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  1. serialization
  2. Scraping Data From WebPage
  3. need seperate column for prefixes in vbulletin 4.2
  4. post variables and include file
  5. Zero being interpreted as false, rather a number
  6. View total quantity from checkbox selected items in php & mysql.
  7. providing a 'invite friends' page which links to various email lists
  8. Weekly Stats report to member in php
  9. Showing all options from database
  10. using variables within html - form.
  11. Why my images dont appear.
  12. Handling Form
  13. combo box retrived the value from db problem
  14. multidimensional associative array to string and back
  15. Begin PHP OOP
  16. send mail including some fields
  17. Resolved Help - Get POST vales and drop into array based on prefix
  18. class or functions?
  19. image linking/resizing
  20. preorder tree traversal model (nested set) list issue
  21. Setting multiple sessions
  22. Function prob
  23. Something has gone horribly wrong
  24. 1 in class instance
  25. variables and 0
  26. PHP and SMTP
  27. Is this valid?
  28. Tree Structure
  29. Can't increment/decrement overloaded objects nor string offsets
  30. Wtf is wrong with php?!
  31. i need a guru :)
  32. PHP is *****ing about something odd
  33. Is this contact form secure?
  34. Lost contact form PHP
  35. Question: Creating String array and linking $variable to specific string
  36. Problem with taking in an id when uploading multiple images
  37. Can it be Done? Is it even Possible to Write a Script like this?
  38. Some help getting my coding to work....
  39. PHP echo confirmation & duplicate entry
  40. Theres nothing wrong with this, RIGHT?
  41. Session Variable Loop
  42. Trouble with class variable spointing to another class
  43. echo $id without _get
  44. Securing Include files
  45. Saving dynamic values into the database / Re-loading them later
  46. Alternating Row Colors
  47. Very simple, quick PHP question.
  48. New to PHP Question for WebSite Links
  49. how to best set up huge array?
  50. Need Help with Facebook API
  51. Counting specific keys in an Array
  52. Beginner Programmer
  53. IF visitor has come from this URL, show message 1...
  54. Execute php file while page is displayed
  55. do I need php to complete this mini project?
  56. regex help please expression not working
  57. PHP Development on Mac
  58. PHP display data from MySQL
  59. getting error message from scan
  60. Auto-Loading additional data on scroll
  61. Php Mail
  62. How to load different page each time
  63. Encoding issues with htmlentities and/or DOMElement::setAttribute()
  64. I'm just new. How to use "%" or "/"?
  65. Pdo api
  66. how to compute excess hour
  67. last line of the program
  68. How do you increment a value in an array?
  69. php image upload
  70. php acting weird in wordpress plugin
  71. How to grab data from encrypted URL?
  72. Trying to strip results from a Google search
  73. easy way to get print reports from php/mysql
  74. Is my php secure enough?
  75. How to send form results in 2 separate messages
  76. PHP coding help please!!!
  77. Issue with relative links
  78. WordPress site moved, media upload broken
  79. Paginating An Array
  80. PHP - Allow only one particular word or any number
  81. Total Per Day..
  82. php array get value and then loop with a condition
  83. GZip Script
  84. Limiting votes by users without an account
  85. Where to add PHP to WordPress header template
  86. PHP issue please help..
  87. There has got to be a problem with this!
  88. Sorting through multiple page requests
  89. In Arrays, to display or not to display an empty input field..
  90. PHP @Mentions
  91. how to limit history to 25
  92. Searching external website for element
  93. The sum of an array
  94. someone who can help?
  95. Session name rule
  96. Array error
  97. Having trouble coming up with a way to engineering something simple
  98. Resource id #100
  99. PHP Incrementing $_POST problem
  100. CakePHP Function Help
  101. PHP to work out image proportion and reduce if necessary
  102. Php Cart
  103. depreciated session_is_registered , how to change code?
  104. Help with php script
  105. Mailing script with timestamp value required...
  106. Resolved Increase number by 1 each year.
  107. [Help] ----------- Taking a % off a price ---------
  108. $_post question
  109. Adding Webform to Wordpress Plugin? Encoding? PUZZLED!
  110. php login code, stuck :/
  111. problem with images path in vbulletin
  112. php code help quick
  113. help with applying validation check to my multi page sign up form
  114. Contunue running PHP code after finishing loading output
  115. how to remove wordpress leave comment from certain pages?
  116. Add photo to newssystem
  117. Editing Comments
  118. User Credits System
  119. intval question
  120. Referer redirect not functioning -please help
  121. Resolved Contact Form Failing after adding HTML added to php
  122. Displaying Arrays / Different Categories
  123. generating dynamic table
  124. Using mysql_fetch_assoc with list
  125. Need help coding a contest table with users and their points from mysql database
  126. Help with While Loop
  127. Class Properties Question
  128. "if" with "and" statements
  129. Email Attachment
  130. Voip Code
  131. moved a site - error: No such file or directory ?
