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  1. Looking for tutorial
  2. I need help to resolve a syntax error
  3. @POST information
  4. RSS for my website
  5. Redirecting to example.com... WHY?
  6. How do I 'explode' $_SESSION variables?
  7. echo value attribute of an input element
  8. Resolved AutoChange date "Every 2nd Saturday"
  9. php form help!
  10. File Lock Help?
  11. php + array help please
  12. Validation help please.
  13. problem of validation in form
  14. Trying to view the rows and columns in a table.
  15. Form validation in php problem here
  16. split array up in two parts and swap part A and part B around.
  17. Drop down form to create a report in a table
  18. php form (Undefinded index:)
  19. Help me with php
  20. A mySQL database utility. Simple help needed.
  21. Problems Creating a Sidebar: Php, Javascript, CSS, HTML
  22. Set a minimum wait time to repeat an action?
  23. Script Ideas
  24. Not getting php pages results
  25. My PHP Project Has Lag
  26. handle single quotes in select statement
  27. Easier way to do this?
  28. Login using specific ID and then only display certain data (IF statement issue)
  29. DB Connection and Insert PHP
  30. Link with existing PHP code
  31. php sessions - overview
  32. Testing with some simple encode script
  33. PHP and HTACCESS ?
  34. I need help creating a user from within the control panel
  35. $_SESSION not registering
  36. php.ini blocks PDO
  37. Not getting the end zero echoing after equation
  38. Error in SQL syntax
  39. Curl session cookie question
  40. PHP template not opening images in Lightbox
  41. Resolved Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '.' in home/public_html/x.php line22
  42. HELP: Direct PHP/MySQL Link Flaw
  43. if ($something > X) {foreach (> X) {$something += Z}}
  44. Difference between protected and private variables in OOP
  45. Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: Cannot send session cache limiter
  46. Resolved Is this ok to do or should i not do it?
  47. table Loop inside Joomla
  48. Help Translating Small Cold Fusion Script into PHP
  49. get specific value from array
  50. PHP webservice problem
  51. $_SESSION issue in redircting
  52. My php form
  53. FFMPEG how to install it.
  54. Resolved Dynamic userfiles in CKFinder
  55. Php include my best option for logging?
  56. convert path with directories
  57. CAPTCHA issue setting session variable
  58. Checking for a unique line match
  59. Version Related Issue
  61. How to Check what url a user came from?
  62. Removing a $_SESSION entity if values = X
  63. Adding date format to this snippet of code ...
  64. Getting undefined variable.. why?
  65. how to generate random alphanumeric string and send using php(mail)
  66. LDAP support added for PHP on the new WAMPServer2.2a for Windows?
  67. Implementing PHP into JavaScript
  68. Yahoo Messenger Invisible Checker PHP Script
  69. Resolved not reading files above 2mb
  70. Basic Problem
  71. Troubles making a ranking system
  72. Resolved Error in SQL syntax
  73. check $_GET isset then write it to variable? Please help
  74. save url before redirecting the website
  75. Validation allow question
  76. is doing a database query within a loop bad practice
  77. Resolved Best Way To Create Search Results
  78. Simple form validation
  79. Dynamically make a variable name
  80. image slideshow - modifying the image title
  81. Need Concept for chat application
  82. Images uploading too large to move
  83. Tracking Links With ID
  84. How to disallow HTML in comments with php.
  85. To send mail based on check box
  86. Php search from mysql
  87. PHP variables not being forwarded into email
  88. Resolved regexp failing to match optional group
  89. load different css based on http referer
  90. php date format to get --> "Mon Oct 10, 2011"
  91. Simple Login Mask (if that's what you call it)
  92. Wait 20 seconds before php gets download link.
  93. PHP Mail - Multiple Attachments. Help Please
  94. Resolved selecting usernames from database
  95. I need help, PHP noob
  96. cant get array_unique working
  97. Scriptcase vs Codeigniter
  98. Capturing IP on form submission
  99. to prevent weak passwords
  100. echo notation
  101. $_GET data limit and checking
  102. 403 forbidden when submitting form with url
  103. How to let user re-sort POST search results passed from previous page
  104. Best Search Method
  105. exec() and system() wait for script to complete!
  106. File uploads and mimetypes
  107. Select field from php array?
  108. Replace Function
  109. PHP floor to closest value.
  110. Dynamic List
  111. Resolved mysql_num_rows error
  112. 2 Database Tables For Users - PHP Constructio
  113. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_ENCAPSED_AND_WHITESPACE, expecting ']'
