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  1. Create a forum from scratch?
  2. automatically update, even if users are not online
  3. Undefined index
  4. Zip+4 from usps.com
  5. Passing parameters between php and xml
  6. 2 rows in DB show only 1 in table
  7. Need help :)
  8. ?action= help?
  9. Zend appendStylesheet condition
  10. login code not working properly
  11. $_Session not storing on first attemp
  12. URL becoming apart of URL forward when it shouldn't
  13. Auto Update
  14. Datamapper or Active Records
  15. Fsockopen help needed
  16. PHP code working but Database field is empty
  17. PHP Arithmetic
  18. Incrementing fetch_array()
  19. SOAP or no SOAP
  20. Resolved Catchable fatal error: Object of class stdClass could not be converted to string
  21. Problem with sorting tables in PHP
  22. pass var to another page
  23. Help with Wordpress Theme Modification.
  24. Update query did not work
  25. Question about session time
  26. what does $$ in php means?
  27. strtotime(), date(), and time()
  28. pagination issue
  29. Resolved Trouble with "mysql_fetch_object():"
  30. Sort ability help
  31. extract part of a string
  32. splitting a number
  33. Popup message in iframe
  34. Problem with passing query strings via GET that contain URL's
  35. echoed links that build & run sql statements dynamically (odbc)
  36. Resolved How To Show Name of Page Being Viewed?
  37. preg_replace() Unknown modifier
  38. Ordering Pizza Online.....
  39. Can't figure out why getting a blank screen...
  40. Need help guys! <3 :(
  41. Checking in mysql database the data before compute the deduction
  42. Need Help Building a dataset
  43. php help!!!!!
  44. FOR Loop
  45. in_array bugging my code
  46. Page won't display -- what did I do wrong?
  47. Php delete from a form
  48. Setting a color class in php...?
  49. Pulling Value from Table with a drop down
  50. htaccess password encoding
  51. Multiple Query changes
  52. Information About Cake PHP?
  53. email confirmation
  54. PHP performing on XML response
  55. Zend login issue
  56. email
  57. Getting unexpected T_DNUMBER, but why??
  58. Confused on using injections
  59. get the last character of a string?
  60. HELP with include injection?
  61. One form to multiple PHP ?
  62. explode a string into 2 arrays
  63. Making a search box
  64. displaying php array
  65. PHP tutorial problem
  66. trying to display results from php query into html table
  67. Which PHP framework is highest in demand?
  68. Resolved don't want to use $_GET
  69. Checkbox issue
  70. file upload
  71. Using checkboxes with mysql database
  72. Matching similar items and best practice
  73. Problem in inserting multiple regisration forms
  74. Extract Row Data from file and saving in MYSQL tables using PHP
  75. redirect with message in case of failed login
  76. Print no duplicates
  77. How to get ReCaptcha message displayed on form after button is pressed?
  78. updating topic views in a forum
  79. Adding to a multidimensional array
  80. Compress a directory and all its multilevel subdirectories using php, tar and gz
  81. array random
  82. Question about ReCaptcha - display error on form instead of blank page
  83. fulltext score as percentage
  84. reverse strings.
  85. Unusual email received from form submission
  86. fulltext search syntax and error
  87. can someone tell me whats wrong with this?
  88. Resolved Login system problem.
  89. How make a SHOW TABLES with PDO
  90. Squares PHP program
  91. Delete rows from multiple tables
  92. Client login preperation question
  93. Can't seem to figure out array loop...
  94. Is session_id() secure?
  95. Change html table font style in php
  96. trying to get DOB format
  97. Undefined index: q in C:\xampp\htdocs\jobolicious\index.php on line 13 and 14
  98. insert HTML into Database and keeping formating
  99. help with simple uploader script using Zend...
  100. Resolved Proper date range format?
  101. Help with PHP code
  102. Output Javascript with PHP
  103. Making a highscore list
  104. Combine multiple where queries?
  105. website suspended because of thumb.php
  106. $_SESSION wont set on login
  107. problem inserting button to sql
  108. .htaccess redirect error
  109. session timeout with php_value session.gc_maxlifetime
  110. Matching a variable to an associate array's key and retrieving key's value
  111. Help me out ...How to add paymentgateway in joomla 1.5,?
  112. How to show the data from mysql table for my case?
  113. program a set of radio buttons to automatically fill in
  114. mul table
  115. Picture resize and resave from forum
  116. 2 issues with variables: header() and include()
  117. Resolved PHP Form - Delete Button
  118. stopping SQL injections - mod rewrites
  119. delete data after 30 days combine scripts
  120. Resolved Can't find the little problem
  121. please help limit unix_timestamp by last 7 days
  122. help me decode file
  123. How to get the browser's location (state)?
  124. Shorthand Coding?
  125. change password code
  126. Contact form question.......
  127. Inserting array data into MySQL
  128. Multi-Pageing
  129. Limit number of sub categories to display [WordPress]
  130. [PHP] News System - Help!
