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  1. Problem passing PHP variables across pages
  2. Sum HTML Column using php
  3. PHP class tutorial
  4. Renaming an image in PHP
  5. problem when calling php file from action
  6. Problem with registration script.
  7. simple calculator output problum
  8. Table rows within PHP itereation not rendering properly
  9. redirect specific incoming links using PHP?
  10. Confused about Javascript and PHP interaction
  11. trouble parsing xml using SimpleXMLElement
  12. Please help: function to prevent numbers and @ signs in text field
  13. how to handle T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING error
  14. How to get the right charset/encoding?
  15. Excluding folders with certain files
  16. php database calls
  17. Link to php v4x manual?
  18. How to consume a web service using php code
  19. PHP Not used so much anymore?
  20. Login help?
  21. decimal point round up
  22. Passing variable between PHP and HTML/Javascript
  23. please advice
  24. PHP include
  25. Help validating email address inputs
  26. displaying test for 15 minutes every day from 3.45am till 4am
  27. Curl - saving complete webpage into a variable
  28. Not finding my class sfValidatorString
  29. Download count
  30. Simple regex problem - please help.
  31. Change $num value based on page_title
  32. Socket work then stop working?
  33. Barclaycard ePDQ Responses problem
  34. Parse Error in the "return header" line
  35. Date conversion Problem
  36. How to download data to excel file?
  37. Problem Sending email in php
  38. Help me on Cron job homepage static
  39. Very Basic Function Question.
  40. Sorting FQL Mutliquery Results
  41. If Statement Gone Wrong But Looks Right?
  42. login script / memberspace
  43. How do you read in a multidimensional array?
  44. Iframe OR email client
  45. Should i learn php for game development?
  46. Adding numbers to each row
  47. Php online elections
  48. Superglobals being changed indirectly?
  49. wordpress problem: exporting site and installing on new address
  50. Problem with search script
  51. Image through proxy
  52. Conversion of Turkish characters
  53. Help me on commenting on a post in the same page
  54. Blocking access or "die" action, when id in url is equal to X...
  55. is this a copyright breach if i sell something with some free software in?
  56. How could I make links friendly?
  57. could not output resize image
  58. Issue calling and sorting data from phpmyadmin
  59. Why will this file upload not work?
  60. Blog/Recent Post Integration into Existing Website
  61. how to echo multiple rows
  62. Testing PDF viewer in browser
  63. Posting Values from Array
  64. keep PDF form open after submit
  65. I need more help
  66. Help me on making a link to every user profile
  67. Forgot password in login form!
  68. mysql_query in custom function
  69. My website's menu/list codes in PHP appear to be broken
  70. else if racking my brain
  71. Urgent help needed to locate the content source of site
  72. Unlink() - permission denied/no such file or directory error.
  73. Printing list of Client Hello cipher suites in PHP?
  74. View data from mysql in text field php
  75. Undefined variable
  76. Function call crashing PHP
  77. Storing an array in a SQL column
  78. Need some help with code
  79. editing a certain row
  80. Need info on error
  81. Referencing Image File Using Databases in PHP
  82. Resolved Cron Job Problem
  83. text file columns to arrays?
  84. Injecting a variable
  85. query looping data twice
  86. How to encrypt URL?
  87. Resolved Php Search box
  88. Problem while using variables in Mysql query
  89. use image with imagecreatefromjpeg(
  90. [Help] I Need Help About Secure Page
  91. Pass in 1 object but end up with 2
  92. Class 'mysqli' not found
  93. Gifs not workin after Upload
  94. How to Customise my php script.
  95. PHP Checkboxes & mySQL Database
  96. Audio Watermarking?
  97. check boxes and URL rewriting
  98. update after 24 hours
  99. resume downloading link
  100. header location problem
  101. too many quotes
  102. How to send month and year values to a sigle radio button?
  103. preview from ddb
  104. Resolved Is there a way to have PHP send an email near a date?
  105. Warning on mysql_num_rows!
  106. Notice: Undefined property
  107. Methods of transferring data from PHP to HTML.
  108. Prevent duplicate content in database does NOT work!
  109. how to make a page go to the last id from paper table
  110. looking For PHP Code
  111. image question
  112. Parsing Problem
  113. How can i remove '=' sign and white space from end of a each line in a multiline text
  114. Login Script Gone Wrong
  115. How to escape the results of a comment form
  116. Resolved Comment box echoed multiple times
  117. referencing global variable in __construct()