  114. if() not working :/
  115. i wonder how to disable a button depends on the attribute from database
  116. How Can I Make A Read More
  117. Equivalent of * in a $_SESSION?
  118. Different ways to write foreach
  119. Word fusion
  120. Login download script
  121. Resolved REST and security question
  122. Adding PHP/MYSQL to jquery pagination
  123. Entity will not add to my $_SESSION
  124. Am I suppose to brake out of this?
  125. Resolved SELECT from 2 tables based on ID - not working
  126. MYSQL ORDER BY Error
  127. Adding session entity from a HTML form input
  128. Deprecated: Function ereg() is deprecated
  129. Insert field only allowing one row
  130. Array to Loop? Simple problem, needing simple solution :)
  131. Renaming certain files after upload.
  132. (Help please!) Shopping Cart Data Cannot be Transferred by Form Submit
  133. Using two entities for a key
  134. simple sql join question
  135. how to get the last url in php
  136. deleting files with certain names
  137. Is this even possible?
  138. I am trying to get a randon number with a low range of numbers
  139. Fullstop disappering when passed to function..
  140. How do i go about compressing/resizing
  141. Resolved calling function with variable
  142. Why Does ' ' Work Better Than NULL in This Code?
  143. undefined variable in function
  144. php html scraping
  145. update database script doesn't work
  146. mysql_connect ignoring hostname parameter?
  147. php form needs to pass multiple checkboxes
  148. Running Function within same class
  149. Drupal
  150. Frames and History
  151. Resolved session timeout
  152. The IE if (isset($_POST['submit'])) bug explained.
  153. Drupal file location
  154. How to add link to images on nivo slider?
  155. Dynamic data to new page
  156. Read value from previous page
  157. Session isn't read
  158. Strange echo effect after reversing quotes
  159. mod_rewrite problem
  160. Vote once with Status: ON / OFF feature
  161. Struggling to sort an array with double explodefor WP site
  162. Adding foo onto bar (arithmetic)
  163. Creating a simple test taking site
  164. Make navigation link active on certain pages?
  165. if() not working
  166. Resolved Is PHP easy to learn?
  167. failed to open dir
  168. Using fopen To Pull In A Text Document, Styling Per Line
  169. new to classes. can't get result, but no error.
  170. CKEditor - is it safe in public use mode
  171. Ms sql
  172. Fill drop-down list with array results from asmx web service
  173. Adding to $_SESSION
  174. functionality required only to show certificate(image) for registerd members
  175. Sending Mail with SMTP
  176. need your help
  177. can not figure out correct method to use. IF()
  178. Strange outcoming using ?action= in a hyperlink
  179. Help with my first cart
  180. Wanting to know if I am going the right way with my coding style?
  181. forgot cookies...
  182. PHP to load an external js file
  183. Trying to get something to add to a SESSION
  184. joining tables to echo their results
  185. convert image into thumbnail before converting them.
  186. URL Checking via PHP or perhaps cURL?
  187. problem with my new forum
  188. Cookie doesn't pass between two php pages
  189. Search Box
  190. Updating MySQL database
  191. MySQL Query Best Practice
  192. Resolved Having displaying columns of a random MYSQL row inside function
  193. Date Flags/Tabs in WordPress
  194. email header for ecard script
  195. File Upload And Exif_imagetype problem
  196. Found a bug in a tutorial and hope someone can help me see it
  197. Resolved PHP MYSQL Query Join.
  198. I want help in comment form validation...
  199. Positioning session_start()
  200. PHP date issue
  201. carrying url data to new page.php
  202. sending content with apostrophe in email
  203. PHP Email Form Issue
  204. Advice with direction to take
  205. image link into database after upload
  206. No .php pages loading :-s
  207. date("s"); in filename
  208. Emailing form data
  209. Foreach Echo Text Document, Target Styles By Line
  210. integrate the googlblogger in my website
  211. Invite link help.
  212. Email Sign-Up Form
  213. Geo redirect script
  214. Can I have 'ref123', 'ref456' as references in sessions ?
  215. Get difference between times
  216. Display section of a remote file
  217. Problems with Updating MySQL DB
  218. alignment problems in email
  219. Resolved Header location not working
  220. curl method for web serivce name
  221. Html 5 + php
  222. Changing a buttons text
  223. Using a page id
  224. Text to image
  225. Resolved PHP - Return array values that start with letter
  226. In php, How would you convert a LongURL that contains & and ?
  227. How do I print a column with duplicates?
  228. Checking if email is already in use (in MYSQL DB) doesn't work
  229. (with Image) How can I pull a random post on a specific categories?
  230. htmlentities() and/or UTF-8?
  231. (PHP) Fetch from DB then print as list
  232. Index News
  233. web service url with xsd format
  234. using variable from second database
  235. How to profile a web visitor based on the pages he/she viewed
  236. obsolete functionality to PHP 5.3.5 PHP 5.2.6
  237. flush() - why the heck isn't this working?
  238. Required Path or IP Track for Form Target Page
  239. php open source poll script
  240. Web Proxy Configuration
  241. cURL Charset issue.
  242. PHP $_POST array configuration
  243. Regex to replace period if last character in URL
  244. How do I unset session variables with specific index?
  245. Resolved Remove SHOUTING from a String
  246. Help with gallery
  247. Boonex dolphin meta description.
  248. description meta tag
  249. email not sending
  250. Sending form results to seperate web page for on-line payment

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