  131. discussion forum in php with mysql
  132. video Help
  133. PHP + MySQL Question? (String Types)
  134. Cron? Timed events with PHP/SQL
  135. Text Selector
  136. Multiple Select (Checkbox)?
  137. Error? I don't see it...
  138. [php/mysql]
  139. Making Paragraphs A Minimum Length
  140. paypal for users
  141. Extracting from array / xml issue
  142. concatenating value in a loop onto a variable
  143. Complex Query
  144. Parse/Scrape table information from another site
  145. Creating text element for a form with createElement makes text element not work
  146. manipulating segments of current url
  147. Sorting file names by date
  148. preg_replace
  149. Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 67108864 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 23...
  150. How to put a if-else statement around a submit click
  151. hyperlink within a results table
  152. Resolved salting-md5'ing and then unsalting and unmd5'ing
  153. php get second word from file
  154. How to create single install file from multiple sources
  155. Resolved $_Post "Empty" on form Submit
  156. Not parsing correctly
  157. Programming within PHP
  158. Convert Text to Image - Close to Solving it
  159. Unable to write data into a file in my server using php
  160. Assistance?
  161. Sandbox Paypal Error 404 not found
  162. Insert function Problem
  163. Is an array the right option for this?
  164. How do I validate radio buttons in PHP?
  165. Please help with form checkbox
  166. How to download files using a chrome extension?
  167. Get data from a website
  168. OpenID -> PHP?
  169. Copy / Paste simple code for PHP form?
  170. Resolved mysql_connect ignoring Hostname parameter
  171. Dynamically upload Background image
  172. Problem in displaying number format with comma and two decimal places
  173. code errors
  174. Wordpress Plugin
  175. IP to country script..
  176. How do i open a file directory, loop through the files and retrieve the data
  177. Help me with cURL
  178. Paypal pdt
  179. Floating banner that shows once per visitor
  180. Including bb coding
  181. list mp3's only from a directory php
  182. OOP database objects
  183. Mail Form in DB Code
  184. Resolved removing "friends" using radio buttons help please
  185. MDB2 Error: connect failed
  186. Can someone help me with my PHP calculator?
  187. could not print out value
  188. php arrays
  189. Problem with logging in code
  190. update db on checkboxes
  191. time ago... for uploaded file
  192. Problems with PHP form submission
  193. Doing a while statement inside a javascript problem
  194. writing out rsUser from an INNER JOIN?
  195. Help: undefined variables
  196. PHP Main Content Help
  197. Warning: mysql_result(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in...
  198. PHP singletone pattern in php files where AJAX's requests are sent
  199. This is hard to explain. Jumping to multiple links.
  200. The images doesn't display with pagination in windows..
  201. why i could not print out the 2 elements from the array
  202. Error in this Mysql to PHP script
  203. PHP frame/includes problem
  204. Resolved comparing two arrays for a conditional
  205. extract specific words out of a string
  206. Username Session Input?
  207. get rid off the repeat word from an array
  208. No session in other pages
  209. move_uploaded_file not working
  210. PHP National Lottery script
  211. File upload, create a thumbnail too an place into thumbnail folder
  212. Recursively delete small files PHP script
  213. Contact page with captcha
  214. How to implement a "smart" search by city, state and/or zip
  215. File upload, if file exists then add a number?!
  216. accessing part of an array from a function return
  217. Get the week start date and end date when weekno is there
  218. Get last ID's from Mysql table
  219. Trying to use unlink($pic);
  220. PHP Mail to form
  221. PHP regular expression
  222. Problem with PHP code or me
  223. intergrating cookies into sessions
  224. Image Upload Code
  225. prechecking checkboxes, ternaries, & insert mult. rows
  226. Open Flash File for current page
  227. Fatal error: Call to undefined function xmlrpc_encode_request()
  228. Control problem based on two forms
  229. Printing Variable Value in side EOD
  230. How could I find the ISP mail server for an email-sending page?
  231. Generating DIVS
  232. Regex for <!--O--> ??
  233. echoing lists in two or three columns
  234. Eclipse/PHP/XDebug Question
  235. PHP writing form data to an XML file
  236. mysql_real_escape not working
  237. reset counter
  238. Locking out areas of the site if variable !=
  239. query empty
  240. Resubmit POST form with just PHP
  241. File upload help
  242. Removing slashes from <p>.
  243. Problem with PHP password changer
  244. Only offer specific uploadable file extensions in browse window
  245. To save Multiple div values with the same name using php and mysql
  246. Defining a class in a settings file
  247. Looking for good PHP/MySQL/HTML Coder and Designer
  248. PayPal payments?
  249. How to clear parameter values
  250. For loop error inside Php

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