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  1. More then 1 custom field in paypal IPN?
  2. Problem in Time
  3. Resolved Magento product page review section / tab not showing up
  4. WordPress dynamic menu with custom post types
  5. OOP Usage
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  7. Quick Button Help Please
  8. form action using a GET
  9. C#-like properties in PHP
  10. GMT date, with AM/PM
  11. Is this possible with PHP? List .avi files and open them in WMP
  12. Updating One Code, Updates two pages.
  13. Resolved is there a better way to write this:
  14. Forgot Password page
  15. How to translate a php variables to English
  16. Array help
  17. Please Help
  18. Help Needed! Accesscontrol.php not working?!
  19. isset to display variable
  20. remote image upload
  21. id problem
  22. Roomlist help
  23. Looping problem
  24. dompdf how to pass url name
  25. a problem about two salsh in post id "//"
  26. dompdf css not working properly
  27. PHP MySQL Stored Procedure Getting Number of Rows Returned
  28. using seesion to separate infomation
  29. Need a way to organized my project.
  30. Using Post
  31. privacy setting
  32. search code help
  33. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '{' in
  34. how to insert sql data in an html table
  35. PHP $_GET function
  36. Resolved problem with file_get_contents/images
  37. tag links
  38. Resolved stuck on an array
  39. PHP update
  40. Small Issue with a field
  41. Accessing an int from array
  42. PHp Date Dropdown
  43. How to get a word out of a variable
  44. I need your help even if you
  45. Mysql update gold=gold-2 problem
  46. Sharing Sessions b/w 2 different apps?
  47. change order
  48. Resolved add up numbers from a field using php
  49. Resolved Need help debugging a file upload script
  50. percentage out of 100 with chances
  51. Ned Help Please with code
  52. advertising page
  53. PHP Error in mail()
  54. php ordering
  55. nead help Please
  56. [Need Help] Show Database Value in a Box
  57. How to convert javascript to php coding
  58. Trouble with two foreach loops combined
  59. data-types from COM Dll
  60. Get Display Name From Active Directory
  61. Suggestion for a new way to engineer my shopping cart
  62. Assistance Parsing Multiple links using DOM
  63. [QUESTION] How would I do this?
  64. Find difference in current time and time in db
  65. Hiding/Showing an input field based on a variable loop
  66. Changing the upload destination?
  67. Problem with input item
  68. Security and "Rainbow Tables"
  69. Curl & Json - Help Needed Please :)
  70. Basic Members Page
  71. Customer 2 Customer using PHP
  72. Spoof HTTP_Referrer and redirect?
  73. function - IP plan
  74. Form submission not sending correct response?
  75. Resolved How do I make is display ASC
  76. Session Variable variable
  77. htaccess redirect
  78. Resolved PHP empty and 0 values
  79. i got an issue with php script
  80. Dynamic table with bullets question
  81. help with that php/mysql issue
  82. Need help on looping through function code
  83. url rewrite not affecting on my domain
  84. Small peice of code giving me big dramas
  85. Adding Validation on blur
  86. Declaring a variable before it is set..... output buffering??
  87. hey guys i keep getting an error Fatal error: Can't use function return value in writ
  88. PHP map
  89. No Database Selected
  90. Resolved Major issue wordpress showing post image on front page!!
  91. Issue in getting the time difference between two variables
  92. Need Help for Paypal.class.php
  93. Phpbb won't install using softaculous
  94. New to PHP, help with verifying email text field please
  95. Stuck! While loop iterations
  96. Question about URL format
  97. need help with php code
  98. Check content type in PHP
  99. how to list all the files in current directory
  100. Create CSV on server
  101. Image slideshow with PHP and MYSQL
  102. want to edit that php/mysql code
  103. Cookies and PHP
  104. Php 5
  105. getting head around functions
  106. PHP image upload script
  107. SUM() in php
  108. Newbie drop-down lists + db mysql
  109. Searchable Database
  110. Newbie question - stuck with PHP syntax
  111. combine arrays to create a string
  112. whats wrong with my code need help in gateway setting content locker
  113. Remove Resource ID from cURL post
  114. GEOIP_COUNTRY_CODE not working
  115. echo mysql data
  116. cant find word in string
  117. Array sorting by third key
  118. Need Help - Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach
  119. Dynamic URL landing page
  120. Resolved get catagory and extra feild and insert into DB
  121. My PHP doesn't work iframe'd paypal problem?
  122. how to limit user downloads to one simultaneous download
  123. Php linking id to input into db via form
  124. Help getting picture to upload to DB
  125. Question about PDO and ? placeholder
  126. If is in a multidimentional array
  127. Checking for http:// in urls ?
  128. PHP FORM SUBMIT with User ID into Database
  129. Changing images on a set date
  130. Mysql like Not showing multiple words result
  131. delete cookies after inactivity
  132. post is not posting :( please help!
