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  1. Having some issues with looping a multi dimensional array
  2. For loop not updating database
  3. Hidden value not passing value
  4. Wanted: Good PHP Programmer To Partner With On 90% Done Project
  5. Select where query using drop down value
  6. In a mess with an increment for a loop
  7. Styled input file button no longer shows chosen file
  8. quick database question
  9. why is this "elseif" catching?
  10. help to start coding
  11. PHP and MYSQL with a loop
  12. Is PHP-FPM different from FastCGI /w Nginx for PHP?
  13. Multiple Forms on Single Page
  14. Need help on Insert data to phpMyAdmin
  15. Submit more than one Form at a time??
  16. Code for redirecting payment via PayPal based on geozone customer is in
  17. Do I need to set a Default
  18. Sort Comment From Bottom To Top [Like Facebook Comments]
  19. Help me to fix registration, image upload, resize and store path in MySQL script
  20. Pagination Updating Every Post In Database?
  21. Form Email Output styling Help
  22. need help about call a php code on click button
  23. Logic For Both Php & Mysql
  24. cant connect fsockopen or fopen
  25. Wordpress conditionals
  26. php forum create topic
  27. showing ordered items weird things happening doctrine /twig
  28. Rewriting/converting a single php file into a MVC format.
  29. do a select on two tables and the result allows access to fields of
  30. search string to find any one of an array within it.
  31. Help in PHP Code Please
  32. PHPUnit - Can Mocking/Stubbing happen without the actual class file?
  33. PHP, HTML, CSS, MYSQL sign up and login code
  34. In search of a script that can take the url of an api and convert the results
  35. Need some recommendations
  36. form/submit, how to check if array ISSET()
  37. Indeed API
  38. Better way to do this?
  39. How to add search to photography website
  40. Sql/math
  41. Tabs with tables
  42. Php and a way to case select
  43. Little help please
  44. variable check
  45. Word Press uploads folder
  46. Php Issue
  47. session errors - please help
  48. Resolved Date and getting 30 days from it
  49. Crypt() password question and login with Version PHP 5.3
  50. problem connecting a cms to gateway
  51. Drop down shopping cart
  52. Submit button confusion
  53. Website 80% done need help!
  54. Resolved 2% fee per 1,000. Foreach? Count?
  55. PHP parse GET data
  56. Daylight Savings Adjustment Help
  57. Do I need a whole bunch of Forms?
  58. My code isn't getting all of my wordpress posts
  59. Screencapper Image History Gallery
  60. Google Maps Markers question
  61. World cup office fun
  62. issue trying to disiplay contents of array
  63. Enter date and date 2 and dates(dates3) between them in date base.Only for experts
  64. in get in PHp ProBLm ,some 1 can Sort Out It?
