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  1. Resolved Scale long/lat coordinates to image
  2. first wednesdays and first thursday of the month
  3. Email errors on my site
  4. Admin Panel
  5. Help me on oop code here
  6. Help to create registration form ?
  7. advanced search
  8. zip upload script
  9. Mysql INSERT multiple rows at once
  10. Which is the best PHP CMS out there these days, thanks.
  11. assign variable to html cell value in table
  12. Godaddy compatible code to autoreply to form mailer email
  13. Warning: mail() [function.mail]: Failed to connect to mailserver at "localhost" port
  14. mysql search
  15. php calculate time differance problem
  16. How to set correct session variable inside HTML?
  17. Data reuse problem
  18. socket view problem
  19. creating new version of page each time they click on a link
  20. Hi, Can help me how to convert from web page to pdf use a simple php scripts
  21. WordPress Short URL - Help me, please!!
  22. creating backlogs of files depending on the date
  23. Group files by first letter
  24. Keeping Login Sessions Over a Subdomain
  25. foreach/loop
  26. Too many redirects
  27. Resolved how to verify images are authentic and safe before displaying them
  28. except for "select from"
  29. Page caching challenge
  30. Please need help php
  31. Simple convert html page to php page... problem
  32. Variables not available in included files (included using a function)
  33. Sort foreach statement
  34. PHP and PayPal !!
  35. Mysql 3 record in 1 hr = 1 record in another table
  36. checking referer
  37. how to update users table depending on checkbox
  38. Variable out a dropdown menu item
  39. Post to Facebook Wall giving cURL error
  40. Resolved Notice: Object of class stdClass could not be converted to int
  41. PHP to read a file and print the value as Decimal
  42. How to get variable from "Vert Nav" list item
  43. php array help needed
  44. php Login redirect based on certain criteria
  45. PHP $_POST in MYSQL Query
  46. List Category IDs???
  47. Regex
  48. header() not allowing me to download the format
  49. PHP XML challenge
  50. Resolved Login not working in IE
  51. column name and count
  52. Help me on php form validation code
  53. help to change pligg date type
  54. Undefined index: error in php
  55. header or meta for UTF-8?
  56. Need a hand in this multiple page contact form thing
  57. MySQL Backup using PHP Cron
  58. Sorting an array of arrays by the value of a certain key in side an array in the main
  59. Free IP location database(s)? Help me to choose
  60. Php Loop Prob
  61. Help with Product API
  62. Resolved Skip if exist
  63. Mp4 thumbnail
  64. Song Script
  65. Counting ONLY Chinese characters?
  66. php script help needed.
  67. replace <p>...</p> with <span>...</span>
  68. include into page problem
  69. copy image into another location
  70. Help with contact form
  71. Redirecting a visitor after page reload
  72. Problems protecting script file
  73. Beginner: LOST and frustrated , please help!
  74. Handling errors in my Validation class
  75. Help Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '}' /functions.php on line 24
  76. Problem with array
  77. Other cookies with session.cookie_httponly
  78. Resolved How to switch HTTP to HTTPS without redirect
  79. Array as string to test true/false error
  80. Can't add new pages
  81. count to array
  82. Resolved Securimage elseif statement
  83. Show different if field in MySQL table is something
  84. Trying to fix an array
  85. Help - PHP form Issue
  86. connection problem to other pc in local
  87. Limit MySQL result per page
  88. ckeditor insert formatted text php mysql
  89. How to create wordpress page that prints out posts with specific tags?
  90. insert only checked values from array of check boxes
  91. Resolved Accessing the second level of a Multidimensional array
  92. PHP errors on an SMF forum
  93. Exclude category names
  94. Resolved Learning PHP Session Security Practices
  95. passing arguments in cli to create new files
  96. How is this redirect working ?
  97. Split string and get first 4 characters
  98. Getting a person's username from a wordpress cookie
  99. Disallowing members to use same username as others
  100. Extracting lat and long from google map json
  101. Header.PHP changes disappear
  102. Passing 2 GET variables
  104. PHP cURL - preg_match_all
  105. Editor Help!!!
  106. Input Sanitization
  107. scrolling js stopped in php
  109. login/register/sessions tut
  110. PHP external image permission
  111. Adding sidebar and formatting
  112. Grabbing an array from a function
  113. Twitter Faces Widget
  114. mysql Select timestamp
  115. $_POST not working.it aint producing any values
  116. Struggling to get the content from the html form through php script
  117. using var got from another page when refreshing the new page
  118. UPDATE subject won't work
  119. remove all strings before '/'
  120. read line by line in the textarea
  121. Key Logger Script For PHP
  122. Session not maintaining for the first time
  123. Help with some [code] please please
  124. Site scraping.. job management.
  125. sessions
  126. ~~Php Contact form code~~
  127. log out script fix
  128. Display Date from MySQL in PHP form
  129. possible built in timer without a loop or stopping the script until the time?
