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  1. PHP $_POST Into Database
  2. SUM values inside foreach and while loop
  3. Sort and echo contents of multiple text files?
  4. How can I search a string and replace only a specific part?
  5. File download security?
  6. Uploading PDF and DOC files in PHP
  7. multiple emails in contact form handler script
  8. $_FILES not working?
  9. Failed opening required (include_path='.;c:\wamp\php\pear')
  10. Exception thrown within the exception handler
  11. Paypal IPN problems
  12. cURL progressbar help needed
  13. What on earth is the "<<<" notation?
  14. Fwrite(), multi-line strings, and parse errors
  15. Convert Month Number to Month Name in a Range
  16. Best way to set a variable within an if statement
  17. Problem in using foreach and while loop in displaying data on table format
  18. Echoing JavaScript / Problems with Quotation Marks vs. Apostrophes
  19. Points System
  20. Undefined Index Pain In The A...
  21. $_SESSION array to shopping cart
  22. error in user form
  23. array_diff only compare array element ONCE
  24. query on submit (search and pagination problem)
  25. Downloading Files using PHP from a DB
  26. Losing session variable in Firefox, Chrome, not IE
  27. Resolved Image Cropper failing on PNG & GIF
  28. Verifying user error
  29. Resolved problems with using $_POST['submit']?
  30. Change String format
  31. How do I enter the date created of an entry?
  32. Help please with PHP contact form
  33. Can't find word in database, but it is there...
  34. Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach()
  35. stop changing the URL after a search
  36. Crawler issue
  37. Trouble submitting to a DB
  38. help needed: fetch_assoc multi-variable arrays
  39. get and use curent page URL
  40. Embedding Images: Providing Embed Code for users to share on their site
  41. Trying to use variable to call image .....
  42. post
  43. www and no www
  44. Totally confused
  45. Resolved Update depending on user levels >= <=
  46. Voting Poll with no buttons / submit button...
  47. URGENT: mysql_fetch_array loop problems
  48. Strict Standards: Non-static method DOMDocument::load() should not be called sta
  49. PHP MYSQL SELECT Handling problems
  50. error: Call to Undefined Function
  51. if doesnt exist then create, else just update
  52. Grrr sql rage
  53. using a variable for xml node values
  54. php security
  55. Put attributes of 3 products in a comparison table
  56. Contact Us form redirect to home page after submit
  57. User Upload Problem? Identify Please.
  58. need immediate help!
  59. PHP File Upload and Download Site
  60. passing database records to javascript as arrays
  61. How to have a content unlock within certain period of time...
  62. Saving data in CSV in PHP
  63. Image Swap multiple galleries
  64. Help with form handling and nesting of conditionals
  65. row count down
  66. HELP: PHP redirect with url parameter on wordpress
  67. finding the GETS from previous error
  68. Vbulletin/Rssposter.php Need it to run without Cronimage,
  69. Google Bots
  70. Problems with replacing depreciated function in my script
  71. Php Tags Basics
  72. Sending a matrix from PHP to AS3...
  73. Undefined index: Submit in localhost on line 19
  74. Emails Not Sending
  75. Is mod_rewrite enabled???
  76. mysql_fetch_assoc fails on second run
  77. Losing the + sign in a function
  78. Processing select/option with optiongroup
  79. Having a parse error in line 40 can someone please help
  80. Preg and Sql
  81. returning value for reference
  82. Session isnt passing variables into array
  83. Calculating Total Hours
  84. Please help with $_SESSION
  85. Checking textbox for correct format
  86. Resolved PHP script to start download after specific time
  87. Resolved PHP Session_Start()
  88. Setting up an admin template from themeforest?
  89. Hacking a WordPress plug-in
  90. Non Operator use of the Word AND???
  91. Can't match all characters...
  92. help with popup field
  93. how would you solve this? count
  94. Google+ connect API
  95. unable to verify if file uploaded using $string = move_uploaded_file()
  96. Submit form from PHP to ASPX. Possible?
  97. issue in sprintf
  98. The logic of a noob
  99. Displaying Autogenerate number after click Button
  100. 404 page not found?????
  101. Get stock symbol price
  102. concatenate string sintax
  103. Resolved Need help with regex
  104. Best way to implenment cart options
  105. API (Grab data and place into database)
  106. Wordpress Meta Boxes issue
  107. How to reload a form after submission
  108. First record missing when sending out PHP mail
  109. PHP to save specific sheet from Google spreadsheet
  110. Approve button inside while loop
  111. how can I configure session.cookie_secure?
  112. Error with my PHP/SQL music store
  113. Newsletter Signup submit problems
  114. Battle System
  115. Help! Making a specific tab display/load first
  116. checking if facebook is up or down help
  117. how do I put links around my group concat categories
  118. Need some advice on soap object arrays
  119. duplicate table record
  120. session array
  121. Shopping Basket / PHP Database
  122. dynamic values: radio buttons?