  132. ohter pages get index.php style
  133. Which is best, 1 database query or 2
  134. How to get Third party site API..?
  135. php upload image: Fatal error: Allowed memory size
  136. PHP Form Issues
  137. contact form - clear data after successful submit
  138. Hi guys! Need help in PHP plsss? ^_^
  139. PEAR : muliple installations for different php versions
  140. advice with include files in classes
  141. Resolved Mystery Syntax Error
  142. Can't figure out what this does
  143. Using PDO
  144. Team matchup function
  145. Mulitdiminsional array
  146. How to pass multiply values to shopping cart.
  147. File not uploading
  148. curl to fetch file from another server
  149. php button
  150. How to capture the checked primary key in the HTML table view of a database?
  151. formula to compute rate
  152. If array_key_exists
  153. how can i display the details of a selected values of a drop down list using php
  154. Passing array out of class method
  155. How to resolve memory limit when using simple_html_dom
  156. logOut code
  157. Doubling effect on functions/tasks?
  158. Math problem: X time between completion
  159. Using last inserted id from the database
  160. Notice: Undefined index: product for session variable
  161. simple_html_dom empty value
  162. Loop through 2 associative arrays
  163. php print the array values to an html table
  164. https and credit cards
  165. Decent peak memory usage?
  166. PDO fetch assoc
  167. Search multidimentional array for matching values
  168. Twitter Member and follower automated HELP! { IM WILLING TO PAY}
  169. How to pass variable to PHP query
  170. Help with some basic PHP
  171. Summing years between two dates
  172. Divide up all Teams matches and times fairly
  173. PAGINATION error >> Undefined variable
  174. php calculator
  175. Warning: mail() SMTP server response: Need Rcpt command
  176. killing other users sessions
  177. SID help
  178. PHP and CSS - Don't seem to agree.
  179. Mail () Email to a Variable & HTML Option Value
  180. Help needed with Featured Slider
  181. Make an object inside a function
  182. Uploading Images Failed
  183. symbol meaning
  184. Resolved <<<<___How to resize drop down menu ___>>>>
  185. PHP variables
  186. Select distinct
  187. How to use multiple variables in an if statement?
  188. iterating rows
  189. OOP: Flexible setter?
  190. OOP: "Degrading" classes
  191. Php: set textbox value, simulate a button click and read the data returned
  192. oop and functions
  193. How to check user work history
  194. Groups of Radio Buttons
  195. validating the input and deleting certain chars
  196. Query not throwing proper error
  197. how can i make a multiple step sign up form but staying on the same page?
  198. Combining WordPress, PrettyPhoto and Custom Fields.. What am I doing wrong?
  199. Help get time difference
  200. Passing value from one field to another field
  201. Resolved Process URL parameter
  202. Populate Drop Down with images in folder
  203. Need help with regular expression
  204. How to change directory/index.php?name=bla to directory/bla/
  205. How to get url on what user was before he came to this php script?
  206. Wordpress....passing variable into function
  207. On Page Form Validation
  208. Validating Log-In Form?
  209. HTML in php mail function
  210. Mysqli - using select case but other data is not bound
  211. How to get if user goes to www. or without www.?
  212. Parse error
  213. Input type hidden doesn't function well.
  214. webformmailer error
  215. Comparing strings does not work
  216. Unchanged Form Changed?
  217. <<<<----multiple select problem----->>>
  218. Clean Sales Report Code
  219. Basic problem on table processing
  220. Calling a method's method
  221. Select All checkbox
  222. |||||||------ Auto redirect to Paypal -----|||||||
  223. How to get user's country?
  224. Resolved <<<Admin's user edit page>>>
  225. question on PHP / OOP best practices when working with classes
  226. use column names as array index
  227. Checkbox to return values after form submission
  228. get changed ip address
  229. A script that uses email content to update a text file on server?
  230. ISSET for Arrays?
  231. calculate average awaiting time for service
  232. Problem inserting into a MySQL database
  233. Help following tutorial for phpbb
  234. POST outside of form
  235. how to populate select box without database
  236. __sleep and __wakeup with serialized object woes
  237. PHP Mysql Query
  238. Multiple Variable with 1 Query
  239. Deleting from an array based on ID?
  240. Image hosting and folder structure
  241. Dropdown For the Registration Form not to be refreshed on submit and if error present
  242. Wordpress Full Post vs Excerpt
  243. A question about an array
  244. contact form woes. help?
  245. preg_replace, i think?
  246. Resolved $_GET question
  247. Resolved Foreach >>> HELP <<<
  248. Using PHP Variables in HTML Href and src
  249. Form input to change mysql_query("SELECT * FROM") values
  250. implode an array and insert into mysql

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