  118. Resolved mysql_query in a mysql_query
  119. Last 5 visitors on page
  120. Help altering if code inherited
  121. Request, Tips. PHP script with array of proxies
  122. exif_read_data() and FileDateTime
  123. Check answer in database
  124. php code to update tables in phpmyadmin
  125. Common reasons when executing a php program it prints the contents of the php file
  126. Registration script connected to mssql.
  127. Basic array problem
  128. Securely connect to mysql with php?
  129. Is there a problem with my if() loop?
  130. error messaging
  131. fopen failing to open stream in /var/tmp/
  132. Php Admin Panel, Check it out
  133. Display users from Newest to Oldest
  134. Convert csv to txt?
  135. Hide defined data from Array..
  136. Array memory allocation
  137. Auto copy to clipboard help
  138. Convert string into URL friendly string with PHP
  139. Resolved If, does not match, (no else)
  140. Database contents not showing
  141. How to check if file writing is enabled and enable if not
  142. search form errors
  143. Image Hosting Website Link
  144. PHP - MySQL error
  145. High traffic website: Log & Hitcounter
  146. How to replace a charater from end a multiline text using php ?
  147. Contact Form Doesn't Work
  148. Parse Error: Unexpected $End
  149. Help..........
  150. uploading.com login page (i'll give one free account for help)
  151. Setting default transparency color for read png
  152. How to make a php robot that can log in?
  153. Random number in html/php link
  154. Php Include Files for Subdirectory
  155. Captcha validation not working
  156. file acess problem
  157. Help me on display user profile image and information
  158. Contact form security + data in form disappear + error message display
  159. A very very weird PHP problem
  160. image upload & resize: how to make the it centered and square?
  161. Close a session and keep some of the session variables
  162. Turn a div into an image
  163. Finding images w/ preg_match_all Problem
  164. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ')' in
  165. How to use cookie data in a <img> link...
  166. Can fwrite() write into, rather over?
  167. Redirecting user based on zip code entered
  168. Writing to specific line
  169. Check date validity, while allowing different date formats
  170. class def error
  171. Multiple Image Uploads to Database
  172. Paginate images scanned from directory
  173. Displaying Excel Data in a Webpage
  174. ternary error for SQL
  175. Voting/ Unvote help!
  176. Newbie: while loop question
  177. Large Project for a novice?
  178. PHP return JSON
  179. storing user's score
  180. Is this contact form secure?
  181. Cannot delete a field in MySQL using PHP!
  182. Preventing submission refresh
  183. hide contact details
  184. redirection problem with "frameset" where login page exists
  185. Problem in Update with select
  186. Ignited Datatables Edit Column Help, Please
  187. checking if an array value is set
  188. Connect to AXIS camera through SOAP (ONVIF standart)
  189. put Excel (macro) application on web with php
  190. Need PHP Script
  191. Wanting to eliminate the e-mail field from form
  192. strip out only certain inline styles using preg_replace
  193. Maths questions
  194. How to match two fields for PAYPAL IPN Script please help
  195. Execute a url from a php file (server side)
  196. Using $_GET with HTML form
  197. Problem
  198. PHP Mail Problem!
  199. submit button in form
  200. How do you wrap up a piece of code to insert?
  201. Why will paypal not redirect while in iframe PAYING 2$ to get this fixed
  202. Is there something wrong with this query
  203. Replace with Dynamic variable in preg_replace
  204. Help me to fix undefined index on my php code
  205. Security
  206. Preserve parentheses in Array?
  207. How to search multiple field please help me
  208. Resolved html post into php array
  209. Trying to display top purchases in list [simple help]
  210. Embedded Wordpress's comment still go to wordpress theme instead of using HTML???
  211. Check if field contains, not equals, search word
  212. Help randomizing image array
  213. Resrict access to site
  214. time in database to return certian value
  215. Resolved Query failed ?
  216. Need help with a function for redirecting
  217. how to Create a cookie in drupal to store GET params from referer
  218. Help Logout destroy_session not working for me.
  219. Simple admin/user login declaration
  220. Parsing Data
  221. breaking apart an array for math
  222. Input not being read and stopping the php listing
  223. Driving a xml flash player with php
  224. Get MAC adress using PHP
  225. Cannot use semi-colon in php?
  226. Having braking problems
  227. Select statement not displaying results
  228. PHP Mail Form Issue
  229. PhP Slide show...
  230. Determine partial file size during download using PHP's copy() function
  231. I cannot escape the strings!!
  232. Resolved PHP Level system with user XP
  233. str_replace with array parameter not working
  234. Using PHP to check the browser and possibly redirect?
  235. need help setting up loop instead of 25 statements
  236. put number of data files on server into javascript variable
  237. Word Press PhP edit help
  238. file_put_contents() not working in IE9 only
  239. incorporating array to add up
  240. Login is not working...
  241. Displaying Images from a Database
  242. Email script not functioning properly?
  243. concatenate a long sms before sending to API
  244. HTML emails with CSS.
  245. How do I set default value of function parameter as today's date?
  246. PVP Style.
  247. working with checkboxes
  248. I Need Script PHP and SQL
  249. submit and output within a container
  250. Total php noob here

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