  130. Find out where a form submits without action
  131. Resolved how to rid this of decimal places
  132. manage record of bridge table
  133. Issue with PHP conditional for displaying images
  134. Help with A SQL Function...
  135. Help me on how to echo array_reverse in php
  136. Separating PHP and HTML
  137. PHP secure login/registration tutorial?
  138. First Project: Custom Online Retail Store
  139. Resolved I'm not sure if I am using the conditions correctly
  140. why does this image array not work?
  141. PHP ? thing
  142. Display different bodies of text into a table?
  143. security practices
  144. Custom Exception checking....
  145. PHP & SQL With No Table?
  146. Overwritten Array
  147. $headers .= 'From: '.$name.'<'.$from.'>'."\n";
  148. Robust way of hiding phone number, email, etc?
  149. mysql_num_rows problem
  150. How To Make a PHP script Autorun?
  151. Assigning field values from SQL queries
  152. Database query failed
  153. Help me on preg_replace i'm working on
  154. Search Box HELP!
  155. Timed visitor block
  156. Integrating scripts
  157. need help with php wordpress plugin
  158. time since last submissions
  159. How to stop website writing error logs
  160. Sending mail to all email addresses in mysql database
  161. file_get_contents via cron job doesn't work?
  162. remove space from during uploading files
  163. Delete/change news
  164. Export Mysql to ecxel/csv arabic encoding
  165. What CMS is for me? PHP Based?
  166. Debug help much appreciated - Notice: Undefined index: page
  167. First PHP form - Need guidance
  168. Help - is my hosting set up wrong for PHP, or am I missing an index.html page?!
  169. Resolved Simplify 'include else if include'?
  170. Why won't mkdir() work inside of a function?
  171. mail() as a variable?
  172. Rebuild this function
  173. Problem with my forum.. any help?
  174. Resolved Any idea how to solve this?
  175. convert 2012-01-08 16:13:54 to time()
  176. php_self doesn't work when you have $_GET values in link
  177. PHP Contact form
  178. first time visitor welcome message
  179. What am I doing wrong?
  180. data type and html format for showing Arabic language
  181. Comment and captcha script error
  182. Whats the best way to make a recaptcha
  183. PHP - server behind proxy, IP tracking
  184. session variables
  185. Help with PHP form
  186. How to select data from MySQL database with two 'Where' conditions?
  187. captcha interaction
  188. Validation Form PHP
  189. Max Width of Image
  190. Learn php
  191. Session not maintaining for the first time
  192. Resolved Unable to post the value of new added field
  193. Pspell spellchecker glitching
  194. User Last visited script help
  195. Poll PHP
  196. Random values being added to string with a html post type function
  197. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting ',' or ';'
  198. Simple Proxy - Hard Coded Links
  199. Problem with rand()
  200. Problem initializing a class
  201. Postfix error - some files seems not owner+group+world executable but they are
  202. suPHP 0.7.1 500 Internal Server Error?
  203. use php to turn html table data to php variables? RESOLVED
  204. Resolved memory problem
  205. Resolved Array Sorting when using array of a class. (New question)
  206. Show PHP as text in a forum
  207. converting DD-MM-YYY to time
  208. Live website view of data input
  209. video convert
  210. Resize Image in PHP
  211. Need Help!! mysql_result() [function.mysql-result]
  212. How do I filter a SQL result based on distance when I have the latitude and longitude
  213. [Q] create a “random webpage” but 1 link only 1 day
  214. How to List files from a folder with paging
  215. on jan 1 my entire site started wigging out.
  216. trying to make this email form show sent ok in alert box, not on html page
  217. HTML Form to LiveCycle PDF
  218. Prefetching an image from database (£5 paypal)
  219. small contact form problem
  220. CSS and PHP, begginer problems
  221. Php issue - updating table in mysql
  222. preg_match validation on url - help please
  223. Retreiving the result from the database when the radiobutton selected by the user
  224. Could not connect to http://ip:port/xxx
  225. PHP with SDL in XAMPP
  226. is it possible to hide $_GET['']; from URL
  227. Can anyone explain the following PHP code?
  228. parse url based on forward slashes
  229. Display different images for different devices?
  230. If Certain User Type, then Replace Image/Link Help
  231. store music - need hint where to get started
  232. Log in Page Help needed please
  233. Help Needed Displaying a image in table format
  234. Help with image resize script
  235. Editing the string that is passed to two different xml files
  236. Is there any way to store resources in $_SESSION?
  237. difference between value and reference in function calls with object arguments?
  238. Textarea POST PHP error if text contains "CD/"
  239. Need your help badly
  240. SOLVED: authenticate proxy server with file_get_contents()
  241. Adding a sub sub category
  242. if statement to change content div size
  243. Link hit counter
  244. Load Data - CSV
  245. Math from Data
  246. Issues with classes: mysqli_query() expects parameter 1 to be mysqli, null given
  247. Resolved Stacking an amount of damage in variable
  248. add line break after ever '*'
  249. Unset Cookie Button
  250. Problems with session

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