  123. How to get related post by tag - have something already..
  124. Problem stopping empty strings being inserted by PHP script
  125. array colors
  126. PHP problem involving redirection and an array
  127. PHP/mysql problems
  128. Add a total in a PHP Scoreboard
  129. validating form before submitting to db
  130. Round of into two decimal places
  131. Parsing JSON with php
  132. Start, stop, and check process with PHP on windows
  133. Trouble with MYsql in php.
  134. PHP Not Working on My Computer
  135. Smarty {if file_exists}
  136. What does empty delimiter mean?
  137. Attachment Mail Not Working
  138. Errors, Errors and More Errors ...
  139. Php mail not working anymore - no error message
  140. Opinion? Short Variable Names
  141. Help Matching Whole Words
  142. Run MATLAB through PHP script
  143. Logout script not clearing $_session variables
  144. Help Posting dynamically created checkboxes adn radio buttons to MySQL
  145. save value in variable after submit of Form
  146. edit user php script (need a help)
  147. Making a little php code.?
  148. problems with header() function
  149. Convert number as string to number?
  150. Tutorials on building traffic exchange site like mgid, Wahoha, 2kurl
  151. Resolved MySQLi STMT Multiple Queries
  152. while ==
  153. Php insert
  154. can't insert more than 2503 values...
  155. Surfing,frames Page
  156. displaying data from mysql database to a webpage
  157. variable labeling inside a query
  158. Pagination Help Needed
  159. Resolved Ran into a problem
  160. Resolved Fetching And Updating
  161. for loop did not work
  162. Email Form Submission
  163. Need help getting photos in array and display in loop, returning none now
  164. Link in PHP
  165. use for loop while saving data to database
  166. I need some help on redirect 301 i almost got it
  167. Extracting year from a date variable
  168. PHP coding help
  169. multiple file upload - modifications
  170. Resolved HTTP Headers download problem
  171. Question: About performance OOP/non-OOP
  172. Got Everything Together, but can't hook it all up
  173. Notice: Undefined index: password
  174. Save text from a textbox to a file
  175. One of two arrays as parameter for function
  176. FQL Multiquery
  177. how to separate individual fields instead of $col_value
  178. Xhtml strict limitations on forms?
  179. Issues with magic __call function
  180. Why doesn't this work? (mysql stuff)
  181. Please help build small calculator.
  182. ?: operator
  183. php date ordering problem
  184. Breaks in dynamic HTML causing problems
  185. Ajax Issue in php
  186. Blank page when postind to DB
  187. session isnt getting destroyed
  188. text to link conversions (don't convet a certain range of urls).
  189. testing for new line and tag characters in strings?
  190. database of 100 countries
  191. increment letters in a loop
  192. Implement ajax into existing php login?
  193. Prestashop - IF $Products.legend == 'bottle' then set size?!
  194. PHP and Social Media
  195. Appending an Include() statement
  196. How to Insert DATE in my SQL using PHP
  197. Resolved Including Files Before Root Web Dir?
  198. PHP page / Apache / loading duplicate content
  199. Is it possible to create multiple entries from 1 form?
  200. Please help me mod this import code! :)
  201. Resolved Dynamically Created Radio Buttons & Naming
  202. timed redirect
  203. Script works but get a warning: mysql_fetch_assoc() expects parameter 1 to be resourc
  204. Unable to upload TIF type image file in php
  205. Chinese characters in PHP
  206. Category problem with a wordpress website?
  207. Checkbox: How to have it checked by default?
  208. Problem in uploading .xml file where not all row will be import to the database
  209. Checking PNG files for transparency
  210. Having problems with Includes on new website
  211. if inside for
  212. Php error Appears after 10min
  213. T_IF PHP Parse Error
  214. dababase connection using php
  215. Integrating Recaptcha in php Registration form
  216. Digital certificate autentication
  217. need help with my Member list
  218. Resolved Problem In Updating
  219. email validation not working properly
  220. condition for checkbox
  221. multi dimensional arry reference?
  222. Footer not showing until php script executes
  223. Facebook Share Button and Greek
  224. Create a calendar with php
  225. Image Generation from FlatFile.
  226. select random number from a table
  227. Create pages?
  228. 2 unique forms on 1 page
  229. recordcount() Facebook login Error
  230. Resolved Filter_var issue
  231. How to post to a .txt file?
  232. data from database into js array
  233. Issues with image uploader
  234. pass checkbox values in url to download page
  235. PHP Form Help
  236. PHP while loop problem
  237. http_Get not working / Facebook feed
  238. mkdir() not working
  239. Need Simple clarification
  240. Id receiver php
  241. How to automatically get a page that need to log in first
  242. Running a query within a loop - Good Practice?
  243. This web page has a redirect loop | PHP redirect...
  244. dynamic switch/case labels?
  245. PHP Newbee Mail Form Issues
  246. Anyone know how to do this PHP?
  247. PHP photo/sizing question
  248. cant get elements from simpleXML
  249. loop question
  250. str_replace function help? pretty please

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