objects
  145. Help w/ Auto-Generated Queried Voting Page
  146. unlink() is not deleting my file
  147. Redirect on Error
  148. Regular expression: remove all images except the ones with specific class
  149. PHP Paypal autoresponder Mail Configuration.
  150. text not going on next line in email?
  151. Help getting a component's data
  152. PHP Uploader Help
  153. How to pick a random number ONCE and keep it? Please help!
  154. PHP Parameters
  155. Problems with $_POST
  156. Resolved offset the gmstrftime value by plus 3 hrs
  157. is closing while loop required
  158. limiting access by country
  159. Dealing with two tables
  160. imagejpeg shows some weird characters
  161. Please HELP...Reading Remote File Into Array
  162. Undefined index - please help!
  163. Php code in "process.php" page
  164. submit function
  165. Hide empty columns in MySQL/HTML table
  166. Struggling to make nested unordered list from mysql results
  167. Help with PHP configuration for OpenSSL support
  168. Resolved copy records to temp table?
  169. Do I need to learn PHP to be good at Smarty?
  170. Php & ftp
  171. Resizing image during upload
  172. inserting and deleting records in php
  173. Help with joining two tables
  174. PHP Help
  175. PHP File Name
  176. Windows Hosting - Error 404 - .htaccess
  177. onclick php?
  178. Users friends list
  179. undefined index/variable
  180. PHP SendMail not sending HTML properly, text doesn't go onto next line?!
  181. Resolved Need help, php $images_dir not reading
  182. Table Join help
  183. Resolved Storing/Grabbing multiple images from a single row in mysql
  184. and or &&?
  185. get last ID of row inserted
  186. Echo the name of a file into an <img> bracket
  187. Resolved IPB installation error
  188. if (input == "*")
  189. get values of checkboxes and add | after each one?
  190. PHP Script For Form not Working
  191. carrying an amount to the next stage
  192. Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object
  193. Need help running this code from a seperate directory
  194. PHP and twitter ($twitteroauth->getRequestToken)
  195. zip code radius geo location script
  196. why the messages?
  197. where to insert php validation code in form?
  198. Password Encryption Issues in login system
  199. Code error with 'select' and 'where'
  200. Difficulty getting articles into MySQL
  201. Wordpress/Buddypress Help (their forum was no help)
  202. UL LI NavMenu
  203. help! code error
  204. Date timezone help
  205. MVC Files/Folder Structuring
  206. nusoap - wsdl generation problem
  207. Contact page stops loading
  208. PHP "one-line" syntax
  209. activation key
  210. ads for website
  211. Column count doesn't match value count at row 1
  212. Yes another "idea" thread..
  213. Sort by Clicking column headers.. Please help!
  214. Database Design for Wikipedia Type site
  215. Time calculations
  216. PHP difficulty compared to CSS?
  217. expects parameter 2 to be resource - please help
  218. Resolved Verify a successful query
  219. php version changed, soapclient not works
  220. signup form not working
  221. url
  222. Xpath Scraping Question
  223. "source" command not working with mysql_query??!!??!!
  224. Make FAQ List
  225. Connecting PHP to MySQL Problems
  226. PHP Includes Problems
  227. Multi-dimensional array not working in my login script? WTF?
  228. Help Needed: unexpected T_VARIABLE
  229. Annoying Error Calling Functions From Include() - Please Help!
  230. Show another image when not logged in.
  231. Revamped php while loop with insert
  232. Resolved Form tokens..
  233. php while loop with insert help
  234. Execute (shell?) command through PHP
  235. Any way to stop php code form an include() from reading and writing
  236. Problems with while, if, elseif statements
  237. PHP mail header with variable
  238. Assign date to var /or/ echo xml creation date
  239. help with forloop
  240. Im new :) Looking for resources for php & mysql development
  241. Edit existing records, form won't show
  242. Image upload in article creation form
  243. forum member removal
  244. File reading and writing PERMISSIONS minor problem
  245. insert variable into function
  246. Not shows all post in RSS
  247. save image generated by php
  248. PHP/SQL select field using variable
  249. Difference Between Two Dates
  250. MOD rewrite not working

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