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  1. Comment box that sends me e-mail...
  2. Error using echo
  3. Download remote file and stream to user using cURL
  4. Whats wrong with this line?
  5. Captcha Code Problem (Not Loading)
  6. struggling to print selected data in a table to pdf
  7. PHP formmailer doesn't work on all PC or MAC machines
  8. PHP header redirect problem
  9. Echoing the value of MySQL field data
  10. Shrink search bos to fit
  11. Problem with joining 2 mysql queries and displaying them using php
  12. Is PHP ready for Web 2.0?
  13. Question!
  14. Problem with captcha
  15. Help Calling Pages
  16. Strip Html Entities
  17. Form to update MYSQL database does not work.
  18. Website Security
  19. Need Help Creating Picture Link to Picture in Mysql
  20. customer AND ADMIN LOGIN
  21. echoing a MySQL field
  22. Making a BASIC shopping cart system
  23. iframe search engine fail?
  24. Paypal integration: Trying to send user-submitted amount
  25. What am I looking for?
  26. Pulling Users From An exsisting database on a shoutbox
  27. Stop [code] tag from parsing other BBCode
  28. problems setting captcha code
  29. Xmoov and WP
  30. Numbers appearing on the wrong side of filename
  31. Help me please!
  32. Validating a drop down menu
  33. Resolved Banner Rotator Display Issue
  34. How to Change from Random in Banner Rotator
  35. PHP - Configuration file?
  36. Resolved Prevent SQL injection with preg_replace?
  37. Pf2g
  38. Resolved Comment system display not working
  39. Remove Whitespace before and after comma
  40. collecting website visitor information
  41. PHP acting upon match
  42. Why has this error occured?
  43. errors with connecting code
  44. How does the [PHP tags work here Coding Forums
  45. Email script not retrieving/passing variables
  46. registration 4 part file escape question
  47. Redirecting to Login Page
  48. Send email (Apache/PHP)
  49. PHP Session Error
  50. sending sms from website
  51. Adding a postcode / zipcode to an email subject line
  52. default value in product options (oscommerce)
  53. fwrite Code outputting extra file.
  54. Having trouble with a MYSQL update
  55. Need to post a URL only
  56. Preventing XSS
  57. Memorize form
  58. Help with orientation of objects
  59. isset not working correctly
  60. PHP and HTML form mismatch, please can you help
  61. Mail Attachment
  62. path problem for add to cart button
  63. Need help with UPDATE in Prepared Statement
  64. curl not working..url with parameter with commas...
  65. Adding a number to end of uploaded file
  66. Read content from HTTPS website
  67. Extra class in last of while loop?
  68. c vrs c++ mime
  69. Resolved sanitize file_get_contents
  70. Seeing special characters
  71. Radio Buttons in Form Name Issue
  72. problem with select box and selected item
  73. Resolved Matching sets, count?
  74. auto reply to post from email
  75. Convert table rows to individual arrays
  76. Create web page accessible only with keyword and only within a certain time frame?
  77. Help me finish securing my web form
  78. Script not working with different hosting company
  79. Simply inserting a .php into a .html
  80. Having a problem with my first PHP script
  81. Questions about Log-Out feature
  82. Insert into table problem
  83. Zend Framework Installation Help
  84. Getting the filename of file uploaded
  85. Resolved stuck on a while loop
  86. MySQL query or fread?
  87. Resolved using scandir or open dir
  88. Need some help on email form
  89. How to create index page in joomla and upload on domain server
  90. php/mysql calculation weight & shipping cost
  91. Passing Outcome Codes/Messages
  92. cakephp with extjs Grid CRUD
  93. ecommerce meta tags
  94. $_POST problem
  95. Listing specific pages on nav bar in Word PRess
  96. Can't seem to find the last curly brace? help, please
  97. Help with PHP Forms
  98. PHP MySQL leaderboard
  99. Resolved clean input question
  100. Need help saving HTML form using php to a text file
  101. Removing part of a var
  102. Url shortener application
  103. Simple Uploader Question
  104. Substr from the right
  105. Multiple Prepared Statements Failing
  106. JQtouch form not submitting?!
  107. New Method to launch a new website
  108. Resolved Percentage amount
  109. phpinfo not displaying
  110. Help With "Submitting" Button Actions
  111. I want one php file with all games?
  112. continually evolving word cloud
  113. php seconds from database
  114. PHP Registration Form (Need Remove validation)
  115. Help With "Submitting" Button Actions
  116. Using two functions on one echo?
  117. $30 - Using PHP to get dynamic image url
  118. Different ways to use Prepared Statements?
  119. search result display page modification
  120. Need HUGE Help
  121. How to integrate BuddyPress to the theme which I developed
  122. How to successfully integrate BuddyPress to the theme which I developed
  123. Image/News Displayer - Help Appreciated
  124. random indent..?