  65. want to unfavorite and item from the user's favorite list through php
  66. mailing list problem please help
  67. classified ads website
  68. ZendFramework > ZendService > APNS > Enhanced Payload
  69. HTML/php email form issue
  70. getting a parssing error please help
  71. Need help with php array.
  72. Still Learning Need Some Pointers
  73. pay for it api
  74. Regenerating session id
  75. Calculate the number of working day hours between two dates
  76. 500 - Internal server error on index.php
  77. PHP CRUD reading from the databse
  78. MYSQL SYNTAX Error: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corre
  79. Can some look over this and tell me what's wrong...
  80. home page using php and mysql
  81. Resolved Difference in value
  82. How insert start date ,end date and dates between them in same time in same db
  83. parsing decoded JSON output
  84. Displaying content from mysql table when selected from a drop down
  85. Is this wrong?
  86. Query data to multiple columns
  87. Resolved Updating the right forum db field
  88. problem with Dynamic DropDown list when Submit
  89. Reconcile Files with Database
  90. simple html dom parser remove tags
  91. Watermark Logo + Dynamic Text
  92. some help need stop bot traffic
  93. extract string from url
  94. Resolved I think CodeIgniter is drunked..
  95. Resolved comparing table array values loop trouble
  96. Set Retrieved Record As Selected In ComboBox
  97. This is urgent fo rexpert php and my sql
  98. This is urgent unavailable days only for experts php and my sql
  99. Friendship system won't accept or reject
  100. Controlling how many results echo'd
  101. Create a function to add hours onto a deadline taking into account working hours
  102. Question about @function
  103. Must fill a form page
  104. Injecting variable into JSON
  105. sending using a link and using get
  106. PHP form not submitting to database
  107. Object oriented coding, never done much of it need a crash course
  108. Unable to send a message with php mail function
  109. HTML dump into new file
  110. Which is good to make Dynamic or Static Website?
  111. How to prevent spamming to my api server?
  112. Error need little help
  113. What would be the equivilant of this javascript in PHP
  114. Cant output MySQL Table data
  115. How do I do this?
  116. Image Exporting
  117. Noobie Code not working
  118. URL decoding
  119. Resolved Variable and $link problems
  120. unlinking an entire directory
  121. php registration confirmation
  122. Evaluate login problem
  123. This mysql class to mysqli
  124. Login Problem
  125. Transaction: unlink() and UPDATE query
  126. Resolved mysqli_query() and mysqli_fetch_array()
  127. ELSE vs ELSEIF
  128. Resolved expecting variable (T_VARIABLE) or ${
  129. Form contents emailed and written to a text file
  130. Multi Delete With Checkboxes
  131. Only for experts ,Booking calendar need add some functions
  132. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected end of file
  133. newby question
  134. Problems updating php on a mac
  135. drop down menu from sql database not displaying correctly
  136. file_exists() and realpath()
  137. The best way to get this project off the ground.
  138. Can't get Mongo working with new WAMP
  139. New Problem (Admin Area Issues)
  140. How to sort array data in foreach loop by exploded string
  141. Drupal article
  142. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '{' in /home4/jtmannen/public_html
  143. I need help with reset password issue.
  144. preg_replace help please
  145. echo'ing multiple results in drop down menu
  146. Resolved Error: Header Already Sent
  147. Converting unix timestamp to user time based on offset
  148. Help with Mysqli coversion
  149. Trouble with PHPScheduleIt error
  150. I want to export data from database to csv format.
  151. Imap??
  152. moving data from one table to another
  153. Safely Deleting a File?
  154. PHP Notice: Array
  155. ksort() in a 2d array
  156. Help me please
  157. how to work with php
  158. Resolved Selecting mysql column with type SET
  159. Resolved How do I validate a Recaptcha form entry please?
  160. Single quotes in database table
  161. Overlap another image on-top of a PHP generated image.
  162. Determining User's Computer
  163. Counting Lines of Code
  164. Can't connect database with my files
  165. Resolved output variables
  166. Problem Creating a New Zend Project
  167. Question about Activation E-mail
  168. How do I make this Form, in this PHP file, accessible via an html page?
  169. Form to personal email
  170. Emails showing blank on Windows 8
  171. Need help, email not forwarding now
  172. Adding Custom Document Helper Links Codeigniter
  173. Dynamically? Enable Editing on my Website
  174. Converting 'all' quote types to one double quote.
  175. Image Change Based on Day/Time - Code Being Stubborn
  176. Resolved Select image to include sub directories
  177. php form poster and redirection.
  178. Finding the last 2 characters of a string and adding a different font size
  179. Converting $_POST array to regular array
  180. Setting up a report table
  181. What could be sending GET requests to my PHP script?
  182. Fixed-Header with extra columns.
  183. Please help me to fix PHP bugs
  184. Faster Method of Parsing HTML Forms
  185. Regular Expression
  186. Regular Expression: find matching elements within tags
  187. storing data on array question
  188. Multiple Submits/Posts?
  189. PHP built-in for pinpointing JSON error?
  190. Calling Static Method inside non-Static Method
  191. Marking private messages for delete in Php
  192. Can't get videos to embed in category view
  193. Alternating Row Colors in a Table
  194. Resolved Redirecting Page by Country
  195. how i can explode this xml file in php
  196. Mark Multiple Private Message and Delete selected messages.
  197. Ideas on how to best build monthly invoice system
  198. Urgent Help Needed for my website I will give my 2 Domain Names
  199. dynamic table in to array and encode as JSON
  200. Get time Is it server or user computer time?
  201. ctype and int
  202. Please help me with my eCommerce Website
  203. Using IF Statement from SELFPOST to send data to a database.
  204. php file include is not working
  205. "Call to a member function on a non-object" while on object
  206. Coloring an image, based on the colors of other images
  207. PHPUnit: Calling methods inside dataprovider
  208. Spelling Suggestor like google's did you mean
  209. Nested foreach() with multiple POST to URL with file_get_contents
  210. Wordpress plugin - custom templates and urls
  211. PHP help with sitemap.php
  212. How to add PHP code with submit buttons into HTML?
  213. fwrite and functions
  214. Singleton Design Pattern
  215. Preventing 2 Max Numbers
  216. Keeping variable when clicking link
  217. Questions about BBCode
  218. PHP / JSONP - getting code to work properly?
  219. Codeigniter Controller SQL Load Error
  220. Facebook graph api can't invite users to event?
  221. Processing form with PHP help
  222. Bitcoin Price Ticker Fix - PLEASE HELP!
  223. php vs wordpress, which one is more suitable?
  224. Split text
  225. If (!define) not working Codeigniter
  226. ereg depreciated???
  227. Displaying information when image is clicked
  228. problem with PHP 5.4 in getting reliable date conversion
  229. DB Forge Codeigniter Create Database Not Working
  230. No direct linking code?
  231. PHP conditional based on whether content exists
  232. Best method of filtering MySQL results
  233. Resolved Using PHP to Create an Ordered List
  234. PHP Script to detect Month and Time of Day
  235. How from input html pass data in php page
  236. fwrite not writing contents of a string to a text file
  237. Need help deleting line from txt log
  238. More php error---please help
  239. Help with readfile code
  240. Show Random Images PHP Code
  241. Help with UTF-8
  242. display results based on filename/title
  243. mark read/unread message in php
  244. Simple Like/Dislike script?
  245. How to get number of bytes sent by server in response to a specific request?
  246. Two small problems about a simple submit form
  247. Zip on the fly
  248. My login script is not working correctly
  249. updating multiple array daya with selection and checkbox values
  250. Php error

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