  133. Link Color in PHP
  134. [PHP form not waiting to be filled in before being sent]
  135. Back Up database as csv file
  136. Resolved Database connection not working under root
  137. Get php from database into textbox
  138. Resolved Another "syntax error, unexpected T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING" Thread
  139. Date and Time ?
  140. MYSQLI Statement help please
  141. PHP not returning my Success message.
  142. How does Bonanza.com do this?
  143. Sending form data while omitting blank fields
  144. Inventory Question
  145. Please help me solve my problem with Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING i
  146. How do you guys preventing force hacking
  147. Help me on smarty user input field error
  148. ORDER BY and then DEC
  149. deprecated: Function eregi() is deprecated in
  150. writing a IF statement inside a array define
  151. Insert back up database in a folder
  152. Magic quotes | Joomla instal | PHP disable
  153. PHP Download Image don't appear
  154. Need Fresh Eyes to Find Syntax Error
  155. My email scripts never ends and sends blank emails; Please assist!
  156. Send mail to DB users with link
  157. Help getting Contact Form to work
  158. Resolved Delete all - Then move to another table
  159. Asking about using Combobox
  160. Help with code Please
  161. auto fill fields from the database
  162. Creating/Populating MSQL table with PHP
  163. how to echo only certain dates
  164. Selecting from a position in an array...
  165. include(); from DOCUMENT_ROOT not working inside of a function
  166. Get variables from a url, when..
  167. trimming and replacing text in a string
  168. Merging Functionality of Two Functions
  169. dynamic details page pulling from sql table
  170. Permissions Problem
  171. PHP Newbie Query
  172. Foreign character issue when using str_replace
  173. need to decode PHP files
  174. Query to post only results occurring today or later
  175. Warning: mysql_fetch_array() expects parameter 1 to be resource
  176. Resolved Query two fields for match with php code
  177. Resolved Comparing Array
  178. Help me on smarty setup error
  179. Dedicated PHP Programmer
  180. Problem in coding with three different scenario
  181. Find first instance of character, then stop at space?
  182. PHP include('includes/dheader.php'); problem with path
  183. resize the thumbnail pic
  184. Contact Form issues
  185. How do i get missing internal no`s
  186. $_GET alternative?
  187. How to style PHP echo result
  188. New to coding and need some help please
  189. please: need help with "excelwriter.class.php"
  190. Convert 23/01/2012 to 20120123
  191. Want to increase security
  192. Tweaking php action page so all fields appear in e-mail
  193. Weird issue with mysql_real_escape_string
  194. ScanDir Directory on Users PC
  195. PHP Anomaly
  196. PHP Code Help Needed
  197. PHP MYSQL while loop, assign row to unique variable??
  198. INSERT INTO problem
  199. problem with pagination
  200. Execute php script within and html file
  201. checking giant list of numbers for close mirrors
  202. Looking for a CMS solution
  203. Resolved auto increament trouble
  204. Jump back to index.html after sending a email - possible?
  205. User Accounts
  206. Warning: simplexml_load_file
  207. Badly Need Someone Help:Undefined offset: 3
  208. Resize image's thumbnail
  209. remove more then 1 spaces from string
  210. Timestamp vs DateTime
  211. Rss2html error redirect help
  212. Cannot concatinate a variable to a protected variable?
  213. foreach array add part of text to each value
  214. PHP image questions
  215. cURL script need finishing
  216. Select Field Populated By MYSQL DB
  217. Debugging with PDO
  218. Paypal PHP code not working
  219. getting started with simple cms/post system
  220. How do i tell my php to check if the email is valid?
  221. header and php version
  222. Finding out the highest number in an auto-incrementing table
  223. Getting No error reporting only Blank Screen
  224. retrieve record fron db one by one
  225. set expire header
  226. Php code removing slashes from url form?
  227. Create thumbnails and titles on Sidebar
  228. CSV, retrieving and editing data
  229. Please help troubleshoot site slowness
  230. SELECT query and plot onto Google Maps
  231. func_get_args ... by reference?
  232. Mysql query from array values
  233. How to pass a javascript variable value to a PHP variable without refreshing the page
  234. Character/Word Display Limit
  235. How to check if a named class implements an interface?
  236. Resolved How secure are sessions?
  237. Help me on oop in php code here
  238. Regular expression
  239. date time problem
  240. Strange permalinks error
  241. Nested Classes?
  242. Need suggestions on parsing information
  243. How can I put PHP code into an HTML file being required?
  244. Resolved Scale long/lat coordinates to image
  245. first wednesdays and first thursday of the month
  246. Email errors on my site
  247. Admin Panel
  248. Help me on oop code here
  249. Help to create registration form ?
  250. advanced search

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