  125. Upload Script Help
  126. PHP Calendar won't display anymore
  127. help in transfering file from filehosts to server
  128. Strip \u000d\u000a ?
  129. Display allocated Web Space and used space
  130. drop down menu that will change a article to a different version
  131. PHP email form
  132. Taking multiple html fields & placing in database
  133. How to get value of combo box to php variable at run time without refershing page?
  134. php code - Sending mail with external SMTP server
  135. upload image to server help
  136. Custom function breaking within loop after one iteration
  137. include code on false text input
  138. Ajaxplorer freezing my FTP access
  139. Need Help with passing PHP database info to a Javascript src URL
  140. PHP Share Script - No idea how to directly link to file
  141. rewriterule not keeping url structure
  142. CReate Multiple PDF Documents With PHP While
  143. Image upload problem.
  144. display result of last 30 days
  145. include problem in php
  146. Small Array Question and Query
  147. Email Attachment Encoding
  148. How to assign first item in an array as var?
  149. Displaying and Not Displaying SQL data
  150. Reverse order of array then post contents
  151. Need help understanding Double-Submittal Code
  152. Date Function Timezone Specification date("h:i A");
  153. Limiting network access to one website with a browseable Iframe
  154. Contact form
  155. Individual Keywords from Individual Posts
  156. Resolved Sending a name instead of id in a function
  157. PHP email link not showing as a clickable link?!
  158. fpdf error
  159. Scoured the Internet... Unable to jump to row MySQL result index
  160. How can I steal HttpOnly cookies, using XSS?
  161. Parse Syntax Unexpected T_FUNCTION Error Help!!!
  162. Sample Base 64 (Encode) Malware code that I just decrypted from my webserver
  163. Secured image but save image as works
  164. PHP (Text Changer?)
  165. FF6 Doesn't Upload Files
  166. problem with php and tables
  167. Get Refer(r)er Information | FF/IE | Problem | Please help!
  168. PHP Upload, checking for custom filetype extension
  169. Please help on creating image verification code
  170. Resolved Extract value from string using preg_match
  171. oscommerce categories/products prefixes
  172. Regex to check for a valid web address
  173. Security Captcha Help?
  174. Making my site redirect to different links depending on the browser being used?
  175. CSV processing: rearranging 3 master rosters into 12 separate ones
  176. trap no connection error
  177. I need help with preg_match
  178. PHP email converts new line to \r\n?!
  179. PHP Redirect for Mobile Devices (Width Based)
  180. How - Assign Value to a Radio Button with a Session Var
  181. shopping cart problem
  182. Update mysql Data after query in a while loop?
  183. serious troubles in managing dreamweaver site ?
  184. Internal Server error
  185. how to connect databse while uploading website
  186. syntax error please help!
  187. File Path
  188. easy form question/insert
  189. Resolved Dynamic title using PHP
  190. SIMPLE image gallery script
  191. PHP Login Redirect By User
  192. converting html to php, css not read
  193. Return an array from a function
  194. PHP MySQL Application Administration
  195. Mysql to csv
  196. Having trouble alternating row colors
  197. HTML to PHP Form Input and Submit
  198. Setting Cookie to load/dont load fancybox
  199. Add some features and autosend to mail
  200. Insert HTML
  201. Having some trouble with rows being deleted w/ checkbox
  202. limiting record insertions using variables
  203. ereg Deprecated on php 5.3.6 looking for ereg replacement
  204. sql syntax error
  205. breadcrumbs from path
  206. Array Processing
  207. php....project
  208. (wordpress modding pro needed) help making custom pages
  209. Help needed with php script on GoDaddy hosting account
  210. Script Help
  211. Trimming "Line Breaks" In Textfield
  212. Installing Captcha. Small problem but can't seem to figure it out
  213. Make a page that can only be visited once a day
  214. No line breaks in my error outputs
  215. Cannot include my php files
  216. Read Last 100 Entries from a Data File
  217. Admin-system bug
  218. Faster Mysql Update
  219. Returning mysql array values via function.
  220. Add a logo to the left of my heading (WordPress)
  221. Php echo html
  222. PHP Form
  223. How can I change expires headers for google analytics?
  224. Clean up script throwing Warning: Wrong parameter count for strstr()
  225. Check box stay ticked
  226. Uploading not working
  227. set cookie 5 hours
  228. my brain hurts
  229. Resolved Help me spot the bug?
  230. How to make replacement, only replacing once
  231. php5.ini file upload error when uploading image file using Wordpress
  232. IF statment not working correctly
  233. Resolved ORDER BY not working
  234. Resolved Need help in Twitter api (Abraham's TwitterOAuth: Could Not Authenticate You Problem)
  235. How to highlight a selected link
  236. Storing submission countup to 24 hrs
  237. Resolved Matching sets in query
  238. Pending on submit
  239. I not getting my drop down menu in php
  240. Advice on a Very Basic Form Output Script
  241. PHP Code Organization
  242. Can I change margins in HTML emails?
  243. Sending Email Attachment with PHP Mail
  244. Multiple Attachments Path Errors
  245. Retrieving CIDR instead of hostname from array
  246. Saving Drop Down Menu Value Problem
  247. Resolved why does the sign echo out as ￿??
  248. Resolved Need help with basic PHP script
  249. Trying to make a social bookmarking service[Some Quick Help Plz]
  250. HELP!!! Defining variables with form values

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